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Will of ...

NB: the dates would seem to be the making of the Will, NOT Probate (by comparison to known dates of death for some testators)

Grace GROVE, spinster of Penn, Buckingham
__Dated: 27 December 1715 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-73/20)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY

Thomas RUSSELL, taylor of West Wycombe, Buckingham
__Dated: 27 November 1717 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WE-56/134)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY

Mary DENHAM, widow of Hambleden, Buckingham
__Dated: 17 June 1719 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-74/80)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY

Rolfe GRIFFIN, lathrender of West Wycombe, Buckingham
__Dated: 9 September 1719 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WE-56/124)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY

Mary WEATHERED, widow of Little Missenden, Buckingham
__Dated: 2 January 1723 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-74/147)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY (senior)

Thomas BIGGS of West Wycombe, Buckingham
__Dated: 18 April 1724 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WE-79/32)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY (senior)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY (junior)
__Witness: Mary TILBURY

Eleanor PLOMERIDGE of West Wycombe, Buckingham
__Dated: 3 January 1725 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-74/114)
__Named, Witness: Robert TILBURY

Robert MORRIS, yeoman of Bledlow, Buckingham
__Dated: 19 April 1725 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-78/216)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY (senior)

Mary RYMAN, widow of West Wycombe, Buckingham
__Dated: 20 April 1725 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-76/96)
__Beneficiary, Executor, Trustee: Robert TILBURY

Richard JONES, victualer of West Wycombe, Buckingham
__Dated: 15 May 1725 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-75/36)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY (senior)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY (junior)
[Also at: Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, Dashwood of West Wycombe 1510-1937]

John CHOWNE of Booker, West Wycombe, Buckingham
__Dated: 26 March 1728 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-76/52)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY

Richard MORRIS, yeoman of Fingest, Buckingham
__Dated: 12 November 1728 Aylesbury (ref: AYL/DA/WF-77/140)
__Witness: Robert TILBURY

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