Tilbury in
Barnes, East Molesey, Kew, Kingston, Mortlake,
Richmond, Thames Ditton: Surrey
& Teddington: Middlesex (UK)

Richmond on Thames in 1826

"In the beginning of May, a steam-boat for conveying passengers ascends the Thames in the morning from Queenhithe to Richmond, and returns the same day; and so she proceeds to and fro until the autumn.

The Aits, or Osier Islands, are picturesque interspersions on the Thames. Its banks are studded with neat cottages, or elegant villas crown the gentle heights; the lawns come sweeping down like carpets of green velvet, to the edge of its soft-flowing waters, and the grace of the scenery improves till we are borne into the full bosom of its beauty - the village of Richmond, or as it was anciently called, Sheen. On coming within sight of this, the most delightful scene in our sea-girt isle, the band on board the steam-boat plays 'the lass of Richmond-hill,' while the vessel glides on the translucent water, till she curves to the bridge-foot, and the passengers disembark. Ascending the stone stairs to the street, a short walk through the village brings us to the top of the far-famed hill, from whence there is a sudden sight of one of the loveliest views in the world. Here, unless an overflowing purse can command the preference of the 'Star and Garter,' we enter the pleasanct and comfortable 'Roebuck' inn, which has nothing to recommend it but civil treatment and domestic conveniences. ...

To the over-wearied inhabitants of the metropolis, the trip to Richmond is covetable. The lively French, philosophic German, the elegant Italian, the lofty Spaniard, and the Cossack of the Don, pronounce the prospect from the hill the most enchanting in Europe.

There was no itinerary of Richmond until Dr. John Evans, during a visit in 1824, hastily threw some memoranda into a neat little volume, illustrated by a few etchings, under the title of 'Richmond and its Vicinity'."


Sources: Parish register transcripts, other researchers
'The Tilbury Magazine' website bmd, other researchers, IGI, FreeBMD, Censuses, National Burial Index, Google Books Online ...

Where did they come from?
They seem to die out by the end of the 19thC

Barnes, Mortlake, Richmond

25 October 1673
George TILBERY Locksmith at Richmond [to the Royal household]
(Lord Chamberlain's papers 3/27, f.60). "No further occurence."

From the Institute of Historical Research: "Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Court Officers, 1660-1837" published 2006 (British History Online)

Prudence TILBEY
_m. Joseph STAPLES 29 May 1791 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey

m. Sarah [--]
- Ruth Mary TILBURY Chr. c.17 June 1792 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- Helena TILBUREY Chr. 4 August 1793 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- Mary FILBURY Chr. 11 February 1795 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- John TILBURY Chr. 4 December 1796 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- Jane Elizabeth TILBURY Chr. 26 September 1798 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- Harriet TILBURY b. 14 October 1802, Chr. 17 February 1802 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey

Burials, Richmond, Surrey:
- Mary TILBURY b., bu. 1792
- Helena TILBURY b., bu. 1793
- Ruth TILBURY b., bu. 1795
- John TILBURY b., bu. 1798
- John TILBURY b., bu. 1801
- Harriet TILBURY b., bu. 1802

Sarah TILLBURY d. age 51; burial 3 July 1826 St. Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey [b. c.1775]
John TILBURY d. age 64; burial 17 August 1829 St. Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey [b. c.1765]

Ann TILBY d. age 36; burial 7 June 1816 All Saints Kingston, Surrey [b. c.1780]

m. Joan [--]
- Ruth TILBUREY Chr. c.22 December 1793 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
Joan TILBURY d. age 48; burial 7 February 1813 St. Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey [b. c.1765]

m. Ann(e)
- Anne TILBURY b. 31 July, Chr. 24 October 1813 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- Sarah Elizabeth TILBURY b. 8 January, Chr. 30 April 1815 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- William Henry TILBURY b. 20 November 1816, Chr. 6 April 1817 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- James TILBURY b. 5 April, Chr. 27 May 1821 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
- Eleanor TILBURY b. 18 May, Chr. 6 June 1823 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey
   d. age 5; burial 21 May 1828 St. Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey
- John TILBURY Chr. 16 May 1827 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey

m. Ann
- Charles John TILBAY b. 16 November 1818, Chr. 17 January 1819 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey

Elizabeth TILBURY
m. George SMITH 29 December 1817 St. Mary Magdalen, Richmond, Surrey

James TILBERRY + Marianne
- Emma TILBERRY Chr. 23 September 1832 Mortlake, Surrey
James TILBURY + Mary
- Charles TILBURY Chr. 30 March 1834 Mortlake, Surrey
James TILBARY + Mary Ann
- Mary Ann TILBARY Chr. 4 September 1836 Barnes, Surrey

Robert TILBURY d. age 72; burial 4 September 1837 St. Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey [b. c.1765]

1841: lvg. Richmond, Surrey (household)
Charlotte TILBURY b. c.1762
Edmund TILBURY b. c.1796 (in Cty)

1841: lvg. Richmond, Surrey (household)
Ann TILBURY b. c.1783 (in Cty)
Charles TILBURY b. c.1816 (in Cty)
John TILBURY b. c.1828 (in Cty)
William SHELTON b. c.1817
Mary SHELTON b. c.1818

1841: lvg. Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
James TILBURY b. c.1819 (in Cty)


Beneath, family groups which can be traced through censuses are on separate pages, with a 'Return' link back to departure point on this page

William Henry Tilbury

... was probably the son of Robert & Ann, worked with horses, married twice, and lived to be nearly 100 years old:
William Henry TILBURY

Charles John Tilbury

Born in 1818, baptised in 1819, a son of Robert, and living with Ann in 1841, the father of Charles Robert Tilbury:
Charles John & Charles Robert TILBURY

John Tilbury of the "Waterman's Arms", Richmond, Surrey

This John, probably a son of Robert & Ann, seems to have married three times:

2 James Tilbury; in Richmond, in Mortlake, and in Great Marlow

James TILBURY I lived in Mortlake and Barnes with his wife and family; James TILBURY II, possibly a son of Robert & Ann, was born in Richmond and went to live in Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Robert TILBURY from Penn, Police Constable

He moved to the Mortlake area with his family; he died pre-1861.

Thomas TILBURY from Penn

Thomas snr. was the brother of Robert (above); one of his children, Thomas, was b. Barnes:

1861: lvg. Hammersmith, Middlesex
Thomas TILBURY b. c.1824 [Penn Street], Buckinghamshire (Head)
Ann TILBURY b. c.1825 ___, Buckinghamshire (Wife)
- Mary A. TILBURY b. c.1848 ___, Buckinghamshire (Daughter)
- Flora TILBURY b. c.1850 [Penn Street], Buckinghamshire (Daughter)
- Edmund TILBURY b. c.1854 ___, Hertfordshire (Son)
- Thomas TILBURY b. c.1858 Barnes, Surrey (Son)
- Bob TILBURY b. c.1860 Hammersmith, Middlesex (Son)

The Tilburys from Penn, Buckinghamshire


The following census entry can now be elucidated (February 2011):

1881: lvg. 1 St. John St, Cardiff St. John, Glamorgan
Samuel TELBURY, Head age 50 b. [c.1830] Richmond, Surrey (Manager Coffee Tavern)
Anne TELBURY, Wife age 35 b. [c.1847] Great Marlow, Buckingham
- Thomas TELBURY, Son age 13 b. [c.1868] Great Marlow, Buckingham

This was James TILBURY (previously of the "George & Dragon", The Causeway, Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire). His first wife Charlotte [BALLARD] had died, and James remarried, to Anne SMITH; together with James' & Charlotte's youngest son Thomas, they removed to Cardiff. The story of their misadventures will soon be added to the "James Tilbury of the George & Dragon" page (see link above "2 James TILBURY").

In Richmond

1901: lvg. Richmond, Surrey (See 'Links Page' 'Little Missenden (Part I)')
Elizabeth TILBURY b. c.1870 Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire (Cook Domestic)


Richmond Births & Deaths


Emma & Isabella TILBURY b. 1Q 1845 (Amersham 6/348) [Isabella daughter of Robert & Martha]
Harriet TILBURY b. 1Q 1851 (Richmond Sy 4/471)
Male TILBURY b. 3Q 1852 (Richmond S 2a 162)
Jane TILBURY b. 1Q 1853 (Richmond 2a 188)
William TILBURY b. 4Q 1854 (Richmond S 2a 175) [nephew of William Wright T., m. ALDCROFT?]
Thomas TILBURY b. 4Q 1856 (Richmond S 2a 195)
Thomas TILBURY b. 4Q 1857 (Richmond S 2a [2?or212]) [son of Robert&Martha?]
John TILBURY b. 1Q 1858 (Richmond S 2a 209) [son of Robert&Martha?]
Emma TILBURY b. 2Q 1862 (Richmond S 2a 235) [emigrated to Australia?]


Susan TILBURY d. 4Q 1850 (Richmond Sy 4/298)
Robert TILBURY d. 2Q 1851 (Richmond S. 4/289)
Male TILBURY d. 3Q 1852 (Richmond Sy 2a/113)
Female TILBURY d. 3Q 1853 (Richmond Sy 2a/109)
Jane TILBURY d. 1Q 1854 (Richmond sy 2a/124)
Male TILBURY d. 3Q 1854 (Richmond Sy 2a/137)
Ann TILBURY d. 2Q 1856 (Richmond Sy 2a/117)
Thomas TILBURY d. 4Q 1856 (Richmond Sy 2a/135) [son of Robert&Martha?]
John TILBURY d. 4Q 1858 (Richmond Sy 2a/136)
Ann TILBURY d. 4Q 1859 (Richmond Sy 2a/125) [QUADLING? wife of John)?]

Sarah Eliza TILBURY [b. c.1856] d. 2Q 1909 age 53 (Richmond S. 2a/292)

'Richmond' birth + death?:

Sarah TILBURY b. 3Q 1847 (Richmond sy 4/372)
___[d. 1Q 1849 (Richmond Sy 4/327)?]
Robert TILBURY b. 2Q 1850 (Richmond Sy (?/?)
___[d. 2Q 1851 (Richmond Sy 4/289)?]


Other Tilburys in Surrey, close to Richmond

Walton Church, 1849

Walton On Thames, East Molesey

m. John WHEATLEY 27 May 1767 Walton On Thames, Surrey

Mary TILBARRY b. 5 January, Chr. 5 February, 1809 East Molesey, Surrey
Father: John TILBARRY Mother: Mary

Eliza Jane TILBURY Chr. 27 August 1865 East Molesey, Surrey
Father: Frederick

1881: lvg. /wrkg. Bridge Road, East Molesey, Surrey
Alice TIBBURY (U) age 19 b. Homer Green, Buckingham (General Servant Dom) to:

Alfred THOMPSON, Head age 30 b. High Wycombe, Buckingham (Grocer Employing 6 Hands)
Emily U. THOMPSON, Wife age 32 b. London Marylebone, London, Middlesex (Wife To Grocer)
Amy C. OWEN, Niece age 7 b. Kilburn (Scholar)
Henry J. SHEPHERD (U) age 22 b. Thatcham, Berkshire, (Grocers Assistant)
Charles H. BARTLETT age 18 b. Pletchington, Berkshire (Grocers Assistant)
George COATES age 20 b. Grahams Town, Africa (Grocers Apprentice)
Earnest H. COATES U age 15 b. Banglore, India (Grocers Apprentice)
George MUKWORTH age 18 b. East Moulsey, Surrey (Grocers Apprentice)

m. Charles Thomas HAILEY 3Q 1885 (Amersham 3a/761)

1901: lvg. Bromley, Kent
Charles HAILEY age 36 b. Prestwood, Buckinghamshire (Wheelwright)
Alice HAILEY age 37 b. Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire
- Charles HAILEY age 15 b. Chesham, Buckinghamshire (General Laborer)
- Harry HAILEY age 13 b. Keston, Kent (Butchers Assistant)
- Alice HAILEY age 10 b. Keston, Kent
- Annie HAILEY age 8 b. Bromley, Kent
- George HAILEY age 5 b. Bromley, Kent
- Nellie HAILEY age 2 b. Bromley, Kent
- Minnie HAILEY age 3 mths b. Bromley, Kent

1901: lvg. Surrey, Walton On Thames
Alfred TILBURY age 27 b. Bucks., Wycomb (Carter On Farm)
Sarah TILBURY age 26 b. Hants., Newbury
- Nellie TILBURY age 2 b. Middlesex, Charlton
- William TILBURY age 1 b. Surrey, Hersham

1901: lvg. Surrey, Walton On Thames
Charlotte A. TILBURY age 31 b. Kent, ___ (Cook Domestic)



Charles TILBURY who married Martha Eliza ELLUM early in 1859 and moved to Teddington, may have been the son of James & Mary (Ann) TILBARRY or TILBURY (possibly James I above).
Tilburys in Teddington


Kingston Church, 1849

Kingston Upon Thames

BMD for the Registration District of Kingston (upon Thames), Surrey, which included many living in both Richmond & Teddington.
Tilbury BMD in Kingston


Richmond District: Barnes, Kew, Mortlake, North Sheen, Petersham, Richmond
GENUKI: Richmond Registration District


From "The Gentleman's Magazine", 1849 (page 82): "Domestic Occurences"

SURREY - April 30th

"Two persons have been apprehended on a charge of breaking into the parish church of Kew, and stealing therefrom an iron chest, containing the parish registers. The robbery took place on the 22nd Feb. 184[5], when the church-door lock was picked, and the chest in which they were was carried away. Letters had been received, offering, for a handsome reward, to restore the parish registers and deeds uninjured, but no notice was taken of them. Amongst the documents stolen were the certificates of the marriages of William IV., and of the Duke of Kent.
The matter had been long since given up when information was received by the police which led to the apprehension of John STANDEN, a hawker or costermonger, as the thief, and George TI[L]BEY of Lissongrove, as the receiver, and they were committed to Kingston gaol."


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