The Life & Times of Thomas Tilbury

Butcher of Clapham, Surrey

From the "Gazetteer and London Daily Advertiser"
Monday, January 16, 1764

STOLEN or STRAYED, out of a Field belonging to Thomas TILBURY, Butcher, at Clapham in Surry, on Thursday Night last, Thirteen Weather Sheep, ten of them horned and three Poll-marked, with three Clips across the Rump and one down the Face. Whoever will bring the said Sheep (if strayed) to the Owner as above, shall receive one Guinea Reward; and (if Stolen) and Person discovering the Thief to Sir John Fielding, so that he may be brought to Justice, shall receive a Reward of Five Guineas, over and above the Reward allowed by Act of Parliament. THOMAS TILBURY

From the "Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser"
London, Wednesday, July 3, 1765

Lost out of the pocket of Thomas TILBURY, butcher, at Clapham, in Surry, A bank note of [2]0l., No. 263, either on the road between Clapham in Surry, or in Smithfield, this day, July 1.

Whoever will bring the said note to Thomas TILBURY, butcher, at Clapham, or to Thomas BLAKEWAY, at the Red Cow in Smithfield, shall have five guineas reward. If offered to negociate, stop it and the party, and give notice as above. THOMAS TILBURY

From the "Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser"
London, Friday, April 15, 1768

Yesterday three prisoners were capitally convicted at the Old-Bailey, viz. ... John SMITH, for stealing out of a field at Clapham, in the county of Surey, five sheep, the property of Thomas TILBURY, found in his possession in Ratcliffe-highway.

From the "Public Advertiser"
London, Monday, September 18, 1769

Public Office, Bow-street, Sept. 18.

STOLEN on Saturday Night last out of the Grounds of THOMAS TILBURY, Butcher at Clapham, a Bay Horse 15 Hands high, two white Feet behind, and one white Foot before, a Star in his Forehead, black Mane, and short Switch Tail, eight Years old. Likewise a Bay Mare, 14 Hands and a half high, low back'd, Nag Tail, and three white Feet as the Horse, a Star in her Forehead, aged, and trots remarkably fast.

If offered to be disposed of stop them and the Party, and give Notice to Sir John Fielding, or to the said Thomas TILBURY, and you shall receive Five Guineas Reward from Mr. TILBURY aforesaid.

From the "Daily Advertiser"
London, Wednesday, June 19, 1776

SUSSEX. To be lett, a large, modern, Stone House, five Rooms on a Floor, Coach-House, Stable, and Brewhouse, &c. two large Gardens, an Orchard, and small Meadow behind, situate on Selsfield Common, in the Parish of West Hoathey, four Miles from East Grinstead. Enquire of Mr. TILBURY, of Clapham; Mr. PEAKE, Grocer, at Croydon; or Mr. BUGDEN, on Selsfield Common, who will shew the Premises. The House commands a fine View of the South Downs, and is but 30 Miles from London.

From the "Daily Advertiser"
London, Saturday, October 25, 1777

To be Sold by Auction by Mr. Skinner, On Tuesday the 18th of November, at Twelve o'Clock, at Garraway's Coffee-House, Exchange-Alley, in ten Lots,

Several valuable Freehold Estates, most desirably situated on that much-distinguished Spot Clapham-Common, in the County of Surry, of the yearly Value of near One Thousand Pounds.

Lot 1. A genteel Dwelling-House, with every suitable Office, Pleasure Ground and Gardens, disposed in a peculiar Taste, and refreshed by a Serpentine Canal and Fishponds, also a beautiful Park and three Meadows; the Whole containing about 75 Acres, exemplified by a Terrace Walk, now on Lease to John THORNTON, Esq. which expires in 1781. The Dwelling-House and Garden in the above Lot are occupied by _____ YERBURY, Esq.
Lot 2. A very desirable Farm, containing 36 Acres of rich Land, on Lease to Mr. TILBURY.
Lot 3. A Ground-Rent issuing out of 22 Dwelling-Houses, situate in Acre-Lane, in the Possession of Richard FITZGERALD, Esq. and others.
Lots 5 and 6. Two Dwelling-Houses, Gardens, and Offices, on Lease to Mrs. EWER and Mrs. GREEN, which expires in 1781.
Lot 7. A Dwelling-House with Offices and Gardens, lately inhabited by Sir Timothy WALDO.
Lot 8. A capital Brick Mansion, with every useful Office, suitable Pleasure Grounds and Gardens, in the Occupation of ____ BOND, Esq.
Lots 9 and 10. Six Dwelling-Houses, in the Possession of Mr. TILBURY and others. To be viewed 14 Days preceding the Sale, between the Hours of Eleven and Three, by applying at the Plough, Clapham, where a proper Person will attend, of whom printed Particulars may be then had; also at the Horne, Kensington; the Place of Sale; and of Mr. Skinner, Aldersgate-Street, where a correct Plan of the different Lots may be seen.

From the "Morning Post and Daily Advertiser"
London, Thursday, November 6, 1777

[Same intro]

Lot I. TH BEAUTIFUL and MUCH ADMIRES PARK and PLEASURE GROUNDS, laid out with peculiar Taste, refreshed by a Serpentine Canal, and bounded by a terrace-walk of great extent; also a small meadow and a farm yard, containing in the whole upwards of 37 acres, in the possession of: John THORNTON, Esq.
II. One rich meadow field, known by the Seven Acres, adjoining Lot I.
III. Two rich meadow fields, containing about twelve acres, bounded eastward by Mr. THORNTON's Park.
IV. Two rich meadow fields, of about eleven acres, adjoining lot III.
V. A genteel dwelling-house, with suitable offices, pleasure grounds and gardens, in the possession of John YERBURY, Esq.
VI. Five fields of rich land, containing thirty-seven acres, adjoining to Camberwell-lane, in the possession of Mr. TILBURY.
VII. and VIII. Two ground rents issuing out of five dwelling-houses, in the possession of John BROGDEN, Benjamin SMITH, Ralph MORRISON, John ADAMS, and William CURTEIS, Esquires.
IX. A dwelling-house with offices and gardens, late in the possession of Sir Timothy WALDO.
X. and XI. Two dwelling-houses, with offices and gardens, in the possession of Miss EWER and Mrs. GREAME.
XII. A ground rent issuing out of twenty-two dwelling-houses and tenements, situate in Acre-lane, let to Mr. HUBBARD.
XIII. A mansion house, with proper offices and gardens, in the possession of George BOND, Esq.
XIV. and XV. Six dwelling-Houses, [another version:] "one of which is the Sun Alehouse" in the Possession of Mrs. HILL, the others, Mr. TILBURY &c
[same end-piece as above]

From the "Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser"
London, Thursday, March 7, 1782

WHEREAS in the night of Thursday, the 28th of February-last, twelve fat sheep, the property of Thomas TILBURY, feloniously were taken and stolen in his fields, in the parish of Clapham, and afterwards were brought to a butcher's shop in Bear-lane, in Christ Church, and there killed by Thomas COLEMAN and others; and as there is great reason to suspect the said COLEMAN, with another man, committed the said felony, (both of whom have since left their place of abode) therefore; In order to bring the said persons to justice, the said Thomas TILBURY does hereby offer a reward of five guineas for taking the said COLEMAN, to be paid immediately upon conviction. COLEMAN is a tall, lusty man, flat nose, wears his own dark brown hair, blue velvet breeches, fustian frock, red collar and sleeves, and red waistcoat, lodged at a baker's shop, Dye[r]-street, St. Giles's.

Source - Gale Group Newspapers Online

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