Taylor m. Bouquet

Update: 1 September 2013

Ethel Florence TAYLOR m. Ernest Edward R. BOUQUET 1898

Ernest's father was Edward Robinson Bouquet, and thanks to other researchers, Huguenot records, I am able to make the link back to Pierre & Elizabeth.

Bouquet Family of London

This colour = probability or possibility

Records of the Huguenot Society of London
BOUQUET, David. Inmate.
e. Sept. 5, 1812 (L: Sept. 21). d. Jan. 29, 1813.
RA: May 2, 1812 "BOUQUET, David, natif de Londres, age de 78 ans fils de Pierre BOUQUET; membres des Eglises de Londres de l'Artillerie, et de St. Jean dont il a été autrefois Ancien, certifie par Pl. LEVESQUE, Jas. BARBET, S. BEUZEVILLE (at side:) Admis le 5 Septre, 1812 a la recommendation de la Société de Poitou.
RI(2): No.1025
[b. c.1734]
Translation: BOUQUET, David, native of London, aged 78 years son of Peter BOUQUET; members of the London churches of the Artillery and of St John, of which he was previously an elder, attested by Pl. LEVESQUE, Jas. BARBET, S. BEUZEVILLE. Admitted [to the French Hospital] 5 September, 1812, on the recommendation of the Poitou Society [charity].
The French Hospital in Rochester, Kent

From the IGI:

father: Pierre (Peter) BOUQUET, mother: Marie CHAUVIN
- Jacques (James) BOUQUET b. 21 December 1726, Chr. 2 January 1727 La Patente French Huguenot, Spitalfields, London (or Threadneedle St Church)
- Jeanne (Jean or Jane) BOUQUET b. 16, Chr. 29, December 1728 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
father: Pierre BOUQUET, mother: Marie CEHUIN
- David BOUQUET b. 6, Chr. 19, May 1734 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
father: Pierre BOUQUET, mother: Marie
- Marie (Mary) BOUQUET b. 26 June, Chr. 8 July, 1732 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
- Jean (John) BOUQUET b. 3, Chr. 13, September 1735 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London

Bank of England Will Extract - Folio 67

Memorand.m that Peter BOUQUET late of Bethnal Green Weaver died possessed of Fifty pounds £3 pc.t Annuities Anno 1726. He dying Intestate, Lett.rs of Administr.n dated at Drs. Commons 28th June 1763 were granted to his son Peter BOUQUET who has a right to dispose of this £50 Stock.
Rg. 30th July 1763 - R. PAYNE - No. 1914

Peter BOUQUET, Weaver, was of an age to be Peter (m. ROUSSIGNOL)'s grandfather, and of the generation of the above Peter's father - but no indications to show that was so (at November 2011). He died in 1726, and therefore was older than Peter BOUQUET married Marie CHAUVIN.

Hypothetical Family Tree

Pierre / Peter BOUQUET
m. [Marie CHAUVIN?]
- Jacques BOUQUET b. 21 December 1726, Chr. 2 January 1727 La Patente French Huguenot, Spitalfields, London (or Threadneedle St Church)
- Jeanne BOUQUET b. 16, Chr. 29, December 1728 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
- Marie BOUQUET b. 26 June, Chr. 8 July, 1732 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
- David BOUQUET b. London c.1734; d. 29 January 1813 age (79)
- Jean BOUQUET b. 3, Chr. 13, September 1735 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
- Pierre / Peter BOUQUET; [if age 20 on marriage, b. c.1737]; d. 1780
   m. Elizabeth RO(U)SSIGNOL 26 December 1757 St Matthew Bethnal Green, London
- Elizabeth BOUQUET b. 18 November, Chr. 6 December, 1760 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
- Louise BOUQUET b. 18 October, Chr. 7 November, 1762 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
- Pierre / Peter BOUQUET b. 23 February, Chr. 11 March, 1764 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
   m. Anne DEBRAY 14 September 1782 St George Hanover Square, Westminster, London (related to Jean DE BRAY)
- Anne BOUQUET b. 6, Chr. 24, December 1786 St Jean French Huguenot, Spitalfields, London
   m. Richard Francis MESTAYER (License of 29 June 1813)
- Richard MESTAYER
   m.(1) Eliza MULLENS 1842
   m.(2) Amelia BUDDEN 1862 The Budden Family of Kent
- James John BOUQUET [?b. c.1788?]
   m. Mary Jane BELL 26 April 1812 St George Hanover Square, Middlesex
   [A Mary Jane BOUQUET d. 2Q 1856 (Hackney 1b/179) - this or another?]
- James Robert BOUQUET* b. 24 January, Chr. 17 February, 1813 St Dunstan, Stepney, London (Mile End)
   1 May 1886: 2 Alfred Cottages, St Peter Street, South Croydon, Surrey
   Widower, retired (Clerk in the Bank of England 33 yrs.)
   m. Eleanor Maria ROBINSON 6 October 1838 St Lawrence Jewry & St Mary Magdalene Milklondont, London
- James Richard BOUQUET b. 3Q 1839 (Hackney 3/125); Chr. 9 October 1839 Hackney
   m. Naomi MITCHELL 21 February 1864 Bloomsbury (St. Giles 1b/555)
- Alexander BOUQUET** Chr. 14 April 1841 Hackney
   m. Laura Caroline STARKEY 4 September 1879 Sutton By Croydon, Surrey
- Robert Coates BOUQUET b. 4Q 1842 (Hackney 3/1_4); Chr. 4 January 1843 Hackney St John
- John William BOUQUET b. 3Q 1844 (Hackney 3/183); Chr. 9 October 1844 Hackney St John
- Edward Robinson BOUQUET (BONQUET: GRO) b. 2Q 1846 (Hackney 3/203); Chr. 17 June 1846 Hackney
   m.(1) Louisa KEMP 13 August 1865 St John, Hoxton; d. 2Q 1876 age 28
   m.(2) Mary Ann CARDY 5 August 1877 St Mary Woolnorth, London
- Ernest Edward R[ichard] BOUQUET b. 1Q 1878
   m. Ethel Florence TAYLOR 1898
Emigrated to Australia
- Richard Budden BOUQUET b. 2Q 1848 (Hackney 38206); Chr. 15 September 1848 Hackney***
      [James Budden BOUQUET reg. same no., no GRO death]
   m. Emme Marion MOATES 21 January 1874 Epsom, Surrey
- Eleanor Eliza b. 1Q 1850 (Hackney 3/197); Chr. 22 May 1850 Hackney; d. age 22
   bu. Abney Park 15 January 1873 (No. 051521, Section M06)
- Thomas Hindle BOUQUET b. 1Q 1852 / d. 1Q 1853 (Hackney 1b /269 /187); Chr. 7 May 1852 Hackney
   bu. Abney Park 16 March 1853 (No. 008988, Section C05)
- Mary Ann Hindle BOUQUET b. 1Q 1854 (Hackney 1b/274); Chr. 12 February 1857 St Matthias Stoke Newington
- Burton BOUQUET b. 3Q 1855 (Hackney 1b/262); Chr. 22 July 1855 St Matthias Stoke Newington; d. 1Q 1917
   m. Emma Clara HASKER 2Q 1896 (Hackney 1b/771)
- Augusta Emily Jane BOUQUET b. 1861 (Chelsea 1a/152) (remained Spinster)
- Mary Debray (De Bray) BOUQUET b. 25 July 1814, Chr. 26 February 1815 St Dunstan, Stepney, London
   m.(1) Henry Matthew Richard HASKER 26 March 1838 St Lawrence Jewry & St Mary Magdalene Milklondont, London
   m.(2) Henry DALE 1Q 1858 (Shoreditch 1c/356)
- Ann Eliza BOUQUET Chr. 5 November 1817 Islington St Mary
   m. Henry Humphrey BUXTON 4Q 1839 (Hackney 3/112)
- Thomas BOUQUET Chr. 12 October 1819 Hackney St John
- Clara Jane BOUQUETb. Stoke Newington, Chr. 18 December 1821 Hackney St John
   m. William Henry CORNWELL 2Q 1860 (Islington 1b/269)
- Amelia BOUQUET b. Stoke Newington, Chr. 28 September 1823 Hackney St John
- Edward BOUQUET b. Stoke Newington, Chr. 18 September 1825 Hackney
   m.(1) Julia Adelaide FREEMAN 15 February 1850 Christ Church, Hoxton, London; (divorce 1862)
   m.(2) Caroline Jane ______ (b. "America") c.1863
- Elizabeth BOUQUET Chr. 8 July 1827 Hackney St John
   m. Alfred BURROWS 2Q 1847 (London 2/170)
- Philip BOUQUET**** b. 1829 Stoke Newington
   m. Eleanor CURTEIS
- Amelia Susanna BOUQUET***** Chr. 25 June 1792, age 30 days, St Dunstan, High street Stepney
   (father: Peter BOUQUET, Schoolmaster; mother: Ann; of M.E.O.T) entry no. 8970 (Docklands Ancestors X097/286)

An Elizabeth ROUSSIGNOL was b. 11, Chr. 21, July 1723 La Patente French Huguenot, Spitalfields, London (father: Pierre ROUSSIGNOL, mother: Louisse GROLLEAU); this may, or may not, have been Peter BOUQUET's wife, in view of her age; although if 1764 was the birth of her last child it remains possible.

* In the "Docklands Ancestors" records on findmypast, the entry was:
- Thomas Robert BOUQUET b. 24 January, Chr. 17 February, 1813 St Dunstan, Stepney High Street (Father: James John of Mile End Old Town (M.E.O.T.), Gentleman, Mother: Mary Jane) (source: Docklands Ancestors, ref. X024/016). The orignal has been examined again, and the entry (Docklands Ancestors, findmypast.com) is being corrected to "James Robert BOUQUET" (7 August 2011). (Detailed Huguenot records state clearly "James Robert BOUQUET" for the same birth/baptism dates, and link him into his family.)

** No obvious birth registration for an Alexander, but this MAY have been the appropriate entry (although a nameless baby usually meant stillbirth, or death shortly after birth):
Male BOUQUET b. 1Q 1841 (Hackney 3/147)

*** Ancestry.com index: "James Mudden BOUQET"

**** Although James John & Mary Jane already had a son James, on pg. 185 of the register of "Baptisms solemnized in the Parish of Wst. Hackney in the County of Middlesex in the Year 1829" is the entry:
May 13th, No. 1475.
Child's Christian Name: James
Parents Name, Christian, Surname: John & Mary Jane BOUQUET
Abode: Wellington place, W. Hy.
Quality, Trade or Profession: Bank Clerk
By whom the Ceremony was performed: E. BUCH Rector

Hypothesis: when making notes the Rector removed the "James" from James John, and added it to the register as the child's given name, forgetting the "Philip"? (Did Huguenot Rectors, as non-conformist Ministers, tour between religious centres, making notes which were later transferred to a central register?)

***** Amelia Susanna BOUQUET Chr. 25 June 1792 [b. 26 April?] ... Father: Peter (Schoomaster), Mother: Ann

While the qualifications for a schoolmaster might also have permitted of becoming a bank clerk, and vice-versa, I have so far found other indication that a Peter BOUQUET from this group was a schoolmaster; neither have I found another Peter BOUQUET who married an Ann and might have been the schoolmaster. At the same time the Peter BOUQUET who wrote the Will below would seem not to have been poor, since Probate was in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

Many members of the family, born in the first half of the 19thC, give their pob as Hackney, or Stoke Newington, or Shacklewell.

1855 - "Shacklewell is a hamlet of West Hackney district, parish and Union of Hackney, in Ossulstone Hundred, and Tower division. It is about 2 miles north of Shoreditch church, in Hackney brook, and is a metropolitan district." (Post Office Directory)

Bouquet v. Robinson

This law-suit refers to the legacies by John HINDLE to both BOUQUET and ROBINSON:

1857: Court of Chancery
ROBINSON v. BOUQUET, Bill only - R16.
Clerks of Records and Writs Office: Pleadings 1853-1860 (filed 1857, added to thereafter)
Q. and R. plaintiffs (C 15/415: The National Archives, Kew)
Complaint of 5th February 1857 by Septimus ROBINSON
Relating to terms of Will of John HINDLE of Nelson Lodge, Stoke Newington, Middlesex, dated 13th March 1854
Awarded 12th February 1857 by order dated 10th February 1857
Amended 17th February by order dated 16th February 1857
Bouquet versus Robinson - online very soon

Bouquet v. Waller

A law-suit, in Chancery, which may also relate to this family, as well as to the above dispute. The death of John HINDLE resulted in the sale of property to satisfy creditors BOUQUET, WALLER. A Thomas Hindle BOUQUET was b. 1852, died 1853, and was buried in Abney Park (non-conformist) Cemetery (Thomas' birth certificate not yet obtained); Mary Hindle BOUQUET was b. 1854.
Bouquet versus Waller

Bouquet v. Farrer

Since this refers to Chancery, it seems unlikely to concern an outstanding bill: Henry Ward FARRER is listed as Wine Merchant in 1871. (I will buy the document - eventually!)

Court of Chancery: Clerks of Records and Writs Office
Cause number: F76 - Bill only
Plaintiffs: Henry Ward FARRER and another
Defendants: James Richard BOUQUET and James Robert BOUQUET
Date: 1862
Source: The Catalogue of The National Archives (Kew, UK) ref. C 16/74/F76

1871: 9, Cumberland Terrace, St James Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex
Henry W. FARRER, Head (Widower) age 71 b. (1800) Rotherhithe, Surrey (Wine Merchant)
- Susannah G. FARRER, Daughter (Unm) age 42 b. (1829) St Pancras, Middlesex
+ 2 servants

Susanna Gordon FARRER b. 30 January, Chr. 27 February, 1829 Old Church, St Pancras, London
Father: Henry Ward FARRER, Mother: Susannah ROLFE

Henry Ward FARRER d. 1Q 1881 age 81 (Hambledon 2a/88) [b. c.1800]

Others: Bouquet, Bocquet, Mestayer

Who were, or were not, related to the above families
Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, vol. 28-30 (G.B. Public Record Office)
No. 9 - Index to the Tower [of London] Records
Disposal of Warder's place:
1795, February 23. Request of Edward BOUQUET to dispose of his place of warder.
Signed by Edward BOUQUET. (vol. V, pg. 154)
The Royal Kalendar, and Court and City Register for England
1840, 1842
Bank of England,- Incorporated in 1694.
Supernumeray Cashiers, ... F. BOCQUET, ... Robert BOCQUET
The Imperial Calendar, General Register of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and its Colonies:
Bank of England - Cashier's Department
Cashiers, ... Fras. BOCQUET ... Robt. BOCQUET
The Bankers' Magazine
1845, April - Bank of England
Stock Offices: Cashiers, ... Robert BOCQUET ...
Subscribers to the Bank [of England] Annuity Society
pg. 9: Subscribers to the New Rules
No. 38, James R. BOUQUET
No. 76, Francis S. BOCQUET
No. 538, Edward BOUQUET
pg. 16: Widows of Deceased Subscribers Having Annuities
Widow of ... Husband died in the Year ...
No. 77, Richard F. MESTAYER, d. 1841
No. 90, Jas. J. BOUQUET, d. 1843
No. 104, Francis BOCQUET, d. 1847

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The family of Ethel Florence Taylor, m. Ernest Edward Richard Bouquet

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