Seglem etc

Seglem  etc.

    These pages came into being as I have some information regarding a lineage of Seglems which had, to the best of my knowledge, not been documented before online.  With that in mind, I am struggling to learn HTML in order to make the information available to those that are searching for 'other' Seglems.


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The child is Marjorie, Anna's daughter by her first marriage


Anna Christine Larson and Carl Peder Seglem
(Taken about the time of their marriage)

    The information I have relates to Carl Peder Seglem who was married to Anna Christine Larson. The tree for Carl Peder Seglem is found at the link below. The father of Carl Peder Seglem immigrated from Norway around 1876. 

     The little information I have regarding Anna Christine is at the link below.  Her ancestors came from Denmark.  Should you have additional data on Anna, please be so kind as to let  me know at the email address at the bottom of this page.

    Interested in doing more research regarding your Norwegian ancestors?  Click my Norway links below.

    I am also researching information regarding: Storm and Prichard.   Those pages will be added later.




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