From The National Archives, Kew, Middlesex, UK

Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office
FLOYER v. NICHOLAI, PRUDENCE & TILBURY1690 - Middlesex (C.10/523/38)
Geo. I & II (1714-1760)
TILBURY v. HAWKINS(C.11/305/47)
THOMPSON v. TILBURY(C.11/1801/42)
YONGE v. TILBURY b.r.r.1740 (C.12/730/33)
TILBURY v. LAW1749 (C.11/2126/24)
TILBURY v. LAW b. 1751 (C.12/864/58)
TILBURY v. QUARTLEY b.1783 (C.12/2133/15)
TILBURY v. WEEKES b.r.r.1789 (C.12/2155/21)
EWBANK v. TILBURY b.1800 (C.12/1760/8)
Jervoise Clark JERVOISE v.
1800-01 - Bill and answer (C.13/3051/70)
BURNHAM v. SEWELL:Bill and two answers. (C.13/191/27)
- Plaintiffs:Thomas BURNHAM
- Defendants:Thomas CLAPTON, Benjamin SEWELL, Thomas NECK and William NECK.
- Amended:by order dated 12 November 1816:
- Additional defendants:Thomas ARNOTT, Robert MENCER, Thomas ARNOTT jnr. and Thomas TILBURY
BURNHAM v. TILBURY:Answer (x2) (C.13/205/30) (C.13/221/12)
- Plaintiffs:Thomas BURNHAM
- Defendants:Thomas CLAPTON, Benjamin SEWELL, Thomas NECK and William NECK.
- Amended:by order dated 12 November 1816
- Additional defendants:Thomas ARNOTT, Robert MENCER, Thomas ARNOTT jnr. and Thomas TILBURY
WARRY v. TILBURY1817 - Bill and answer (C.13/718/24)
WARRY v. TILBURY1818-19 - Chancery Masters' Account Books (C.101/117)
- Plaintiffs:William WARRY and others
- Defendants:Thomas TILBURY and others
- Receiver:John JENKYNS
- Estate:Copyhold property: Ratcliffe Cross Dock, Stepney, Middlesex
- Details:Names of tenants, rents, receiver's discharge
COSTER v. TILBURY1821 - Bill and answer (C.13/2891/22)
TILBURY v. WAKEFORD1827 - Examination (C.13/1480/20)
The TILBURY was Mary Catherine Harries, daughter of William TILBURY, wholesale druggist & chemist; see:
William Tilbury of Norwich
COOTE v. TILBURY1833 - (Master Brougham's Exhibits) (C.111/171)
RANDALL v. TILBURY1834 - Answer only (C.13/1050/22)
PERRYMAN v. TILBURY:1849 - Bill, certificate, 2 answers, replication (C.14/1041/P84)
Before the Vice-Chancellor of England (2nd hearing) Pleas, Demurrers, Causes, Exceptions, and Further Directions
Cited in "The Jurist" Vol. XIV.-Part II, by S. Sweet, Chancery Lane; V.& R. Stevens & G. S. Norton (pages 188, 228)
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From "Reports of Cases Argued & Determined in the High Court of Chancery" by John Tracy Atkyns (page 617)
S.C. _ ves. 8[9]
(T. devises all his real and personal estate to his wife...)
"A Bill was brought against the defendant to deliver up all the deeds, &c. of the estate mentioned in the pleadings of the cause. ..."
"... TILBURY, who thereby devised all his real and personal estate to his wife Ann TILBURY for life, and after her death to his son John, a younger brother of the plaintiff's by another [v]enter, and his heirs for ever, and in case of the death of John TILBURY, without any heir, then his real and personal estate devised to his ..."
Ann TILBURY died in 1725; John TILBURY the son levied a fine, nor suffered any recovery, but made his will, and devised it to the defendant."
(This case seems to have made jurisprudence; the argument being that devising to a third party in the event of no heirs was too "remote"; also listed as: TILBURGH v. BARBUTT, TILBURGH v. BARBECK, TILBURGH v. BARBOUT, TILBURGH v. BARBUT)
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From "Ecclesiastical Law" by Richard Burn, Simon Fraser, 1797 (A. Strahan, for T. Cadell and W. Davies) (page 138)
Wills, Form and Manner
"... But in the case of TILBURGH and BARBUT, Mar. 2, 1748; where the remainder man, being of the half blood, could never possibly inherit, it was decreed by lord Hardwicke, that this being a fee mounted on a fee, it vested in the first taker, and the remainder over to the half brother was merely void. 3 Atk. 617. 1 Vez. 89 (c)"
"(c): If a remainder be given by will after an estate tail, and the first estate never take place, the remainder vests in possession. Thus if one devise to A. and the heirs of his body, and for default or want of such issue of A. to B., and A. die in the lifetime of the devisor leaving issue, the estate shall go to B. and not to the issue of A. See Hodgson v. Ambrose, Doug. 357. and White v. Warmer, cited in Denje v. Bagshaw, 6 T. Rep. 512."
Supreme Court
MASON v. WYATT re WYATT (1905 W.688)
Settlement:1851 - of a policy of assurance for £1,000 upon the marriage of John Finch WYATT, of John Street, Pentonville, Middlesex, and Harriet TILBURY, of the New Road, St. Pancras, Middlesex;
 186_ - bond of Harriet MASON (née TILBURY) and Sydney WYATT, of St. Andrew's, FIFE, to George Oughton LANGDON and James GIBBS, of Grevill Road, Kilburn, Middlesex;
 1887 - appointment of Sydney WYATT and William Haynes GIBBS as trustees of the above-mentioned settlement.
 1851-1887 - deposited by defendant, (J.90/1875) (Supreme Court of Judicature and former Superior Courts: Central Office and predecessors: Documents Exhibited or Deposited in Court)
TILBURY, A. H.1902 - (BT.226/551) (old ref: 921/1902)
TILBURY, Albert1913 - (BT.226/3929) (old ref: 623/1913)
TILBURY, Walter1925 - Office of the Commissioners of Bankrupts, the successor bankruptcy courts, and the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors (B.9/1013)
From "Law Reports of Patent Cases" by William Carpmaelpage 555
John TILBURY sworn :— Examined by Mr. HILL. -
"I am a carriage maker. I have seen the plaintiffs' cab, and also a model of the defendant's; the principle in both is the same. I consider the patent cab new, and a great improvement on all the public cabs I have seen."
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Other, Civil
THORNE v. TILBURY & OthersJune 5 [c.1885] - Trover for trunks, boxes, wearing apparel, household furniture, &c.
From "The Exchequer Reports" by E. T. Hurlstone & J. P. Norman
Also cited in "The Contract of Pawn" by Francis Turner; "The Albany Law Journal" by Irving Browne
(Google Books Online - Oxford University)
& "The Law of Railways: Embracing Corporations, Eminent Domain, Contracts, Common Carriers of Goods..." by Isaac Fletcher Redfield, 1867 (Little, Brown, & Co.)
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From Southampton Archives, Hampshire, UK

Southampton Town Court Writs
William JONES v. Thomas PARSONS & Charles TILBURY1823, 25 March - (SC7/3/2/31)


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