Obed Tilbury

Unique, Enterprising, Adaptable, Enduring
...a Tilbury to be proud of...

m. Ann WEST 13 October 1828 Latimer, Buckinghamshire
__2. Obed°* TILBURY b. c.1828 (1881 Hertford), Chr. 26 July 1829 Latimer, Bucks
____(1861: Obadiah, Dairyman)
____(1871: Maning St, Marylebone, London, Middlesex: Edward, Dairyman &c.;)
____(1881:* 29 Carlisle St, London, Middlesex)
____(1901: Builder's Foreman, age 73 b. Marcham Heath, Bucks, lvg. Willesden, Middx)
__m. Susan°* NORTH 3 July 1852 Latimer, Bucks, b. c.1827/8 Stoke, Bucks
____[Susan TILBURY d. 1Q 1898 age 70 Hendon (3a/140)]
_____3. Elizabeth°* TILBURY b. c.1852: 1871 Lacy Green, 1901 Stoke Manderwell, Bucks
_______(1871/81: General Servant)
_______(1901: Elizabeth was in Willesden with father Obed)
_____3. John° TILBURY b. c.1854
_____3. Sarah° T. TILBURY b. c.1856/7 Lacy Green / Lofthill, Bucks (1871 Dress Maker)
_____m. William Charles MURRELL 25 September 1877 Parish Church, St Marylebone
_______b. c.1854 Burnham Essex
_______(1877: Portmanteau Maker; 1881: Provision Dealer; 1901: Portmanteau Maker)
_______(1881: lvg. 1 Penton Place, London, Middlesex; 1901: lvg. Willesden, Middlesex)
_________4. William P. MURRELL b. c.1879 St Pancras, Middlesex
Unclear how many children, what names:
_____3. Rosey° TILBURY b. c.1857-8
_____3. Clara TILBURY b. c. 1858 Ley Hill, Bucks
_____3. Amelia°* TILBURY b. c.1859/60 Bucks (1881: Dressmaker)
_____3. William TILBURY Chr. 1 September 1861 Latimer, Bucks
_____3. Mary A. (or Maryan)* TILBURY b. c.1862 Marylebone, Middlesex (1881: Dressmaker)
_____3. Emily* TILBURY b. c.1866/7 Marylebone, Middlesex (1881: Milliner)
_____3. Obed Henry TILBURY b. end January / begining of February 1871, London [d. baby?]

__Obed TILBURY d. 1Q 1907 age 79 (Hendon 3a/179)

Pall Mall Gazette 8 November 1873

Two cases under the Adulteration of Food Act were before the magistrate at Marylebone yesterday. Obed Tilbury, milkseller, of 15, Manning-street, Lisson-grove, was fined 30s. and costs for mixing water with his milk to the amount of ten per cent.

Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper 28 November 1875

At Marylebon police-court yesterday a milkman named Obed Tilbury, carrying on business at 15, Manning-street, Lisson-grove, was fined 40s. and 4s 6d. costs, with the alternative of one month's imprisonment, for selling milk adulterated to a great extent with water.

Where's the cream? At the bottom
"You call this cream?"
"Cream's at the bottom, Ma'am, yer have to stir it ..."
(Punch, 1864)

Kilburn Times 28 January 1898

Obituary: TILBURY - On the 24th January, at 7, Heron-road, Susan, wife of Obed Tilbury, aged 70 years.

Willesden Chronicle 21 July 1905

District Council Sumonses, Willesden - Second Court
Obed Tilbury, 7, Heron-road, Willesden, was summoned for on December 29th allowing certain premises, No. 10, Church-lane, Willesden, to be in such a state as to be a nuisance or injurious to health. - Ordered to close, suspended one month.

Kilburn Times 21 June 1907

By Order of the Executors of Mr. Obed Tilbury, Deceased, and others.
Messrs. Gill and Son will Sell at their Auction Mart, Cambridge-road, Kilburn, on Thursday Evening Next, June 27th, at Seven:-
10, Church-lane, Church-road, Willeseden: with posession; 6 rooms and large garden, rental value 13s. weekly, ground rent £5, lease 69 years. Close to electric trams and station.
7, Heron-road, Church-road, Willesden: 7 rooms and garden, rental value 14s. weekly, ground rent £6, lease 74 years.
20, Percy-road, Carlton-vale, Kilburn; 6 rooms and large garden with side entrance, producing £2.10s. monthly, tenant paying rates. Ground rent £5.
Solicitors: Messrs. Starling and Wright, 9, Gray's Inn-square, W.C.; Messrs. Woolley, and Wattfield, 1, Great Winchester-street, E.C.; Auctioneers Offices, Cambridge-road, Kilburn.

Was Obed's 'adulterating milk' a desperate effort to make ends meet, keep his family and his cows? How difficult was our ancestors' life? Had son William died by 1881? The girls are in the 'fashion' business. At age 73 Obed was still working... From the list of properties to be sold by his executors, he seems to have been a good businessman, no matter what his methods!

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