Moses Wingrove m. Elizabeth Tilbury
Penn, Buckingham, UK

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m.(1st) Ann YARROW
ii) Benjamin WINGROVE
m. Mary WILLIAMS 29 July 1744 Penn, Buckingham, Chr. 23 August 1724 Penn, Buckingham
iii) Ann WINGROVE Chr. 31[30] March 1746 Penn, Buckingham
iii) Mary WINGROVE Chr. 19[8] October 1747 Penn, Buckingham
iii) Hannah WINGROVE Chr. 5[8] October 1748 Penn, Buckingham
[Hannah Wingrove buried 16 May 1770, daughter of Benjamin & Mary WINGROVE]
iii) Moses WINGROVE Chr. 18 February 1753 Penn, Buckingham

While each source affirms either holding copies of, or having copied from, entries in the appropriate registers, there are a few variations in the data given

Benjamin WINGROVE (Parents: James & Ann WINGROVE)
Birth & Baptism
(a) - Chr. 19 April 1722 Penn, Buckingham
(b) - b. 25 June 1722 Penn, Buckingham
(c) - b. 19 July 1722, Chr. 29 October 1734, age 12
Death & Burial
(a) - buried: 30 July 1808 Penn, Buckingham
(b) - d. age 86, buried: 18 October 1808 Penn, Buckingham
Death & Burial
(a) - buried: 22 May 1796 Penn, Buckingham
(a) - d. age 72, buried 1 June 1796 Penn, Buckingham
Moses WINGROVE (Parents: Benjamin & Mary WINGROVE)
Death & Burial
(a) - d. age 69, abode Tylers Green, buried: 20 June 1822 Penn
(b) - abode Tylers Green, buried: 20 June 1822 Tylers Green
Death & Burial
(a) - d. age 82 Tylers Green, buried: 3 March 1836 Penn, Buckingham
(b) - d. age 79 Tylers Green, buried: 4 March 1836 Penn, Buckingham

The Projected Tree

The list numbering begins at the fifth generation (5.) in continuity of the Penn Tilbury line

[--] = unknown         [text] = possibility/probability, unconfirmed

5. Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 9 February 1755 Penn, Buckingham
m. Moses WINGROVE 23 August 1779 Penn, Buckingham (botp), by Banns
(Witnesses: John TILBURY, Sarah DEAN)
6. Hannah WINGROVE Chr. 21 January 1780 Penn, Buckingham
m. Dennis BEALE [1798]
7. Moses BEALE b. c.1799 [Penn, Buckingham]
A Moses BEALE d. 1Q 1874 age 78 (Brentford 3a/49)
6. Elizabeth WINGROVE Chr. 31 January 1781 Penn, Buckingham
6. Edmund* WINGROVE Chr. 9 June 1782 Penn, Buckingham (Lathrender)
m. Sarah* [--], b. 1785 Penn, Buckingham
1841*: lvg. Penn, Buckingham
Edmund WINGROVE [b. 1782]; d. 26 May 1859 Penn Street, Buckingham [Amersham 3a/217]
(1) Sworn 1859: <£2,000
(2) Re-sworn February 1860: <£3,000
Executors: Widow Sarah, son Frederick (Lathrender)
[A Sara WINGROVE d. 1Q 1867 age 84 (Eton 3a/311)]
7. William WINGROVE Chr. 13 April 1817 (Father: Labourer) Penn, Buckingham
m. [--]
[3Q 1840 a William WINGROVE & a Marcy BUTCHER were both married PRO reg. Amersham 6/423]
Parents: William WINGROVE (Lath render) & Mary
8. [Sarah WINGROVE Chr. 19 February 1842 Penn Street, Buckingham]
8. [Emily WINGROVE Chr. 24 November 1844 Penn Street, Buckingham]
8. [Benjamin WINGROVE Chr. 29 December 1846 Penn Street, Buckingham]
Possible PRO registrations:
Sarah WINGROVE b. 2Q 1843 (Amersham 6/293)
Emily WINGROVE b. 4Q 1844 (Amersham 6/295)
Benjamin WINGROVE b. 4Q 1846 (Amersham 6/329)
For the possible descendants of Sarah WINGROVE Chr. 1842, see below
Benjamin WINGROVE Chr. 1846: no PRO reg. death is visible for a young Benjamin; a Benjamin WINGROVE m. Clara WRIGHT 3Q 1878; Benjamin (b. c.1850) & Clara (b. c.1857) appear in 1881 with 3 month-old Albert, all b. & lvg. Little Missenden; it may be that this was Benjamin Chr. 1846, lowering his age since his wife was younger
William WINGROVE b. c.1817 Penn Street, d. 7 September 1847 age 30
William WINGROVE d. 3Q 1847 (Amersham 6 /216 or /217)
7. Kitty* WINGROVE Chr. 31 January 1819 (Father: Labourer) Penn Street, Buckingham
7. Frederick*° WINGROVE Chr. 24 June 1821 (Father: Labourer) Penn Street, Buckingham (1881: Lathrender)
m. Mary° [--] b. c.1831 Wycombe, Buckingham
1881°: lvg. Private House, Penn, Buckingham
8. Joseph° WINGROVE b. c.1872 Penn, Buckingham
Joseph Edmund WINGROVE Chr. 18 June 1898 (Adult) St Margaret's, Tylers Green, Buckingham
(Parents: Frederick, Lath Render, & Mary WINGROVE, of High Wycombe)
1901: lvg. Hillingdon West, Middlesex
Joseph WINGROVE b. c.1871 Penn Street, Buckinghamshire (Tailor)
Frederick WINGROVE d. 2 March 1909, of Penn Street, near Amersham in the county of Buckinghamshire
Frederick's Will was proved at Oxford to Henry FULLER (Draper) & Joseph Edmund WINGROVE (Tailor)
Effects: £3806 0s 2d (re-sworn: £3906 0s 2d)
6. Rebecca WINGROVE Chr. 22 February 1784 Penn, Buckingham
d. age 75, buried: 1 September 1863 St. Margaret's Tylers Green, Buckingham
6. Frederick WINGROVE Chr. 24 July 1785 Penn, Buckingham
1871: Frederick³ WINGROVE, age 86, Widower of independent means, boarder with Edmund & Lydia WINGROVE below
m. Sarah [--]; d. pre-1871
Frederick WINGROVE d. 18 May 1873 age 88 High Wycombe, Buckingham
buried: 22 May 1873 St Margaret's Tylers Green, Buckingham
Probate: 1873 Oxford <£100
7. George WINGROVE b.[Chr.] 22 June 1811 Gold Hill Independent or Particular Baptist, Chalfont St Peter, Buckingham
1873/93: lvg. (1881/93: no.9) New Windsor Street, Uxbridge (Lathrender), Executor to his father Frederick's Will
m. Mary A. [--], b. c.1811 Penn, Buckingham
[George WINGROVE m. Mary Ann PUSEY 5 June 1834 Penn, Buckingham]
1881: with George & Mary A.: Hannah MESSENGER, General Servant (U) b. c.1822 Redbourn, Hertford
George WINGROVE 9 New Windsor Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex (Lathe Render) d. 13 October 1893 age 82
Probate: 1893 London by William ASHTON (Grover) - £191 10s.
7. Mary Ann WINGROVE b. 18 December 1812, Chr. 16 March 1813 St Mary's Street Wesleyan, Chepping Wycombe, Buckingham
7. Edmund²³# WINGROVE b. [Tylers Green] 17 April 1817
Chr. 11 June 1817 St Marys Street Wesleyan, Chepping Wycombe, Buckingham
m. Lydia²³# [--] b. c.1817 Tylers Green, Buckingham
1871³: lvg Farm House, Tylers Green, Buckingham
1873: Edmund WINGROVE lvg. Penn, Buckingham (Farmer), Executor to father Frederick's Will
1881²: lvg. Hazlemere Road, Wycombe, Buckingham (Edmund: Farmer of 80 acres employing sons)
Edmund states that he employs his 'sons'; one of these would seem to have been Shadrack - who was/were the other(s)?
Living on the other side of Edmund & Lydia were George & Emma WINGROVE; George [b. c.1830/1 Hazlemere near Penn] was a carpenter.
Twins George & Edmund WINGROVE, sons of George WINGROVE (Labourer) & Sarah of Tylers Green, were Chr. 29 July 1832 - see below
1891#: lvg. 8 Park Place, Penn, Buckingham (Edmund: Farmer)
Lydia WINGROVE d. 2Q 1892 age 74 (Amersham 3a/3[-]3)
Edm[uo]nd WINGROVE d. 4Q 1901 age 85 (Amersham 3a/425)
An Edmund WINGROVE 'of Penn in the county of Buckingham' d. 19 December 1901, occupation 'Fruiterer' The Will was proved at Oxford, and the Executors were 'Christopher BARNES and Arthur STREETON[STRETTON?], Fruiterers', 'Effects £965 2s.'
See below, the children of Shadrack & Maria WINGROVE
8. Shadrach[Shadrick] WINGROVE
(age 25 on marriage, Father: Edmund Wingrove; both Farmers)
m. Maria BUCKINGHAM 5 December 1865 Tylers Green St Margaret's
(age 24 on marriage, of Wycombe Marsh, Father: James BUCKINGHAM, Carpenter)
1881*: lvg. Hazlemere Road, Wycombe, Buckingham (next door to Edmund)
Shadrick* WINGROVE b. c.1840 Hazlemere nr. Penn, Buckingham (Ag Lab)
Maria* WINGROVE b. c.1841 Wycombe Marsh, Buckingham
9. Eliza*²# Maria WINGROVE Chr. 5 July 1874 Trinity Church, Hazlemere
b. reg. 3Q 1874 Tylers Green, Buckingham (Wycombe 3a/461)
10. [Frederick WINGROVE Chr. 8 July 1895 (private) son of Eliza Maria WINGROVE]
m. Arthur STRETTON 21 September 1895 St Margaret's Tylers Green, Buckingham (Chairmaker) (Wycombe 3a/1142)
b. 1871 Penn, Buckingham (Father: Alfred STRETTON, Chairmaker)
(Witnesses: J. A. STRETTON, R. WINGROVE)
1901: lvg. Penn, Buckinghamshire (Arthur: Fruiterer English)
10. [Laura and/or Leonard STRETTON b. c.1896 Penn, Buckinghamshire
10. [Margaret STRETTON b. c.1898 Penn, Buckinghamshire]
10. [Doris STRETTON b. c.1900 Penn, Buckinghamshire]
9. Florence* Gertrude WINGROVE b. 4Q 1876 Hazlemere, Buckingham (Wycombe 3a/513)
Chr. 7 January 1874 Trinity Church, Hazlemere, Buckingham
m. [?William Joseph SMITH?] 2Q 1897 (Hendon 3a/326)
9. Rose* Lydia WINGROVE b. 1Q 1879 Hazlemere, Buckingham (Wycombe 3a/560)
m. [Frederick CASTLE] 1Q 1898 (Wycombe 3a/843), b. c.1878 Wooburn Green, Buckingham
1901: lvg. Wooburn, Buckinghamshire [Frederick: Journeyman Baker]
10. [Frederick and/or Thomas CASTLE b. c.1897 Wooburn, Buckinghamshire]
10. [Elsie and/or Annie CASTLE b. c.1899 Wooburn, Buckinghamshire]
9. Margaret*# WINGROVE b. c.September/October 1880 Hazlemere, Buckingham
(On marriage: age 19, Father: Shadrach WINGROVE, deceased, Fruiterer)
m. Charles Walter EVANS 29 December 1899 St Margaret's Tylers Green, Buckingham (Blacksmith)
b. 1880 (Father: Walter EVANS, General Smith)
(Witnesses: Arthur STRETTON; Alice, Frank Headley, & Edith D., EVANS)
Edmund bequeathed property to grandaughter Margaret: cottage, garden & premises near the Bell Inn, Tylers Green; & Ivy Cottages
The story of Margaret's inheritance
Shadrach WINGROVE d. 4Q 1884 age 41 (Wycombe 3a/350)
Maria WINGROVE d. 4Q 1887 age 41 (Wycombe 3a/381)
An Edmund WINGROVE was b. c.1881 (parents?) whose occupation suggests a link with Edmund, Shadrach and family; Shadrach & Maria seem to have had only daughters - perhaps Edmund was a nephew?
Edmund WINGROVE age 21 b./lvg. Penn, Buckinghamshire (Fruiterer English)
Christopher BARNES age 41 b. Quick Green, Buckingham (Market Gardener) & family lvg. Iver, Buckinghamshire
Shadrack, Maria & family lived first in Hazlemere, later in Penn, Buckingham
7. Sarah WINGROVE b. 24 December 1818, Chr. 4 April 1819 St Mary's Street Wesleyan, Chepping Wycombe, Buckingham
6. William WINGROVE Chr. 19 August 1787 Penn, Buckingham
buried: 22 September 1852 Penn St Church, Amersham, Buckingham
m. Mary FRANKLIN 11 February 1812 Wooburn, Buckingham; [b./Chr.] 1787 Great & Little Hampden, Buckingham
7. John WINGROVE b. 6 May 1810 Penn, Buckingham
7. Sophia Anne WINGROVE b. August 1817 Penn, Buckingham
7. Unity WINGROVE Chr. 1 November 1818 Penn, Buckingham
7. Maria WINGROVE Chr. 26 November 1820 Penn, Buckingham
7. William* WINGROVE Chr. 4 November 1827 St Mary's Street Wesleyan, Chepping Wycombe, [Penn] Buckingham
1881*: lvg. "The Earl Hocoe" Little Missenden, Buckingham (1881: Timber Merchant; 1901: Publican)
m. Ann* [--] b. c.18[24-35] Penn, Buckingham (1881: Straw Plait Maker; 1901: Needle Woman)
8. Adelaide WINGROVE Chr. 18 March 1855 Amersham, Buckingham
m. William CASTLE 2Q 1871 (Amersham 3a/597)
9. Minnie* CASTLE (Grand-Daur to William&Ann) b. c.1891 Penn, Buckingham
8. [Charlotte WINGROVE Chr. 8 June 1856 Amersham, Buckingham]
8. [Elizabeth WINGROVE Chr. 27 December 1857 Amersham, Buckingham]
8. [Charlotte Elizabeth WINGROVE Chr. 19 February 1860 Amersham, Buckingham]
8. Emma* WINGROVE b. c.1863 Little Missenden, Buckingham (1881: Straw Plait Maker)
8. Alfred* WINGROVE b. c.1865 Little Missenden, Buckingham
8. Owen* WINGROVE b. c.1872 Little Missenden, Buckingham
7. Daniel Thomas WINGROVE b. 1829 Penn, Buckingham, d. 11 December 1906 Penn Street, Amersham, Buckingham
7. Jabez Henry WINGROVE Chr. 1 December 1833 Penn, Buckingham; buried: 13 September 1835 Penn, Buckingham
7. Fanny WINGROVE b. 1836 Penn, Buckingham; buried: 24 September 1878 Penn Street Church, Amersham, Buckingham
6. John WINGROVE Chr. 8 March 1789 Penn, Buckingham
6. Carolina[e] WINGROVE Chr. 13 February 1791 Penn, Buckingham
m. John SLAUGHTER[SLATER] (by licence) [21] [31] January 1809 Penn, Buckingham
b. [c.1787] (on marriage: Labourer, Sawyer)
Carolina SLATER d. age 55 on 15 June, buried: 19 June, 1846, Amersham, Buckingham
John SLATER d. age 85 on 15 August, buried: 18 August, 1872, Amersham, Buckingham
Descendant Keith Patterson's family website
6. Robert WINGROVE Chr. 17 March 1793 Penn, Buckingham; [d. pre-1851]
6. Henry WINGROVE Chr. 23 November 1794 Penn, Buckingham
buried: 31 December 1794 Tylers Green [Penn], Buckingham
6. Martha WINGROVE Chr. 14 August 1796 Penn, Buckingham
[?m. John BATES 26 May 1816 Penn, Buckingham?]
6. Sarah WINGROVE Chr. 23 June 1798 Penn, Buckingham

George the Carpenter

George WINGROVE, Carpenter, who lived in Hazlemere road, next to Edmund & family, was most probably this George:
A) George* WINGROVE b. Che[a]lvey, Chr. 22 May 1831 Penn, Buckingham (Carpenter)
     (Father Robert WINGROVE, Carpenter; Mother: Sarah)
     d. Stratford Cottage, Tylers Green 1915, buried: Tylers Green, Buckingham
     m. Emma* [--] b. c.1832 Ashlegreen, Buckingham
     1881: *lvg. Hazlemere Road, Wycombe, Buckingham (next door to Edmund WINGROVE b. 1817)

B1)Ellen WINGROVE, Daur b. 1854
B2) Edith* WINGROVE, Daur b. 1867 Croydon, Surrey
     School teacher, Hazlemere; lived at Woodbine Cottage (Edith WHITE's mother)
     m. John SAUNDERS 11 February 1892 St Margaret's Tylers Green
     (age 25, Farmer, Father: John SAUNDERS, Sawyer)
     (Witnesses: William WINGROVE, Bane?[Jane] SAUNDERS
     1901: lvg. Chepping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
     Edith SAUNDERS age 33 b. Croydon, Surrey
     [John SAUNDERS age 33 b. Tylers Green, Buckinghamshire (Contractor & Farmer)]
     Possible children, b. Tylers Green, Buckinghamshire
     - Edith SAUNDERS age 7
     - William SAUNDERS age 5
     - Emmie SAUNDERS age 3
     - Mary SAUNDERS age 7 months
     A photo of Edith
B3) William* WINGROVE, Son b. 1873 Croydon, Surrey
     Chr. 3 May 3 1873 Trinity Church, Hazlemere, Buckingham
     1901: lodging with Annie SANDERS in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

My thanks to JaneD for details of George's family

George & Edmund, the Twins

Children of George WINGROVE, Labourer, & Sarah:
- Isabella WINGROVE Chr. 12 July 1829 Penn
- Elizabeth WINGROVE Chr. 17 October 1830 Penn
- Edmund WINGROVE Chr. 29 July 1832 Tylers Green, Buckingham (twin to George)
- George WINGROVE Chr. 29 July 1832 Tylers Green, Buckingham (twin to Edmund)
In 1881 an Edmund WINGROVE b. c.1830 (Carpenter) was working & living at
Day Industrial School, 60 St Aldate St, Oxford St Aldate, Oxford
Superintendant: Frederick WILLIAMS b. c.1830 Dublin, Ireland
Matron: Eliza WILLIAMS (Wife) b. c.1851 Wexford, Ireland
- 7 WILLIAMS children, 4 of them teachers

1901: lvg. London
Edmund WINGROVE age 72 b. Amersham, Buckinghamshire (Carpenter) [b. c.1828]

Possible Descendants of Sarah Chr. 1842

m. Abel OWEN 4Q 1867 (Wycombe 3a/770)]
1881: lvg. 91 Carlton Rd, London, Middlesex
Abel OWEN, Head age 48 b. Shilton, Warwick (General Labourer)
Sarah OWEN, Wife age 38 b. Plussett ?, Buckingham
- Susan OWEN, Daur age 12 b. St Pancras
- Emily OWEN, Daur age 9 b. St Pancras
- Alice OWEN, Daur age 4 b. St Pancras
- A Susan OWEN m. [--] 2Q 1891 (Pancras 1b/119)
An Abel OWEN d. 4Q 1896 age 66 (Pancras 1b/91)
A Sarah OWEN d. 4Q 1899 age 57 (Pancras 1b/143)
1901: b. / lvg. St Pancras, London
- Emily OWEN age 29
- Alice OWEN age 24 (Artificial Tooth Maker)

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