Thomas Teasdale
m. Ann Ride
Haslemere, Surrey

James Teasdale m. Mary Tilbury 1823

rd. = in the area of

1. Thomas TEASDALE b. 1768/9; d. 1818 Haslemere, Surrey
m. Ann RIDE 30 May 1790 Haslemere, Surrey; b. 1769/70 Haslemere, Surrey
(Ann TEASDALE d. 4Q 1837 (Hambledon 4/159))
2. Harriott TEASDALL b. 20 October 1810, Chr. 23 December 1810 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Peggy TEASDALE Chr. 27 September 1792 Haslemere, Surrey
2. James TEASDELL Chr. 2 November 1800 Haslemere, Surrey; d. 1Q 1881 age 80 Romsey (2c/57), Hampshire
m. Mary TILBURY** 7 June 1823 Frensham, Surrey; b. 1800 Frensham, Surrey
(Mary TEASDALE d. 23 April 1865 Haslemere, Surrey)
3. Eliza TEASDALE Chr. 23 May 1824 Haslemere, Surrey; d. 4Q 1839 (Hambledon 4/122)
3. William TEASDALE Chr. 28 October 1827 Haslemere, Surrey
(1881: Grocer, Employing 5 Hands); d. 1897 Hemel Hempstead Workhouse
m. Ellen TAYLOR 28 September 1850 Godalming, Surrey; b. 1827/8 Northchapel, Sussex
(ELLEN TEASDALE d. 1887 Romsey, Hampshire)
1881: lvg. Latimer Street, Romsey Extra, Hampshire
4. William James TEASDALE b. 6 September 1851 Haslemere, Surrey
(1881: Grocer, Baker); d. 1917 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire
m. Emma Caroline PARSONS 17 April 1876; b. 8 September 1857 Bethnal Green, London;
d. 1941 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire
1881: lvg. Church Street, Romsey Infra, Hampshire
1901: lvg. Bovingdon, Hertfordshire
5. William Horace TEASDALE b. 1Q 1877 Romsey (2c/84), Hampshire [Horace] (1901: Clothers Assistant)
m. Elizabeth Phoebe BURTON 4Q 1899 Kingston (2a/796), Surrey; b. 1877
6. Winifred Rose TEASDALE b. c.1899 Wimbledon, Surrey
6. William James TEASDALE b. 1903/4; killed in WW2, 1945, Singapore*
m. Hilda Selina [-]
6. + ?
5. Ellen TEASDALE b. 1Q 1879 Romsey (2c/88), Hampshire
m. William Collingwood HINSON 1903/4 (rd. Hemel Hempstead)
5. Leonard George TEASDALE** b. 11 June 1881 Romsey, Hampshire; d. 1960 Birmingham, Warwickshire
m. May WALDRON 5 March 1913 Aston, Warwickshire; b. 1 May 1893 Aston, Warwickshire;
d. 11 January 1949
5. Alfred James TEASDALE b. 2Q 1885 (Romsey 2c/82), Hampshire; d. July 1962 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire
5. Arthur Frank TEASDALE b. c.1887 Romsey, Hampshire
m. Gladys C. COWPER 1914 (rd. Hampstead); b. 1890-92
6. Ronald James TEASDALE b. 16 April 1920 (rd. Hemel Hempstead)
(Men's clothier in London); d. 1995 rd. Hillingdon
5. Edith TEASDALE b. 1Q 1890 Romsey (2c/77), Hampshire
m. Percy BALDWIN 1914; b. 1887/8 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire
6. Joan BALDWIN b. 1916
6. Geoffrey BALDWIN b. 1919
4. Ann TEASDALE b. 2Q 1853 (Hambledon 2a/71) (1901: b. Haslemere, Surrey)
m. John William RAMSHAW 1Q 1881 (Romsey 2c/120), Hampshire; b. c.1858 Leeds, Yorkshire
1901: lvg. South Wimbledon, Surrey (Head Master of College)
5. William Teasdale RAMSHAW b. 4Q 1881 Romsey (2c/86), Hampshire (1901: Commercial Clerk)
m. [?] rd. Wandsworth
5. Daisy Ellen RAMSHAW b. 2Q 1883 Romsey (2c/88), Hampshire
5. Stanley RAMSHAW b. 1Q 1890 Romsey (2c/78), Hampshire
5. Violet Annie RAMSHAW b. 4Q 1892 Romsey (2/c77), Hampshire
m. Ernest J. DUVAL 1918 rd. Kingston, Surrey
4. Marion TEASDALE b. 3Q 1854 (Hambledon 2a/49?); d. 2Q 1855 (Hambledon 2a/60)
4. Thomas TEASDALE b. 2Q 1859 (Hambledon 2a/98) (1881: Grocer; 1901: Grocer Shopkeeper);
d. 1944 rd. Worthing
m. 3Q 1883 Jane Frances P[ersia]. ELLERY (Romsey 2c/171), Hampshire
(Father: Andrew Frooks ELLERY (Father: Thomas, Mother: Mary Ann Frooks), Mother: Persia Squire [BRIGGS])
1901: lvg. Stockbridge, Hampshire
5. Mabel Frances TEASDALE b. 2Q 1884 (Romsey 2c/88), Hampshire
m. Leonard Henry TAYLOR 11 January 1916 Winchester, Hampshire
5. George Ellery TEASDALE b. 2Q 1885 (Romsey 2c/85), Hampshire
(1901: lvg. St. Thomas, Southampton; Baker)
m. Beatrice Maud HILLIER 1915 rd. Southampton, Hampshire
6. Frank Ellery TEASDALE b. 1920 rd. Richmond; d. WW2 3 August 1943 Thailand*
6. Madge E. TEASDALE b. 1923 rd. Richmond
5. Florence Mary TEASDALE b. 2Q 1886 (Romsey 2c/68), Hampshire
5. Charles Thomas TEASDALE b. 4Q 1887 (Romsey 2c/79), Hampshire
5. William Andrew TEASDALE b. c.1895 Stockbridge, Hampshire
5.Constance Persia TEASDALE b. c.1898 Stockbridge, Hampshire
m. Arthur D. COLVERSON 1922 Winchester, Hampshire
5. Percy Frank TEASDALE b. 1 December 1899 Stockbridge, Hampshire; d. April 1996 rd. Hastings
m. Elsie A. REDGRAVE 1922 rd. Edmonton
5. Elizabeth Ann TEASDALE b. 1900/1 Stockbridge, Hampshire; d. 1901 Stockbridge, Hampshire
5. Robert Frooks TEASDALE b.1903 rd. Stockbridge, Hampshire
m. Ellen M. WILKINS 1927
6. Alan R. TEASDALE b. 1928 rd. East Preston, Sussex
4. Female TEASDALE b. 2Q 1860 (Hambledon 2a/100); (d. ?)
4. George TEASDALE b. 4Q 1861 (Hanbledon 2a/109)
4. Horace TEASDALE - d. 2Q 1866 age 1 (Hambledon 2a/65)
2. Charlotte TEASDALE Chr. 7 February 1795 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Ann TEASDALE Chr. 27 March 1791 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Jane TEASDALE Chr. 27 January 1799 Haslemere, Surrey
2. Hannah TEASDALE Chr. 29 August 1802 Haslemere, Surrey

_________________________ *
From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Website

Private Frank Ellery TEASDALE, Service no. S/6149242
Royal Army Service Corps, 18 Div. Transport Coy.
Died 3 August 1943 age 23
(Son of George Ellery & Beatrice Maud TEASDALE, of Barnes, Surrey)
Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery (B3-B-14), Thailand

Corporal William James TEASDALE, Service no. 2314668
Royal Corps of Signals, 21 Lt. A.A. Regt., R.A. Sig. Sec.
Died 21 February 1945 age 41
(Son of Horace James & Elizabeth Phoebe TEASDALE; husband of Hilda Selina TEASDALE, of Mitcham, Surrey)
Singapore Memorial (Column 43)

_________________________ **
Notes from Frances, married to great-grandson of William James Teasdale b. 1851

Mary [TILBURY]TEASDALE became a staunch Congregationalist in Haslemere, along with her father John TILBURY and son William TEASDALE, the latter becoming one of the Church's Deacons.

Leonard George TEASDALE was staying in his paternal grandfather's house on the night of the 1891 census. He later moved to Birmingham (not joining the family in Bovingdon) and married May WALDRON in 1913. He was a grocer's assistant. He had twelve children of whom ten are still alive including F. F. T., formerly a baker.

My thanks to Frances for additional information and corrections (see Guestbook for her entry) - June 2006.

Registration District of Hambledon

Created 1st July 1837. Mainly in Surrey, but included parts of Sussex;
Sub-districts: Cranleigh, Hambledon;
GRO volumes: IV (1837-51), 2a (1852-1930);

Alfold, Bramley, Chiddingfold, Cranleigh, Dunsfold, Elstead, Ewhurst, Hambledon, Hascombe, Haslemere, Peper Harow, St. Martha, Shalford, Thursley, Witley, Wonersh.

Registers now in West Surrey district.

Teasdale: Census

1881: lvg. Latimer Street, Romsey Extra, Hampshire

William TEESDALE Head age 53 Haselmere, Surrey (Grocer - Employing 5 Hands)
Ellen TEESDALE Wife age 53 Whitechaple, Surrey (Grocer - Wife)
____Thomas TEESDALE Son age 21 Haselmere, Surrey (unmarried; Grocer)
Sarah A. WEST Visitor age 23 Wandsworth, Surrey (unmarried; Independant)
Louisa CAWTE age 18 Romsey, Hampshire (unmarried; Domestic Servant)

1881: lvg. Church Street, Romsey Infra, Hampshire

William J. TEASDALE Head age 29 Haslemare, Surrey (Grocer Baker)
Emma C. TEASDALE Wife age 24 London Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex (Grocer Baker - Wife)
____William H. TEASDALE Son age 4 Romsey, Hampshire
____Ellen TEASDALE Daur age 2 Romsey, Hampshire
Bessie BRIGHT age 14 Lower Wallop, Hampshire (General Servant Domestic)

1891: lvg. Beauchamp House, Romsey, Hampshire

William J. TEASDALE Head age 39 b. Haslemere, Surrey (Grocer, Employer)
Emma C. TEASDALE Wife age 33 b. London, Middlesex
____William H. TEASDALE Son age 14 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Scholar)
____Ellen TEASDALE Dau age 12 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Scholar)
____Alfred J. TEASDALE Son age 6 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Scholar)
____Arthur J. TEASDALE Son age 3 b. Romsey, Hampshire
____Edith TEASDALE Dau age 1 b. Romsey, Hampshire
Elizabeth COTTON age 15 Shaftesbury, Dorset (Domestic Servant)
RG12/930.17-5-30 (ED.2); Civ.P: Romsey Extra; Ecc.P: St Marys

1891: lvg. Grocers Shop, Railway View, Stockbridge, Hampshire

Thomas TEASDALE Head age 31 b. Haslemere, Surrey (Grocer, N)
Jane TEASDALE Wife age 30 b. Warlingham, Surrey [1881, 1901: Nottingham]
____George Ellery TEASDALE Son age 5 b. Romsey, Hampshire
____Florence Mary TEASDALE Dau age 4 b. Romsey, Hampshire
____Chas. Thos. TEASDALE Son age 3 b. Romsey, Hampshire
Agnes BETTERIDGE age 15 b. Dunbridge, Hampshire (Domestic Servant)
RG12/933.67-16-97 (ED.4); Civ.P: Stockbridge; Ecc.P: Stockbridge

1891: lvg. 2 Station Road, Romsey, Hampshire

Andrew J. ELLERY Head age 60 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Stone Mason, Employer)
Persia ELLERY Wife age 68 b. Lincoln, Lincolnshire
________Mable J. TEASDALE Grndau age 6 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Scholar) [Dau of Thomas & Jane]
RG12/930.27-25-173 (ED.2); Civ.P: Romsey Extra; Ecc.P: St Marys

1901: lvg. Bovingdon, Hertfordshire

William TEASDALE age 49 b. Haslemere, Surrey (Shop Keeper Grocer)
Emma TEASDALE age 43 b. Hackney, London
____Ellen TEASDALE age 22 b. Romsey, Hampshire
____Arthur TEASDALE age 13 b. Romsey, Hampshire
____Edith TEASDALE age 11 b. Romsey, Hampshire

1901:lvg. lvg. S Wimbledon, Surrey

Horace TEASDALE age 24 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Clothers Assistant)
Elizbth TEASDALE age 24 b. Kingston, Surrey
____Winifred TEASDALE age 1 b. Wimbledon, Surrey

1901: lvg. St Thomas, Southampton

George TEASDALE age 15 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Baker)

Teasdale: Trade Directories

Pigot & Co.'s Directory of Berks, Bucks ... , 1844, (Part 2: Hants to Wilts, & Wales)

Jane TEASDALE, straw hat maker, 6 St Mark's place, Bath, Somersetshire
Michael TEASDALE, sculptor, 6 St Mark's place, Bath, Somersetshire

Commercial & General Directory of Croydon, 1851

Thomas TEASDALE, gentleman, near the Spa, Norwood, Surrey

Post Office Directory of ... Surrey, 1855, (Part 2: Court & Trade Directories)

W. TEASDALE, shopkeeper, High street, Haslemere

Harrod & Co.'s Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight, 1865

Madame TEASDALE, 35 Melbourne street, Southampton

Post Office Directory of Surrey, 1878

Geo. TEASDALE, 31 Nigel road, Peckham
F. TEASDALE, 85 Montpelier road, Peckham

Kelly's Directory of Kent, Surrey & Sussex, 1891, (Part 4: Sussex & Advertisements)

TEASDALE Jn., 9 St Andrew's square, Hastings

Warren's Winchester Directory, 1895 + 1900

T. TEASDALE, grocer, High street, Stockbridge, Hampshire

Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight, 1911

Emanuel TEASDALE, apartments, 28 Pier street, Ryde, IoW

Kelly's Directory of Surrey, 1913

William TEASDALE, "Half Moon" public house, Charlwood (Horley) (on the river Mole/Sussex border)
William TEASDALE, farmer, Newdigate



Thomas Ellery
m. Mary Ann Frooks
Andover, Hampshire

Jane Frances Persia Ellery m. Thomas Teasdale 1883

1. Thomas ELLERY
m. Mary Ann FROOKS 8 July 1819 Andover, Hampshire
2. Henry ELLERY b. 16 February 1821, Chr. 8 Jul 1821 Congregational Church, Chr. 18 July 1821 Abbey-Independent, Romsey, Hampshire
Henry ELERY (Husband age at Marriage: 21) (Father: Thomas ELERY)
m. Sarah GODDARD 14 July 1839 St Mary, Southampton, Hampshire (Wife age at Marriage: 19)
3. Henry Frooks ELLERY b. 26 December 1839 Romsey, d. 4Q 1902 age 62 Romsey (2c/61), Hampshire
2. Joseph ELLERY b. 23 August 1823, Chr. 11 April 1824 Congregational Church, Romsey, Hampshire
m. Ann ALLEN
3. Jane Ann ELLERY b. 1 June 1846 Ryde, Hampshire
m. Thomas HAMMOND 19 August 1868 Ryde, Hampshire
- Jane Ann HAMMOND d. 18 May 1899 Gosport, Hampshire
3. Thomas Frooks ELLERY b. 16 March 1848 Ryde, Hampshire
3. James Allen ELLERY b. 14/15 June 1849 Ryde, Hampshire (age 1 year on registration); d. 30 March 1851
3. Sarah Mary ELLERY b. 27 August 1851 Ryde, Hampshire
3. Fanny ELLERY b. 17 April 1853 Ryde, Hampshire
3. Joseph ELLERY b. 2 May 1857 Ryde, Hampshire
2. George ELLERY b. 25 June 1825, Chr. 18 December 1825 Congregational Church, Romsey, Hampshire
m. Sophia CHADBURN 15 August 1849 St Marys, Radford, Nottingham
2. Frances ELLERY b. 11 March 1829, Chr. 26 July 1829 Congregational Church, Romsey, Hampshire
m. 1Q 1850 [[George HARRIS]] Romsey (7/229)
2. Andrew Frooks ELLERY b. 17 January 1831, Chr. 22 January 1832 Congregational Church, Romsey, Hampshire; d. 1Q 1892 age 60 Romsey (2c/87)
m.(1) Elizabeth Woodroffe CHADBURN 11 July 1853 Radford, Lenton, Nottingham
m.(2) Persia Squire BRIGGS 29 September 1859 Particular Baptist Chapel, Nottingham
1881: lvg. Middlebridge St, Romsey Infra, Hampshire
- Andrew Frooks ELLERY Head, age 50 b. Romsey (Stone Mason Emp'g 1 Mason, 1 Labr, 1 Apprentice & 1 Errand Boy)
- Persia ELLERY Wife age 57 b. Lincoln
3. Jane Frances P[ersia]. ELLERY b. c.1860 Nottingham
m. Thomas TEASDALE 3Q 1883 Romsey (2c/171)
1901: lvg. Stockbridge, Hampshire
- Thomas TEASDALE age 41 b. Haselmere, Surrey (Grocer Shopkeeper)
- Jane TEASDALE age 40 b. Nottingham
4. Florence Mary TEASDALE b. 1886 Romsey, Hampshire
4. Charles Thomas TEASDALE b. 1887 Romsey, Hampshire
[Alfred Squire ELLERY 1Q 1864: b. Romsey 2c/71; d. Romsey 2c/58]
2. Alfred ELLERY b. 29 Jan 1834, Chr. 13 Apr 1834 Congregational Church, Romsey, Hampshire
2. Mary Ann ELLERY b. 30 Nov 1835, Chr. 26 Jun 1836 Congregational Church, Romsey, Hampshire

Ellery: Census

Sarah Ann ELLERY b. 1Q 1846 Romsey (7/1_7)

1881: lvg. No 96 Upper St James St, Newport, Hampshire

Frances CROUCHER Head age 64 b. Boldre, Hampshire (Widower; Greengrocer)
______Susanna BALL Grand Daur age 14 b. Holloway, Middlesex
______George ELLERY Grandson age 11 b. Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire (Scholar)

1881: lvg. 9 Beavis Street, Millbrook, Hampshire

Henry ELLERY Head age 60 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Retired Painter)
Sarah ELLERY Wife age 59 b. Lockerley, Hampshire
______Ann KOHN... Grand Daur age 15 b. Shirley, Hampshire (Dressmaker)

1881: lvg. 46 Green St, Ryde, Hampshire

Eliz. ELLERY Head W age 58 b. Portland, Hampshire (Dress Maker)
___Amy ELLERY Dau age 18 b. Ryde, Hampshire (Dress Maker)
___Ada Fanny ELLERY Dau age 15 b. Ryde, Hampshire (Photo Apprentice)
Julia BELL Lodger age 26 b. Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire (unmarried; School Mistress)
Martha BELL Lodger age 13 b. Bu..., Surrey (Scholar)

1881: lvg. West Street Bonar Villa, Ryde, Hampshire

Joseph ELLERY Head age 57 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Stone Mason)
Jane E. ELLERY Wife age 57 b. Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire (Stone Mason Wife)
___Thomas F. ELLERY Son age 33 b. Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire (married; Stone Mason)
___Joseph ELLERY Son age 23 b. Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire (unmarried; Stone Mason Son)
Emma HUCK Serv age 15 b. Swanmore Ryde (Domestic Servant)

1881: lvg. Middlebridge St, Romsey Infra, Hampshire

Andrew F. ELLERY Head age 50 b. Romsey, Hampshire (Stone Mason Employing One Mason 1 Labr 1 Apprentice & 1 Errand Boy)
Persia ELLERY Wife age 57 b. Lincoln
___Jane F.P. ELLERY Daur age 20 b. Nottingham

1881: lvg. Silver Street, Lyndhurst, Hampshire

Charlotte ELLERY Head age 33 b. Lyndhurst, Hampshire (married; Laundress)
___Henry G. ELLERY Son age 11 b. Lyndhurst, Hampshire (Scholar)
___Frederick ELLERY Son age 9 b. Lyndhurst, Hampshire (Scholar)

Ellery: Trade Directories

Slater's Directory of Berks, Corn, Devon ..., 1852-53

George Henry Ellery RUNDLE, attorney and clerk of the peace, 52 Chapel street, Devonport, Hampshire

Harrod & Co.'s Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight, 1865

Thomas ELLERY, stone and marble mason, Middle Bridge street, Romsey
H. ELLERY, painter & c., Church road, Shirley, Hampshire
Joseph ELLERY, stonemason and statuary to the Cemetery, 120 High street, Ryde IoW

Post Office Directory of Hampshire, Wiltshire & Dorset, 1875

Andrew Frooks ELLERY, marble & monumental mason, Middle Bridge street, Romsey
Henry ELLERY, painter, Bevois street, Shirley
Joseph ELLERY, Councillor (West Ward), Ryde, IoW
... stone & marble mason, 59 West street
Hny. ELLERY, painter, Bevois street, Shirley, Southampton

Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight, 1898

Infantry - Portsmouth Brigade - 'A' Company: Capt. & Hon. Maj. J. ELLERY (commanding) (volunteer)
Fred. ELLERY, stone mason, Emery Down, Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Mrs. Sarah ELLERY, confectioner, 138 Albert road, Portsmouth, Hampshire
John GRACE (estab. 1805), monumental, stone, marble & granite mason (late A. F. ELLERY), Station road, Romsey, Hampshire
Alderman Joseph ELLERY, Ryde, IoW
Councillor (West Ward) Thomas F. ELLERY, Ryde, IoW
Joseph ELLERY, 64 West street, Ryde, IoW
Joseph ELLERY jnr., 36 West street, Ryde, IoW
Thos. & Joseph ELLERY, monumental masons & sculptors (opposite cemetery), 37 West street, Ryde, IoW

Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & Isle of Wight, 1911

Fred ELLERY, stone mason, Lyndhurst, Hampshire
Edmund James ELLERY, (Bredalbane), Goldsmith avenue, Southsea, Hampshire
Major Joseph ELLERY, 64 West street, Ryde, IoW
T. & J. ELLERY, monumental masons & sculptors (opposite the cemetery), 37 West street, Ryde, IoW


m. Mary WARDLE 26 December 1786 Lenton, Nottingham
2. James CHADBURN Chr. 7 October 1787 Lenton, Nottingham
m. Mary GIBSON 22 May 1808 Lenton, Nottingham
3. Sarah CHADBORNE Chr. 19 March 1820, d. 3 June 1832, Lenton, Nottingham
3. William CHADBORNE Chr. 2 September 1821, d. 26 November 1823, Lenton, Nottingham
3. James Cornelius CHADBOURNE Chr. 16, d. 18, February 1823, Lenton, Nottingham
3. Sophia CHADBURN Chr. 16 January 1825 Lenton, Nottingham
3. James William CHADBURN Chr. 25 March 1827 Lenton, Nottingham
3. Cornelius CHADBURNE Chr. 8 February, d. 6 December, 1829, Lenton, Nottingham
3. Elizabeth Woodroffe CHADBURN Chr. 19 December 1830 Lenton, Nottingham


John Tilbury of Shottermill, father of Mary
' Tilberia '