Euston Place, 1846

Marylebone - Westminster - St. Pancras - Somers Town
Part of an attempt to trace the lines of London Tilbury families.
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1841: Kelso Place, Marylebone, Middlesex
John TILBURY age 44 b. [1797] OutofCty (Baker]
Anna TILBURY age 43 b. [1796] OutofCty (Laundress)
- John TILBURY age 18 b. [1823] OutofCty (Plasterer)
- Joseph TILBURY age 15 [1826] Middlesex (Poulterer)
- Matilda TILBURY age 10 [1861] Middlesex

Anna TILBURY d. 1Q 1847 (Marylebone 1/188)

The 1851 Census lists four Tilburys born and living in Westminster; and one more born in Ireland and living in Westminster. To date there are no obvious parish register entries online which correspond.

1851: Vincent Row, Westminster, Middlesex
John TILBURY, Head (Widower) age 56 b. [1795] Ireland (Baker)
- John TILBURY, Son age 28 b. [1823] Marylebone, Middlesex (Cab Driver)
- Joseph TILBURY, Son age 24 b. [1827] Marylebone, Middlesex (Cab Driver)
- Matilda TILBURY, Daughter age 21 b. [1830] Marylebone, Middlesex (Servant)
+ Emma TILBURY, Daughter-in-law age 2 b. [1849] Marylebone, Middlesex

Emma TILBURY d. 3Q (Westminster 1/346)

Matilda TILBURY m. 2Q 1853 (Westminster 1a/443) - unable to identify her husband: one male participant missing from the FreeBMD list.

Unable to find either death registrations or census entries for the two Johns, father and son, after 1851.

m. [?Mary Ann CASTLE] 4Q 1855 (Clerkenwell 1b/677)

father: Joseph TILBURY, mother: Mary Ann
- Joseph TILBURY b. 4 January 1857, Chr. 9 January 1865 Old Church St Pancras, London
- Hannah Elizabeth TILBURY b. 16 August, Chr. 13 September, 1860 Old Church St Pancras, London

1861: 67, Ossulston Street, St Pancras, Middlesex
Joseph TILBURY, Head age 34 b. [1827] Marylebone, Middlesex (Cab Man)
Maryann[Marianne] TILBURY age 30 b. [1831] Re________, Surrey
- Joseph TILBURY age 4 b. [1857] Pancras, Middlesex
- Matilda TILBURY age 2 b. [1859] Pancras, Middlesex
- Hannah E. TILBURY age 7 mths. b. [1860] Pancras, Middlesex

father: Joseph TILBURY, mother: Mary Ann
- Charles Henry TILBURY b. 22 April, Chr. 22 May, 1862 Old Church St Pancras, London
- John William TILBURY b. 14 December 1864 , Chr. 9 January 1865 Old Church, St Pancras, London

1871: Wilsted Court Cottages, St Pancras, Middlesex
Jos. TILBURY, Head age 45 b. [1826] London (Coachman)
Mary A. TILBURY, Wife age 40 b. [1831] Mitcham
- Joseph TILBURY, Son age 14 b. [1857] St. Pancras, Middlesex
- Matilda TILBURY, Daughter age 12 b. [1859] St. Pancras, Middlesex
- Hannah TILBURY, Daughter age 10 b. [1861] St. Pancras, Middlesex
- Charles TILBURY, Son age 8 b. [1863] St. Pancras, Middlesex
- Jno. TILBURY, Son age 6 b. [1865] St. Pancras, Middlesex

John William TILBURY d. 1Q 1873 age 8 (Pancras 1b/67)

In 1881 Mary Ann was a widow; there is no evident death registration for husband Joseph. It might be that he had a first given name which did not appear elsewhere, or that his death was never registered.

1881: 36 Southampton St, London, Middlesex
Mary A. TILBURY, Head (Widow) age 43 b. Surrey (Charwoman)
- Joseph TILBURY, Son (U) age 23 b. Somers Town, Middlesex (Toy Warehouse Porter)
- Charles TILBURY, Son (U) age 18 b. Somers Town, Middlesex (Printers Labourer)
Joseph SARJENT, Lodger (U) age 32 b. Westminster, Middlesex (Cab Driver)

Somers Town is in an area surrounded by Marylebone, Regent's Park, Camden Town, Islington, Pancras, Bloomsbury, Finsbury, Clerkenwell, Holborn, Strand, St. Giles, Soho; Haggerston, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Bethnal Green were to the east of Finsbury. These were all places of baptism for 18th and 19th century Tilburys.


The whereabouts of Matilda and Hannah are not obvious after 1871.:

According to the GRO listing, there was no other Matilda T. born within the necessary segment:
1881: 126, Deptford Lower Road, Rotherhithe, Surrey
Matilda TILBURY, Servant (Single) age 20 b. [1861] Shoreditch, Middlesex (Barmaid) - with:
George PUMMELL, Head age 36 b. [1845] Kensington, Middlesex (Licensed Victualler) + Wife & Son
+ 1 Barman, 1 Potman, 1 Domestic Servant

Hannah may have been "Annie"?
1881: 136, Barnsbury Rd, London, Middlesex
Annie TILLBURY, Head (U) age 19 b. Middlesex (Out of Employment)

After these two possible identifications, I find no further trace of either Matilda or Hannah Elizabeth.


A Joseph TILBURY d. 4Q 1889 age 32 (Islington 1b/154)

Unable to identify Mary Ann in 1891; since a Joseph of the right age died in Islington district, perhaps this was his mother's death registration:
Mary Ann TILBURY d. 4Q 1895 age 57 (Islington 1b/187)

1901: Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, Bromton, South Kensington, Middlesex
Charles Henry TILBURY (Son) Patient (Single) age 38 b. [1863] St Pancras, Middlesex (House Painter's Labourer)

1911: St. Pancras Infirmary, Dartmouth Park Hill, N. London
Charles Henry TILBURY (Single) age 49 b. [1862] St. Pancras, London (Potman, worker)

Charles H. TILBURY d. 4Q 1912 age 48 (Pancras 1b/137)

Sources: Parish Register transcripts, IGI, Censuses, PRO records, FreeBMD,
'The Tilbury Magazine' website, other online resources, family historians - with thanks.
November 2005; update November 2017


The Somers Town Miracle

"The authenticity of the following extraordinary fact can be verified. Mr. H__, a middle-aged gentleman, long afflicted by various disorders, and especially by the gout, had so far recovered from a severe attach of the latter complaint, that he was enabled to stand, yet with so little advantage, that he could not walk more than fifty yards, and it took him nearly an hour to perform that distance. While thus subdued by suffering, and safely creeping in great difficulty, on a sunny day, along a level footpath by the side of a field near Somers Town, he was alarmed by loud cries, intermingled with the screams of many voices behind him. From his infirmity, he could only turn very slowly round, and then, to his astonishent, he saw, within a yard of his coat-tail, the horns of a mad bullock.

To the equal astonishment of its pursuers, this unhappy gentleman instantly leaped the fence, and overcome by terror, continued to run with amazing celerity nearly the whole distance of the field, while the animal kept its own course along the road. The gentleman, who had thus miraculously recovered the use of his legs, retained his power of speed until he reached his own house, where he related the miraculous circumstance; nor did his quickly-restored faculty of walking abate, until it ceased with his life several years afterwards. This 'miraculous cure' can be attested by his surviving relatives."

From "The Every-day Book - Or Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements" 1826, by William Hone, related for 'April 16' (pages 473-4)

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