Gervase of Tilbury

c. 1150-1235

From "The History of the Worthies of England"
by Thomas Fuller, Peter Austin Nuttall, 1840 (T. Tegg)
Google Books Online - Harvard University

Worthies of Essex: Writers - Reign of King John

page 516

"Gervase of Tilbury, born at that village in this county (since famous for a camp against the Spaniards in 88), is reported nephew to king Henry the Second. But, though Nepos be taken in the latitude thereof (to signify son to brother, sister, or child,) I cannot make it out by the door, and am loth to suspect his coming in by the window.

This Gervase may be said, by his nativity, to stand but on one foot (and that on tip-toes) in England, being born on the sea side, at the mouth of Thames; and therefore no wonder if he quickly conveyed himself over into foreign parts. He became courtier and favourite to his kinsman Otho the fourth emperor, who conferred on him the marshalship of the archbishopric of Arles (which proveth the imperial power in this age over some parts of Provence); an office which he excellently discharged. Though his person was wholly conversant in foreign air, his pen was chiefly resident on English earth, writing a chronicle of our land, and also adding illustrations to Geffrey Monmouth.

He flourished, anno 1210, under king John."

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