Rosetta Weedon married William Dennis Tilbury
Chelsea, 5 April 1888

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'Rose' b. 2 January 1865
4th child of William Weedon & Sarah Tilbury

Her given name may have been the result of a fashion after the deciphering of the Rosetta Stone (1799), but there had been at least one other Rosetta Weedon - born before 1753 and married on 6 October 1773 to Richard Pobjay in the Cathedral of Saint Peter, Sheffield; whether or not there was any family relationship is unknown.

When William and Sarah's daughter was born it is probable that the family was still living in Penn Street; but not long after her birth they moved to a new house, "Yew Trees", in Hazlemere Road, Tylers Green. The next child, Margaret Annie, was born there in 1866.

Rose went to school until she was ten years old, and probably had to walk two miles each way to the Girls Working School in Penn Village since Tylers Green Board School was not begun building until 1875.

Still a child herself, Rose went to work for the Reverend & Mrs. Pengelly as Nursemaid. When the Pengellys transferred to a church in Devon, Rose went with them but by then she had become the family's Cook. Later again, Reverend Pengelly became incumbant of a church in Chelsea, and Rose moved to London with the family.

It was in Chelsea that Rose met William Tilbury. Family lore tells that they met in the house of a mutual uncle; if true, this 'uncle' may have been Thomas Tilbury (husband of Annie West), a bricklayer who had lived in Tylers Green before going to Hammersmith. Thomas was in fact cousin to Rose's mother Sarah (their fathers were brothers). If William & Rose knew of a relationship between this Thomas and William's family, that has yet to be discovered. Since there were other Tilbury families living in Chelsea, it may also be that other kinships existed, and another candidate for 'uncle' may be found.

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William Dennis Tilbury b. 4 May 1858
4th child of Joseph Tilbury & Jane Dennis

Jane Dennis was Joseph's 2nd wife, and they married in Penn in 1849 - Joseph put his mark, but Jane signed her name. In 1851 the family was living next to Penn Church - Jane's first child, a son Henry, and Joseph's son Joseph by his previous wife. Mary Ann was born at the end of that year, George in 1855, and William in 1858, followed by Ellen in 1862. The family moved to a house in Witheridge Lane, going towards Beaconsfield, probably before 1860.

As Rose's mother Sarah Tilbury, Jane Dennis was a lace maker. The Dennis family was much intermarried with the Tilburys.

William also went to school until the age of 10 - perhaps to the boys' school at Church Knowl. He began his working life as bird-scarer to a local farmer, then as a gardener's boy on a large estate (possibly Rayners). William moved to London and continued working as a gardener's assistant. The 1881 Census lists him at 14 Matson Street, Rotherhithe, Surrey (age 22, unmarried) with the occupation of General Labourer; however, the Wrutt family was also living at No. 14, and Mr. George Wrutt's occupation was that of Gardener. Were the occupations of the two men inversed, or was William assistant to Mr. Wrutt?

William was employed by the London County Council to work in Battersea Park; by 1901 he was "Gardener LCC", and he gradually worked his way up to the position of Head Gardener in charge of the Chrysanthemum Houses. Descendants relate how on one Royal Visit, it was William who showed Queen Victoria the chrysanthemums.

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5 April 1888, St. Luke's Church, Chelsea

Mrs. & Mrs. William Tilbury raised their family in the Battersea area, and one of their children carried forward Rose's name since he was called Henry Weedon Tilbury.

Rosetta (Etta)
Sarah (Cissie)
Henry (Harry) Weedon
Ellen Catherine
Charles Frederick
Frank Thomas
Florence Emily

Sadly William died as a child, on 16 August 1895, only two days before his third birthday. Arthur and Ellen Catherine died as babies, Arthur at 3 months, and Ellen six days before her first birthday. The other children all married.

William Dennis Tilbury died on 11 October 1935 in Battersea, age 77; Rose lived on, and moved to Banstead, Surrey, where she died on 26 September 1950, 85 years old.

William and Rose's marriage had brought together descendants of two Tilbury lines (Penn and Hughenden/West Wycombe); while there may have been a common ancestor higher up the tree, none has been discovered to date (December 2004).

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In 1851, representatives of both lines were living in the village of Penn, including Joseph and his wife Ann, parents of Rose's mother Sarah; and Joseph with Jane, William's mother.

Jane's Dennis family had been in Penn since the early part of the 18th century.

AlanT, who with his own and related families compiled the history of Rose and William, and agreed to its being published here, has also provided some historical detail of the home area of his ancestors. Since the information may be of interest to many, not just those descended from these particular lines, it is on a separate page accessible through the link below.

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Family Trees


Rosetta (Etta) TILBURY b. 25 January 1889 Battersea, London; d. 27 April, 1967 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
m. Frederick Jesse STONE 4 October 1916 Leamingston Spa
Sarah (Cissie) TILBURY b. 9 December 1890 Battersea, London; d. 28 March 1978 Lacey Green, Buckinghamshire
_m. Bertie GROOM 2 May 1918
William TILBURY b. 18 August 1892; d. 16 August 1895
George TILBURY b. 5 May 1894 Battersea, London; d. 25 March 1945 Banstead, Surrey
_m. Irene (Rene) Ada MORGAN 24 September 1921 Battersea, London
Henry (Harry) Weedon TILBURY b. 17 May 1896 Battersea, London; d. 29 June 1959 Bognor Regis, Sussex
_m. 2 November 1929 West Croydon Congregational Church
Arthur TILBURY b. 14 September 1897; d. 1 January 1898; Battersea, London
Ellen Catherine TILBURY b. 14 January 1899; d. 8 January 1900; Battersea, London
Charles Frederick TILBURY b. 14 March; d. 14 August; 1901 Battersea, London
Edward TILBURY b. 14 May 1902 Battersea, London; d. 1976 Worthing, Sussex
_m. Joan Mary UNDERWOOD 24 June 1939 Stormont Road Congregational Church, Battersea, London
Frank Thomas TILBURY b. 20 May 1904 Battersea, London; d. 1 April 1981 Auckland, New Zealand
_m. Florence Mary HUTCHINS 9 April 1932 Battersea, London
Florence Emily TILBURY b. 5 April 1908 Wandsworth, London; d. 7 August 1980 Harlow, Essex
_m. Wilfrid Sebastian WOODS 22 April 1933

SARAH TILBURY (Rose's mother)

William HEARN 'of' Penn
m. Elizabeth
__Mary HEARN Chr. 1711 Penn, Buckingham
__m. Joseph WEATHERHEAD ('of' Wycombe) 17 October 1734 Penn, Buckingham
______Mary WEATHERHEAD Chr. 1735; burial: 1782; Penn, Buckingham

For the beginning of this Tilbury line please visit 'Penn' (link below).

John TILBURY Chr. 3 January 1736[37] Penn, Buckingham; (Bricklayer)
m.(1) Mary WEATHERHEAD 30 May 1759; Chr. [c.6]November 1735; burial: 1782; Penn, Buckingham
__Joseph TILBURY Chr. 1 January 1770; burial: 1828; Penn, Buckingham; (Bricklayer)
__m. Ann DARVILL 3 August 1789 Burnham, Buckingham
____Joseph TILBURY b. 1800, Chr. Penn; (Bricklayer, 2 labourers)
____m. Ann GARDNER 25 November 1820 Penn; Chr. 1795, burial: 1856, Buckingham
______Sarah TILBURY Chr. 1834; burial: 1895, Buckingham; (Lacemaker)
______m. William WEEDON 28 October 1858 Penn, Buckingham;
______b. 1833, Chr. Hughenden; burial: 1915, Buckingham; (Wood Sawyer)

WILLIAM WEEDON (Rose's father)

The earliest ascendants of William Weedon discovered to date are George Jones & Mary (late 17th century); they appear to have been the ancestors of two lines which intermarried in the persons of Phoebe Saunders' father & mother. Phoebe Saunders was William Weedons' mother. Family research:

George JONES
m. Mary
__Mary JONES Chr. 1704 Hughenden, Buckingham
__m. Thomas BRYANT 19 January 1728 Hughenden, Buckingham
__Martha JONES Chr. 1722 Hughenden, Buckingham
__m. John SAUNDERS 11 November 1744 Hughenden, Buckingham
____John SAUNDERS Chr. 1750 Hughenden, Buckingham
____m. Martha STEVENS 26 November 1776 West Wycombe, Buckingham
______William SAUNDERS Chr. 1779 Hughenden, Buckingham
m. Mary c.1658
__Mary RETHROP Chr. 1668 Great Hampden, Buckingham
__m. Thomas BRYANT 24 June 1697 Great Hampden, Buckingham
____Thomas BRYANT Chr. 1703 Great Hampden, Buckingham
____m. Mary JONES 19 January 1728 Hughenden, Buckingham
______Sarah BRYANT Chr. 1739 Great Hampden, Buckingham
______m. Henry LACEY 3 June 1759 Great Hampden, Buckingham; Chr. 1739
________Elizabeth LACEY Chr. 1778 Hughenden, Buckingham
William SAUNDERS Chr. 1779 Hughenden, Buckingham
m. Elizabeth LACEY 27 January 1800; Chr. 1778 Hughenden, Buckingham
__Phoebe SAUNDERS Chr. 1804 Hughenden, Buckingham; burial: 1842; (Lacemaker)
__m. James WEEDON 22 November 1878 Hughenden, Buckingham;
__Chr. 1800 Hughenden; burial: 1839; (Wood Sawyer)
____William WEEDON Chr. 1833 Hughenden, Buckingham; burial: 1915; (Wood Sawyer)
____m. Sarah TILBURY 28 October 1858 Penn, Buckingham (Lacemaker)
______Rosetta WEEDON b. 2 January 1865 Penn, Buckingham;
______d. 26 September 1950 Banstead, Surrey
______m. William Dennis TILBURY 5 April 1888 St Luke, Chelsea
m.(2) Jane DENNIS
__William Dennis TILBURY b. 4, Chr. 30 May 1858 Penn, Buckingham;
__d. 11 October Battersea, Surrey

JOSEPH TILBURY (William's father)

Edward TILBURY [?Chr. 1578 Hughenden, Father: Humphrey 'TYLBE'?]
m. [--]
__William TILBURY Chr. 1600 Hughenden, Buckingham
__m. Anne WYDON 1629 Hughenden, Buckingham
____William TILBURY Chr. 1630 W. Wycombe; burial: 1693 W. Wycombe, Buckingham
____(Yeoman of Downley in the parish of W. Wycombe)
____m. Mary [--] W. Wycombe, Buckingham
______Joseph TILBURY Chr. 1664 W. Wycombe
______(Yeoman of Downley)
______m. Anne SILBY 1698 Hughenden; Chr. Great Marlow; Buckingham
________John TILBURY Chr. 1715; burial: 1793; W. Wycombe, Buckingham
________m. Elizabeth NEWALL 1743 Penn, Buckingham
__________John TILBURY Chr. 1744 W. Wycombe; burial: 1813 Hughenden; Buckingham
__________m. Mary SHANK 1759 Great Marlow; burial: 1811 Hughenden; Buckingham
____________Esau TILBURY Chr. 1778 Hughenden, Buckingham; (Butcher)
____________m. Esther HUSSEY 6 July 1801 Hughenden, Buckingham
____________Chr. c.13 July 1777 (Father: Henry HUSSEY, Mother: Judith BRISTOW)
______________Joseph TILBURY Chr. 1804; burial: 9 January 1883; Hughenden, Buckingham; (Gardener)
______________m.(1) [Mary EVANS 26 October 1823; burial June 1836; Little Missenden, Buckingham]
________________Joseph TILBURY b. c.1832 [Little Missenden], Buckingham
______________m.(2) Jane DENNIS 5 May 1849 Penn; (Lacemaker)
______________Chr. 1818; burial 22 May 1884; Penn, Buckingham
________________Henry TILBURY b. August-October 1849 Penn, Buckingham
________________Mary Anne TILBURY Chr. 28 November 1851 Penn, Buckingham
________________George TILBURY Chr. 30 December 1855 Penn, Buckingham
________________William Dennis TILBURY b. 4, Chr. 30, May 1858; Penn, Buckingham
________________d. 11 October 1835 Battersea, London; (Gardener)
________________m. Rosetta WEEDON 5 April 1888 St. Luke's Church, Chelsea, London (Cook, domestic)
________________b. 2 January 1868; d. 26 September 1850 Banstead, Surrey
________________Ellen TILBURY Chr. 26 January 1862 Penn, Buckingham

JANE DENNIS (William's mother)

John DENNIS 'of Penn'
m. Sarah WILLIAMS 'of Chepping Wycombe' 23 December 1725 Hedgerley, Buckingham
__Chilton DENNIS Chr. 27 October 1726; burial: 20 November 1792; Penn, Buckingham
__m.(1) Sarah FREE 31 January 1748 Hughenden, Buckingham
____Anne DENNIS Chr. 22 April 1750 Penn, Buckingham
____Chilton DENNIS Chr. 27 August 1752 Penn, Buckingham
____m. Elizabeth SALTER 2 August 1776 Penn
____Chr. 23 June 1747 Penn (Father: Stephen SALTER, Mother: Sarah);
____burial 4 March 1836; Penn, Buckingham
______John B. S. DENNIS Chr. 14 June 1776 Penn, Buckingham
______Free DENNIS Chr. 30 November 1777 Penn
______burial: 28 January 1820; Penn, Buckingham
______m. Ann AXTEN 29 October 1804; Chr. 9 May 1784; Penn, Buckingham
______(Father: Thomas AXTEN 'of Penn' b. 1750, d. 1819; Mother: Mary)
________William Free DENNIS Chr. 13 October 1805; burial 19 September 1883; Penn, Buckingham
________Ellen DENNIS Chr. 13 October 1808 Penn, Buckingham
________Ann DENNIS Chr. 23 June 1811 Penn, Buckingham
________William DENNIS Chr. 27 March 1814 Penn, Buckingham
________Jane DENNIS [b. 1813-1815] Penn, Buckingham (Lacemaker)
________m. Joseph TILBURY 5 May 1849 Penn, Buckingham
______Jesse DENNIS Chr. 26 November 1779; burial: 29 November 1816; Penn, Buckingham
______Grace DENNIS Chr. 26 March 1782 Penn, Buckingham
______William Salter DENNIS Chr. 9 March 1785 Penn, Buckingham
______Charles DENNIS Chr. 19 November 1786 Penn, Buckingham
______George DENNIS Chr. 23 December 1788 Penn, Buckingham
______Elizabeth DENNIS Chr. 23 January 1791 Penn, Buckingham
______Mary DENNIS Chr.3 November 1796 Penn, Buckingham
______Robert DENNIS Chr. 3 November 1795 Penn, Buckingham
____Hannah DENNIS Chr. 19 December 1754 Penn, Buckingham
__m.(2) Mary WEATHERHEAD 26 September 1758 Penn; 'of' Aston Clinton; Buckingham
____John DENNIS Chr. 22 July 1759 Penn, Buckingham

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All of the above elements are reproduced here by courtesy of and as a result of research by AlanT, BrendaR, MargaretS, RichardO, RobinW, and many other descendants.

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Inscriptions from Gravestones at Penn Churchyard, Buckingham
as noted by W. S. Woods in 1932

These stones are no longer in place, having been removed as part of the cemetery management policy.

Numbers 1-5 were on adjacent gravestones in a row within a stone border:

1. William Free Dennis died 19 September 1883 aged 78 years
2. George Thomas Pearce died 21 November 1882 aged 61 years
   Mary Pearce died 18 September 1901 aged 87 years
3. Ann Dennis died 3 December 1889 aged 78 years
4. Joseph Tilbuy died 9 January 1883 aged 79 years
5. Jane (wife of Joseph) Tilbury died 22 May 1884 aged 66 years

Numbers 6-9 were on one gravestone standing separately from the above row:

6. Ann (wife of Joseph) Tilbury died 17 June 1856 aged 61 years
7. Jane (daughter of Ann) died 1 March 1852 aged 14 years
8. Joseph Tilbury died 17 April 1877 aged 77 years
9. Joseph (son of Joseph) died 3 May 1865 aged 37 years

On a separate gravestone:

10. Rachel Tilbury died 4 December 1887 aged 65 years

Florence Woods (the youngest daughter of William Dennis Tilbury and Rosetta Weedon) made the following notes:

- Jane Tilbury nee Dennis (1818-1884) was the second wife of Joseph Tilbury (1804-1883)
- Mary Pearce was Jane's sister (born Dennis)
- Joseph & Ann T[ilbury] died 1877 & 1856 were Rosetta Tilbury (born Weedon)'s maternal grandparents

My thanks to their descendants for allowing me to publish Mr. & Mrs. Woods' research - C.

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The preceding items are the Intellectual Property of the Tilbury and other families mentioned above; no personal element (photos, family history) may be reproduced without written permission from their owners and descendants, nor used in any way for commercial purposes - November 2004.

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Additional Information

In order to assist other researchers, possible correlations are cited (from other researchers, the IGI, etc.), and given in italics.


Will of William TILBURY, Yeoman of Downley, West Wycombe, testator
Dated: 14 January 1692 Aylesbury, Buckingham (ref: AYL DA/WE 42/135)
____Mary TILBURY, Wife of William
____Joseph TILBURY, son of William
____Richard TILBURY, brother of William
____William TILBURY, son of William
____Robert TILBURY, son of William
____Mary TILBURY, daughter of William
____Hugh TILBURY, son of William
A Hugh TILBURY was Chr. 10 November 1673 West Wycombe, Buckingham
(Father: William TILBURY, Mother: Mary)
Will of Mary TILBURY, Widow of West Wiccombe, testator
Dated: 23 September 1712 Aylesbury, Buckingham (ref: AYL DA/WE 53/72)
____Robert TILBURY
__Beneficiary Executor:
____Mary TILBURY, daughter of Widow Mary of West Wiccombe
____Hugh TILBURY, son of Widow Mary of West Wiccombe

See 'Little Missenden Part 3' below

Will of John SILBY, Yeoman of Great Marlow, Buckingham, testator
Dated: 20 February 1727 Aylesbury, Buckingham (ref: AYL DA/WF 76/45)
____Ann TILLBY, daughter of John SILBY
____Joseph TILLBY of West Wicomb (husband of Ann [SILBY])
Will of Joseph TILBURY, Yeoman of Downley, West Wycombe, testator
Dated: 6 March 1745 Aylesbury, Buckingham (ref: AYL DA/WF 86/43)
__Beneficiary Executor:
____Joseph TILBURY, son of Joseph, Yeoman of Downley, West Wycombe
____[--] TILBURY, Wife of Joseph, Yeoman of Downley, West Wycombe
____John TILBURY, son of Joseph, Yeoman of Downley,West Wycombe
____Esther TILBURY, daughter of Joseph, Yeoman of Downley, West Wycombe
____Jane TILBURY, daughter of Joseph, Yeoman of Downley, West Wycombe

'Robert Tilbury', both snr. & jnr. are mentioned in several Wills as Witness; the identity of the - several? - Roberts is not clear (December 2004); a list of these Wills is on a separate page (link below).


John DARVILL Chr. 25 May 1748 Penn, Buckingham
m. Martha WINGROVE 11 March 1766; b. c.1749; Penn, Buckingham
__Ann DARVILL Chr. 29 June 1766 Penn, Buckingham
__Sarah DARVILL Chr. 20 March 1768 Penn, Buckingham


George JONES
m. Mary CARTER 10 June 1700 Chesham, Buckingham
George JONES
m. Mary
__Mary JONES Chr. 8 August 1704 Hughenden, Buckingham
__Ann JONES Chr. c.2 May 1709 Hughenden, Buckingham
__John JONES Chr. 2 March 1711 Hughenden, Buckingham


Francis RETHROP b. c.1643 Of, Great Hampden, Buckingham
m. Mary b. c.1644 Of, Great Hampden, Buckingham
__Mary RETHROP Chr. 15 June 1668 Great Hampden, Buckingham
__m. Thomas BRIANT 24 June 1697; d. 11 Jul 1737; Great Hampden, Buckingham
____Anne BRIAN Chr. 15 September 1698 Great Hampden, Buckingham
____Mary BRIAN Chr. 8 October 1700 Great Hampden, Buckingham
____Thomas BRIAN Chr. 6 February 1703 Great Hampden, Buckingham
____Elizabeth BRIAN Chr. 2 July 1704 Great Hampden, Buckingham
____Francis BRIANT Chr. 15 April 1706 Great Hampden, Buckingham
____Elizabeth BRIANT Chr. 22 September; burial: 28 October; 1709, Great Hampden, Buckingham
____Richard BRIEN or BRYANT Chr. 29 December 1712, Great Hampden; burial: 29 May 1762 Moulsoe; Buckingham
    [Thomas BRIANT
    m.(2) Elianor GRIMSDALE 21 December 1713; b. c.1672 'Of' Great Hampden, Buckingham]
__Francis RETHROP Chr. 1 June 1662, Great Hampden, Buckingham
__Robert RETHROP Chr. 16 May 1664 Great Hampden, Buckingham
__Abell RETHROP Chr. 12 May 1666 Great Hampden, Buckingham
__Ann RETHROP Chr. 6 February 1671 Great Hampden, Buckingham
__Elizabeth RETHROP b. 22 April, Chr. 9 June, 1660, Great Hampden, Buckingham


James WEEDON b. c.1803 Hughendon, Buckingham
m. Phoebe SAUNDERS 22 November 1828; Chr. 18 March 1804; Hughendon, Buckingham
(Father: William SAUNDERS, Mother: Elizabeth)
__Sara Saunders WEEDON Chr. 27 February 1831 Hughendon, Buckingham
__William WEEDON Chr. 22 September 1833 Hughendon, Buckingham; d. 5 October 1915
__Louisa WEEDON Chr. 7 February 1836 Hughendon, Buckingham
__James WEEDON Chr. 6 June 1841 Hughendon, Buckingham