1000 Vital Records from 1865 Broome Co., NY Census

1000 Vital Records from 1865 Broome Co., NY Census


The following records have been extracted from the 2 reels of microfilm of the 1865 New York State Census.

Some records were very difficult to read, even with spot checking against census records. And there are many variations in spelling of names. Therefore, the data will not work well with a search engine or finder, so it is presented in spreadsheet format, sorted alphabetically by surname for ease in browsing. You may expect to see, for example, several people with the last name of Brown but residing in different towns of Broome County.

Columns listed for MARRIAGES are the names of the Bride and Groom, their age, their pre-civil condition prior to marriage, such as single, widowed or divorced, the date of marriage, the City or Town where married, the clergy affiliation of minister or civil magistrate who performed the marriage ceremony, and the census district from the 1865 state census.

Columns listed for DEATHS are Name, Age, Sex, Color, Marital Status, Date of Death, Native State or Country of Origin, Trade or Occupation, Cause of Death and Census Town.

Bold print indicates that the record was illegible.
The last column lists the census town so that the microfilms may be checked to verify any records in question or to view the actual census for that family.

LDS microfilm # 0808828 is alphabetical and includes the towns from Barker to Kirkwood
LDS microfilm # 0808829 is alphabetical and includes the towns from Lisle to Windsor

To learn how to order microfilms visit the LDS site:
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Family Search

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303   Deaths in Broome County, NY 1864/65

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184   Marriages (Sorted by Groom) in Broome County, NY 1864/65

184   Marriages (Sorted by Bride) in Broome County, NY 1864/65

357   Veterans Deaths in Broome County 1864/65

Contains information about the regiment of each veteran, and place and circumstances of their deaths.

Veteran Deaths A-J       Veteran Deaths K-Z

Civil War Regiments & Rosters

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