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born in
Hughenden & Penn, Buckinghamshire


- part tree, part list -
drawn from both documents & online data - not exhaustive
[   ] = probability or unconfirmed

William TILBERIE Chr. 6 April 1600 Hughenden, Buckingham
Samuell TILBERIE Chr. 9 August 1607 Hughenden, Buckingham
1. William TILBURY* Chr. 6 April 1600 Hughenden, Buckingham
    m. Anne WEEDON* 1 June 1629 Hughenden, Buckingham
    Chr. 29 September 1608 Hughenden, Buckingham (Father: Richard WEEDON, Mother: [--])
m. Ann WYDON 1 June 1629 Hughenden, Buckingham (research by AlanLT)
Anne WEEDON & Anne WYDON were the same person; Robert's elder brother was:
2. William TILBURY Chr. 1630 West Wycombe (See 'Joseph TILBY m. Jane DENNIS' below - AlanLT's page)
2. Robert TILBURY Chr. 1632 West Wycombe (IGI error: '1650 Amersham'), Buckingham
    m. Rebecca HARDING 14 October 1670 Hughenden, Buckingham, b. 1642* Amersham, Buckingham
* This colour: research by, and my thanks to, KayeCr. (her site 'mansfieldfamilyhistory.com' is at present offline). To send a message to KayeCr., use the 'email me' button, or the Guestbook.
(i) Thomas HARDING
    m. Jane DELL 18 October 1618 Chesham, Buckingham
(ii) John HARDING Chr. 5 August 1619 Chesham, Buckingham
(ii) Jane HARDING Chr. 30 November 1621 Chesham, Buckingham
(ii) Thomas HARDING Chr. 11 April 1624 Chesham, Buckingham [IGI: b. c.1815]
    m. Rebecca TAYLOR 5 October 1640 Amersham, Buckingham, b. c.1619
(iii) Rebeccha HARDING
    m. Robert TILBURY
(iv) Rebecca(h) TILBURY [TILBERRY]
    m. John RATCLIFFE, widower of Great Missenden,
    30 September 1694 Great Missenden [Hughenden], Buckingham; b. c.1660
    (Father: John RATCLIFFE b. c.1627, Mother: Ellen COOKE b. c.1627)
(v) Rebecca RATCLIFFE b. c.1700 Great Missenden, Buckingham;
    d. 1763 age 63 Great Missenden, Buckingham, burial 21 April 1763 Great Missenden
    m. Matthew READING 14 August 1726 Great Missenden, Buckingham
    (NB: IGI has 'Martha REDDING')
    (Father: William READING, Mother: Martha DOSSETT);
    b. c.1690 Great Missenden, d. 1758, burial 12 February Great Missenden
(vi) 'Martha' [Matthew?] READING Chr. 13 August 1727 Great Missenden, Buckingham
(vi) [Joseph READING Chr. 28 March 1733 Great Missenden, Buckingham]
(vi) Rebecca READING b. 1731
(vi) [James READING Chr. 24 February 1741 Great Missenden, Buckingham]
(vi) [James READING Chr. 11 March 1742 Great Missenden, Buckingham]
(v) [Joseph RATTCLIFFE Chr. 21 April 1715 Great Missenden, Buckingham]
(v) [Thomas RATTCLIFF Chr. 25 December 1716 Great Missenden, Buckingham]
It might be that Rebecca HARDING was Robert's second wife. Rebecca is given as of Amersham, and Robert as b. West Wycombe; therefore if Robert had children by a first wife the marriage and births may have been elsewhere. Robert seems to have moved to Amersham/Penn on marriage to Rebeccah.
The Will of a Robert TILBURY of Hughenden mentions a family which has close parallels to 1632 Robert's - when did Rebeccah [HARDING] die, did Robert marry Ann as a 2nd or 3rd wife?
Robert TILBURY, yeoman of Hughenden, Testator
Dated: 7 January 1692 (ref: AYL/DA/WE-42/149)
    Executor, Beneficiary: Ann TILBURY - wife of yeoman Robert
    Beneficiary: William TILBURY - son of yeoman Robert
    Robert TILBURY - son of yeoman Robert
    Beneficiary: Rebeckah TILBURY - daughter of yeoman Robert
    Beneficiary: Ann TILBURY - daughter of yeoman Robert
    Named: William TILBURY - brother of yeoman Robert
    Witness, Executor: Joseph TILBURY - nephew of yeoman Robert (son of William)
Between the date of Robert's marriage to Rebeccah and the christening of Robert jnr. in 1678, three earlier children could have been born (1671-77). The list in the Will (above) makes mention of sons William & Robert, daughter Ann.
NB: 1632 Robert's brother William (Chr. 1630) had a son Joseph.
3. [1671-77? Where was this family living?]
3. Robert (Robertis) TILBURY Chr. 2 February 1678 Amersham, [Hughenden] Buckingham (Labourer)
    (Father: Roberti TILBURY, Mother: Rebeccha)
    m. Susannah TREAGOE 10[16] October 1701 Amersham, Buckingham
    Chr. 4 February 1681[80]; burial: 4 October 1734 Penn, Buckingham
In her Will, Hannah HATT designates Susannah [TREAGOE/TILBURY] and Robert TILBURY as her daughter and son-in-law; on marriage to Robert, Susannah TREAGOE was about age 20. therefore Susannah's mother may have been Hannah TREAGOE, or Hannah [--] m.(1) TREAGOE, (2) HATT.
Will of:
Timothy LOVETT, barber surgeon of Amersham - Testator
Dated: 1 March 1727 Aylesbury, Buckingham (ref: AYL-DA/WF-77/50)
    Named: Robert TILBERY (also TILBY) of Penn - Cousin of Timothy LOVETT
William LEE, gentleman of Penn - Testator
Dated: 25 October 1728 Aylesbury, Buckingham (ref: AYL-DA/WF-78/43)
    Mentioned: Robert TILBURY - Occupier/Tenant
Hannah HATT, widow of Penn - Testator
Dated: 20 August 1731 Aylesbury, Buckingham (ref: AYL-DA/WF-79/44)
    Beneficiary, Executor: Robert TILBURY - son-in-law of Hannah HATT
    Beneficiary: Susannah, wife of Robert TILBURY - daughter of Hannah HATT
(See also 'Tilberia' 'Witness Robert Tilbury')
In the Parish Register of baptisms, in 1711 & 1717 Robert & Susannah are written as 'of Am'[ersham].
4. Robert TILBURY; burial: 17 September 1704 Penn, Buckingham
    (Affidavit 21 September by Elizabeth ELIMAN & Mr. CORDELL of Wycombe)
4. William TILBURY Chr. 20 March 1706 Amersham[Penn], Buckingham
4. Susannah TILBURY Chr. 27 December 1708 Amersham[Penn], Buckingham
A 'Susannah TILBURY of Penn'
m. Thos. SIMMES of Crawley (by licence) 4 October 1736 Hughenden, Buckingham
4. Joseph TILBURY Chr. 22 May 1711 Amersham[Penn], Buckingham
    burial: 25 August 1787 Penn, Buckingham
    m. Mary TRANTUM 3 December 1735 Penn, Buckingham (by Banns)
There are several references to Joseph TILBURY, snr. & jnr., bricklayers; the following could indicate that 'snr.' was Joseph b. 1711:
From the papers of the BAKER family estate (a Daniel BAKER was High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire 1721-22)
Bill for bricklayer's work done for John ADREWES at Penn by Joseph TILBEY, with dimensions of existing brickwork, 9 May 1767 (ref:D-X852/9 - Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies)
5. John TILBURY Chr. 3 January 1736[37] Penn, Buckingham (Bricklayer)
    (See also 2nd marriage below)
    m. (1)Mary WEATHERHEAD Wednesday 30 May 1759 Penn, Buckingham, Chr. c.[6]November 1735
    (Parents Joseph WEATHERHEAD m. Mary HEARN 17 October 1734 Penn)
    (Banns published 22, 29 April, 6 May 1759; both 'of this Parish')
    (Witnesses: Henry LONG, Richard RODREY|?])
    11 August 1782 Penn, burial: Mary TILBURY, wife of John
    The Story of John Tilbury, the General & the Bassoon
6. Frank TILBURY Chr. 1 June 1760 Penn, Buckingham; burial: 25 May 1797 ('Poor' [usually no payment])
    m. Mary SANDERS 5 November 1781 Penn, Buckingham, Chr. 6 August 1758
    (by Banns, botp; Witnesses: George SALTER, Elizabeth & William SANDERS)
7. Mary Ann TILBURY Chr. 6 September 1782 Penn, Buckingham
    m. Thomas BARNES 30 July 1804 Penn, Buckingham (botp), by Banns
    (Witnesses: Maria & Maria BARNES, Elizabeth TILBURY, Robert WOODSTOCK (all mark x))
    Maria BARNES m. Robert WOODSTOCK 30 July 1804 Chesham, Buckingham
7. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 15 June 1783 Penn, Buckingham; burial: 18 June 1783 Penn
7. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 12 June 1785 Penn, Buckingham
7. William TILBURY Chr. 10 June 1787 Penn, Buckingham
7. Frank TILBURY Chr. 26 May 1789 Penn, Buckingham; burial: 22 March 1790 (3d paid)
7. Frank TILBURY Chr. 13 February 1791 Penn, Buckingham
7. Joseph TILBURY Chr. 27 March 1795 Penn, Buckingham
    [29 March 1795 Penn, burial: Joseph TILBURY, infant]
Will of Ann SANDERS, Widow of Penn
Dated: 1 January 1803 Aylesbury, Buckingham (ref: DA/WE 124/33)
    Mary TILBURY, Grand-daughter
    Elizabeth TILBURY, Grand-daughter
    William TILBURY, Grandson
    Francis TILBURY, Grandson
From the terms of Ann SANDERS Will it might be inferred that either her Will was made before the birth of Joseph c.1795, or that Joseph had died young. Therefore Joseph buried 29 March 1795 was most probably the son of Frank & Mary.
6. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 3 January 1762 Penn, Buckingham
    m. Robert JARVIS 3 May 1785 Penn, Buckingham, (botp) By Banns
    Chr. c.1762 Penn, Buckingham
    (Witnesses: William PLUMRIDGE, Mary TILBURY (mark x))
6. John TILBURY Chr. 2 August[September] 1764 Penn, Buckingham
    [Will signed 22 July 1808; d. after 22 July, before 1 August, 1808, Hillingdon End, Hillingdon, Middlesex]
    [m. Mary [--]
    A John TILBURY m. Mary HURLES 1 November 1781 Hughenden, Buckingham
6. Mary TILBURY Chr. 1 June 1767 Penn, Buckingham
    m. John STEVENS 12 November 1787 Penn, Buckingham (botp) by Banns
    (Witnesses: Frank TILBURY, Fanney TAYLOUR)
6. Hannah TILBURY Chr. 4 October 1768; burial: 23 December 1768 Penn, Buckingham
6. Joseph TILBURY Chr. 1 January 1770 Penn, Buckingham (Bricklayer); burial: 1828 Penn, Buckingham
    m. Ann DARVILL 3 August 1789 Burnham, Buckingham
    [Burial 16 September 1844, Anne TILBURY age 78, Holy Trinity, Penn]
    This may have been Ann DARVILL
7. Rachel TILBURY Chr. 31 October 1790 Penn, Buckingham
7. Martha TILBURY Chr. 21 April 1793 Penn, Buckingham
    m. John WOOLVEN
7. John TILBURY Chr. 28 May 1797 Penn, Buckingham (1851/53: Bricklayer Master)
    m. Penelope WRIGHT January 1819 Hillingdon, Middlesex, b. c.1800 Wycombe Buckingham
    John & Penelope: 1841 (with Thomas & William) / 1851: lvg. Tylers Green, High Wycombe
    Penelope TILBURY d. 4Q 1871 age 70 (Wycombe 3a/309)
8. John TILBURY Chr. 6 January 1820 Penn, Buckingham (1841/1851: Baker)
1841 lvg. Tylers Green (next to John, Penelope & family) with
Robert TILBURY b. c.1825 (see Chr. 1822 below)
    m. Amelia SOANES of Fingest, 30 June 1846 [NOT 1848] Parish of Wycombe
    Witnesses: Thomas TILBURY & Ann WEST
1851: lvg. Loudwater, High Wycombe (Pt. 9/299)
John TILBURY, HD age 30 b. Penn BKM (Baker)
Amelia TILBURY, WI age 35 b. Stanton St. John OXF
Ann TILBURY, DA age 3 b. Wycombe BKM
John TILBURY, SO age 2 b. Wycombe BKM
1861: lvg. Loudwater
John TILBURY, Head age 40 b. Penn, Buckingham (Baker, Grocer & Draper)
Amelia TILBURY, Wife age 44 b. Stanton, Oxon
Ann TILBURY, Dau age 12 b. Wycombe, Buckingham
Thomas TILBURY, Son age 9 b. Wycombe, Buckingham
Rebecca TILBURY, Dau age 7 b. Wycombe, Buckingham
Catherine TILBURY, Dau age 5 b. Wycombe, Buckingham
    Amelia TILBURY d. 3Q 1869 age 54 (Wycombe 3a/301)
1871: lvg. Loudwater
John TILBURY, (Widower) age 50 b.Penn, Buckingham (Grocer & Draper)
William TILBURY, Grandson age 4 b. *Forest Hill, Oxon (Scholar)
(A William was b. 1Q 1867 Headington)
Ann TILBURY, Dau age 22 b. Wycombe, Buckingham (Housekeeper)
Thomas TILBURY, Son age 19 b. Wycombe, Buckingham (Baker)
Catherine TILBURY, Dau age 15 b. Wycombe, Buckingham
Penelope TILBURY, Mother (Widow) age 70 b. Penn, Buckingham
Daniel WOOD, Servant (U) age 24 b. Hampstead Novis, Berkshire (Baker)
(* Near Stanton St. John, Amelia's birthplace)
This Ann may have been the daughter of John & Amelia, although the age is wrong; but there seems to be no other candidate at present (September 2005):
1881: Ann TILBURY (unmarried) age 28 b. Loudwater, Buckingham (Assistant Grocer)
lvg./wrkg. Grocers Shop, Aston Rowant, Oxford for:
Henry HAMP, Head age 63 b. Newington, Oxford (Grocer An Draper)
Mary HAMP, Wife age 55 b. Tetsworth, Oxford (Wife An Draper)
9. Ann TILBURY b. c.1847 Wycombe, Buckingham
9. John TILBURY b. c.1848 Wycombe, Buckingham
9. Thomas TILBURY b. [4Q] 1851 Wycombe, Buckingham (1881: Journeyman Baker)
    m. Sarah Ann PETTMAN 2Q 1875 (Dartford); b. c.1852 Bexley Heath, Kent
    1881: lvg. 163 St Edmunds Rd, Northampton Priory St Andrew, Northampton
10. Thomas Henry TILBURY b. c.1876 Bexley Heath, Kent
    (1901: London, Barman; or, Whitechapel, Patient)
10. John William TILBURY b. 4Q 1888
    Chr. 24 January 1889 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
    (Father: Thomas TILBURY, baker of 58 Easton street, Mother: Sarah)
(See Links page 'Tilbury, Gt. Missenden to Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire')
9. Rebecca TILBURY b. c.1853 Wycombe (Loudwater), Buckingham
    m. William Bridgewater FOX 1Q 1871 (Wycombe)
    b. c.1850 Downley, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
    (1881: Baker & Yeast Dealer; 1901: Greengrocer)
    1881: lvg. Bowdreys Lane, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
    + sister Fanny FOX b. c.1870
    1891: + visitor Thomas TILBURY [Rebecca's brother], + sister Frances FOX
9. Catherine TILBURY b. c.1855 Wycombe, Buckingham
(8. John TILBURY above, 2nd marriage)
    m.(2) Mary NEWTON 4Q 1871 (Wycombe 3a/800)
    [Mary NEWTON Chr. 7 September 1828 Great Missenden, Buckingham
    (Father: Henry NEWTON, Mother: Sarah)]
John TILBURY, Baker & Grocer age 60, b. Wycombe, Buckingham
wife Mary, age 52, b. Wycombe, Buckingham
lvg. Wycombe, Buckingham with
Fanny RUSSELL, Cousin, age 58, b. Middlesex (unmarried, Domestic Servant)
Thomas FOX, age 16, b. Buckingham (Baker, Servant)
8. Robert TILBURY Chr. 6 January 1822 Penn, Buckingham
Also given as b. c.1825, apparent brother to Thomas below, moved to Mortlake, Surrey
Robert TILBURY & family in Mortlake, & elsewhere
[Robert TILBURY m. Elizabeth
Daughter Elizabeth Adelaide Wright TILBURY b. 1844 2Q ([Illegible] 6/431)
Chr. 26 May 1844 Beaconsfield, Buckingham
Who was this Robert, what happened to Elizabeth?]
1881: search on 'Robert TILBURY b. Buckingham' = 0
A Robert TILBURY is given d. 3Q 1856 (Amersham 3a/221)
8. Thomas TILBURY Chr. 16 January 1825 Penn, Buckingham
    (1851: Baker Master; 1881: Bricklayer)
    m. Ann (Annie) WEST 3 August 1846 High Wycombe (Father: Thomas WEST, Labourer)
    b. c.1825 Gt. Kingshill, (1851: Hughendon) Buckingham
    Witnesses; John & Amelia TILBURY
    1851: lvg. Tylers Green, High Wycombe
    Thomas WEST (Wife's father, Widower, Ag Lab) age 54 b. Hughendon, BKM,
    was living with Thomas & Annie
    1858: son Thomas was b. Barnes, Surrey
    1861: moved to Hammersmith (Fulham)
    1871: lvg. 6 Manor Terra. (off Devonshire rd), Chiswick, Middlesex
    Thomas TILBURY, Head age 46 b. Buckinghamshire (Bricklayer)
    Ann TILBURY, Wife age 46 b. Buckinghamshire
        Mary Ann TILBURY, Daur (Unm) age 23 b. Buckinghamshire (Servant)
        Flora TILBURY, Daur (Unm) age 20 b. Buckinghamshire (Servant)
        Edmund TILBURY, Son age 17 b. Buckinghamshire (Bricklayer)
        Thomas TILBURY, Son age 13 b. Surry (Scholar)
        Robert TILBURY, Son age 11 b. Hammersmith (Scholar)
        John TILBURY, Son age 7 b. Hammersmith (Scholar)
        Rosa TILBURY, Daur age 4 b. Hammersmith (Scholar)
    1881: lvg. 9 Angel Cottages, London, Middlesex
    1891: lvg. 29 Westcombe Cottages, [Colvin st?] St Peter's, Hammersmith
    with Thomas & Annie, grandson:
10. John LEWANSQUE age 9 b. [c. 1882] Hammersmith, Middlesex
This was almost certainly John Arthur TILBURY b. 1Q 1882 (Fulham 1a/213)
9. Mary Anne TILBURY Chr. 16 April 1848 Holy Trinity Hazelmere, High Wycombe, Buckingham
    m. [?LEWANSQUE]
John Arthur's birth & death certificates, Mary Ann's death certificate, details, together with the comparison between the two Mary Anns (m. ?LEWANSQUE / m. Jabez DENNIS) are on this page:
Mary & John Arthur Tilbury / Lewansque
9. Flora TILBURY b. 1850, Chr. 5 January 1851 Holy Trinity Hazelmere, High Wycombe, Buckingham
    m. Robert PINNER 2Q 1873 Kensington (1a/390)
    b. Pimlico, London [3Q 1852 Westminster (1a/218)] (1881: Carpenter)
    1881: lvg. 18 Vernon St, London, Middlesex
    Sophia COOK Lodger (U) b. c.1806 Islington, Middlesex (1881: Annuitant)
10. Laura Ann PINNER b. 1Q 1874 Hammersmith, Middlesex (Kensington 1a/273)
10. Henry Robert PINNER b. 3Q 1876 Hammersmith, Middlesex (Fulham 1a/257)
10. Edward James PINNER b.3Q 1878 Hammersmith, Middlesex (Fulham 1a/277)
10. Ellen E. PINNER b. c.3Q 1880 Hammersmith, Middlesex
    [?Ellen Lydia PINNER b. 3Q 1880 (Fulham 1a/283)?]
    Robert PINNER d. 3Q 1882 age 30 (Fulham 1a/157)
    Flora PINNER d. 4Q 1883 age 33 Fulham (1a/144)
    Laura PINNER age 27 b. West Kensington, London;
    in St Andrews Holborn St Geo. The Martyr (Domestic Servant)
    Henry PINNER age 25 b. W. Kennington, London;
    in Hammersmith (Bakers Assistant)
    Edward PINNER age 22 b. Fulham, Middlesex;
    in Sark (Able Seaman)
9. Edmund TILBURY b. 3Q 1853 (Amersham 3a/303)
    'Edward' TILBURY
    m. Eliza FRANCIS 2Q 1873 Kensington (1a/389)
    Edmund TILBURY d. 1Q 1877 of smallpox age 24 Islington (1b/196)
    Eliza TILBURY d. 2Q 1878 age 24 Fulham (1a/133)
10. (Ernest) Edmund TILBURY b. 4Q 1874 Hammersmith, (Kensington 1a/_0_), Middlesex
    (1881: Grandson age 6 lvg. with Thomas & Annie)
It is thought that Ernest Edmund, and Edward, may be one and the same child. However, the civil registration for Ernest Edmund was 1874, which corresponds to his age in 1881. Admiralty seamen's records now published online include that of Edward, with a date of birth of 7 June 1876, in Fulham, Middlesex, which concurs with his given age of 14 in 1891. Since father Edmund married Eliza FRANCIS in 1873, a first birth in at least 1874 is probable. Edmund died 1Q 1877, so that a second child was possible, although no civil registration is evident so far. Eliza died 2Q 1878, leaving a faint possibility of even a third child born to the couple.
10. Edward TILBURY (R.N.) b. 7 June 1876 Fulham, Middlesex
    1891: Falmouth Mb, Cornwall; HMS Ganges of Plymouth
    Edward TILBURY age 14 b. Fulham, Middlesex (Band Boy, Crew)
    Service no. 156446 (record ref:ADM.188/227)
11. Eric Cecil TILBURY b. 2Q 1908
    m. Irene A. E. KIRTON 2Q 1934
12. Iris A. TILBURY b. Portsmouth, UK, 2Q 1939
    d. 16 June 2016 Florida, USA; ashes return to UK
    m.1 PAWLING; m.2
12. + 3
My thanks to 'cousin' Iris for details of Edmund & family, and for most of the information about our mutual ancestors Thomas TILBURY & Annie [West] - C.
9. Thomas TILBURY [b. 4Q 1857 (Wycombe 3a/379)]
(There may have been 2 Thomas TILBURYs, one b. Penn, one b. Hughenden, of about the same age)
9. Bob (Robert) TILBURY b. 13 April 1860 London, Hammersmith
    (1881: Painter; 1901: Paper hanger)
    m. Lydia RUTHERFORD 3Q 1880 (Fulham 1a/456), b. 1860 London, Hammersmith
    Father: James RUTHERFORD (Soldier, Royal Horse Guards) b. Scotland
    Mother: Lydia GREENAWAY b. Hounslow, Middlesex
1881: lvg. 7 Faroe Rd, Hammersmith, Middlesex
James RUTHERFORD, Head age 45 b. Scotland (Laundry Man)
Lydia RUTHERFORD, Wife age 43 b. Houndslow, Middlesex (Laundress)
Alice RUTHERFORD, Daur (U) age 25 b. Hammersmith, Middlesex (Laundress)
Annie RUTHERFORD, Daur age 13 b. Hammersmith, Middlesex
Rose RUTHERFORD, Daur age 3 b. Hammersmith, Middlesex
James RUTHERFORD d. 3Q 1889 age 54 (Fulham 1a/150)
Lydia RUTHERFORD d. 3Q 1906 age 67 (Fulham 1a/171)
Lydia Greenaway & James Rutherford
Robert, Lydia & TILBURY family,
1881: lvg. 6 Faroe Rd, Hammersmith, Middlesex (transcripts: TIBBURY)
1891: lvg. 63 Masboro road, Hammersmith, London
Robert TILBURY, Head age 30 b. London Hammersmith (Plast. Paperhanger - Employee)
Lydia TILBURY, Wife age 31 b. London Hammersmith
Charles TILBURY, Son age 9 b. London Hammersmith (Scholar)
William TILBURY, Son age 7 b. London Hammersmith (Scholar)
Bertie TILBURY, Son age 4 b. London Hammersmith
Margaret TILBURY Daur age 2 b. London Hammersmith
Robert TILBURY, Son age 2 mths b. London Hammersmith
10. Charles Robert TILBURY b. 3Q 1881 (Fulham 1a/211)
    d. 6 January 1968 at 81 The Causeway, Burwell, Cambridgeshire
    m.(1) Mary CHAPMAN 1Q 1905 (Kensington 1a/267)
    b. 1880/81, d. 16 August 1951, Burwell, Cambridgeshire
    (Father: Fuller CHAPMAN, Mother: Frances JENNINGS)
    (See 'Site Map' 'Rutherford', 'Tilbury' 'Chapman', etc.)
(Charles Robert TILBURY & Mary CHAPMAN were my grandparents - 'Caroline', siteholder)
11. Nellie Winifred Mary TILBURY b. 2Q 1905 (Fulham 1a/243)
    m. Lewis KENT 3Q 1933 (Brentford 3a/649) (no issue)
11. Arthur Robert Fuller TILBURY b. 16 November 1906 (Fulham 1a/287)
    d. 17 May 1993 Littlehampton Hospital, Sussex
    m. Amelia Maud TAYLOR 3Q 1937,
    b. 10 July 1904 Hendon, d. Rustington, Sussex 1993
    (Father: Launcelot Frederick TAYLOR, Mother: Amelia Mary HENLEY)
    (See 'Links Page' '...Taylor m. ...Henley')
12. Issue
13. Issue
11. Rhoda Lydia Francis TILBURY b. 3Q 1908 (Fulham 1a/236),
    d. (1970-1971) Cambridge
11. Hilda Margaret TILBURY b. 2Q 1910 (Fulham 1a/256)
    d. 1Q 1911 age 0yrs (Fulham 1a/242)
11. Walter John Charles TILBURY b. 27 August 1920 Barnes (Richmond S. 2a/1118)
    Warrant Officer 1270900 W.Op/Air
    209 Squadron, RAF Volunteer Reserve
    d. Hong Kong Saturday 2 February 1946 age 26[25]
    interred Sai Wan Bay War Cemetery (IG8) Hong Kong [c.12 February]
    (See 'Site Map' 'WJC.Tilbury')
    m. Irene M. F., (remarried),
    d. 3Q 2000 UK; ashes interred Sai Wan Cemetery, Hong Kong
12. Issue
13. Issue
(10. Charles Robert TILBURY above: 2nd marriage)
    m.(2) R.S.[SMITH] 1958 Burwell (Cambridge 331/CE016/05/34); d.
10. William James TILBURY b. 4Q 1883 (Fulham 1a/214),
    Private 9214, 9th Bn., East Surrey Regiment,
    killed in action 27 March 1918, no known grave,
    commemorated Panels 44 & 45 Pozieres Memorial, France
    m. Annie E. BRIGGS 3Q 1911 (Fulham 1a/871), (remarried)
11. Robert Christopher TILBURY (mother: BRIGGS) b. 4Q 1911 (Marylebone 1a/892); d.
    m. [--]
12. Issue (m)
    m. [--]
13. Issue (x2)
12. Issue (f)
    m. [--]
13. Issue (x3)
11. William James TILBURY (mother: BRIGGS) b. 3Q 1913 (Fulham 1a/663); d.
    m. [--]
12. Issue (m)
11. Leslie A. TILBURY (m) (mother: BRIGGS) b. 4Q 1914 (Fulham 1a/577)
    m.(x2) [--]
12. Issue (x3)
11. Frances D. TILBURY (f) (mother: BRIGGS) b. 2Q 1916 (Fulham 1a/635)
    m. [--]
12. Issue (x3)
10. Bertie TILBURY
    [Bertie TILBURY b. 3Q 1886, d. 2Q 1887 age 0, was not in this line]
    Bertie age 4 is listed with the family in the 1891 census, but not subsequently; FreeBMD lists Bertha Marie TILBURY b. 1Q 1887 (Kensington 1a/178), Bertha Maria TILBURY d. age 7 1Q 1894 (Fulham 1a/234); this may solve the problem: certificate ordered, April 2010
10. Margaret Lydia TILBURY b. 4Q 1888 (Fulham 1a/212), d.
    m. ANDREWS
11. D.A., d.
    m. E. [--]
12. Issue (f)
10. Robert Rutherford TILBURY b. 1Q 1890 (Fulham 1a/255), d.
"TILBURY, R. R., Private, R.A.S.C. (M.T.)
He volunteered in September 1914, and in the following year was drafted to France, where he was engaged on important transport duties at Arras, Ypres, Cambrai, and many other engagements, and was wounded. He returned home in January 1919, and was demobilised holding the 1914-15 Star, and the General Service and Victory Medals.
63, Masbro Road, W. Kensington, W.14. (12027)"
    m. Hilda M. ROWLAND 2Q 1919 (Hammersmith 1a/707)
11. Donald Rutherford TILBURY b. 21 November 1920, reg. 1Q 1921 (Hammersmith 1a/310); d. reg. August 1987 (Camden 14/1648 - 887)
    m. 1954
12. Issue
11. Robert C. TILBURY b. 4Q 1922 (Hammersmith 1a/311)
11. Peggy F. TILBURY b. 2Q 1924 (Hammersmith 1a/335); d. 4Q 1924 (Hammersmith 1a/270)
11. Douglas Rowland TILBURY b. 21 October 1931 (Hammersmith 1a/282); d. reg. July 1993 (Surrey N.W. 24b/218 - 793)
10. [1890-1897: other children?]
10. Rose Laura (Rosy) TILBURY b. 4Q 1897 (Fulham 1a/227), d.
    m. Kenneth BROOKER, d.
10. Horace TILBURY Chr. 19 August 1900 St Matthew, West Kensington, London (Father Robert, Mother Lydia); Horace Thomas TILBURY b. 3Q 1900 (Fulham 1a/214); d. 1Q 1901 age 0 (Fulham 1a/181)
10. Edward Royal TILBURY b. 3Q 1902 Fulham (1a/234), Chr. 1 November 1905 St Matthew, West Kensington, London; d.
    m. Mary A. MORGAN 2Q 1934; known as "Marie"; d.
11. Issue (f)
12. Issue
13. Issue
10. Violet Florence TILBURY b. 3Q 1905 (Fulham 1a/249), Chr. 1 November 1905 St Matthew, West Kensington, London; d.
    m. William M. McPHERSON 1Q 1934 (Hammersmith 1a/545)
11. [?William R. McPHERSON (mother TILBURY) b. 2Q 1935 (Hammersmith 1a/305)?]
11. [?Alan D. McPHERSON (mother TILBURY) b. 4Q 1938 (Hammersmith 1a/202)?]
9. John TILBURY b. c.1864 Hammersmith, Middlesex (1881: Labourer)
    m. [?Emily?]
This family may have lived in Chiswick in 1891, with children John (E?), Robert Henry & Anne.
Robert Henry m. [?Elizabeth BAKER?]
9. Rose TILBURY b. c.1867 Hammersmith, Middlesex
    m. reg. 3Q 1883 (Fulham 1a/547)
    (double wedding: Laura, Thomas, Stoughton CAMPKIN; William JOHNSTON)
    1891: Thomas Stoughton CAMPKIN was registered for West Ham, no obvious wife;
    Rose seems invisible, no obvious death registration either.
Thomas TILBURY d. 1Q 1903 age 78 (Hendon 3a/159)
1854: Post Office Directory
    'Miss Mary TILBURY, Infants school mistress, Penn Street, Bucks'
    (There is a gap between Thomas b. 1825 & William b. 1832
    My own family mythology mentioned school teachers in Bucks...
    This Mary may have been a daughter of John & Penelope - C.)
8. William Wright TILBURY b. 5 February 1832 [?Tylers Green, High Wycombe?]
    d. 16 October 1889 Farnborough (Mineral Water Manufacturer); Will "proved at Principal Registry by Ann TILBURY of Farnborough Widow the Relict the sole Executrix", probate: 30 November 1889, estate: £280 1s.
    m. Ann NASH 2 April 1850 Great Missenden, Buckingham
1856: Berkshire Quarter Sessions (Administrative) Records:
In the Police Examination Books, are the following items:
…James Thoroughgood BAINES, of Bocking, Essex (1856:Q/APE/1/1/76)
…Residence when appointed: W. TILBURY
…William Wright TILBURY, of High Wycombe, Buckingham (1856:Q/APE/1/1/41)
1861: lvg. Loudwater, High Wycombe (Civil Parish), Buckingham (RG9/0857/Fo:16/Pg:26/Sch:142)
    William W. TILBURY, Head age 29 b. High Wycombe, BKM (Ginger Beer Manufacturer)
    Ann TILBURY, Wife age 29 b. Great Marlow, BKM
        William TILBURY, Nephew age 6 b. Barnes, SRY
William TILBURY b. 4Q 1854 Barnes, Surrey (Richmond S. 2a/175)
    m. Mary Elizabeth ALDCROFT St. Margaret, Hollinwood, Lancashire 4Q 1872 (Oldham 8d/1122)
    (Father: Ralph ALDCROFT)
    1881: lvg. 7 Edmund St, Oldham, Lancashire
    William TILBURY Head age 26 b. Barnes, Surrey (Colliery Weighing Clerk)
    Mary E. TILBURY Wife age 30 b. Salford, Lancashire (Dressmaker)
    Ralph ALDCROFT, Father-in-Law age 61 b. Hale Green, Cheshire (Widower; Hay Cutter)
    Mary Elizabeth TILBURY d. 4Q 1896 age 46 (Manchester 8d/161), Lancashire
William TILBURY d. 1Q 1900 age 45 Lewisham (1d/882), Kent
1881: lvg. Amersham Hill West Side, Wycombe, Buckingham
    William W. TILBURY, Head, b. c.1831 Tylers Green, Buckingham (Licensed Victualler)
    Ann TILBURY, Wife, b. c.1831 Kingshill, Buckingham
1883: Kelly's Directory of Buckingham
    William Wright TILBURY, "Old Flint Cottage" public house,
    billiard room & bowling green,
    Station gates, High Wycombe
William Wright TILBURY d. 4Q 1889 age 57 Farnborough, Hampshire (Hartley Wintney 2c/99)
1891: Mineral Works, Camp Road, Farnborough, Hampshire
    Ann TILBURY, Head, Widow age 59 b. Missenden, Buckingham (Mineral & Cordial Manufacturer)
    Annie RANDALL, Visitor (U) age 32 b. Missenden Buckingham (Milliner & Dressmaker)
(See below 'Tilbury Mineral Water Manufactures')
1901: lvg. Chepping Wycombe, Buckingham
    Ann TILBURY age 69 b. Heath End, Gt Missenden, Buckingham (Cordial Maker)
7. Joseph TILBURY Chr. 20 April 1800 Penn, Buckingham
    (1851: Bricklayer, 2 labourers; 1854: Joseph TILBURY snr., bricklayer, Penn)
    MI in Penn Churchyard, transcribed by W. Woods in 1932:
    "Joseph Tilbury died 17 April 1877 aged 77 years"
    (See below 'Gravestones')
    m. Ann GARDNER 25 November 1820 Penn, Buckingham (botp), by Banns
    (Witnesses: John & Martha WOOLLVEN)
    b. c.1795 Little Marlow, Buckingham
    MI in Penn Churchyard, transcribed by W. Woods in 1932:
    "Ann (wife of Joseph) Tilbury died 17 June 1856 aged 61 years"
    (See below 'Gravestones')
    1851: lvg. Penn Church
    1861: age 60 [lvg. with unmarried daughter Eliza (below)]
8. Catherine TILBURY Chr. 13 May 1821 Penn, Buckingham
    m. George (Joseph) RANDALL 1 June 1848 Penn, Buckingham (Amersham),
    b. c.1818 (1881: Blacksmith)
    1861/71/81: Penn, Buckingham
9. Kate RANDALL b. c.1849 Penn Street, Buckinghamshire
9. Owen RANDALL b. c.1851 Penn Street, Buckinghamshire
9. J(e)ane Tilbury RANDALL b. c.1854 Penn Street, Buckinghamshire
9. Ann(i)e RANDALL b. c.1858 Penn Street, Buckinghamshire (1881: Dressmaker, unmarried, with parents)
    Tilbury - Randall - Griffen - Gash
    (See below 'Randall')
8. Rachel TILBURY Chr. 7 July 1822 Penn, Buckingham, d. 1887
    (1851: (Unmarried) Housemaid, age 28, to Robert Harris VALPY, Magistrate & Landowner)
    (1881: (Unmarried) Housekeeper to Robert Harris VALPY, JP)
    1851/1881: lvg. Enborne Lodge, [Reading]Enborne, Berkshire
    MI in Penn Churchyard, transcribed by W. Woods in 1932:
    "Rachel Tilbury died 4 December 1887 aged 65 years"
    (See below 'Gravestones')
    Probate: 21 January 1888 - Personal Estate £ 501, Resworn February 1889 £558 10s.
The Will of Rachel TILBURY formerly of Enborne in the County of Berks but late of Elizabeth-cottages Penn Amersham in the County of Buckingham Spinster who died 4 December 1887 at Elizabeth-cottages was proved at the Principal Registry by Robert TILBURY of 8 Farwig-lane Bromley in the County of Kent Grocer the Nephew and Ann BARNARD of 2 Myrtle-villas Idmiston-road Forest-lane Stratford in the County of Essex Widow the Sister the Executors.
8. Martha TILBURY Chr. 14 March 1824 Penn, Buckingham
    Burial: 31 May 1826, Martha TILBURY age 2, Holy Trinity, Penn
8. Frank (1851: Francis) (1881: Frank) TILBURY Chr. 13 March 1825 Penn, Buckingham
    (1851/1864/1881: Bricklayer)
    m. Lucy CARTER b. c.1823 Penn, Buckingham
    [?2Q 1847 St. George's Hanover Square (1/20)?]
My thanks to LynnC for Lucy's family name; Lynn is related both to Lucy CARTER above, and to Ann BATES, wife of Edward, below (Edward son of Joseph TILBURY & Elizabeth LAWRENCE)
    1851: lvg. Witheridge Lane, Penn
    1851: [Ancestry]
    Francis TILBURG b. c.1825 Penn, Buckingham
    Lucy TILBURG b. c.1824 Penn, Buckingham
    Emma TILBURG b. c.1848 Penn, Buckingham
    George TILBURG b. c.1850 Penn, Buckingham
    A Frank TILBURY was a bricklayer 1847-52...,
    victualler at the "Crown", Penn, 1853-54 & 1864 (Trade directories) -65...
    1861: reg. dist. Amersham
    Frank TILBURY age 36
    Lucy TILBURY age 37
    Emma TILBURY age 15
    George TILBURY age 11
    Lucy TILBURY age 9
    Frank TILBURY age 7
    [--] TILBURY age 4
    Jonathan TILBURY age 2
    Charley TILBURY age 0
    1871: lvg. Penn, Buckinghamshire
    Frank TILBURY b. c.1825 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Head)
    Lucy TILBURY b. c.1824 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Wife)
    Frank TILBURY b. c.1855 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Son)
    Jonathan TILBURY b. c.1859 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Son)
    Charley TILBURY b. c.1861 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Son)
    Fred TILBURY b. c.1863 Penn, Buckinghamshire (Son)
    1872: London, Ontario, Canada
    Frank TILBURY of London, age 20 (bricklayer) b. England
    (Father: Frank TILBURY, Mother: Lucy)
    m. Mary Anne ROLFE of London, age 19, b. England,
    (Father: Henry ROLFE, Mother: Mary Anne)
    on 1 July 1872 at St. Paul's Cathedral, London [Ontario, Canada]
    (Middlesex marriages [CA], 1872 pt.I: vol.22, pg.476)
"St. Paul's Cathedral is the oldest Church in London, Ontario"
from http://www.stpaulscathedral.on.ca
In June 1910 a Frank Tilbury DICKERSON, 33, cabinet maker, married in Woodstock, Canada.
    1881: Frank TILBURY snr. & Lucy were lvg. 17 Brandon Road, Lewisham, Kent
    1881: lvg. 4 Scl Croft Rd, Greenwich, Kent
    Frank TILBURY, Head b. c.1854 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Bricklayer)
    Mary A. [ROLFE]TILBURY, Wife b. c.1854 Beaconsfield, Buckingham
10. Frank TILBURY b. c.1873 London, Canada
10. Mary E. TILBURY b. c.1874 London, Canada
10. Harry TILBURY b. c.1876 Sherbrooke, Canada
10. Annie L. TILBURY b. c.1878 Sherbrooke, Canada
The following information is from descendant AndrewS in Toronto, Canada (see Guestbook entry):
    Frank TILBURY d. 14 July 1902, London, Ontario
    Mary Ann [ROLFE]TILBURY d. 18 December 1927 London, Ontario
    Frank TILBURY b. c.1873 London, Ontario
    m. Louisa H.
11. Ethel M. TILBURY b. October 1902
11. Minnie TILBURY b. July 1904
11. Gladys TILBURY b. September 1907
11. Beatrice TILBURY b. November 1910
    Annie Louise TILBURY
    m. SPICER
    The family eventually settled in London, Ontario.
    Older son Frank (Jr.) served for the Canadian forces in WW1
    1901 Canada, 11 April: London (City), Ontario (Ward No.4/d-3/Pg.13/20-26)
    Frank TILBURY, Head age 45 b. 3 June 1855 England (Bricklayer)
    Mary A. TILBURY, Wife age 44 b. 12 May 1856 England
    Frank TILBURY, Son age 26 b. 8 April 1874 Ontario (Bricklayer)
    Henry TILBURY, Son age 24 b. 22 February 1876 Ontario (Day Labourer)
    Mary E. [KIBBLER?], Daughter age 24 b. 12 [January] 1877 Ontario
    m. [Girigo?] [KIBBLER?] Son-in-law age 25 b. 16 March 1876 Ontario (Soldier, Private)
11. Gordon [KIBBLER], Grandson age [-] b. 5 April 1900 Ontario
    1911 Canada: London, Ontario (Dist.36/Pg.11/119:19-24)
    Frank TILBURY, Head b. April 1876 age 35
    Louisa TILBURY, Wife b. August 1878 age 32
11. Ethel M. TILBURY, Daughter b. October 1902 age 8
11. Minnie TILBURY, Daughter b. July 1904 age 6
11. Gladys TILBURY, Daughter b. September 1907 age 3
11. Beatrice TILBURY, Daughter b. November 1910 age 6 mths
    1881 Canada: lvg. Ascot, Sherbrooke, Quebec; all of English descent (CofE)
    Thomas WHEELER age 32 b. England (married; Farmer)
    Lucy WHEELER age 26 b. England (married)
10. Anna WHEELER age 8 b. Quebec, Canada
10. Henry WHEELER age 5 b. Quebec, Canada
10. Frank WHEELER age 4 b. Quebec, Canada
10. Arther WHEELER age 2 b. Quebec, Canada
    Emma TILBURY age 33 b. England [dau. of Frank&Lucy below?]
    Lucy WHEELER: apparently Emma's sister Lucy
    (and Anna age 8 Lucy's daughter b. Penn?)
    1901: lvg. West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
    Thomas WHEELER age 52 b. Penn, Buckinghamshire (Farmer)
    Lucy WHEELER age 49 b. Penn, Buckinghamshire
10. Henry WHEELER age 25 b. Canada (Harker On Farm) [Carter?]
10. Arthur WHEELER age 22 b. Canada (Harker On Farm) [Carter?]
10. George WHEELER age 19 b. Canada (Chairmaker)
10. Earnest WHEELER age 15 b. Canada
9. Emma TILBURY Chr. 29 February 1847 Penn, Buckingham
    (daughter of Frank & Lucy TILBURY of Witheridge Lane)
9. George TILBURY Chr. 17 March 1850 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Carpenter & Joiner)
    m. Emily SMITH 30 October 1870 Beaconsfield, Buckingham
    (Witnesses: Edward & Lucy TILBURY)
    1881: lvg. 27 Algernon Rd, Lewisham, Kent
    + Sarah A. [DEAN] b. c.1850 Missenden, Buckingham (Common Law wife)
    (What happened to Emily?)
    (Source: Lucy's descendant LynnC)
    George TILBURY
    m. Sarah Ann DEAN 4Q 1881 (Lambeth 1d/659)
9. Lucy TILBURY Chr. 1 May 1852 Penn, Buckingham
[10. Ann TILBURY Chr. 7 August 1870 Penn, Buckingham
    dau. of Lucy TILBURY, single woman, domestic servant]
    (same day as Chr. of James, son of Ruth below)
    (See above, Frank TILBURY m. Mary, children b. Canada)
9. Ann TILBURY Chr. 16 November 1856 Penn, Buckingham
9. Jonathan TILBURY Chr. 26 September 1858 Penn, Buckingham
9. Charley TILBURY Chr. 27 January 1861 Penn, Buckingham
9. Fred TILBURY Chr. 17 May 1863 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Bricklayer; 1901: Oiler ...)
    m. Bessie Eliza ROBERTSON 3Q 1881 (Greenwich 1d/1384)
    b. c.1863 St Georges, London
    1901: lvg. West Ham
10. Bessie Eliza Alberta TILBURY b. 1884 Canning Town, Essex (1901: Waitress)
    m. Alfred Robert MILTON 9 August 1903 Parish of Plaistow (West Ham), Essex
    b. c.1882 Canning Town, Essex (1901: lvg. West Ham, Manager ... House)
11. Albert Alfred MILTON b. 6 December 1903, d.
11. Freda MILTON d.
11. Alfred MILTON d.
12. Issue (UK & New Zealand) ...also to USA
(See below 'Robertson & Milton Families')
Alfred Robert MILTON (above) visited relatives in Australia while serving in the Royal Navy during WWII; a contact with that Australian family (perhaps descended from Arthur TILBURY) is being sought. A member of that branch may have been a driver for the Governor General of Australia in the 1920s or 1930s.
10. Arthur TILBURY b. c.1885 L Bermondsey (1901: Office Boy)
10. Ethel TILBURY b. c.1889 Canning Town, Essex
10. Winifred TILBURY b. c.1892 Canning Town, Essex
10. Herbert TILBURY b. c.1894 Canning Town, Essex
9. Arthur TILBURY Chr. 29 October 1865 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Messenger; 1901: Civil Servant Sorter Gpo)
    m. Charlotte ELKINS 3Q 1886 (St Saviour)(See Guestbook)
    (b. Winchester, Hampshire c.1867, Father: John, Mother: Harriett)
1891: lvg. Bermondsey, London; 1901: lvg. East Ham, Essex
10. Arthur W. TILBURY b. c.1888 Bermondsey, London
10. Harriet L. TILBURY b. c.1890 Bermondsey, London
10. [Ethel TILBURY b. c.1894 Bermondsey, London]
10. [Wilfred S. TILBURY b. c.1897 Bermondsey, London]
8. Joseph TILBURY Chr. 3 April 1828 Penn, Buckingham
    (1851: Bricklayer's Journeyman; 1854: Joseph TILBURY jnr., bricklayer, Penn)
    MI in Penn Churchyard, transcribed by W. Woods in 1932:
    "Joseph (son of Joseph) died 3 May 1865 aged 37 years"
    (See below 'Gravestones')
    m. Elizabeth LAWRENCE 28 October 1847 Penn, Buckingham,
    b. c.1821 Met(l]ton, Norfolk
    1851: lvg. Penn Church
    1881: Elizabeth TILBURY, Widow, Laundress, lvg. Penn, Buckingham,
    with grandson William [Lawrence] TILBURY age 6 b. Manchester
    and nephew George CRUIKSHANK (b. c.1868 Chelsea, Middlesex)
    1891: with grandson William TILBURY age 16 b. Manchester
    1901: Elizabeth, age 78, lvg. Penn, Buckingham
9. Joseph Lawrence TILBURY Chr. 30 September 1849 Penn, Buckingham
    m. 2Q 1873 [Jane MARKLEY or Alice WILLIAMSON] (Manchester 8d/623)
10. William Lawrence TILBURY b. 2Q 1874 Manchester, Lancashire (Salford 8d/156)
    - William TILBURY age 26 b. Manchester, Lancashire
      lvg. Pinner, Middlesex (Master Baker)
    - [[William TILBURY b. 15 April 1876, emigrated to Canada]]
      [[lvg. Halton Oakville, Ontario, + wife, dau.]]
9. Edward TILBURY Chr. 25 May 1851 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Bricklayer)
    m. Ann BATES 28 October 1870[72] Penn, Buckingham,
    b. c.1852 Penn, Buckingham
    1881: lvg. Baylins Farm, Penn, Buckingham
    1901: lvg. Beaconsfield, Buckingham
10. Edward William TILBURY Chr. 6 April 1874 Penn,Buckingham
    m. 1Q 1901 Christa[o]bel HONOUR (Amersham 3a/797),
    b. 1874 Seers Green, Buckingham
    1901: lvg. Beaconsfield Buckingham (House Decorator Paint)
9. George Lawrence TILBURY b. 1Q 1853 (Amersham 3a/343),
    Chr. 24 April 1853 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Gardener)
    1881: lvg. 129 Hardres St, Ramsgate, Kent
    (Boarder with Sophia MAJOR)
    1901: lvg. Ramsgate, Kent (Greengrocer)
    m. 1Q 1884 Charlotte HOPKINS (Thanet 2a/1130[6]), b. c.1848 Elmstead, Kent
    (1881: Housekeeper to Charles Daniels, Ramsgate)
10. Daisy TILBURY b. c.1884 Ramsgate, Kent
    George TILBURY age 38 b. Penn, Buckingham (Greengrocer)
    Charlotte TILBURY age 40 b. Elmsted, Kent
    Daisy TILBURY age 6 b. Ramsgate, Kent
    lvg. 12 Addington Rd, Ramsgate, Kent
9. Sarah Ann TILBURY Chr. 25 March 1855 Penn, Buckingham
9. Robert* TILBURY Chr. 26 July 1857 Penn, Buckingham
    (1881: Footman; 1891/1901: Civil Postman; 1911: Postman)
    1887 (probate of sister Rachel's estate): 8 Farwig-lane, Bromley, Kent (Grocer)
    m. Sarah* WENBORN 1Q 1884 (Kensington 1a/108), b. c.1861 Romford, Essex (1881: Housemaid); 1911: Married 26 yrs, 7 children, 7 lvg.
    1881: wkg. 16 Thurloe Square, London (Household* of Henry & Laura GODING)
    1891 (TILLBURY): lvg. 4 Buckfield Cottages, Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent
    1901: lvg. Bromley, Kent
    1911: lvg. (6 rooms) Hazelmere, 51 Nightingale Lane, Bickley, Kent (St Johns)
10. Ellen Grace TILBURY b. c.1884/5 Bromley, Kent
    m. Sidney James DOVE 4Q 1909 (Bromley 2a/939)
    1911: Motor Engineer age 24, b. Godstone, Surrey; lvg. (3 rms) 28 Canon Road, Bromley, Kent
11. Sidney Robert Edward DOVE b. 1910 Bromley, Kent
10. William Edward TILBURY b. c.1886/7 Bromley, Kent
10. Frederick GeorgeTILBURY b. c.1888/9 Bromley, Kent (1911: single, Postman)
10. Louisa TILBURY b. (post-census) 1891 Bromley, Kent
10. Edith Alice TILBURY b. c.1894 Bromley, Kent (1911: Dressmaker)
10. Kathleen Annie TILBURY b. c.1899 Bromley, Kent
10. Robert E(a)rnest TILBURY b. c.1903 Bromley, Kent
9. Anne TILBURY Chr. 28 August 1859 Penn, Buckingham
9. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 28 August 1859 Penn, Buckingham
8. Ann TILBURY Chr. 29 May 1831 Penn, Buckingham (1851: Servant)
    m. William BARNARD 7 September 1854 Penn, Buckingham,
    b. c.1817 Hollingbourne, Kent (1881: House Painter)
    1881: lvg. 1 Coulson St, London, Middlesex
    1887 (probate of sister Rachel's estate): 2 Myrtle-villas Idmiston-road Forest-lane Stratford, Essex: Widow
8. Ellen TILBURY Chr. 7 October 1832 Penn, Buckingham
    [1851: lvg. Langley Park Cottage, Langely Marsh; Servant]
8. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 20 July 1834 Penn, Buckingham, age at Marriage: 24; d. 11 March 1895
    m. William WEEDON 28 October 1858 Penn, Buckingham,
    age at Marriage: 25; Father: James WEEDON
9. Sarah WEEDON b. 21 September 1859 Penn, Buckingham
9. Emily WEEDON b. 10 February 1861 Penn, Buckingham
9. William James WEEDON b. 24 March 1863 Penn, Buckingham
9. Rosetta WEEDON b. 2 January 1865 Penn, Buckingham
    m. 2Q 1888 (Chelsea 1a/592) William Dennis TILBURY
    b. Penn, Buckingham, Chr. 2Q 1858 (Amersham 3a/324)
    (Father: Joseph TILBY (m.2), Mother: Jane [DENNIS])
    (My thanks to descendant ALT; see 'William & Rose' below)
    1881: Laborer General, lvg. 14 Matson St, Rotherhithe, Surrey
    1901: lvg. Battersea, London (Gardener L.C.C.)
10. [--]
10. (f.) TILBURY
    m. WOODS
9. Margaret Annie WEEDON b. 30 August 1868 Tylers Green, Buckingham, d. 24 February 1957
9. Louise WEEDON b. 21 April 1870 Tylers Green, Buckingham, d. 27 November 1870
9. Albert WEEDON b./d. 4 July 1872 Tylers Green, Buckingham
9. Minnie WEEDON b. 27 April 1874 Tylers Green, Buckingham
9. Alice WEEDON b. 31 March 1876 Tylers Green, Buckingham
8. Eliza TILBURY Chr. 3 April 1836 Penn, Buckingham
    Musson & Craven's Directory of Buckingham, 1853:
    Eliza TILBURY, mistress of Infants School, Penn
    m. Robert WHEELER 26 January 1865 Penn, Buckingham
    (1881: Baker & Farmer of 60 Acres Employing 4 Labourers)
    1881: lvg. Penn, Buckingham
9. William E. WHEELER b. c.1867 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Baker)
9. Eliza WHEELER b. c.1868 Penn, Buckingham
9. Maria L. WHEELER b. c.1870 Penn, Buckingham
9. Charlotte A. WHEELER b. c.1878 Penn, Buckingham
8. Jane TILBURY Chr. 12 November 1837 Penn, Buckingham, d. 1852
    MI in Penn Churchyard, transcribed by W. Woods in 1932:
    "Jane (daughter of Ann) died 1 March 1852 aged 14 years"
    (See below 'Gravestones')
8. Ruth TILBURY Chr. 14 June 1840 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Laundress, unmarried)
    1851: lvg. Penn Church with parents;
    1881: lvg. Penn, Buckingham; 1901: age 60, retired
9. James TILBURY b. c.1869 Peckham, Surrey
    Chr. 7 August 1870, age 1, Penn, Buckingham
    (son of Ruth TILBURY, single woman of Penn, domestic servant)
    1881: lvg. with mother Ruth;
    1891: Coachman, Domestic Servant, to Marion & Evelyn NICHOLS, Ryder Wells, South Malling, Lewes, Sussex
    m. Elizabeth BRADSHAW 1Q 1898 (Aylesbury 3a/891),
    b. c.1878 Owing, Buckingham
    1901: lvg. Penn Buckingham (Gardener Domestic)
10. Catherine Ruth TILBURY b. 1900 Penn, Buckingham
10. [_] TILBURY b. ?, d. pre-1911
10. Evelyn Grace TILBURY b. c.1905 Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire
10. Annie Elizabeth TILBURY b. c.1906 Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire
In 1901 James' was the only 'young' TILBURY family listed for Penn
    1911: lvg. Moor Lane, Sarratt, Herts
    James TILBURY, Head age 41 b. Peckham, Surrey (Gardener Domestic, Worker)
    Elizabeth TILBURY, Wife age 32, married 13 yrs, 4 children, 3 lvg., b. Oving, Bucks
    Catherine Ruth TILBURY age 10 b. Penn, Bucks
    Evelyn Grace TILBURY age 6 b. Abbotts Langley, Herts
    Annie Elizabeth TILBURY age 5 b. Abbotts Langley, Herts
7. Mary Wethered[Weatherhead][Witherhead] TILBURY Chr. 15 January 1809 Penn, Buckingham
    m. Zachariah Pattison WHEELER 24 December 1827 (botp), by Banns
    Chr. 28 September 1806 Penn, Buckingham
    (Father: William WHEELER, Mother: Elizabeth)
    (Witnesses: John Taylor WOOLLVEN, Martha WOOLLVEN)
    (See Guestbook message from descendant Bill WHEELER)
6. William TILBURY Chr. 14 May 1771; burial: 15 September 1774 Penn, Buckingham
6. Hannah TILBURY Chr. 9 May 1773; burial: 7 August 1774 Penn, Buckingham
6. Robert TILBURY Chr. 14 August 1774 Penn, Buckingham
    ... of Wycombe Marsh, d. age 56, Burial: 28 January 1829 Holy Trinity, Penn
    m. Sarah JANES 27 May 1804; b. 1783 (Father: Alexander JANES);
    d. 16 June 1878 age 95; Burial: Springfield, Essex
Robert & Sarah's descendants:
The Tailoring Tilburys Part I
The Tailoring Tilburys Part 2
(5. John TILBURY above: 2nd marriage:)
    m. (2)Elizabeth PUDSEY (widow) 3 October 1784 (botp) by Banns
    (Witnesses: Richard PURSEY, Ann DIRCH (mark x))
    Elizabeth TILBURY d., burial: 1809 Penn, Buckingham
    John TILBURY d. age 92; burial: 14 March 1828 Penn, Buckingham
    John's Will, signed 13 March 1823: son Robert was executor;
    it was eventually proved by daughter Mary [STEVENS] 3 March 1837
5. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 9 February 1755 Penn, Buckingham,
    d. [3 March 1836 age 82 Tylers Green]
    m. Moses WINGROVE 23 August 1779 Penn, Buckingham (botp) by Banns
    Chr. 18 February 1753 Penn (Parents: Benjamin WINGROVE & Mary [WILLIAMS])
    (Witnesses: John TILBURY, Sarah DEAN)
     The Wingrove descendants of Elizabeth & Moses
     Descendant Keith Patterson's family website
It would seem probable that Joseph TILBURY & Mary [TRANTUM] had other children; however there is no sign of them to date (Parish Registers), so that they may have been baptised (buried) either in another Parish (even outside of Buckinghamshire) or in a non-conformist Chapel.
4. Hannah TILBURY Chr. 11 October 1713 Amersham[Penn], Buckingham
4. Timothy TILBURY Chr. 21 April 1716 Amersham[Penn], Buckingham
    11 July 1716 Penn, Burial: Timothy TILBY, Infant
    (Affidavit by Sarah MOWDY 13 July)
4. Robert TILBURY Chr. 26 May 1717 Penn, Buckingham
    [12 November 1721 Penn, Burial: Robert TILBURY, Infant]
    [(Affidavit by Elizabeth BATES 13 November)]
    This Robert or another?
4. Sarah TILBURY Chr. 15 February 1718/19 Penn, Buckingham
Robert TILBURY may have remarried after Susannah's death, although the 1735 marriage would have been soon after his wife died, but there is at present no other obvious candidate for bridegroom Robert.
    Robert TILBURY
    m. Elizabeth HORNBLOW 19 November 1735 (by licence)
    31 May 1763 Penn, Burial: Elizabeth TILBURY, wife of Robert
2. Richard TILBURY Chr. 29 January 1636 West Wycombe
    d. 13 February 1692 West Wycombe
    (mentioned in brother William's Will)
2. [Female] TILBURY
    m. [--] LOVETT of Amersham
2. [Josephe TILBURY Chr. 15 April 1639 West Wycombe, Buckingham]
Samuel Lawrence TILBURY d. 1Q 1885 age 0 (Fulham 1a/184)
William & Rose: there are descendants of William's parents Joseph TILB(UR)Y & Jane DENNIS in both UK and Perth, Australia - see link 'Joseph TILBY & Jane DENNIS' below

In addition to current documentary research and online information, the above tree also covers TREE C in 'Genealogy','Tilburygen'; (via 'Tilberia' below)

This tree is being built through the combined efforts, research, co-ordination, generosity of:
JohnB, MargaretW, Pat&AlanS, DavidT, AlanLT, FrankW, IrisP, YvonneS, RobynC(AU), LynnC, ClaraT(CA), KayeCr(AU), DeirdreT, 'Caroline' (CMTilbury) - 8 April 2010

Tilbury, William and Co.
Mineral Water Manufactures
Camp Road, Farnborough, Hampshire
In the collection of the Aldershot Military Museum:
three bottles from the Tilbury Mineral Water Manufactures (the clear glass bottle dates from the 1890-95 period)
From trade directories:
1890 - Tilbury, William and Co. Mineral Water Manufactures, Camp Road
1895 - Tilbury, Wm & Co. mineral water manfrs, Camp road
(No listing in 1880, or after 1895)
Produced in 1923:
Ginger Beer bottle, made by Tilbury Mineral Water works
Name on the bottle: Yeoman, J.
Trade directory: 1907 - Yeoman, J, mineral water manufacture, Queens Road
(apparently trading under the Tilbury name)
From Rushmoor Council's History Walk No. 4:
"...along Camp Road and turn left into Queen's Road. On your left, behind Alldays, was the Yeomans Mineral Water Works."
My appreciative thanks to Anna - just the greatest! - Museum Assistant at Aldershot Military Museum for the details and images above; and to Rushmoor Council for passing on my enquiry (C)
Aldershot Military Museum - and Local History
Farnborough and Cove - Ten History Walks            Farnborough and the Military Connection
   From a private collection:
Tilbury Mineral Water bottle
with 'Codd' stopper, made by
Alexander & Co, Leeds & London
Displays the Masonic mark
(compass & set square)
          J. Yeoman
  Ginger beer bottle
  stamped 'Bourne Derby'
1864 Post Office Directory, Penn:
Edmund RANDALL, the "Bell"
George RANDALL, Blacksmith
1881: lvg. 'Three Horse Shoes', Hughenden, Buckingham
Sophia DENNIS, Widow b. c.1809 Great Missenden, Buckingham (Innkeeper Beer Retailer)
Christopher RANDALL, Grandson b. 1867 Penn, Buckingham
(See 'Links' page, '...chiltonfamily...' for related families)
1. Edward RANDALL
m. Rhoda DENNIS [b. c.1841?]
2. Charles William RANDALL Chr. 7 August 1859 Holy Trinity Hazelmere, High Wycombe, Buckingham
2. Christopher RANDALL Chr. 3 March 1867 Holy Trinity Hazelmere, High Wycombe, Buckingham
1. William DENNIS
m. Sophia
2. Rhoda DENNIS Chr. 24 June 1855 Holy Trinity Hazelmere, High Wycombe, Buckingham
m. Sarah BOWDEN 13 October 1769 Amersham, Buckingham

1784 Poll for Buckingham - Occupiers of Eligible Property - Parish Hundred of Burnham

John TILBURY b. Penn
Joseph TILBURY b. Penn

In the Parish of Hillingdon, Middlesex:

John TILBURY m. Elizabeth BEAZLEY
13 November 1791 (by license)

1. William TILBURY b. c.1782-88 Penn, Buckingham (1841/1851: Greenwich Pensioner)
    m. Jane [--] b. c.1794 Wycombe, Buckingham (1841: Laundress)
    1841: lvg. Clarks Bldgs, 1851: Easton St; High Wycombe
1. Joseph TILBURY b. c.1809 Penn, Buckingham
1. James TILBURY b. c.1809 Penn, Buckingham
    (1841/51: Agr Labourer; 1858: Chairmaker; 1867: Carman)
    [a James TILBURY d. 2Q 1893 age 75 (Wycombe 3a/372)]
    m. Eliza AXDELL b. c.1811 Hughendon [High Wycombe], Buckingham
    (1881: Laundress, staying with daughter Elizabeth 'Betsy')
    1841: lvg. Upper Farm Hill, High Wycombe
    1851: lvg. Terriers, High Wycombe
2. Eliza TILBURY b. c.1835 (d. pre-1848)
2. Rach(a)el TILBURY b. c.1838 Wycombe, Buckingham (1851: Chair Caner)
    m. 13 September 1858 Wycombe (Father: James TILBURY, chairmaker)
    Edmund WATKINS, Chairmaker, Wycombe
2. William TILBURY b. c.1840 Wycombe, Buckingham (1851: Plough Boy)
2. Elizabeth TILBURY b. c.1842 Wycombe, Buckingham (1851: Chair Caner)
    (1881: 'Betsy' Chair Caner Willow Wkr)
    m. William BELLINGER, b. c.1843 (1881: Chair Maker)
    1881: lvg. Lower Vine Terrace, Wycombe, Buckingham
3. Anne BELLINGER b. c.1862 High Wycombe (1881: Chair Caner Willow Wkr)
3. Susan BELLINGER b. c.1864 High Wycombe (1881: Chair Caner Willow Wkr)
3. George BELLINGER b. c.1871 High Wycombe
3. Eliza BELLINGER b. c.1874 High Wycombe
3. Rachel BELLINGER b. c.1878 High Wycombe
3. William BELLINGER b. 4Q 1880 High Wycombe
2. Frederick TILBURY b. c.1845 Wycombe, Buckingham
2. Eliza TILBURY b. c.1847 Wycombe, Buckingham
    m. 9 June 1867, age 20, High Wycombe (Father: James TILBURY, Carman),
    Willian PRICE, age 25, Carman (Witnesses: Edmund & Rachel WATKINS)
(See 'Links' page, 'James Tilbury m. Eliza Axdell' for more details of this line)
1. James TILBURY b. c.1828/30
One of several James T.s to whom attribution of an ancestral line is difficult; this James gave various ages, places of birth, spouses and occupations ... if anyone recognises him as 'theirs' I'd be pleased to hear of it!
James TILBURY age 31 b. Amersham, Buckingham (Fruiterer)
Caroline TILBURY, wife b. Reading, Berkshire
James TILBURY age 41 b. Missenden, Buckingham (Carpenter, Journeyman)
Catherine TILBURY, wife b. Reading, Berkshire
[A Catherine TILBURY d. 4Q 1872 age 56 (Uxbridge)]
m.(2) Matilda PEARMAN 2Q 1875 (Fulham 1a/341), b. c.1834 Acton, Middlesex
1881: lvg. Wood End Green, Hayes, Middlesex
James TILBURY age 52 b. Penn, Buckingham (Carpenter)
Matilda TILBURY, wife age 42 b. Acton, Middlesex
2. Emma PEARMAN (Step Daur) b. c.1865 Hayes, Middlesex
2. Joseph William TILBURY b. c.1874 Hayes, Middlesex
    [m. Sarah Jane HINDES 2Q 1898 (Uxbridge)]
2. Elizabeth Mary TILBURY b. c.1875 Hayes, Middlesex
    [m. Albert HILL 3Q 1897 (Uxbridge)]
2. Rhoda TILBURY b. c.1877 Hayes, Middlesex (1891: Nursemaid, Domestic)
    [m. 3Q 1899 James FUELL (Uxbridge 3a/65)]
1891: lvg. near 'The Queen's Head'
James TILBURY age 64 b. Missenden, Buckingham (1901: age 74) (Carpenter)
Matilda TILBURY, wife age 52 b. Acton Middlesex (1901: age 62)
1. Joseph*˛ TILBURY b. 1804 Hughenden [also 'West Wycombe'], Buckingham
    (1851: Gardener; 1881: Retired) d. 9 January 1883 Penn
    m.(1) Mary EVANS 26 October 1823 Little Missenden, Buckingham
    b. 1801 Little Missendon, d. age 35 June 1836 Little Missendon, Buckingham
2. Joseph* TILBURY b. c.1832 Little Missenden (1851: Labourer) (1881: Sawyer)
    m. Mary [--] post 1851 Census
    b. c.1831 Little Missenden, Buckingham (1881: Shop Keeper)
    1881: lvg. Village Grocers Shop, Little Missenden, Buckingham
    m.(2) Jane*˛ DENNIS 5 May 1849 Penn b. c.1818 [1813-1815] Penn, Buckingham (1851/1881: Lacemaker)
    (Father: Free DENNIS (1777-1820), Mother: Ann AXTEN b. c.1784; both of Penn)
    lvg. 1851: *Penn Church
    lvg. 1881: ˛Almshouse, Penn, Buckingham (next to the Schoolhouse & Vicarage)
2. Henry* TILBURY b. [3Q 1849] Penn, Buckingham [Amersham (6/289)] (1881: Gardner, domestic)
2. Mary Anne TILBURY b. (4Q 1851] Penn, Buckingham [Amersham (6/326)] (1881: Dressmaker)
    1881: Henry & Mary, lvg. 11 Melrose Cotts, Croydon, Surrey
2. George TILBURY b. [4Q 1855] Penn, Buckingham [Amersham (3a/312)] (1881: Gardener - Dom)
    1881: lvg. Abbylands, Weybridge, Surrey (1881: Servant to Samuel DUNHAM (Newspaper Proprietor, Journalist))
    1901: lvg. Bethnal Green, London (Park Gardener)
2. William Dennis TILBURY b. 2Q 1858 Penn, Buckingham (Amersham 3a/324)
2. Ellen TILBURY b. 1Q 1862 Penn, Buckingham (Amersham 3a/355)
    1881: lvg. The Old House, Sydenham Rd, Lewisham, Kent (Housemaid to Mayow & Anna ADAMS)
    1901: lvg. Lewisham, London (Cook Domestic)


Family Tree of Joseph TILBY
16th to 20th Centuries

Joseph TILBY m. Jane DENNIS
Includes William Dennis TILBURY m. Rosetta WEEDON
1. Jane TILBURY b. c.1835 Penn, Buckingham (1851: Servant)
    1851: lvg. The Vicarage, Penn
1. Sarah TILBURY (Inmate), U, b. c.1857 Penn, Buckingham (1881: Needle Woman)
    1881: lvg. "Wycombe Union" Saunderton, Saunderton, Buckingham

Inscriptions from Gravestones at Penn Churchyard, Buckingham
as noted by W.S. WOODS in 1932

Numbers 1-5 are on adjacent gravestones in a row within a stone border

1. William Free Dennis died 19 September 1883 aged 78 years
2. George Thomas Pearce died 21 November 1882 aged 61 years
    Mary Pearce died 18 September 1901 aged 87 years
3. Ann Dennis died 3 December 1889 aged 78 years
4. Joseph Tilbuy died 9 January 1883 aged 79 years
5. Jane (wife of Joseph) Tilbury died 22 May 1884 aged 66 years

Numbers 6-9 below are on one gravestone standing separately from the above row

6. Ann (wife of Joseph) Tilbury died 17 June 1856 aged 61 years
7. Jane (daughter of Ann) died 1 March 1852 aged 14 years
8. Joseph Tilbury died 17 April 1877 aged 77 years
9. Joseph (son of Joseph) died 3 May 1865 aged 37 years

On a separate gravestone

10. Rachel Tilbury died 4 December 1887 aged 65 years


From notes made by Florence WOODS
(the youngest daughter of William Dennis Tilbury and Rosetta Weedon)

- Jane Tilbury nee Dennis (1818-1884) was the second wife of Joseph Tilbury (1804-1883)
- Mary Pearce was Jane's sister (born Dennis)
- Joseph & Ann T[ilbury] died 1877 & 1856 were Rosetta Tilbury (born Weedon)'s maternal grandparents

My thanks to their descendants for allowing me to publish Mr & Mrs Woods' research
(I understand that these gravestones have since been removed as part of the cemetery management policy - C)

1881: living...
Penn, Buckingham
Frederica SCOTT, Head (U) age 35 b. Winkfield, Berkshire (Int Of Money)
Francis SAMWELL, Guard (W[idower]) age 82 b. Devonport, Devon, Surgeon Not Practising)
Ann DENNIS, Servant (W[idow]) age 69 b. Penn, Buckingham (Housekeeper Dom Serv)
3 Census habitations, then:
Penn, Buckingham
Sarah AXTON, Head (W[idow]) age 77 b. Coleshill, Hertford (Laundress)
4 Census habitations, then:
Troutwells, Penn, Buckingham
George J. PEARCE, Head age 60 b. Walton On Thames, Surrey (Income From Houses)
Mary PEARCE, Wife age 66 b. Penn, Buckingham (Income From Houses)
Katie TURNER, Niece age 5 b. London, London, Middlesex
Clara DRUCE, Serv (U) age 18 b. Penn, Buckingham (Dom Serv)
5 Census habitations, then:
Penn, Buckingham
William DENNIS, Head age 75 b. Penn, Buckingham (Coachman Dom Serv)
Elizabeth DENNIS, Wife age 69 b. France (Nat British Subject)
Next came: 'Southview'; 'The Vicarage'; 'School House' (the DEAN family); then:
Almshouse, Penn, Buckingham
Joseph TILBURY, Head age 77 b. West Wycombe, Buckingham (Formerly Gardener)
Jane TILBURY, Wife age 63 b. Penn, Buckingham (Lace Maker)
Next came Stamp Lane, Beacon Hill...
(In 1841 Joseph & Jane[DENNIS] TILBURY above were living in close proximity to Joseph & Elizabeth[LAWRENCE] TILBURY)
Enborne Lodge, Enborne, Berkshire
Robert Harris (Esq) VALPY, Head age 64 b. Reading, Berkshire (J P, Gentleman Esq)
Rachel TILBURY, Serv (U) age 58 b. Penn, Buckingham (Housekeeper - Dom)
Martha HEAD, Serv (U) age 32 b. Redmenham, Buckingham (Housemaid - Dom)
Joseph ALLEN, Serv (U) age 49 b. Blagdon, Somerset (Coachman - Dom)


Thomas Tilbury
in the Money in Pennsylvania
On an American 'Colonial Currency' website:
second row of images on this page
A One Shilling Pennsylvanian currency Note No. 19716
issued on 25 October 1775 (George III)
signed by Thomas TILBURY (& Isaac HOWELL, Richard HUMPHREYS)

The Famous Penn Family

William Penn was the son of Admiral Sir William Penn; Charles II had intended to raise the Admiral to the peerage, but changed his mind when son William became a Quaker. Initially angered, the Admiral's attitude changed as William became prominent amongst English Quakers through his good works. In 1681 Charles II granted land in America to Quaker William who there founded Pennsylvania; (the grant was in payment of a debt owed by the Crown to Admiral Penn).
1. Admiral Sir William Penn b. 1621, d. 1670
2. William PENN (Quaker)
There are brasses depicting members of the Penn family in the 11th Century Church in Penn, Buckingham, UK:
1. John PENN b. c.1534 (Lord of the Manor)
    m. Ursula
2. Male PENN (x6)
1. William PENN (cousin to Admiral PENN's family)
    m. Martha
2. Male PENN
2. Female PENN (x2)
1. John PENN lived 16[--] (related to William PENN the Quaker)
    m. Sarah (Father: Sir Henry DRURY, Mother: Lady Susan STEWKLEY of Mark, Somerset)
2. Male PENN (x5)
2. Female PENN (x5)
An illustrated history, of the development of the Penn & Tylers Green villages and of the lives of their inhabitants, on the website of today's local village communities:


If you think your family may be connected to any of these Tilburys,
if you can add information or corrections, confirm concordance with documents,
please leave a message in the Guestbook (ref: Penn)
Updated 8 June 2007
Since the above families had connections with Hughendon, some data is included
e-mail me Hughenden Guestbook 'Tilberia'



The Robertson & Milton Families of Kent & Essex
1881: lvg. 16 Church Grove, Lewisham, Kent
1. George William ROBERTSON b. c.1839 St Georges, Middlesex (1881: Machinist)
    m. Bessie [--] b. c. 1842 St Georges, Middlesex
2. Bessie Eliza ROBERTSON b. c.1863 Mile End, Middlesex (1881: Dressmaker)
    m. Fred TILBURY 3Q 1881 (Greenwich 1d/1384)
2. Jabez A. ROBERTSON b. c.1869 Mile End, Middlesex
2. Annie A. ROBERTSON b. c.1871 Mile End, Middlesex
2. Albert J. ROBERTSON b. c.1873 Mile End, Middlesex
2. Herbert J. ROBERTSON b. c.1879 Lewisham, Kent
1881: lvg. 16 Branscombe St, Lewisham, Kent
1. Alfred James ROBERTSON b. c.1845 St Georges, Middlesex (1881: Joiner)
    m. Emily WEBB 2Q 1868 (Marylebone 1a/824), b. c.1848 Rotherhithe, Surrey
        William BONIFACE, Nephew, b. c.1869 Paddington, Middlesex
Jenny Lind WEBB, U, b. c.1851 Rotherhithe, Surrey (1881: Visitor)
Kitty O'RIELLY, U, b. c.1794 Dublin, Ireland (1881: Boarder: Servant)
1881: lvg. 7 Catherine St, West Ham, Essex
1. Walter MILTON b. 4 November 1846 East Ham, Essex (1881: Coal Porter)
    (Father John MILTON, Mother: Sarah CREW)
    m. Eliza [--] b. 1856 Hoxton
2. Walter J. MILTON b. 1876 Canning Town, Essex [1901: Dock Labourer?]
2. Elizabeth J. MILTON b. 1877 Canning Town, Essex
2. John G. MILTON b. 1878 Canning Town, Essex
2. Agnes S. MILTON b. 1880 Canning Town, Essex
2. Alfred Robert MILTON b. c.1882 Canning Town, Essex (1901: lvg. West Ham, Manager … House)
    m. Bessie Eliza Alberta TILBURY 9 August 1903 Parish of Plaistow (West Ham), Essex
2. Laura MILTON b. c.1889 Canning Town, Essex (1901: lvg. West Ham)
1881: lvg. 39 Nelson St, West Ham, Essex
1. Thomas MILTON b. c.1852 East Ham, Essex (1881: Coal Porter)
    m. Agnes [--] b. c.1855 Middlesex
2. Thomas MILTON b. c.1876 Canning Town, Essex
2. Ada MILTON b. c.1879 Canning Town, Essex
1881: lvg. 15 Bengeo St, West Ham, Essex
1. John MILTON b. 1841 East Ham, Essex (1881: Dock Labourer)
    Research by DM:
    John MILTON b. 1841 (Father: John MILTON) was also a Coal Porter
    He had at least one brother whose daughter Ada m. HOLMES and moved to Jersey (C.I.)
    d. 4Q 1900 age 60 (West Ham 4a/60)
    m. Matilda Elizabeth HARRISON 1Q 1868 (West Ham 4a/*2)
    b. c.1844 Limehouse, Middlesex, d. 3Q 1889 age 42 (West Ham 4a/79)
2. John Charles MILTON b. 26 December 1870 Plaistow, Essex; d. 1923
    m. 4Q 1895 Elizabeth Bennett SMITH (nee FONE) (West Ham 4a/454)
2. Edith S. MILTON b. c.1872 Plaistow, Essex
    m. [George WOOD 4Q 1895 (W.Ham 4a/369)]
    [b. c. 1873 West Ham, Essex (1901: lvg. West Ham, Inne Keeper Gas Works)]
2. Ernest D. MILTON b. c.1877 Plaistow, Essex
    (1901: b. Canning Town; Labourer Rubber Works)
2. Arthur MILTON b. c.1879 Plaistow, Essex
1881: lvg. 119 Wellington Rd, West Ham, Essex
1. Richard MILTON b. c.1847 Barking, Essex (Master Builder empl. 3 Men, 1 Boy)
    m. Emma [TARRANT 3Q 1868 (Newington 1d/268)], b. c.1841 Romford, Essex
        Alfred MILTON, Nephew, b. c.1867 Plaistow, Essex (1881: Carpenter's Boy)