Father Thomas SPEAKMAN, S.J.
Son of James SPEAKMAN & Charlotte TILBURY of Lancashire, UK

My thanks to their SPEAKMAN descendants for sharing*
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Father Thomas Speakman, S.J.

From "Collections, illustrating the History of the Catholic Religion in the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, and Gloucester ..." by the Very Rev. George OLIVER, D.D., Canon of the Diocese of Plymouth (London, Charles Dolman, 61, New Bond Street) 1857 (Google Books Online)

Gloucestershire, Bristol

pages 113-114
"Dr. BAGGS reached Prior Park, as successor to Bishop BAINES, on 30th May, 1844, and in July following divided the original Bristol mission into three separate ones; viz. Clifton, Trenchard-street, and St. Mary's. ...
His successor, Bishop ULLATHORNE ... wrote to the provincial, F. R. LYTHGOE, that he desired the body should resume possession of Trenchard-street House and Chapel, for Sunday, 31st October 1847; and F. George BAMPTON, S.J., received orders to proceed thither for the purpose, F. Thomas SPEAKMAN being assigned for his assistant. The latter was replaced in March following by F. Henry MAHON."

Appendix - Biographical List of the Clergy

page 414
"SPEAKMAN, Thomas, S.J., nephew of the Rev. Thomas TILBURY, was born at Ashton, co. Lancaster, on 18th January, 1811. He is connected with the west by being appointed assistant to F. George BAMPTON at the restoration of St. Joseph's mission, Bristol, and to the Jesuits in October, 1847. I understand that he is at present employed at Lydiate, near Liverpool."

From "Letters of Charles Waterton of Walton Hall, Near Wakefield: Naturalist, Taxidermist and Author ..." by Charles Waterton, 1955 (Rockliff) OCLC:1228569 (Google Books Online)

Speakman, S.J., Fr. T.

page 44
"He complained, moreover, that nobody came to visit us, not even Fathers BIRD and SPEAKMAN."

page 47 (footnotes)
" 'Fathers BIRD and SPEAKMAN' - There were several Fathers BIRD but probably this was Father John BIRD, who was at Stonyhurst with the Squire; Father Thomas SPEAKMAN was on the Stonyhurst staff from 1834 to 1840 and from 1845 to 1846."

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From a descendant of the SPEAKMANs* (see Guestbook entry):

Thomas SPEAKMAN, Jesuit Priest, educated at Stonyhurst
b. Lancashire 1811
Ordained 1840
Died 1889

There was also another SPEAKMAN priest listed [at the record office], who was buried in Lydiate, Lancashire; he was born in 1881. I will investigate this line to see if there is a link.

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Thomas SPEAKMAN R-C priest, b. Ashton
- son of James SPEAKMAN & Charlotte TILBURY
- nephew of Charlotte's brother Thomas TILBURY (R-c priest):
1861: lvg. Lincolnshire
Thomas SPEAKMAN b. c.1811 Ashton, Lancashire (Head)
1861: Post Office Directory of Lincolnshire
Rev. Thomas SPEAKMAN, Roman Catholic Chapel, Silver street, Lincoln
1868: Post Office Directory of Lincolnshire
Rev. Thomas SPEAKMAN, Roman Catholic Church, Silver street, Lincoln
Master of the Roman Catholic (boys & girls) school, Silver street, Lincoln
Residence: 18 Silver street
1871: lvg. Lancashire
Thomas SPEAKMAN b. c.1811 Lancashire
1881: Roman Catholic Presbytery Lowergate, Clitheroe, Lancashire
William LEA, Head (U) age 51 b. Wigan, Lancashire
   (Rom Cath Priest SS Michael & St John The Evang)
Thomas SPEAKMAN, Boarder (U) age 70 b. Ashton, Lancashire
   (Rom Cath Priest SS Michael & St John The Evang)
Anne O'BRIAN (U) age 39 b. Ireland (Cook Domestic Servant)
A Thomas SPEAKMAN d. 4Q 1890 age 79 (Clitheroe 8e/233)

Thomas Speakman's parents, James & Charlotte, their family

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In his Will* dated 8 November 1845, and proved on 22 November 1856, Rev. Thomas TILBURY wrote:

"I give and bequeath all my books unto my nephew the Reverend Thomas SPEAKMAN of the Grange Arlsworth near Wakefield."

Thomas Speakman's mother Charlotte Tilbury, & her family including Rev. Thomas Tilbury

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