The Descendants of James TILBURY
from Richmond, Surrey, UK

Charlotte's sampler of her Tilbury children's names and dob
The Family Sampler

MichaelK's Research


James, son of Robert Tilbury & Ann

5 April 1821
James TILBURY is born in Richmond, Surrey.

27 May 1821
James is baptised at St. Mary Magdelen, Richmond. His parents are Robert TILBURY and Ann. Robert is a [Shoemaker - see below].

6 June 1841
In the Census, James age 22 is a Servant living in the household of Sarah SUMMERS, Hampton Grove, Kingston New Town, Surrey.

30 March 1851
In the Census, James age 33 is a Servant living in the household of Anna TAYLOR, a landed proprietor of 5 Upper Eccleston Street (Belgravia), in the parish of St. George's, Hanover Square.


James Tilbury & Charlotte Ballard

25 December 1824
His wife-to-be Charlotte BALLARD is born in Herefordshire. Her father is John BALLARD. In the 1851 and 1861 Censuses, John BALLARD is a Farmer of over 200 acres.

29 May 1855
James age 35 a bachelor marries Charlotte BALLARD age 31 a spinster, in the parish of St. George's, Hanover Square, but he is shown on the marriage certificate as James SILBURY. (The witnesses were Martin RICHARDS and Mary HALL.)

The name Silbury is very rare if it exists at all and so I am convinced that the Minister misheard Tilbury as Silbury. More worrying is the professions of the fathers. I know that John Ballard was a farmer and James's baptismal record shows that Robert Tilbury was a shoemaker. So it is appears that the Minister got farmer and shoemaker the wrong way round. - MichaelK.

extract from the marriage certificate showing the name Silbury

extract from the marriage certificate showing the probably inversed occupations


The Ballard Family

From MichaelK:
Father: John BALLARD, Mother: Mary PETERS m. Claines, Worcester 02/03/1819 (IGI)
- Fredrick BALLARD born c. 1821
- Mary Ann BALLARD Chr. 2 August 1821 Much Marcle, Hereford (IGI)
- Harriet BALLERD Chr. 8 January 1823 Much Marcle, Hereford (IGI)
- Charlotte BALLARD born 25 December 1824 (Family Bible) Chr. 27 February 1825 Much Marcle, Hereford (IGI)
- Sarah Ann BALLARD Chr. 1 February 1828 St Michael's Ledbury, Hereford (FreeReg)
- Ellen Maria BALLARD Chr. 13 May 1829 St Michael's Ledbury, Hereford (FreeReg)
- Caroline BALLARD Chr. 19 June 1831 St Michael's Ledbury, Hereford (FreeReg)
- Fanny BALLARD Chr. 22 April 1834 Eastnor, Hereford (IGI)
- Maria BALLARD born c. 1837
- Penelope BALLARD born 12 February 1840 (Birth Certificate)

m. Harriet BALLARD 2Q 1850 (St Martin 1/177)


James Tilbury of "The George and Dragon", Marlow

27 May 1857
Their first daughter, Charlotte Ann TILBURY is born in the High Street, Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire. James is an Inn Keeper also living in the High Street, Great Marlow.

4 May 1860
Their second daughter Caroline Mary TILBURY is born.

7 April 1861
In the Census, James age 38 is a publican at "The George and Dragon", Causeway, Great Marlow. He has probably only taken over "The George and Dragon" very recently because in 1859 The Travellers Handbook, and in 1860 The Draper and Clothier, both list John FRAMPTON as the licensee. He is living with his wife Charlotte TILBURY (nee BALLARD) age 36 and his daughters Charlotte Ann age 4 and Caroline Mary age 11 months.

29 June 1861
Their first son James John TILBURY is christened. He dies within 3 months.

James is listed in Dutton, Allen & Co.'s Directory at the "George & Dragon".

James is listed in the Post Office Directory at the "George & Dragon".

23 April 1864
Their second son Frederick James TILBURY (known as Fred) is born.

13 April 1865
Their third son Henry John TILBURY is born.

An anglers' guidebook "The Rail and the Rod" says:

At the George and Dragon Commercial Inn, near the bridge in Marlow, one James Tilbury will be found, who keeps a public and sets forth manifold attractions for fishing parties.

19 November 1868
Their fourth and last son Thomas TILBURY is born.

1868 - 1877
The Magistrates' Minute Book for the First Division of Desborough (October 1867 - August 1878) shows his licence being renewed each year around the end of August or the start of September. Unfortunately this is the only Minute Book to have survived.

5 March 1870
The Magistrates' Minute Book says, "Geo DANIEL v. James TILBURY Allowing Gaming Contrary to Tenor of Licence. Deft. appd. [Defendant appeared] & pleaded 'Not Guilty'. Case dismissed."

12 March 1870, Saturday - "Reading Mercury":

MARLOW. - Petty Sessions, March 5th (Present, H. W. Cripps, Esq., Q.C., and L. W. Wethered, Esq.)
Caution to Gamblers.
Thomas Piggott and James Rockell, two lads, were charged with playing a game of "chance," in the taproom of the "George and Dragon," on the 23rd ult. The case was proved by G. Sparks, and P. C. Daniels. - Committed to the House of Correction for seven days. - James Tilbury, the landlord of the above-named house was charged with knowingly permitting the lads Piggott and Rockall to gamble in his house. The landlord stated in his defence that it was against his wish that they played, and that he had not been in the taproom during the evening. The case was dismised on the ground that the defendant was not present at the time the lads were playing.

2 April 1871
In the Census, James age 50 is a publican at "The George and Dragon", Causeway, Great Marlow. He is living with his wife Charlotte TILBURY (nee BALLARD) age 49, his daughters Charlotte Ann age 14 and Caroline Mary age 12 and his sons Frederick age 10, Henry age 8 and Thomas age 2. Harriet PAISH (nee BALLARD) his wife’s sister is a visitor.

1871: St. George Hanover Square London
Henry PAISH b. c.1821 Marston Marsey, Wiltshire (Head)
- Henry J. PAISH b. c.1852 Marylebone, Middlesex (Son)
- Charles John PAISH b. c.1854 Marylebone, Middlesex (Son)
- Harriett Ellen PAISH b. c.1854 St. George, Middlesex (Daughter)
- Agnes Alice PAISH b. c.1858 St. George, Middlesex (Daughter)
- Julia Fanny PAISH b. c.1864 St. George, Middlesex (Daughter)

7 September 1872
The Magistrates' Minute Book says, "The following Licences were adjourned until Monday 30th on account of their having been reported by the Police as badly kept ... James TILBURY Causeway George & Dragon".

30 September 1872
The Magistrates' Minute Book says, "The Landlords of ..., George & Dragon Public Houses having been cautioned for badly conducting their Houses - their Licences were Granted".

10 December 1874
His wife Charlotte age 49 dies and is buried at Great Marlow. (Cause of death: chronic gastritis, fatty degeneration of the heart and syncope.)

19 December 1874, Saturday - "Reading Mercury":

DEATHS. On the 10th inst., at the "George and Dragon" Inn, Great Marlow, Charlotte, the wife of Mr. James Tilbury in the 50th year of her age.

3 April 1875, Saturday - "Bucks Herald" [references in Marlow to "Mr James" TILBURY were to James of the George & Dragon]:

A Vestry was held at the National School Room, on Thursday, March 25th ... Mr James Brown proposed the re-election of Mr. Robert Carter at the same salary (£25) as last year. - Mr James Tilbury moved as an amendment that Mr Carter be appointed at a salary £35, and the amendment was carried ....

James is listed in the Harrod & Co. Directory at the "George & Dragon".

27 September 1877
His daughter Caroline Mary marries George Christopher HACKSHAW. The witnesses are James TILBURY and Charlotte Ann TILBURY.

29 September 1877, Saturday - "Bucks Herald":

MARRIAGES: Hackshaw - Tilbury.
At the Parish Church, Great Marlow, the 27th inst., by the Rev. J. A. Cree, assisted the Rev. S. R. Wilkinson, George Christopher, eldest son the late Mr. George Hackshaw, to Caroline Mary, second daughter of Mr. James Tilbury, both of Great Marlow.

22 February 1879
His daughter Charlotte Ann TILBURY marries George KEATES. On the marriage certificate, James is still described as a publican but he is not one of the witnesses.

1 March 1879, Saturday - "Bucks Herald":

MARRIAGES: Keats - Tilbury.
At St. Lawrence Church, Reading, on the 22nd ult., George, son of William KEATS, of Temple, Great Marlow, to Charlotte Ann, daughter of James TILBURY, of the George Inn, Great Marlow.

10 May 1879, Saturday - "Bucks Herald":

GREAT MARLOW. - Petty Sessions, Saturday, May 3.
Present - G. H. Vansittart, Esq.; T. Somers Cocks, Esq.; Sir W. R. Clayton, Bart.; and S. R. Brewis, Esq.
Transfer of Licences.
The license of the George and Dragon, Great Marlow, was transferred from James Tilbury to Alfred Maskell; of the Wheelwright's Arms, Great Marlow, from James Rockell to James Tilbury ....

10 May 1879 - 15 May 1880
James TILBURY is at the Wheelwright's Arms in Spittal Street, Great Marlow

15 May 1880, Saturday - "Reading Mercury":

A holdover of the "Wheelwrights' Arms" was granted from James Tilbury to James Freegard.

1 January 1881
James age 56 a widower marries Annie SMITH age 30 a spinster, in the Cardiff Registry Office. He is a Coffee House Manager and they are both living at the Mariner Coffee House, Bute Road, Cardiff. His father is Robert TILBURY deceased, shoemaker. Her father is Benjamin SMITH deceased, brewer.

Ann SMITH is born in Great Marlow.
1851 Census
Ann SMITH 2 is living with her father Benjamin SMITH 43, brewer's labourer, her mother Hannah 42, her brothers John 14, Henry 12, Charles 10 and Benjamin 5 and her sister Emma 7 at Causeway, Great Marlow.
1856 Quarter 3
Her father Benjamin SMITH dies in the Wycombe Registration District.
1861 Census
Ann SMITH 12 is living with her widowed mother Hannah Smith 53, nurse domestic servant, her brother Henry 21 and her sisters Emma 17 and Harriet 9 at Church Yard, Great Marlow. (Church Yard is adjacent to The George and Dragon.)

3 April 1881
In the Census Samuel TILBURY age 50 born in Richmond, Surrey is the manager of a coffee tavern, his wife Anne TILBURY 35 born Great Marlow and his son Thomas 13 born Great Marlow are living at 1 St John Street, Cardiff.

23 June 1883
His second wife Ann TILBURY dies aged 34 in Saint Peter's Street, Great Marlow. The cause of death is exhaustion due to disentry, asthenia, pneumonia and premature labour. The child is called James but he dies 3 days later. According to the certificates, James Senior is now just a labourer. He takes no part in registering the birth and deaths and may not even have been present.

30 June 1883, Saturday - "Bucks Herald":

BIRTHS: Tilbury.
At Great Marlow, on the 23rd inst., the wife of Mr. James Tilbury, of a son, who survived but three days.

5 April 1891
James TILBURY is an inmate at The Wycombe Union Workhouse at Saunderton.

23 May 1896
His son Henry John marries Louisa Theresa BENNETT. On the marriage certificate, James is described as a deceased hotel proprietor but he is still alive and living in the Workhouse.

25 January 1901
James suffers acute bronchitis and dies in the Workhouse.

extract from Charlotte's family Bible showing her written notes of James Tilbury's death and burial
From daughter Charlotte Ann's Bible
Seeing how well off all of his five children were, it seems surprising that James ended in the Workhouse. By 1879, he was 58 and had lost his wife through death and both his daughters through marriage. The fact that none of his five children felt able to care for him suggests dementia or other mental illness as the reason for him entering the Workhouse. - MichaelK.


Charlotte Ann Tilbury & George Keates

14 July 1853
Her husband-to-be, George KEATES is born in Bisham, Berkshire.

27 May 1857
Charlotte is born in the High Street, Great Marlow.

22 February 1879
Charlotte Ann TILBURY marries George KEATES in St Laurence Church, Reading.

12 June 1879
Their only child George Frederick KEATES is born at Temple, Bisham, Berkshire.

3 April 1881
In the Census, Charlotte age 23 is living at Gardens Temple House, Bisham with her husband George KEATES age 27 (Gardener, Domestic Servant) and their one year old son George Frederick KEATES.

1805 engraving of the Temple and park, Berkshire
The Temple, Berkshire, 1803

5 April 1891
In the Census, Charlotte age 33 is living at "The Bull Inn", Bisham with her husband George KEATES age 37, Licenced Victualler, and their son George Frederick KEATES age 11.

31 March 1901
In the Census, Charlotte age 43 is living at 20 Montpelier Road, St. Pancras with her husband George KEATES age 47 Of Independent Means and their son Frederick G. KEATES age 21, Publisher’s Clerk.


Frederick Tilbury & nephew George Frederick Keates in Belgium

1903 – 1914
George Frederick KEATES (son of Charlotte and George) is in partnership with his uncle Fred TILBURY at 16 Rue d'Edinbourg, Brussels trading as L'Imprimerie Anglo Belge.

23 March 1917
In GFK’s war damages claim, made before a JP in Shoeburyness, the business is valued at £15,270.


Charlotte (Tilbury) & George Keates' Family, continued

27 December 1910
George Frederick KEATES marries. On the marriage certificate, George KEATES is a licensed victualler at "Ealing Park Tavern", Ealing, Middlesex.

5 August 1912
Their only grandchild, Doris Charlotte KEATES is born in Brussels.

mid 1910s
George and Charlotte KEATES have a bungalow at Goldhill Common, Chalfont, Buckinghamshire.

21 March 1918
Their son George Frederick KEATES is missing presumed dead near St. Quentin, France. In her Bible, his mother writes, "Dear Laddie Missing".

George and Charlotte KEATES are living at 40 Ealing Park Gardens, Ealing, Middlesex.

13 November 1938
George dies of senile decay age 85 at 7 St. Marys Road, Ealing. His residence is 40 Ealing Park Gardens.

22 January 1951
Charlotte dies at 26 Wolverton Avenue, Kingston age 93. The death certificate gives her home as 40 Ealing Park Gardens.

8 November 2002
Charlotte’s grandchild Doris Charlotte KEATES dies at Daviot, Inverness-shire


Caroline Mary Tilbury & George Hackshaw

c.July 1853
Caroline’s husband-to-be, George Christopher HACKSHAW, is born in Great Marlow.

4 May 1860
Caroline Mary TILBURY is born in Great Marlow.

27 September 1877
Caroline and George marry in the Parish Church of Great Marlow.

1878 Q4
Their daughter Edith Charlotte HACKSHAW is born.

3 April 1881
In the Census, Caroline age 20 is living at Beaumont Rise, Great Marlow with her husband, George HACKSHAW age 27 and their daughter Edith C. HACKSHAW age 2.

1881 Q3
Their daughter Kate HACKSHAW is born in Great Marlow.

1888 Q4
Their daughter Constance HACKSHAW is born in Kentish Town.

11 November 1888
Constance is baptised at St Paul's Church, St Pancras. George is a salesman and they are living at 105 Islip Street, Kentish Town.

5 April 1891
In the Census, Caroline age 30 is living at 14 Montpelier Road, St. Pancras with her husband, George HACKSHAW age 37 and their three daughters Edith C. HACKSHAW age 12, Kate HACKSHAW age 9 and Constance HACKSHAW age 2. Also present are her widowed mother-in-law Harriet HACKSHAW, her sister-in-law Harriet Sophia HACKSHAW and her brother-in-law Thomas W. HACKSHAW.

1898 Q3
Their daughter Edith marries Charles Edward REED.

1900 Q3
Their granddaughter Constance Edith REED is born in Hampstead.

31 March 1901
In the Census, Caroline age 40 is living at 14 Montpelier Road, St. Pancras with her husband, George HACKSHAW age 47 and their two daughters Kate HACKSHAW age 19 and Constance HACKSHAW age 12. Also present are her widowed mother-in-law Harriet HACKSHAW age 71, her sisters-in-law Harriet Sophia HACKSHAW age 43 and Kate HACKSHAW age 39 and her brother-in-law Thomas W. HACKSHAW age 41. Edith, Charles and Constance are living in Hampstead.

1907 Q4
Their daughter Constance marries Alfred Ernest SMITH.

1908 Q3
Their granddaughter Gladys Constance SMITH is born in Camden Town.

2 April 1911
In the Census, Caroline age 51 is living at 14 Montpelier Road, St Pancras with her husband, George HACKSHAW aged 57 who is a hardware salesman. Their daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter Constance, Alfred and Gladys Smith are living with them.

6 October 1911
Her husband George dies and is buried at Highgate Cemetery.

5 April 1922
Caroline Mary HACKSHAW of 22 Grant Road, Wealdstone, Middlesex dies.

27 April 1922
Probate is granted to her son-in-law Charles Edward REED, tailor. Her effects amount to £157.


Frederick James Tilbury

23 April 1864
Frederick James TILBURY is born in Great Marlow. In the GRO Index of births he is James Frederick.

3 April 1881
In the Census, James Fredk. age 16 and his brother John Henry age 15 are living with their aunt Harriet PAISH (nee BALLARD) at 32 Lyall Mews East, Belgrave, Chelsea. He is a Printer Compositor.

Henry PAISH, Head age 60 b. Marston Maisey, Wiltshire (Coachman)
Harriet PAISH, Wife age 58 b. Much March, Hereford (Coachmans Wife)
- Chas. Jno. B. PAISH, Son (U) age 28 b. St. Geo. Han. Sq., Middlesex (Clerk Probate Registry)
- Harriet Ellen PAISH, Daughter (U) age 25 b. St. Geo. Han. Sq., Middlesex (Telegraphist G P O)
- Agnes Alice PAISH, Daughter (U) age 23 b. St. Geo. Ha.n Sq., Middlesex (Drapers Assistant)
- Julia Fanny PAISH, Daughter (U) age 17 b. St. Geo. Han. Sq., Middlesex (Drapers Apprentice)
James Fredk. TILBURY, Nephew (U) age 16 b. Grt. Marlow, Buckingham (Printer Compositor)
John Henry TILBURY, Nephew (U) age 15 b. Grt. Marlow, Buckingham (Solicitors Clerk)

1903 – 1914
Fred TILBURY is in partnership with his nephew George Frederick KEATES in Brussels (see above). As Fred does not appear in the 1891 and 1901 Censuses it seems likely that he moved to Belgium sometime in the 1880s.

Sometime between 1881 and 1888
He moves to Belgium and marries Marie Virginie Justine ACKERMANS.

About 23 February 1888
Their daughter Charlotte Marie Melanie Frederika TILBURY is born in Auderghem, a south-eastern suburb of Brussels.

Sometime between February 1888 and November 1889
His wife dies.

2 November 1889
Their daughter Charlotte dies at 6pm at 8 rue Saint Roch (about a Km north of the centre of Brussels). On the death certificate, he is resident at 88 rue Traversière, Saint Josse-ten-noode, Brussels. (St Josse is an area about one Km north east of the centre of Brussels and rue Traversière is off the rue Royale.)

According to an undated Belgian newspaper cutting:

M. F. Tilbury est une personnalité connue dans le monde sportif. Champion amateur de la boxe en Belgique, il s'occupe activement de natation, de football, de cricket, et est correspondant pour la partie hippique de journaux anglais.
[... is a personality in the sporting world. Amateur boxing champion in Belgium, he is active in other sports: swimming, football, cricket, and is the horse-racing correspondent for English newspapers.]

1903 - 1914
Fred TILBURY is in partnership with his nephew George Frederick KEATES in Brussels (see above).

June 1913
The International Boxing Union is founded in Ghent, Belgium. It is an attempt to create a unified international governing body for professional boxing. The signatories of the Protocol for the IBU are: Paul ROUSSEAU (President of Fédération Française de Boxe et de Lutte) for France; Fred TILBURY (an Englishman, Master of Boxing, and President of Fédération Belge de Boxe) for Belgium and Victor BREYER (President of Société Française de Propagation de la Boxe Anglaise).

December 1914
His nephew George Frederick KEATES escapes from German-occupied Belgium. A report of his escape appears on 13 December 1914 in the Daily Mail. Fred TILBURY remains in Belgium and is believed to be in hiding.

22 May 1916
His brother Henry TILBURY visits the Foreign Office because he has received news that his brother, Frederick TILBURY, a printer of 16 rue d'Edimbourg, Ixelle Brussels, who had been in hiding in Brussels, has been captured, and to ask that enquiries might be instituted regarding his whereabouts.
In view of the fact that the report of his capture may be incorrect and enquiries made through the German authorities might lead to his arrest, the Foreign Office ask the U.S.Legation at Brussels whether they know anything of the matter without consulting the German authorities. The response of the US Legation is not recorded.
(The National Archives FO 383/136)

20 November 1918
Fred TILBURY goes into the British Section of the Netherlands Legation in Brussels and asks them to send a telegram to
VANLOOCK, Eastbourne Lodge, Hailsham, Sussex saying "Send Missis over. Await her here, Fred".

Mr Charles VAN LOOCK is a Schools Attendance Officer, born in Chelsea, London in 1870 but his father was born in Brussels.

The British Section of the Netherlands Legation in Brussels then sends a note to Sir Walter, the British Minister at The Hague. He forwards this to the Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. A file is compiled by the Prisoners, Belgium Section of the Foreign Office on 10/12/1918 and the telegram is sent on 13 December 1918.
(The National Archives FO 383/379)

He is visited at Genval, Belgium by his grand niece Doris KEATES.

He is living in Genval, possibly at 107 rue des Tilleuls, Genval.

He is photographed in Genval.

2 June 1947
He dies at Genval.

5 June 1947
The funeral starts from 107 rue des Tilleuls, Genval.

1 March 1952
His wife Jeannette FORGEUR dies. (Date of marriage unknown.)


Henry John Tilbury & Louie Bennett

13 April 1865
Henry John TILBURY is born at Great Marlow. (In the GRO Index of Births the surname is TILBURN - the birth certificate for Henry John shows the surname as TILBURY confirming that TILBURN in the GRO Index is a mistake.)

21 January 1874
His wife-to-be Louisa Theresa (Louie) BENNETT is born in Wimbledon, Surrey.

3 April 1881
In the Census, John Henry age 15 and his brother James Fredk. age 16 are living with their aunt Harriet PAISH (nee BALLARD) at 32 Lyall Mews East, Belgrave, Chelsea (see above). He is a Solicitor's Clerk.

5 April 1891
In the Census, Henry J. TIBURY (sic) age 25 is a Solicitor's Clerk living with his aunt Harriet PAISH at 10 Cross Road, Wimbledon.

1891: Wimbledon, Surrey (reg. dist. Kingston)

1891 Census: 10 Cross Road, Wimbledon, Surrey (reg. dist. Kingston)
Henry PAISH, Head age 70 b. c.1821 Marston Maisey, Wiltshire (No Occupation)
Harriett PAISH, Wife age 68 b. c.1823 Much Marcle, Herefordshire
- Henry J. TIBURY, Nephew age 25 b. c.1866 Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire (Solicitor's Clerk)

1901: Fulham, London
Henry J. B. PAISH age 49 b. London (Solicitors Clerk)
Caroline PAISH age 39 b. London
- Henry M. R. PAISH age 6 b. London
- Doris J. PAISH age 4 b. London

23 May 1896
He is age 31 and marries Louie BENNETT in Wimbledon Parish Church. He is a civil servant and is resident at Hamilton House, Wimbledon. She is resident at 6 Belvedere Cottages, Church Road, Wimbledon.

19 September 1897
Maria Isabella (Marie) TILBURY is born.

31 March 1901
In the Census, Henry John TILBURY age 36 is living at 6 Alston Villas, 82 Richmond Road, Wimbledon with his wife, Louisa Theresa age 25 and their daughter Marie Isabella age 3. His profession is given as Typewriter.

17 October 1901
Their daughter Winifred Ethel (Winnie) TILBURY is born in Raynes Park.

2 April 1911
In the Census, Henry John TILBURY age 45 is living at 6 Belvedere Cottages, Church Road, Wimbledon with his wife, Louisa Theresa age 37 and their daughters Marie Isabella age 13 and Winifred Ethel age 9. His profession is given as civil servant.

27 August 1921
He is one of the witnesses at the marriage of his daughter Marie to Albert Henry (Billie) REEVES. On the marriage certificate Henry is a Civil Servant. The marriage is without issue.

14 July 1923
Their daughter Winnie marries Douglas Arthur DAVIS.

1925 Q3
Their daughter Winnie has a son who was still living in 1996.

4 April 1930
He dies aged 64 and is buried in Putney Vale Cemetery.

29 April 1930
Probate given to his widow Louisa Theresa TILBURY. Effects £253 19s 8d. (National Probate Calendar).

15 July 1960
His wife dies in Wimbledon.

May 1984
His daughter Winifred Ethel DAVIS (nee TILBURY) dies at Chelmsford age 82.

7 April 1996
His daughter Marie REEVES (nee TILBURY) dies at Wimbledon age 98.


Thomas Tilbury

19 November 1868
Thomas TILBURY is born in Great Marlow.

2 April 1871
In the Census, Thomas age 2 is living with his parents at "The George and Dragon" in Great Marlow.

3 April 1881
In the Census, Thomas age 13 is living with his father Samuel (should be James) TILBURY age 50, Manager Coffee Tavern, and his step-mother Anne TILBURY age 35, at 1 St John Street, Cardiff.

16 August 1883
A Thomas TILBURY enlists for 12 years in the 1st Battalion, Somerset Light Infantry at Taunton. He claims to have been born in Westminster, to be 17 years 6 months and to be a baker.

(Our Thomas is only 14 years 8 months and, of course, was born in Great Marlow. However the military Thomas lists his relatives as father, James; no mother; brothers Henry, Frederick (older); sisters Charlotte and Harriett. This list fits our Thomas except that Harriett was his aunt not his sister but she did live in Westminster. Because there is no other Thomas TILBURY with this collection of relatives it seems highly likely that our Thomas and the military Thomas are one and the same person. - MichaelK.)

23 November 1883
He is transferred to Enniskillen in Ireland.

4 March 1884
He spends 8 days in hospital in Enniskillen. He is treated with tincture of iodine, purges, etc.

12 September 1884
He is transferred to East India on board HMS Malabar.
(HMS Malabar, 1866 - 1894, carried 1200 troops normally between Portsmouth and Bombay a journey which took 70 days.)

11 December 1884
He arrives at Rangoon in Burma.

15 February 1885
He is admitted to hospital for 6 days in Rangoon with a gum boil. The irritation is severe.

29 March 1885
He is admitted to hospital for 21 days in Rangoon with a wound, possibly to his right foot.

13 June 1885
He is admitted to hospital for 3 days in Rangoon with a stye.

14 November 1885
The third Burmese War starts and he takes part. It only lasts two weeks although there is sporadic resistance until 1887.
He is awarded the India medal with Burma clasp 1885-7.

8 January 1887
He is admitted to hospital for 7 days in Mandalay with local contusion.

26 April 1887
He arrives at Belgaum (a hill station at 2500 ft., inland from Goa in the south-west of India). Four days later, he is admitted to hospital there for 96 days with pneumonia.

31 August 1887
He is readmitted to hospital in Belgaum for 8 days with pneumonia.

1 October 1887
He is invalided home to England.

17 October 1887
He arrives at Deolali (a small hill station and transit camp for troops returning to Britain) 100 miles north east of Bombay at a height of 1700 ft.

29 October 1887
He boards HMS Malabar for the journey home.

14 February 1888
He is transferred to Colchester.

20 June 1888
He is admitted to hospital in Colchester for 5 days with tonsillitis. He is treated with Dover powders.
(Dover's powder was a traditional medicine against cold and fever. It contains powder of Ipecacuanha and Opium.)

20 July 1888
He is admitted to hospital in Colchester for 13 days with a rheumatic attack. It affects the large joints and is severe.

26 July 1889
He is transferred to Aldershot.

27 June 1890
He is admitted to hospital in Aldershot for 4 days with rheumatism.

15 August 1890
He is transferred to the Army Reserve after completing 7 years of active service. He is described as "good, regular, v. temperate".

14 August 1895
He is discharged from the Army Reserve after completing his 12 years service.

No trace in the 1901 Census.

He had a Belgian wife called Angelli ___ and may have lived at 83 or 87 Avenue Gevaert, Genval.

10 November 1931
He dies in Genval.


The Printshop

In Google Books, there are references to Fred. Tilbury and Les Presses Tilbury as printers from as early as 1897 to as late as 1955 so it looks as though Fred Tilbury started up again after the First World War as Les Presses Tilbury. In 1937, the address of Les Presses Tilbury was 116 Rue Sans-Souci, Ixelles, Bruxelles. It seems as though the company is now defunct. - MichaelK.

Imp. Fred Tilbury Bruxelles [no date]
Bruxelles, Fred. Tilbury, 1897
Bruxelles, Fred. Tilbury, imprimeur-éditeur, 1900
Brussels, Fred. Tilbury, printed for the proprietor, 1904
"Establishment of a National Botanical Garden" Hearing before Congress, published by G.P.O., 1920
    pg. 88:
    Brussels, Fred Tilbury. English printer. 16 Rue d'Edinbourg, 16. [probably 1904]
    pg. 136:
    Ministere de l'agriculture. The Belgian State Botanical Garden[s] Brussels, 1904, 30 p. (F. TILBURY.)
Brussels, Fred. Tilbury, 1911
Bruxelles, Fred. Tilbury, 1913
Bruxelles, Imprimerie-lithographie Fred. Tilbury, Juin 1919
Brux., Presses Tilbury, 1923
Bruxelles, Les Presses Tilbury, 1926
Bxl, Imp. Tilbury, 1934
"Biblio: bibliographie des ouvrages en langue française parus dans le monde entier" published by Hachette, 1935
    pg. 167
    Comment vivaient nos grands-parents? Blerwart, village de la Hesbaye namuroise, 1800-1840.
    THYS, J. 7,50fr.b. Bruxelles, Presses Tilbury. [probably 1934, according to list]
Ed: Solvay & Cie, Bruxelles (c.1935) - Imp. LP Tilbury
(Impr. aux Presses Tilbury, L.Flas et fils) 1936
"Une visite aux Presses Tilbury, Société Anonyme Lambert Flas & fils, maison fondée en 1896" by Presses Tilbury, 1937; OCLC: 67862888; [Text in French; copy held at: The University of Groningen, Groningen, 9712 CP Netherlands]
Imprimé par les Presses Tilbury, S. A., Bruxelles pour les Éditions Narodetzki, 1949
Bruxelles Les Presses Tilbury, 1950
Bruxelles, Les Presses Tilbury, SA, 1955

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