Dominus Richard of Tilbury

[A local lord or a cleric?]
Witness to Documents, Southchurch, Essex

Canterbury Cathedral Archives
Dean & Chapter

Chartae Antiquae

Quitclaim from William de herberi, to Richard of Southchurch, for a payment of 3s. 4d., payable by Joan (Richard's mother) for land she held of William in the vill of Southchurch; also for a payment of 12d., payable by Agnes (late wife of Godfrey pain) for land which she held of William in the said vill; Richard has paid 4 marks as a gersum fine (endorsed with 'Willeme del herberi' in late 13thC hand and description and 'S' in 14thC hand) (ref.CCA-DCc-ChAnt/S/172).

Undated [mid 13th century]
Witnesses: Dominus Robert de briwes, Dominus Richard of Tilbury, Dominus Simon perdiz, Dominus Walter de sancto Johanne, William buteler, John de Torp, Walter of Southchurch, Thomas de Wulfwarde, Richard de cratinge, John picot.


Grant from Agnes, late wife of Wigor Payn, to Richard of Southchurch: 4 acres in the vill of Southchurch; also an annual payument of 12d. payable by Simon son of William Bober for 1 acres of land which he held of her in the same vill in the same field; for annual payments of 1 rose to Agnes and 12d. to William de Orckeri; Richard has paid 40s. as a gersum fine (endorsed with description in 14thC hand, 'anneys payn' in late 13thC hand and 'Soutcherch'' in 14thC hand) (ref.CCA-DCc-ChAnt/S/124).

Undated [late 13th century]
Witnesses: Dominus Richard of Tilbury, William Butiler, John de torp, Walter of Southchurch, John Terri, Jordan Butiler, Brice of Shoebury.

Dominus: more probably lord of the manor, a local lord, having power over property ownership and as a judge within his area of authority; or, a cleric, a learned person. (1381: Peasants' Revolt)


"A Medieval Moated Manor by the Thames Estuary: Excavations at Southchurch Hall, Southend, Essex" by Nigel Brown, ISBN.1.85281.238.9

East Anglian Archaeology report 115
"Throughout the medieval period the manor of Southchurch Hall belonged to Christ Church Canterbury, and many of its tenants were prominent in local and national politics."

"The excavations revealed the remains of an early 13th-century manorial centre enclosed by a ditch and then a moat."

"Southend Borough Council acquired the hall, which was extensively restored in the late 1920s and opened as a branch library in 1931, with the earthworks preserved as a public park."

British History Online: Essex

"Chafford hundred remained always with the Crown. In the 13th century it was customarily farmed by the bailiff. In the period 12735 it was stated that under Henry III the farm had usually been 5, but that it had been increased to 20 marks by Richard of Southchurch, sheriff in 12657, (17) against whom the men of the hundred levelled various charges of extortion and defalcation, and especially that of failing to pay for provisions taken from them in 1267 for the use of the king's troops, then besieging London. (18)"

(17) "Rot. Hund. (Rec. Com.), i. 148, 156."
(18) "Ibid. 1489; H. M. Cam, Hundred and Hundred Rolls, 101."

Holy Trinity, Southchurch

"Southchurch has earlier documentary evidence than any other church in south-east Essex."

"... the oldest parts of the present church date back to the year 1150. The chancel probably dates from about 1250 AD."

"There is a 13th century piscina on the south wall."

"Near the ancient font is displayed a list of 48 Rectors since the year 1287."

"... memorials ... on the walls and floor to Lords of the Manors of Southchurch and Thorpe. There is some reason to believe that the bodies of Leofstan, and of Sir Richard de Southchurch (died 1294) may be buried beneath the church, near the Easter Sepulchre."

From the Southchurch Village Website

"The Manor of Southchurch was donated to the monks of Holy Trinity, Canterbury (Christ Church, Cathedral, Priory), before the Norman Conquest."

"... the manor ... was held at "fee-ferme" by the de Southchurch family from the mid-12th to the mid-14th centuries."

"Sir Richard de Southchurch (III), c.1225-1293, was Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire in 1265-1267 and also perhaps c.1272, and in 1279-1283 he was the King's Steward of the Liberty of Rochford."

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Southchurch Hall Museum

"Southchurch Hall museum is housed in the half-timbered medieval manor house, which dates to the early 14th century."
Open to visitors, particularly school parties.
Southchurch Hall Close, Southend on Sea, Essex, UK
Tel: (01702) 467671

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