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18th Century Mariners

Dover, July 3
Came in Goldfinch ... from Ostend, for the West-Indies
From the Daily Journal, London, Tuesday, July 5, 1726
Probate: 26 July 1740
"HMS Salisbury"
50 guns, 960 tons
May 1723: Salisbury was in Mocha and took on fresh water.
In 1747 James Lind (b. 1716 Edinburgh) was surgeon on board HMS Salisbury. He carried out the first controlled and documented trials of treatment for scurvy on 12 patients. Scurvy could kill more than half a ship's crew during a long voyage due to poor diet with few opportunities to eat fresh vegetables or fruit. James Lind separated the 12 scurvy patients from the rest of the crew, and tried various remedies, including cider, nutmeg, vinegar, elixir of vitriol, mustard, balsam of Peru... which brought no improvements. He then gave two of the 12 scurvy patients two oranges and a lemon every day: and they both recovered quickly. Unfortunately it was not until 50 years later that the British Admiralty issued limes, or lime-juice, to sailors (hence the name 'limeys').
of Old Artillery Ground, Middlesex
Probate: 12 February 1757
"HMS Intrepid"
1751: Navy List - Intrepide, 3rd rate, 66 guns
"Taken from the French in the last war and carries 32-pounders on the lower deck, and 18- on the upper."
d. September 1769 - 1 June 1770
Wife Elizabeth of Meeting House Alley
Son John baptised 17 June 1770 St George In The East, Stepney, Cannon St Rd, London (14 days old) "father deceased"
Probate: 10 June 1785
"HMS Centurion"
The 4th Centurion was built in 1740 and was the flagship of Commodore George Anson during his circumnavigation of the globe, returning to Spithead in June 1744. Her figure-head was a tall, carved lion.
January 1766: reached Boston, on the way to Halifax to winter and refit, then to chase American privateers.
This Centurion was broken up in 1769.
on 29 October 1783
Thomas was accused (with others) at the Old Bailey, of stealing liquor; he was found Not Guilty.
Ship's carpenter
burial: 30 June 1790
St. James, Jamaica
1794-1796 (at least)
September 17, Gravesend: arr. from Rotterdam The Marine List, Lloyd's
Friday, October 24, Gravesend: sailed for Rotterdam London Packet or New Lloyd's Evening Post
Thursday March 19, Gravesend: sailed for Hambro Lloyd's List
Monday, October 5, Cadiz: safely arrived (+ 9 others) Courier and Evening Gazette
Monday, December 14, Cadiz: at present in this Port [December 28 also] True Briton
Wednesday, March 30, Deal (Wind S.W.): arrived and sailed for the River, the Flora, Tilbury, from Cadiz Lloyd's Evening Post
Thursday, March 31, Gravesend: passed by ... from Cadiz Lloyd's Evening Post
Able Seaman
1796 (at least)
Wife: Mary
"HMS Royal George" (1st rate, 100 guns)
Pay book number: SB 1631
Allotment of his pay to his wife
ADM 27/1 - Navy Board, and Admiralty, Accountant General's Department:
Registers of Allotment, recording the sending of wages to next of kin
1798 (at least)
"Calais Packet"
Arr. Porto, Portugal 28 September, from London in 14 days
Belonging to, or cargo for: STAFFORD [in Porto]
Sailed with: Three Irmas, George WALLIS; Thames, C. John HUTCHINS; Perseverance, John DITTON; Frederick, Richard HULL; Minerva, Robert WATT
Ships' cargo: packages, barrels, boxes, fish, iron, lead, voussoirs [shaped stones to make arches]
Correio Mercantil, e Economico de Portugal, Num. 42, 16 de Octubro de 1798


Health & Hygiene in the 18th Century British Navy - Scurvy


Victory off Copenhagen, 2 April 1801

From The Newcastle Courant, Saturday, October 4, 1806

On board "HMS Defiance"

Lloyd's Coffee-House, August 7th, 1806

At a Meeting of the Committee appointed to manage the Subscription raised for the Benefit of the WOUNDED, and the Families or Relatives of those who were KILLED in the gallant Action of the 2d April, 1801, off Copenhagen. John Julius ANGERSTEIN, Esq. in the Chair,
The Committee being desirous of affording Relief to every Person entitled to partake of the Subscription.
RESOLVED, That the 'Period for receiving Claims be extended to the 25th of December next', and that after that Time a general Meeting of the Subscribers shall be called, to consider of the Appropriation of the Money then unclaimed.
RESOLVED, That a List of the Killed and Wounded who have not, by themselves or Families, received Relief from this Committee, be again advertised; that the Relatives of the Killed be desired to apply by Letter to Mr. Thomas WHITE, the Secretary, at this House, stating their Relationship to the deceased, and the Particulars of their Situation; the same to be attested by the Minister and Churchwardens of the Places where the Parties reside, in order that this Committee may remit to them, free of Expence, such Gratuities as they may be entitled to.
RESOLVED, that the Wounded Officers, Seamen, and Marines, do also apply by Letter to Mr. WHITE, as aforesaid, and the Claims of those who may be on Duty, to be certified by their Commanding Officers.
* * *
Off Copenhagen ... the Monarch and Defiance "had dreadful slaughter" (Fremantle)
From The History of England, 1846, by the Rev. T. S. Hughes, B.D:
The battle of Copenhagen was, by lord NELSON's own account, the most dreadful he had ever witnessed ... and the total loss of the British, in killed and wounded, exceeded one thousand; while that of the Danes, including prisoners, was not less than six [thousand]. [The Agamemnon, Bellona and Russell grounded on a shoal, resulting in the Defiance and Monarch taking very heavy fire from the Danish batteries, which they could not return.]


Fought at the Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1805

b. c.1783 Kildare, Ireland
From: SL [supernumerary list?] no. 342
Ship's pay book number: SB 641
Date: 16 September 1805
[This date is perhaps beginning of service, since the Battle of Trafalgar was in October]
"HMS Ajax" (II)
Launched 1798, 74-gun third-rate, built at Rotherhithe
Battle of Trafalgar: commanded by Lieutenant John PILFORD
"Ajax" assisted "Orion" in forcing surrender of French 74-gun "Intrépide"
2 killed, 8 injured on board during the battle
1807: Dardanelles, Admiral Sir John DUCKWORTH's Squadron; "Ajax" destroyed in an accidental fire



1801 & 1803, at least
"Hannah", Brig, sheathed; British, built by Patton
112 tons, single deck with beams; 12 ft. draught when loaded; age not given; destination Lisbon; 2nd class vessel, 2nd class materials; trading from London; last surveyed in London, January 1800
From Lloyd's Register of Shipping for 1801, 1803
b. c.1768
Greenwich Hospital out-pensioner
Made several requests to the Admiralty-Office to become an in-pensioner
Noted on 21st Dec. 1821 application:
Wm. Tilbury, age 53, granted a Pension of £10 in 1807, [not admitted]
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM 6/228
dob not given
age on entry: 19
[?b. c.1784]
Served: 16 September 1803-16 June 1815
Made application to [the Admiralty], Greenwich, on
- 27 January 1848
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM 29/34/421; orig. pg. no. 421
Pilot (Trinity House)
Listed in Holden's Annual London and Country Directory, 1811, at 52 Lower East Smithfield, London
Thomas TILBURY of Lower East Smithfield bur. 29 January 1815 St Botolph, Aldgate age 54 [b. c.1761]
Widow Ann, age 45, petitioned Trinity House in 1815
Series 1: Book 94; available at the Guildhall Library - from their website:
"Pilots were licensed ... by the Corporation of Trinity House ... [on application] a pilot had to have British nationality ... several years' experience as a watch-keeping officer of a ship, ... a foreign-going Master Mariner's certificate (or Naval certificate of service) and be under 35."
Superannuated Extraman
d. 18 August 1849
Arrears of superannuation
due on death: about £3
Widow, claimant: Ann, of 37 Hawke Street, Portsea, Hampshire
Register of claim: 7/204
- Form of Declaration & Letter of Inspector: 16 October
- Audit [Office?]: 23 October
- N 10 ___________y Marriage Certificate: 24 October
Claim Admitted, Certificate Examined: R. HARDY, 22nd October 1849; E._. 22nd
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM 45/25
dob not given
age on entry: 26
[?b. c.1794]
Served: 9 July 1820 to 26 March 1833
Made applications to the Admiralty on
- 18 October 1849
- September 1849
- June 1850
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM 29/44/761849;
ADM 29/44/76; orig. pg. no. 76
dob not given
age on entry: 17
[?b. c.1811]
Served: 22 April 1828-1 February 1851
Made applications to [the Admiralty], Whitehall, on
- 13 February 1851
- January 1840 - May 1870
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM ADM 29/23/155; orig. pg. no. 155
London, Saturday, August 15, 1846 (pg. 7)
"Lieut. GARDNER, Paymaster and Purser R. M. JEFFERY, Assistant Surgeon R. C. RUSSELL (from the "Mustine"), Gunner John ROSE, Boatswain William TILBURY, and Carpenter Thomas WILEY, have been appointed to the "Sidon", steam-frigate"
From The English Gentleman
age on entry: 18
[?b. c.1826]
Served: 13 May 1844 - 30 September 1874
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM 29/70/46
[see below]
d. Saturday, 28 August 1847
Drowned [Portsmouth]
"An inquest was held on Monday, at the Rainbow Tavern, St. George's Square, before W. COOPER, Esq., Coroner, on the body of James TILBURY, mariner, who on going alone from the steam tug, belonging to Mr. ROLT (government contractor), to the shore, on Saturday, fell out of the boat and was drowned. Deceased was seen from the Dock-yard struggling in the water, and boats were sent to his assistance; but the body was drifted by the tide under the hulk, near which spot it was found on the following morning. It is supposed he dropped his scull, and in endeavouring to reach it, fell into the water. Verdict - Accidentally drowned."
From the Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle, Saturday, September 4, 1847
"The Ann"
Sailed from Newcastle [-upon-Tyne]
Arr. Carthagena, June 22, 1849
Published in The Newcastle Courant Friday, July 6, 1849
North Shields, Thursday, November 7 - Wind blowing a gale from West South West to South West
Arrived, "The Ann", TILBURY, from Carthagena.
Published in The Newcastle Courant Friday, November 8, 1850
d. 24 December 1856 [burial at sea]
See from List 1857 of "Dumfrieshire" 10535
b. 4 March 1829 Salisbury, Wiltshire
d. 19 March 1858[?]
Served: since 1851
Volunteered: 1853
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM 139/21/2041; Covering dates: 1853
Charles Francis TILBURY
b. 12 November 1833, Kensington, Middlesex
Year volunteered: 1853
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM 139/31 3001-3100; Covering dates: 1853
dob unknown
"HMS Cruiser" (Cruizer)
1857: injured during the capture of Canton (28, 29, 31, December)
"wound of right thigh severely, doing well" (contemporary newspaper, books)
(no confirmation given of his recovery)
The Taking of Canton
b. 6 March 1840, Clanfield, Hampshire
Made an Application to [the Admiralty,] Whitehall
- 14 September 1865
The National Archives, Kew, UK: ADM 29/71/239; orig. pg. 239
(See also ADM 139/367 CS 36609)


Seamen's Service Record Nos.

Administrative references to the "Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies - Registers of Seamen's Services". "For each man they give the date of birth, ship or shore establishment and a concise account of service, including successive appointments." (National Archives, Kew, see link below)

The list in this section concerns those for whom no further information is available to date; where Seamen were listed for the censuses, or war records, their Service Record references and Service number are given next to their name in those sections. The rating type in square brackets is according to Royal Navy definitions (see link to National Archives, Kew, below).

Adolphus Charles TILBURY
b. 17 June 1866
    Gosport, Hampshire
no. 127415 (ref:ADM.188/169)
Hampshire page
Albert Herbert TILBURY
b. 18 October 1898
    Holmes[Holmer] Green, Buckinghamshire
no. J.67115 [Seaman and/or Communication Rating] (ref:ADM.188/781)
Albert Owen TILBURY
b. 7 February 1890
    Horndean, Hampshire
no. K.1547 [Stoker] (ref:ADM.188/870)
Albert William TILBURY
b. 5 June 1879
    Overton, Hampshire
no. 186645 [Seaman and/or Communications Rating] (ref:ADM.188/315)
Allan Henry TILBURY
b. 17 November 1884
    Alverstoke, Hampshire
no. 359860 [Officer's Steward, Cook; or Boy Servant] (ref:ADM.188/546)
Arthur George TILBURY
b. 27 November 1883
    Winchester, Hampshire
no. 302042 [Stoker Rating] (ref:ADM.188/491)
Arthur Thomas TILBURY
b. 6 September 1887
    Hadleigh, Suffolk
no. 223592 [Seaman and/or Communications Rating] (ref:ADM.188/394)
Celestine James TILBURY
b. 31 December 1890
    Portsmouth, Hampshire
no. K.2836 [Stoker] (ref:ADM.188/872)
Family website
b. 29 January 1829
    London, Middlesex
no. 78214 (ref:ADM.188/68)
b. 17 July 1863
no. 110336 (ref:ADM.188/135)
Charles Albert TILBURY
b. 1 June 1892
    Hackney, London
no. F.23293 (ref:ADM.188/606)
(?Son of Arthur TILBURY and Ella [WILLIAMS]? - See Links page 'Tailoring Tilburys Part 1')
Charles James TILBURY
b. 28 July 1887
    Ryde Isle of Wight
no. 223721 [Seaman and/or Communications Rating] (ref:ADM.188/394)
Clifford Daniel TILBURY
b. 21 October 1885
    Clayhall, Hampshire
no. 362143 [Officer's Steward, Cook; or Boy Servant] (ref:ADM.188/551)
b. 14 May 1902
    Wandsworth, London
no. M.33218 [Engine Room Artificer] (ref:ADM.188/1084)
b. 24 December 1902
    Aldershot, Surrey
no. J.95578 [Seaman and/or Communication Rating] (ref:ADM.188/838)
Ernest William TILBURY
b. 1 December 1893
    Holborn, London
no. K.13562 [Stoker] (ref:ADM.188/894)
Probably also a son of Sidney TILBURY and Alice - see 'Sidney Albert T.'below
Francis Alfred TILBURY
b. 22 August 1879
    Haverford West, Pembrokeshire
no. 355984 [Officer's Steward, Cook; or Boy Servant] (ref:ADM.188/538)
Frederick Harold TILBURY
b. 18 November 1902
    Slough, Buckinghamshire
no. J.109921 [Seaman and/or Communication Rating] (ref:ADM.188/866)
no. SS.10184 [Short Service] (ref:ADM.188/1104)
Frederick Sidney TILBURY
b. 18 September 1901
    Knightsbridge, London
no. SS.125572 [Short Service] (ref:ADM.188/1131)
b. 10 June 1884
    Great Kingshill, Buckinghamshire
no. F.36187 (ref:ADM.188/628)
George Alfred TILBURY
b. 24 November 1893
    Uxbridge, Middlesex
no. L.5356 [Officer's Steward, Cook; or Boy Steward] (ref:ADM.188/998)
b. 10 September 1884
    Lovedean, Hampshire
no. 302927 [Stoker Rating] (ref:ADM.188/492)
b. 4 January 1826
    Porchester, Hampshire
no. 73945 (ref:ADM 188/61)
Aldeburgh tree
b. 5 September 1900
    Mile End, London
no. J.91772 [Seaman and/or Communication Rating] (ref:ADM.188/830)
Horace Abraham TILBURY
b. 30 October 1899
    Belgravia, London
no. K.47721 [Stoker] (ref:ADM.188/962)
Horace Edwin TILBURY
b. 18 June 1892
    Beckenham, Kent
no. F.7765 (ref:ADM.188/575)
b. 24 August 1837
    St. Aldate, Oxfordshire
no. 70001 (ref:ADM.188/55)
(See 1861 above)
b. 1849
    Catherington, Hampshire
no. 56696 (ref:ADM.188/32)
Clanfield, Catherington tree
b. 31 October 1881
    Overton, Hampshire
no. 198345 [Seaman and/or Communications Rating] (ref:ADM.188/343)
b. 31 March 1884
    Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
no. 360393 [Officer's Steward, Cook; or Boy Servant] (ref:ADM.188/547)
James Harry TILBURY
b. 1892-1907
    Southampton, Hampshire
no. 283886 [Stoker Rating] (ref:ADM.188/454)
b. 1848
    Lambeth London, Surrey
no. 63215 (ref:ADM.188/43)
b. 15 February 1879
    Portsea, Hampshire
no. 178254 [Seaman and/or Communications Rating] (ref:ADM.188/294)
b. 20 February 1895
    Godalming, Surrey
no. J.14469 [Seaman and/or Communication Rating] (ref:ADM.188/675)
Leonard Ernest TILBURY
b. 10 August 1879
    Saint Nicholas, Surrey
no. 183122 [Seaman and/or Communications Rating] (ref:ADM.188/306)
[?Son of Walter George TILBURY & Esther, 1881 lvg. 6 Sparkes Row, Guildford St Nicholas, Surrey]
Leonard Vincent TILBURY
b. 6 June 1892
    Hewington, London
no. F.19860 (ref:ADM.188/599)
Montague Graham TILBURY
b. 17 August 1894
    Brighton, Sussex
no. F.31468 (ref:ADM.188/622)
Sidney Albert TILBURY
b. 27 September 1893
    Holborn, London
no. F.40959 (ref:ADM.188/632)
Son of Sidney TILBURY and Alice
Grandson of William Robert TILBURY (master lithographer of Islington) and Amelia
See 'The Tilbury Magazine' website guestbook for messages from descendant DeirdreT
b. 17 August 1895
    Chichester, Sussex
no. K.20011 [Stoker] (ref:ADM.188/907)
Thomas Henry TILBURY
b. 2 December 1899
    Ashford, Mliddlesex
no. J.47398 [Seaman and/or Communication Rating] (ref:ADM.188/741)
William James TILBURY
b. 13 December 1894
    Near Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire
no. L.2484 [Officer's Steward, Cook; or Boy Steward] (ref:ADM.188/992)
William James TILBURY
b. 13 December 1894
    Hambledon, Buckinghamshire
no. K.52717 [Stoker] (ref:ADM.188/968)
William James TILBURY
b. 30 October 1892 [son of CPO George of Horndean]
    Portsmouth, Hampshire
no. 347959 [Artisan / Miscellaneous] (ref:ADM.188/528)
Catherington Tilburys
William Thomas TILBURY
b. 24 April 1904
    Croydon, Surrey
no. J.103595 [Seaman and/or Communication Rating] (ref:ADM.188/854)
William Walter TILBURY
b. 28 March 1885
    Chelmsford, Essex
no. 215506 [Seaman and/or Communications Rating] (ref:ADM.188/378)
Possibly from this family:
Tailoring Tilburys Part 2
William Henry TILBURY
b. 5 August 1872
    Worthing, Sussex
no. 144316 (ref:ADM.188/203)
Only one William Henry T. is registered b. Sussex in this period: W.H.T. b. 3Q 1871 (Westhampnett 2b/349), whose family is here: Bishop's Waltham tree
William Henry TILBURY Chr. 3 September 1871 Boxgrove, Sussex (mother: Anne TILBURY)
If you are able to identify seaman W.H.T. please contact me via the Guestbook or e-mail (on Links Page or Site Map) - thank you, C.
Wycombe Garrington TILBURY
b. 24 November 1896
    Hammersmith, London
no. J.18057 [Seaman and/or Communication Rating] (ref:ADM.188/683)


1861: Royal Navy at Sea and in Ports Abroad

1861 - [where?]
Age 19, b. [c. 1842] London, Middlesex
Ordinary Seaman
"HMS Mutine"
1861 - in Panama Bay, New Granada
age 24, b. [c. 1837] St Aldates, Oxfordshire
Ordinary Seaman
"HMS Hibernia"
1861 - Navy at Sea, in Foreign Parts & Colonies
Age 21, b. [c. 1840] Clanfield, Hamshire
Ordinary Seaman
"HMS Liffey"
1861 - Navy at Sea, in Foreign Parts & Colonies
Age 20, b. [c. 1841] Port Gladsgow, Renfrew
Woman Private [ie a visitor?]
"HMS Dee"
1861 - in Plymouth


1881: On Board Fighting Ships

Entries in this section may have service numbers, administrative references, to the "Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies - Registers of Seamen's Services". "For each man they give the date of birth, ship or shore establishment and a concise account of service, including successive appointments." (National Archives, Kew, see link below)

b. Horndean, Hampshire
b. 18 February 1855
    Horndean, Hampshire
no. 95591 (ref:ADM.188/106)

1892 (at least) Chief Petty Officer, RN
Hampshire page
"HMS Monarch"
Built at Chatham Dockyard
Launched 25th May 1868
Masted turret ship, armour-plated, screw, speed 14.9 knots, 8 332 tons
330 feet long, 57.5 foot beam, 24.2 foot draught
2 x 12 inch turrets, 3 x 7 inch muzzle loading rifles
First seagoing turret ship, fastest ship of her day
1882: took part in bombardment of Alexandria
1885: broke down at sea, towed back to Malta for repairs
1890-1897: major modernisation in England
1897: Simon's Bay guardship
1904: became depot ship Simoom
1906: sold off
Able Seaman
b. c.1857 Portsmouth, Southsea
Hampshire page
"HMS London"
Launched 1840, designed by Sir William Symonds
90-gun, two-decker wooden converted screw ship-of-the-line
1854: bombardment of Fort Constantine (Sevastopol); 'London' damaged
1874: HQ of naval force employed in suppression of slave trade
1881: Captain Brownrigg killed by slavers off Pemba
1882: ship's log indicates capturing slave boats, Zanzibar
1884: end of career (Zanzibar)
Able Seaman
b. Kingsland, Middlesex
Edwin Alfred TILBURY
b. 3 February 1858
    Shoreditch, Middlesex
no. 81658 (ref:ADM.188/74)
"HMS Pembroke"
1881: Chatham, Kent
Built 1812, 74 guns
1854-55: rebuilt at Portsmouth, 60 guns, steam block ship, later reduced to 25 guns
1858-60: Harwich, Coastguard depot ship
Removed to Sheerness: Flag Ship for the Nore
1873: Chatham - Receiving Ship for the Nore Command (flag-ship of Admiral Superintendent)
'Hulked'; became a training establishment
30 April 1903: opening of Royal Naval Barracks at Chatham, transfer to barracks from hulks
Able Seaman
b. Botley, Hampshire
b. 18 May 1858
    Bosley, Hampshire
no. 86288 (ref:ADM.188/82)

Hampshire page
"HMS Carysfort"
Launched: 26 September 1878
Comus class, steel-hulled corvette, 2 380 tons, steam + sail, 265 crew
225 x 44.5 x 19.25 feet
2 x 7inch muzzle-loading rifles, 12 x 64pdr muzzle-loading rifles
Speed under canvas as fast as contemporary clipper ships (13 knots)
1880: Montevideo, Captetown, Australia, Fiji, Japan & China
1882: Mediterranean - Egyptian war, Suez canal operations, Ismailia
1884 & 1885: El Teb, Sudan
1899: sold to King Garston
Seaman Assistant Sick Bay Attendant
b. Gosport, Hampshire
b. 22 January 1860
    Gosport, Hampshire
no. 106499 (ref:ADM.188/127)

Hampshire page
"HMS Moorhen"
Launched between 1874-77
Forester class, composite [river] gunboat
Commander 1881: William Maule CAREY
1882: China campaign
1888: sold off
Science Museum Library archive: Moorhen, Ship: Arrangement Drawings 1876 (MSR 67/1-4)
Able Seaman
b. Chichester, Sussex
d. 26 April 1881
George John TILBURY
b. 18 May 1860
    Chichester, Sussex
no. 93413 (ref:ADM.188/102)

George John's family
"HMS Doterel"
Built at Chatham (1879), 6th Doterel, launched 2 March 1880
Screw sloop, 6 guns, 1 124 tons, 155 crew
Designed by Sir Nathaniel BARNABY, composite (wrought iron keel, frame, stern & stem posts; wooden planking)
Commander Richard EVANS
17 January 1881: sailed from Sheerness, Kent, to join British Pacific fleet
26 April 1881 at 10 in the morning, about an hour after mooring in Punta Arenas roads, an accidental explosion in the forward magazine destroyed the upper deck and part of both sides of the hull
"Doterel" sank very quickly, with the loss of 143 lives; 12 survived including the Captain
Memorial in Punta Arenas cemetery
Ordinary Seaman 2nd Class
b. Marylebone, Middlesex
b. 7 December 1860
    Marylebone, Middlesex
no. 98678 (ref:ADM.188/112)
"HMS Curacoa"
also known as "HMS Curacao"
Launched 18 October 1878, corvette, Comus class, steel hull, steam, 2 380 tons displacement, 14 guns
1904: sold off
Warrant Officers' Servant
b. Alverstoke, Hampshire
b. 1 July 1862
    Clayhall, Alverstoke, Hampshire
no. 112789 (ref:ADM.188/140)

Hampshire page
"HMS Vernon"
1881: Portsmouth, Hampshire
"La Hoche", French flagship, wooden line-of-battle sailing ship captured 1798 at Lough Swilly
Repaired and renamed "HMS Donegal": Shenandoah surrendered to "HMS Donegal"
Fought under Nelson's colours at the battle of Trafalgar
1832: renamed "HMS Vernon": 2 388 tons, 176ft long, 50 guns
1876: "HMS Vernon" returned to Portmouth, became a torpedo/mine school
1912: sold off
1923: name "HMS Vernon" given to a shore establishment at Portsmouth; the original figurehead of the "Hoche" is on the quayside



Charles F. TILBURY
b. c.1831 Kensington, Middlesex
Naval Pensioner
lvg. 11 Vine Terrace
Hastings St. Helene's Ore, Sussex



Seaman, H.M. Service
b. c.1878 Portsmouth, Hampshire
at Alverstoke, Southampton
b. c.1831 Kensington
Naval Pensioner
Alverstoke, Southampton
b. c.1834 Botley, Hampshire
Pensioner, Late Harlas Hospital
b. c.1857 Horndean, Hampshire
Naval Pensioner, Dockyard Labourer


1914-18 War

Seaman, R.N.
Basingwell Street, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire
General Service and Victory Medals
Demobilised June 1919
"HMS Royal Oak"
Built Devonport, Plymouth; commissioned mid-May 1916
Joined Grand Fleet, 4th Battle Squadron, North Sea patrol
Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916
Bombardment of Zeebrugge [ship?]
The above details are from the Southampton volume (Archive CD Books reference 0593) of the "National Roll of the Great War 1914-1918".
Frederick TILBURY
Ordinary Seaman, Able Seaman, Reverts to Able Seaman, Able Seaman Higher Grade
b. 19 November 1894
Service no. R/2375 ...
1914-1919 (ADM 339/1)
"Winston's Little Army"
(Royal Naval Division)


1939-45 War

Royal Navy

Cyril Albert TILBURY
Leading Airman, RN
Service No. FAA/FX. 80764
b. c.1921
Son of Albert Edward TILBURY & Elsie Ellen
d. 15 February 1943 age 22
Commemorated: Lee-on-Solent Memorial, Bay 4, Panel 3
Served on "HMS Merlin"
Donibristle, Scotland (1917-1959)
RN station, 1917; RAF, 1918; commissioned as "HMS Merlin" 1939 (Fleet Air Arm)
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David George James TILBURY
Petty Officer Stoker, RN
Service No. P/KX 80992
d. 18 February 1944, Anzio
Commemorated: Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 85, Column 2
Served on "HMS Penelope"
8th RN vessel of the name, 5 720-ton cruiser, laid down 30 May 1934, built by Harland & Wollf (Belfast), launched October 1935, completed 13 November 1936
Ordered back to Anzio after just arriving in Naples (evening of 17 February 1944), "Penelope" was hit early in the morning by three torpedoes fired by U410; she exploded and sank within minutes at about 7 a.m.
418 died, many below decks, others in oil-covered water, from a crew of 650
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Seamen of the Merchant Navy who were awarded Medals

Albert Owen TILBURY
b. 7 February 1890 Catherington, Hampshire
Son of William James TILBURY & Catherine Esther [LOCKYER]
Archive reference: BT 395/1
Clanfield, Catherington tree
Frederick George TILBURY
b. 22 May 1911
Discharge number: R.156787
Archive ref: BT 395/1
Charles F. H. TILBURY
b. 23 January 1918
Discharge number: R.110045
Archive ref: BT 395/1
Owen Gilbert TILBURY
b. 16 March 1925
Discharge number: R.285274
Archive ref: BT 395/1
Peter George TILBURY
b. 9 March 1926
Discharge number: R.263881
Archive ref: BT 395/1
Trevor William TILBURY
b. 6 May 1928
Discharge number: S.20475
Archive ref: BT 395/1


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