William James TILBURY, Shoeing Smith

Blacksmiths & Chairmakers
from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK

Extracts from Parish Registers courtesy of RobynC from AU ('Tilbury Magazine'); and the generosity of JimB
My thanks to all who have contributed to this page


William Tilbury, Ironmonger & Blacksmith
Frederick Tilbury, Master Chairmaker
1792 - 1901
Father, William TILBURY, Blacksmith
Mother, Mary
Frederick Herbert TILBURY Chr. 13 April 1817 High Wycombe (Minister: Mr. ANDREWS of Reading)
Margaret TILBURY Chr. 29 October 1820 High Wycombe (Minister: Thomas BOYS)
William James TILBURY Chr. 10 June 1827 High Wycombe (Minister: Johnathan Charles WILLIAMS)
From Robson's 1839 Directory, Buckinghamshire: TILBURY J., Smith; New Land, High Wycombe
From the 1841 Census:
lvg. Crown Lane Ann TILBURY age 20
Sarah TILBURY age 10
lvg. Crown Lane William TILBURY age 48 - Blacksmith
Mary TILBURY age 51
James TILBURY age 14
From the 1851 Census:
lvg. Crown Lane,
High Wycombe (Pt.2)
William TILBURY, Head, age 58, b. Wycombe - Ironmonger/Blacksmith
Mary TILBURY, Wife, age 60, b. Wycombe
William TILBURY, Son (U), age 24, b. Wycombe - Blackmith's son
Sarah J. TILBURY, Grandaughter, age 9, b. West Wycombe - Scholar
Ellen TILBURY, Grandaughter, age 6 b. West Wycombe - Scholar
lvg. West Wycombe (Pt.4) Fredrick H. TILBURY, Head, Widower, age 34, b. High Wycombe - Master Chairmaker
William F. TILBURY, Son, age 8, b.West Wycombe
Georgiana E. TILBURY, Daughter, age 20m, b.West Wycombe
Hypothetical Tree
1. William TILBURY b. c.1792 Wycombe (1851: Ironmonger/Blacksmith)
__m. Mary [--] b. c.1790 Wycombe< />

____2. Frederick Herbert TILBURY b. c.1816, Chr. 13 April 1817 High Wycombe
______(1851: Widower age 34; Master Chairmaker)
______m. Ellen BRIDGEWATER/FOX 4 August 1840 West Wycombe (see below)
______burial: 11 January 1851 West Wycombe
______(See Links page 'Tilbury m. Bridgewater; Carter' for Ellen's family)
________3. Sarah Jane TILBURY Chr. 31 May 1841 West Wycombe
__________burial 23 March 1864 West Wycombe
__________(1851: lvg. with grandparents; birthplace given as West Wycombe)
________3. William Frederick TILBURY Chr. 20 November 1842 West Wycombe
__________(1851: lvg. with father, age 8 b. W. Wycombe, Lt. Missenden) (1881/1901: NK)
________3. Mary Ellen TILBURY Chr. 19 January 1845 West Wycombe
__________(1851: 'Ellen' lvg. with grandparents; birthplace given as W. Wycombe, Lt. Missenden; Scholar)
__________m. John CARTER 25 February 1869 West Wycombe
________3. Arthur Bridgwater TILBURY b. 13 September 1847 Chr. 16 January 1848 W. Wycombe
__________(1901: Commercial Traveller)
__________m. Susanna HAKES 3Q 1868 Wycombe (3a/630-BKM), b. c.1846 Marylebone, Middlesex
__________1901: lvg. Tottenham Middlesex
____________4. [--]
____________4. George TILBURY b. c.1884 Stamfordhill, Middlesex (1901: Commercial Clerk)
____________4. Susy TILBURY b. c.1886 Stamfordhill, Middlesex (1901: Apprentice Dressmaker)
____________4. Herbert TILBURY b. c.1889 Stamfordhill, Middlesex

________3. Georgiana*° Elizabeth TILBURY b. 6 July 1849 Chr. 21 Oct 1849 West Wycombe
__________(1851: lvg. with father, age 20 mths b. W. Wycombe; 1901: b. High Wycombe)
__________m. Charles*° E. SKULL 3Q 1872 London City (1c/70-LND), b. c.1850 (High) Wycombe
__________(1881: Chair Manufacturer Employing 50 Hands; 1901: Chair Manufacturer)
__________Read the SKULL chair-making history, including photo of Georgiana (link below)
__________"In 1872 Walter Skull purchased a chair factory in High Wycombe
__________from a Mr John Tilbury"
__________1881: *lvg. 26 Newland St, Wycombe
__________(at 22 Newland St: Sarah Hannah & family, widow of James son of
__________William TILBURY & Ann JORDAN, see 'Blacksmiths & Chairmakers III')

____________4. Walter* C. SKULL b. c.1872 Wycombe, d. age 13
__________1901: °lvg. High Wycombe
____________4. Frederic*° SKULL b. c.1873 (High) Wycombe (1901: Chair Manufacturer)
____________4. Edith* Nellie SKULL b. c.1876 Wycombe
______________m. 3Q 1900 Wycombe (3a/1453) [[?William WARD?]]
____________4. Percy*° Car. SKULL b. c.1877 (High) Wycombe (1901: Chair Manufacturer)
____________4. Charles Arthur° SKULL b. 1880 High Wycombe, d. age 10 mths
__________1881: Mary* SAUNDERS b. c.1865 Stokenchurch, Oxford Domestic Servant
____________4. Charles Arthur° SKULL b. c.1881 High Wycombe (1901: Furniture Salesman)
____________4. Mabel° SKULL b. c.1882 High Wycombe (1901: No Occupation)
____________4. Arthur SKULL b. 1885, d. 1886 age 13 mths
____________4. Maud° SKULL b. c.1887 High Wycombe (1901: At School)
____________4. Dorothy° SKULL b. c.1889 High Wycombe (1901: At School)

____2. Margaret TILBURY Chr. 29 October 1820 High Wycombe
______m. Thomas THOMPSON 23 March 1841 Wycombe (Clothier)
______(Margaret, minor, lvg. Paul's Row, High Wycombe)
______Witnesses: William, William, Frederick Herbert & Ellen TILBURY
______1881: lvg. 161 High St (Corn Chandlers Shop), Deptford St Paul, Kent
______Thos. THOMPSON, Head age 61 b. High Wickham, Buckingham (Cornchandler)
______Margaret THOMPSON, Wife age 60 b. High Wickham, Buckingham
________Lily Alice THOMPSON, Daur (U) age 26 b. Lambeth, Surrey
________Margaret B. THOMPSON, Daur (U) age 19 b. Greenwich, Kent

____2. William˛ James TILBURY b. c.1826, Chr. 10 June 1827 (High) Wycombe
______(1841: James, age 14) (1851: William age 24, Blacksmith's Son) (1881: General Smith)
______1881: ˛lvg. 11 Easton St, Wycombe
______m. Caroline˛ PHILLIPS 3Q 1871 Wycombe (3a/687), b. c.1837 Wycombe
________(A Caroline PHILLIPS Chr. 9 October 1836 Chepping Wycombe, Buckingham
________was the daughter of Sarah TILBURY & Thomas PHILLIPS;
________this Sarah was probably the daughter of William TILBURY, blacksmith, & Ann JORDAN)

________3. Florence˛ C. TILBURY b. c.1872 Wycombe
________3. Laura˛ M. TILBURY b. c.1874 Wycombe
______Kate WOOD˛ Serv (U) b. c.1857 Speen (1881: Gen Serv)

______1901: lvg. High Wycombe (Pg.20573464-IDs.28852149-51)
______William TILBURY age 74 (Retired Shoeing Smith)
__________Florence TILBURY age 28 (unmarried)
__________Laura TILBURY age 26 (unmarried)


Christened Ellen BRIDGEWATER; father: William BRIDGEWATER, whose Will mentions:
"..my deceased daughter Ellen who was the wife of Frederick Herbert TILBURY..."

Referred to as Ellen Bridgewater FOX only in records of Church & Civil marriage.
West Wycombe parish registers of marriage: signed as Ellen FOX, (apparently an X after her signature therefore unable to read or write).
Other possible explanations:
1) a previous marriage to FOX (but Ellen married as "spinster");
2) her father (William BRIDGEWATER) may have been the illegitimate son of William BRIDGEWATER and Elizabeth FOX; however in Census and early records he appears as William BRIDGEWATER.
The above details concerning Ellen by courtesy of JimC - my thanks. ('Tilbury m. Bridgewater; Carter', Links page)

NB: In the High Wycombe parish register of marriages, as transcribed by RobinC of AU (see 'The Tilbury Magazine' website), Frederick TILBURY m. Ellen FOX, father: William Bridgewater FOX - were the church authorities insisting on exactitude according to their record rather than any civil register?

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