William Tilbury, son of Thomas


The interior of a Chemist's elaboratory, 1818.
Left: an alembic made of copper, with the worm tub by its side.
Right: a sand heat, with digesting bottles, retors, receivers, &c. &c.
Centre: the furnace, where all the common operations are performed.
The light is thrown from above, that being the best way
in which the progress of the processes can be seen.

Wholesale Druggist & Chemist of St. Paul's, London

"Chemist and Druggist: a term first used to describe both chemical and drug merchants and practitioners of the emerging profession of pharmacy in the late 18th and 19th century. It is often used in trade directories and census returns."

From the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's website


Thomas TILBURY, d. before 17 March 1789
m. Mary [--]; b. c.1733; d. Sunday 22 May 1803 age 70 'of Ely-place' [address of son Thomas]
2. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 17 February 1765 St. Stephen, Norwich
2. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 25 May 1766 St. Stephen, Norwich
2. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 11 October 1767 St. Stephen, Norwich
d. before 26 November 1833
[married Catherine]
2. Robert TILBURY b. 17, Chr. 30, April 1769 St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich
2. William TILBURY b. 1, Chr. 20, May 1770 St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich
m. Catherine [HAINES] HARRIES Wednesday 31 July 1805 Andover***
3. Thomas TILBURY (named in mother's Will*)
3. James Lloyd TILBURY (named in mother's Will*); d. 3 February 1863** Alexandria, Uitenhage, South Africa, age 55
m. Sarah Mary Hughes WRYGHT 9 December 1833 Capetown, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa*
4. Ellen SOUTHALL (step-daughter)
m. Henry John FOX 1858 Alexandria, Uitenhage, South Africa [her 'cousin']
5. Issue (1)
3. William Harries TILBURY b. 25 May 1806,
Chr. 16 June 1808 St. Mary Aldermary, London; d. 1Q 1864
Request for marriage allegation: Ann RANDALL, 29 October 1829*
+ Ann RANDALL b. c.1807/11 (St. Martins) Oxfordshire
3. Mary Catherine Harries TILBURY [b. c.1811]
2. Mary TILBURY b. 6, Chr. 23, August 1772 St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich
m. Samuel BARKER 3 April 1804 St. Andrew, Norwich, Norfolk

* My thanks to DeirdreT

** From newspaper notice 1843 below (and see William Tilbury FOX page); and Rootsweb.com, South Africa-L Archives, message dated 23 March 2000 from W. JERVOIS:

"Death Notice in the Cape Archives Depot, for James Lloyd TILBURY, lodged in 1863."

*** From the Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle published Monday, August 5, 1805:

"Southampton, Saturday, August 3
On Wednesday was married, at Andover, Mr. W. TILBURY, of Watling-street, to Miss HAINES, of Andover"

Part of the above family tree is drawn from these documents:

1789, 17 March
Extract from the Will of the late Thomas TILBURY of Norwich, deceased (ref.N/TC/D51/4 296x2).

Norwich City Council, Town Clerk's Deeds (St. Peter Mancroft)
No. 3 Bethel Street, Norwich

1804, 21 September
Release and Declaration of use of a messuage shop in the parish of St. Peters of Mancroft, Norwich (ref.N/TC/D51/5 296x2):
James HUDSON of Norwich, banker
William TILBURY of London, druggist
Samuel BARKER of Norwich, wine & brandy merchant, & Mary his wife
- Thomas TILBURY of Bedford Row in Middlesex, gent.

Above documents are available at the Norfolk Record Office


Published in The Morning Chronicle London, Thursday, February 12, 1801
"LOST or MISLAID, a BILL of EXCHANGE for 230l. 10s. drawn January 27, 1801, by STABLE, TILBURY and STABLE, on Walter TURNBULL, No. 41, Cornhill, at six months after date. Whoever has found the same, and will bring it to No. 19, Garlick-hill, shall receive Twenty Shillings reward.
N.B. the Bill not being indorsed cannot be of any use but to the owner. Payment is stopped."

Published in The Derby Mercury Thursday, July 9, 1807
June 24. William TILBURY and Daniel STABLE, of Watling-street, London, wholesale druggists and chymists.

1808: Post Office Directory, London:
Wm. TILBURY, wholesale druggist & chemist
64 Watling-street

"... account of the ancient state of London ... from the papers of Sir Christopher Wren ... [after the Great Fire of 1666] it is affirmed, that-

"the north boundary of the Roman colony, or city, ran along a causeway (now Cheapside) skirted by a great fen or morass; that it extended in breadth from the same causeway to the river Thames, and in length from Tower Hill to Ludgate; that the Praetorian Camp was situated on the west side; and that the Praetorian Way, and principal middle street, was the present Watling Street".

The causeway was discovered at the depth of eighteen feet, in digging the foundations for the steeple of the present Church of St. Mary le Bow in Cheapside: its thickness was four feet: the upper part was of rough stone, close and well rammed; and the bottom of Roman brick and rubbish, and all firmly cemented."

From "London & Middlesex; a Survey of the Metropolis of Great-Britain" by Edward Wedlake Brayley, 1810 (Google Books Online)

The elm-tree which marked the place of
Old St. Paul's cross


Mary Catherine Harries Tilbury

Mary, amongst others, inherited from Mary HARRIES of Andover; The National Archives lists:

Will of Mary HARRIES, widow of Andover, Hampshire
Date of Probate: 31 December 1824 (ref. PROB-11/1693)
Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Erskine Quire Numbers: 651 - 703


A testatrix directs that her trustees (who were also her executors) should, within a year after her decease, pay to the several persons named in a schedule to her will, the sums set opposite to their respective names, as vested and transmissible interests: in a subsequent clause she gives 3000l. to the trustees, upon trust to invest the same, and pay it to A on her attaining twenty-one, with a proviso that it should fall into the residue, if A died under twenty-one: by the schedule to her will, she gives to her executors 600l. in trust for A in addition to the 3000l. given by the will:- Held that the legacy of 600l. was not affected by the contingency to which the 3000l. was subject, but vested immediately.

Mary HARRIES, by her will dated the 11th November 1822, after making various devises and bequests, directed that the trustees named in her will should, within one year after her decease, or so soon after as they could get in any monies which she might have outstanding upon mortgage or any other security, (and she directed her said trustees to call in the same with all convenient speed after her decease,) apply and pay to the several persons whose names should be contained in the schedule of her legacies annexed to her said will, and which said schedule she directed should be taken as part of her said will, and which it was her intention should be in her own handwriting, the several legacies or sums of money, either in words or figures, set opposite to the respective names, and remaining unobliterated; and which said several legacies she thereby gave and bequeathed to the several persons, whose names should be placed opposite thereto; and she desired that the same should be paid, if possible, within the time aforesaid to her said legatees, as vested and transmissible interests.

In a subsequent clause, she directed that her said trustees, and the survivor of them, his executors or administrators, should lay out and invest the sum of 3000l. either on government or real security, in their own names or name, and pay and apply the interest, dividends, and annual produce thereof as the same should be received, or so much thereof as they should think necessary, in aid of certain other provisions thereinbefore made for that purpose, towards the maintenance and education of her said niece, Catherine Harries TILBURY, during her minority; and should lay out and invest the overplus thereof, as well as of the rents of her said leasehold premises respectively, freehold offices by her occupied with part thereof, and right of way throughout the said stable-yard, and also should lay out and invest the interest thereof from time to time, in order that the same might accumulate by way of compound interest during her minority, upon trust, upon her attaining her age of 21 years, to pay or transfer the same unto the plaintiff, Catherine Harries TILBURY; but if the plaintiff should die before she should have attained her said age of twenty-one years, then in trust, from and after her decease, that her said trustees, and the survivor of them, his executors or administrators should stand possessed of the said principal sum of 3000l. or the interest thereof, or so much thereof as should be unapplied for the purposes aforesaid, as a part of the residue of her, the testatrix's, personal estate.

In the schedule annexed to the will, and which was referred to therein, were the following words, in the hand-writing of the testatrix. "I give and bequeath to my executors, Joseph WAKEFORD and Thomas DAVIS aforesaid, the sum of 600l. in trust for my niece Mary Catherine Harries TILBURY, over and above, and in addition to the above 3000l. given her by my will."

The legatee was an infant.

The question was, whether the legacy of 600l. vested in the legatee on the death of the testatrix; or whether it was subject to the contingency to which the 3000l. was subject - namely, the contingency of the legatee's attaining the age of twenty-one.

Mr. Home appeared for the plaintiff, the legatee:

Mr. Tinney, contra.

On behalf of the plaintiff, it was argued that the testatrix had made a clear distinction between the legacies contained in the schedule, and the gift of 3000l.; so that it would be altogether unreasonable to extend to the former, a contingency which was expressed with respect to the latter only. The legacies given by the schedule were to be paid, if possible, within a year after the testatrix's decease; and they were declared to be vested and transmissible interests. The 600l. was a legacy given by the schedule; it was therefore a vested interest, by the express Words of the will; and was to be paid within a year after the testatrix's decease. The words "over and above, and in addition to the 3000l." did not imply, that the gift of 600l. was to have all the qualities of the gift of 3000l. They denoted simply that it was a benefit given over and above the latter legacy: and it unquestionably was an additional benefit, even though it were to vest and become payable at a different time.

On the other hand, it was contended, that, by the schedule, the 600l. was given in addition to the 3000l.; and the thing added must be subject to the same contingencies, as the thing to which it is added. When we look to the will, we find that the 3000l. is a contingent legacy: therefore, the 600l. must be contingent too. The plain and direct words accompanying this individual gift in the codicil, cannot be controlled by the general words, which are used prospectively with reference to the legacies which the testatrix meant to include in her schedule.

The Vice Chancellor thought that the question was one of nicety: but ultimately, he stated his opinion to be, that, having regard to that clause of the will in which the testatrix declared that her scheduled legacies were to be vested and transmissible interests, the legacy of 600l. was not subject to the contingency, which affected the legacy of 3000l.

The decree declared that the plaintiff was entitled to a vested and transmissible interest in the 600l.

The above from "The Law Journal for the Years 1832-1949", pg. 73-4, Google Books Online

The Mary HARRIES' association with Andover explains perhaps how Mary TILBURY became acquainted with Luther FOX, and the fact that Mary married in Andover:

m. Luther Owen FOX 31 March 1834 Andover, Hampshire

1841: lvg. Broughton, Hampshire
Luther FOX b. c.1812 (in Cty)
Mary [TILBURY]FOX b. c.1812 (out of Cty)
Henry FOX b. c.1835 (in Cty)
William FOX b. c.1836 (in Cty)
Luther FOX b. c.1838 (in Cty)
Charles FOX b. c.1840 (in Cty)

Mary & Luther gave the name of Lloyd to one of their children:

Edward Lloyd Harries FOX Chr. 5 February 1842 Broughton, Hampshire
1851: lvg. Broughton, Hampshire
Luther Owen FOX b. c.1812 Mottisfont, Hampshire (Head, spouse of Mary C. H.)
Mary C. H. FOX b. c.1811 Middlesex [61/71: London] (Wife of Luther Owen)
Wm. Tilbury FOX b. c.1837 Broughton, Hampshire
Edward L. H. FOX b. c.1842 Broughton, Hampshire
Walter R. FOX b. c.1844 Broughton, Hampshire
George H. FOX b. c.1847 Broughton, Hampshire
Thomas C. FOX b. c.1851 Broughton, Hampshire

The National Archives lists one other HARRIES Will for Andover:

Will of Reverend James Lloyd HARRIES, Clerk of Andover, Hampshire*
Date of Probate: 1 February 1812 (ref. PROB.11/1530)
Prerogative Court of Canterbury - Oxford Quire Numbers: 52-104

Mary Catherine H. FOX d. 3Q 1879 age 67 (Marylebone 1a/312)

Luther & Mary FOX's Family (including W. Tilbury FOX)

* See below "James Lloyd Harries"


It seems that it was William's widow Catherine who married (or lived with?) lawyer brother-in-law Thomas TILBURY jnr., since William Harries TILBURY was Thomas' stepson and clerk, before becoming an actor after Thomas' death.

John Lloyd Tilbury; & William Harries Tilbury: Attorney, Comedian

Appearing (mentioned on Playbills):
Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, "for one night only", 30 May 1836; Theatre Royal, Hay-Market 1843, 1846 & 1847; Mr. Tilbury & (1843) Miss Tilbury, actors.

From Kent (UK) University's Templeman Library (special collections) website

From "The Times", Monday, October 19, 1829 (pg. 4)
MARRIED - On the 15th inst., at Oxford, Mr. W. H. TILBURY, of London, to Miss Ann RANDALL, of the former city.

1841: lvg. St. Mary Magdalen, Oxfordshire
Wm. [Harries] TILBURY b. c.1806 (out of Cty)
[son of William the druggist; stepson of Thomas the lawyer]
Anne TILBURY b. c.1811 (in Cty)
Catherine TILBURY b. c.1834 (in Cty)
Willm. TILBURY b. c.1836 (out of Cty)

"The Law Times" 1843
Henry John FOX [erroneous pob given: Grahamstown, Albany, Cape Of Good Hope, South Africa] "... Physician, Edinburgh, by Mary _____ Harries, only daughter of William TILBURY, Esq., of London, and niece of the Rev. James Lloyd HARRIES, M.A., of Merton College, Oxford. ... The deceased H. J. FOX was born at Broughton, on the 10th Jan. 1834, ... married, in 18[5]8, Ellen SOUTHA[L]___ daughter of James TILBURY, Esq., of Alexandr___ whom he has left issue one child.

"The Times", Monday, September 28, 1846
DIED - On the 24th inst., at Worthing, Sussex, after severe and prolonged suffering, aged two years and eleven months, Louisa Charlotte Ann, youngest daughter of Mr. TILBURY, of the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

"The Times", Friday, December 8, 1848
DIED - On the 1st inst., at Islington, in her 74th year, Catherine, relict of the late William TILBURY, formerly of Monkwell-street, wholesale druggist.

"The Times", Wednesday, May 30, 1849; pg. 9
BIRTHS - On the 28th inst., at 25, Southampton-street, Strand, Mrs. William Harris TILBURY, of a daughter.

14 December 1848: Probate Will (PCC.PRO.11/2085)
Catherine TILBURY, Widow of Winkworth Buildings East Road City Road, Middlesex

The above may have been the Will of Catherine widow of Thomas the lawyer, (2nd marriage) and mother of William Harries TILBURY, comedian, who was previously Thomas' clerk (as his stepson).
1851: lvg. St. Pancras/Marylebone area of London
William Harries TILBURY b. c.1807 St. Mary, London (Head, spouse of Ann; Comedian)
Ann TILBURY b. c.1807 St. Martins, Oxfordshire (Wife of William H.)
William T. TILBURY b. c.1836 Westminster St. Johns (Son)
[William Thomas TILBURY b. 27 August 1835, Chr. 2 March 1836 St. Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, London (Father: William Harries TILBURY, Mother: Ann)]
Letitia H. TILBURY b. c.1850 St. Paul [Avens Go] (Daughter)
[Letitia Harries TILBURY b. 3Q 1849 (Strand 1/399)]
1851: lvg. Twickenham, Middlesex
Catharine Harris TILBURY b. c.1834 Oxfordshire (Pupil)

1853, 10 March "The Times"
In the Insolvent Debtors Court, Lincoln's Inn, March 9 at 11 - before the Chief Commissioner:
"William H. TILBURY, Camden-street North, Camden-town, Middlesex, out of employment."

"This insolvent, the comedian well known upon the metropolitan boards, petitioned under the Protection Act."

(He had been short of engagements and running short of money so he gave some furniture to someone to sell for him but was swindled out of its true value. He was in debt to the total of 200 pounds.)

1854 - "The Jurist" (Great Britain Courts - S. Sweet) page 78
Insolvent Debtors
"The following Persons, who, on their several Petitions filed in the Court, have obtained Interim Orders for Protection from Process, are required to appear in Court as hereinafter mentioned, at the Court-house, in Portugal-street, Lincoln's Inn, as follows, to be examined and dealt with according to the Statute:-"

March 9 at 11, before the Chief Commissioners.
William H. TILBURY, Camden-street North, Camden-town, Middlesex, out of employment.
From 'The Tilbury Magazine' website ("The Times") & Google Books Online (1853/4)

From "Punch, or the London Charivari" November 26, 1859
(See Times, Nov. 15.)

"Thou art not dead, thou art not dead,
No, dearest HARMODIUS, no." - Greek Hymn.

WHAT, TILBURY dead? See where he stands
A bishop all but lawn and bands,
With jolly cheeks and twinkling eye!
"We knew 'twas false, he could not die."

What baseborn scribbler dared to kill
Our TILLBURY, whom his friends call TILL?
What, rob our till, presume to drive
Our TILBURY off while he's alive!

His name's TIL-BURY, true, but still
That gives no right to bury TILL:
Perdition catch the wight who buries
Before he's dead our dear old HERRIES.

Because he looks so strong of frame,
Punch grants addition to his name.
In every place where men resort,
Let him be known as TILBURY-FORT.

Elsewhere William Harries TILBURY was amicably referred to as "the bishop of brandy and water".

From Google Books Online
1861: lvg. Holborn St George The Martyr, Middlesex
William H. TILBURY b. c.1807 Aldermas[n]bury, London (Father)
Ann TILBURY b. c.1808 ___ (Mother)
Agnes RANDELL[RANDALL] b. c.1821 St. Martins Carfay, Oxfordshire (Visitor, Cousin, Unmarried)
Catherine H. TILBURY b. c.1835 St. Mary Maydalene, Oxfordshire
Letitia H. TILBURY b. c.1850 St. Parils[Paul's] Covent Garden
Emily MIDLEN[MEDLEN] b. c.1938 ___, Devon (Servant, Unmarried)

"The Era" London, Sunday, March 29, 1863
DEATHS - On the 3d ult., at Alexandria, Uitenhage, South Africa, in his 55th year, James Lloyd TILBURY, Esq., deeply regretted, surviving brother of Mr. W. Harries TILBURY, Theatre Royal, Haymarket.

Who's who of Southern Africa (pg. 89)
Add., Heidelberg ENGLISH, James Tilbury, Contractor, Farmer. Auctioneer and Sworn Valuator; b. 8th Dec., 1866, at Alexandria, Cape Colony; only surv. s. ...

"The Examiner" London, Saturday, February 13, 1864
MR. TILBURY, the comedian, died on the 30th ult., in his fifty-eighth year, after a few weeks' severe illness. He had only lately signed a three years' engagement at the Haymarket."
(PRO ref: Holborn 1b/472)

1871: lvg. St. George The Martyr, London [Holborn]
Ann TILBURY b. c.1809 ___ (Head)
Catherine TILBURY b. c.1835 Oxfordshire (Daughter)
Letitia H. TILBURY b. c.1850 London (Daughter)
Sarah BRENT b. c.1852 Lincolnshire (Servant)

An Ann TILBURY d. 1Q 1879 age 71 (Kensington 1a/87)

1881: lvg. 42 St James Sq, London, Middlesex
Catherine H. TILBURY Head, U b. c.1833 Oxford, Oxford (Annuitant)
Letitia H. TILBURY Sister, U b. c.1852 London, London, Middlesex (Annuitant)
Sophia HAWKINS, U b. c.1855 Streatley, Berkshire (Servant)
Peter VAN DEN b. c.1867 Demerara (Boarder)
1881: lvg. Oxford Villa Oxford Rd, Reading St Mary, Berkshire
Charlotte RANDELL, Head (U) age 49 b. Oxford
Minnie MARSHALL (U) age 19 b. Boughton, Northampton (Domestic Servant)
1891: lvg. [Reading] St. Mary, Berkshire
Charlotte RANDALL b. c.1831 Oxford (Head)
Catherina H. L[T]ILBURY b. c.1853 Oxford (Niece)
Letitia H. L[T]ILBURY b. c.1865 ___ (Niece)
Harriet A. JACOBS b. c.1876 ___, Berkshire (Servant)
Alice MILEHAM b. c.1875 Reading, Berkshire (Servant)

How did Catherine and Letitia become the nieces of Charlotte RANDALL? William Harries TILBURY's wife Ann was b. c.1808, while Charlotte gives her dob. as c.1831 - although she could have been Ann's sister by a second marriage. Was Charlotte baptised some years after birth?

"The Times", Monday, January 15, 1894
DEATHS - On the 8th Jan., at Oxford Villa, Reading, the residence of her aunt, Miss RANDELL, after a long illness, borne with much patience, Catherine (Kate) Harries TILBURY, second daughter of the late W. Harries TILBURY, Esq., Solicitor, London, and of his wife, the late Ann TILBURY, of Lorland-square, London, W. Interment at Kensal-green Cemetery, Tuesday, 16th inst., at 2.45. [Age 47 (b. c.1847!) (Reading 2c/253).]
(Who decided to mention WHT as a Solicitor and not a well-known actor? Or had he never officially changed his profession?)

A Charlotte RANDALL d. 1Q 1895 age 75 (Reading 2c/296)

To date (January 2007) no other suitable death appears in FreeBMD.

Both Catherine and Letitia lowered their ages, by 20 and 15 years respectively in 1891. The registration of Catherine's death lowers her age by 12-13 years; in 1901 Letitia maintained her -15 years. Was this coquetry, or was there a financial reason? Was Charlotte their aunt, great-aunt or cousin - did Catherine and Letitia inherit Charlotte's property? Henry RANDLE, son of Joseph & Ann ALDER, had a sister Hannah Chr. 1805; Henry m. Letitia; their daughter Charlotte was Chr. 1835.

Henry RANDLE b. c.1809 Of, Bloxham, Oxford
m. Letitia RUSSELL, Banns: 16 November 1834 Bloxham, Oxford
- Charlotte RANDLE Chr. 9 September 1835 Protestant Dissenters Or Presbyterian, Bloxham & Milton, Oxford

1901: lvg. Reading, St. Mary, Berkshire
Letitia H. TILBURY age 36 b. London (Living On Own Means)
William Harries Tilbury's Theatrical Career


James Lloyd Harries

The Church of England Clergy Database has this entry:

HARRIES, James Lloyd, B.A. (Merton College, Oxford)
Ordained Christchurch, Oxford: Deacon 18 December 1774; Priest 24 December 1775
Auth. Bishop THOMAS, John/Winchester 1761-1781)
Bishop LOWTH, Robert/Oxford 1766-1778
Source: ORO, ODP, b. 21 (Episcopal Register 1737-1802)

Did William TILBURY and James HARRIES become acquainted in Oxford? Where did William TILBURY study?

1792-98 Universal British Directory: Andover

This entry may also refer to the Rev. James Lloyd HARRIES, since the date indicating decease falls shortly after the date of probate of his Will:

1780 Oct. 23 James Lloyd HARRIES (vice William Probert, deceased)
1812 Apr. 23 Thomas MORGAN (vice James Lloyd HARRIES, deceased)
Above from "West Wales Historical Records: The Annual Magazine of the Historical Society of West Wales", 1929 (W. Spurrell and son) (Google Books Online - University of Michigan)
1780 Hampshire Directory: Andover
WAKEFORD, Joseph, Banker
WAKEFORD, Joseph, and Son, Linen and Woollen-drapers
1792-98 Universal British Directory: Andover
1828 Pigot's Trade Directory: Andover
WAKEFORD Joseph, William, and Robert, (Old Bank), bankers
DAVIS & PERRY, surgeons

"The arms of Andover in Hampshire appear on the obverse side of a penny token (D Hants 38-39) issued by William, Samuel & Joseph WAKEFORD, a family of linen and woollen drapers, who also ran a bank. The arms are argent, on a mount vert a lion statant gardant gules, against a tree proper."

From "British Trade Tokens: A Social and Economic History" 1972, by John Roger Scott Whiting, page 164 (Google Books Online)


Stable & Tillbury

The trade of Chemist and Druggist, early 18thC