Footprints in the Snow

Footprints in the Snow

squirrel prints in the snow 

Squirrel Prints in the Snow

     I live in Vermont and only became interested in genealogy after I retired.  I was primarily interested in the Storm and Prichard lines of my family, however my son provided me with the Seglem family tree after he returned from studying in Russia and Norway.  After doing a little research, I found that none of the Seglem data was available online, hence, the decision to create some web pages devoted to Seglem, Storm and Prichard.
    Without further ado, here is the link to Seglem; the others will follow:




        My 'home' interests (besides computers) are cats and gardening, but I'll spare you the gardening part.  There are 3 cats in the household; 1 Persian and two Ragdolls (yes, that's a recognized breed).