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ALDRIDGE, T E 18821926
AVERY, Thomas 05-18-19155-31-1915 son of T R & L M Avery
BALL, Elmer 19151918
BATELER, G E 01-12-188009-30-1905
BATES, Chancy 08-22-190009-03-1900
BATES, Jesse E 10-31-189102-03-1969
BATES, Minnie 18661935 Mother
BATES, Nora M 10-07-189703-15-1918
BATES, W W 18601926Father
BELL, George H 18791971
BELL, Minnie Ola 18811950
BENNETT, S S 18861907 hand written concrete
BIBLE, Almira M 0?-14-185801-01-1930
BIBLE, Charles Henry 10-02-189806-07-50
BIBLE. Dena Ethel 11-02-1898 10-11-1989
BIBLE, Francis LaFawn 07-01-193210-28-1932
BIBLE, George Thomas 02-09-189407-18-1904 son of J C and A M BIBLE
BIBLE, John George 03-18-194407-13-1913
BIBLE, Lillie Myrtle 12-13-190111-03-1971
BIBLE, Paul Isaac 10-15-1896 12-05-1980 WWII
BOATMAN, K M 02-06-188409-22-1947
BOATMAN, Lela 02-29-188411-05-1963 wife of K M BOATMAN
BOATMAN, Walter M 11-14-190912-29-1969 Oklahoma CM 2, US Navy WWII
BOSTICK, John 1853 1902 Raised Letters on concrete
BOTELER, C E 01-12-188009-30-1905
BREWER, L C 05-16-192110-13-1921
BROWDER, Dwane 1937 1945
BROWN, Arra Elizabeth 11-05-187802-04-1919
BROWN, Baby no dateno dateson of P D and A R BROWN
BULLARD, W W 12-21-186511-16-1920
BURNS, Shirley Ann 05-13-194505-21-1945
CAMPBELL, E N 05-21-1847 11-11-1922
CAMPBELL, E N 09-13-1879 03-06-1900
CAMPBELL, Emma 1878 1904
CAMPBELL, F R 03-06-1852 02-04-1915wife of S N CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL, G R 09-11-1874 04-14-1940 husband of Mary L
CAMPBELL, Mary L 11-08-1875 01-09-1912wife of G R CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL, ROY 09-06-1901 10-10-1901son of C R CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL, S B 05-21-1847 11-11-1922
CAMPBELL, Sarah Alice 03-26-187212-06-1959
CAMPBELL,S B 01-04-1892 05-04-1892
CARSON, Baby 01-24-1902 01-02-1908 son of WW/MA Carson
CARSON, Nancy Ann 01-03-1824 06-15-1917 m to Kit Carson's bro
CLARK, Mary Ruby 01-01-190604-08-1907dau of W J/D M CLARK
COOK, E A 03-02-189012-26-1943
CRUMB, Martin O 1880 1931
DANIEL, James M 10-03-187502-25-1914
DANIEL, Otis 09-06-190810-16-1908son of J T/L B DANIEL
DANIELL, Jesse Frederick 07-10-190811-30-1992
DANIELL, Willie Lea 10-27-188809-26-1975
DARBY, Mary Sue 09-15-191401-24-1929
DAVIDSON, Cora BROWN 03-24-189404-08-1938
DAVIDSON, Ida Mae 19061984 MOTHER
DAVIDSON, Isaac H 1896 1946 FATHER
DAVIDSON, Samuel E 04-21-1901 10-16-1950*Pvt 843 Engr Aun Bn WWII
DAVIDSON, Walter C 7-18-1893 11-22-1949
DAVIS, Eddie Ray 05-12-1944 10-29-1998
DAVIS, Edna 01-20-189304-25-1930wife of G E DAVIS
DAVIS, George E 12-19-189008-03-1973
DAVIS, James W 07-12-191707-27-1977
DAVIS, Infant 04-22-193004-25-1930son of G E/Edna Davis
DEARING, Lula A 02-27-187502-12-1955
DEARING, James W 01-10-186012-24-1934
DeSHAZO, Minnie L 06-03-189501-03-1915wife of G L DESHAZO
DICKERSON, Elmer Byron 09-09-188402-12-1976
DICKERSON, Jewel (Mrs E B) 07-15-188704-07-1961
DICKERSON, J A 08-06-185909-11-1930
DICKERSON, Marvin Elgin 08-28-191006-22-1911
DICKERSON, Nannie E 10-30-185902-04-1933
DODSON, John Malcolm 18551933
DREW, Jimno dates
ENLOW, Betty Jo 05-09-192508-16-1926
ESTOLL, B L 11-29-187603-22-1943
FAIN, George F 18741939
FENNEL, Jessie F 03-13-190812-28-1977
FENNEL, Lige F 18821951
FENNEL, Mary 18881971
FENNEL, Roberta L 09-14-192701-10-1944
FENNEL, Ruth Rosa 06-07-191501-31-1939
FENNEL, Warren 19201950
FITZGERALD, Gene Douglas03-18-192806-03-1950Okla CN US Navy, WWII
FOWLER, Cheryl Lemoyne 09-09-193809-13-1938dau of Charlie/Leora FOWLER
FRASER, Howard Harrison 18921950
FRASER, Mary E 18631936 wife of Sidney S
FRAZIER, Mrs. J H 18781904
FRASER, Sydney S 18611946
GARTON, Billy 02-29-19412-29-1941
GARTON, Infant 01-24-190701-07-1908son of W M/M A Garton
GILLSTRAP, Allene 11-15-190812-16-1964
GILLSTRAP XVI, John Charles 03-29-189301-19-1973
HALE, Rufus Booker 09-15-187501-17-1916
HALE, Sophia Marinda 18831927
HARLESS, Hattie T 188202-22-1928We will Meet Again
HASSELL, Della K 18871950
HASSELL, Joyce 09-06-191511-11-1915 dau of W H/Della
HASSELL, Roy Dale 05-05-192211-23-1944Pvt Anti-Tank Co, WWII*
HASSELL, William Henry 18861949
HENRY, Charley W 09-05-188306-13-1967
HENRY, Mayme C 11-07-189406-21-1990
HOWARD, Iris Inez 191003-28-1911 dau of R B/L L HOWARD
HOWARD, Lillie Lou Ella 09-12-189907-01-1991
HOWARD, Lucille no date11-23-1908 07-27-1994
HOWARD, Lyda Lemoine 08-23-186802-03-1932
HOWARD, Rufas Bell 04-23-186007-05-1934FATHER
HOWARD, Rufus Murray 07-14-189206-23-1954 OK Sgt 42 Co ll, Rec BN WWII
HOWARD, Talmadge V12-08-189908-12-1960Texas CMI, USNR WWII
HOWINGTON, F I 08-12-186803-11-1903 wife of W H HOWINGTON
HOWINGTON,Infant 02-09-190302-20-1903 son of W H & F I
HOWINGTON, Mabel 10-20-188910-27-1893 dau of W H/F I
HOWINGTON, W H 10-17-186006-05-1909
HUSBAND, Catherine 18321916
HUSBAND, Infant no date12-26-1910 son of W G/Ethel HUSBAND
HUSBAND, John R 07-05-185712-27-1941
HUSBAND, Sarah E 02-13-185901-16-1934
IVY, Cecil J 03-19-190912-12-1913
JENKINS, Raymond W 04-06-190610-25-1982
JONES, Little Monte no date1904
JORDON, Sallie H 18891937
KEETON, Fannie A 18631935 wife of Sidney KEETON
KEETON, Edna 06-17-190406-07-1981
KEETON, Fred 05-22-189901-24-1988
KEETON, Mollie Lee 09-03-188806-28-1988
KEETON, Sidney Canada 06-22-188302-22-1971
KEETON, Sidney W 18621922
KENMORE, 08-07-192208-07-1922 son of F H/Faye KENMORE
KENMORE, 04-13-192504-13-1925son of F H/Faye KENMORE
KENMORE, Doris Oleta 06-18-192901-12-2000
KENMORE, Herschel G 11-14-192303-22-2003
KENNEDY, Vera Bell08-11-1910 06-24-1911
KIRBY, Anna Bell09-12-191609-12-1999
KIRBY, Babyno dateno date
KIRBY, Betty Louise 12-13-193208-08-1934
KIRBY, Bobby Joe 11-28-194312-30-1966
KIRBY, Jack 07-09-191209-12-2001
KIRBY, Jerry Wayne 02-17-194212-17-1965
KIRBY, Jimmy Dale 02-21-195010-13-1982
LANGSTON, B L 10-15-186103-01-1924
LANGSTON,Imogene FRANCIS 08-21-190210-07-1980
LANGSTON, Emma 03-28-186507-14-1957 wife of B L
LANGSTON, John Mathis 05-26-189501-26-1973
LANKFORD, William M 05-08-185505-09-1935
LAWLER, J H 18791894
LEWIS, Fred 07-26-189409-13-1931
LEWIS, N M 19001953
LEWIS, Mary C 02-19-186110-20-1910 wife of N M
LEWIS, Nevel Monroe18511900
LOWE, Benjamin 08-16-189510-08-1918
LOWE, James 03-21-189506-22-1916
MARTIN, Mary Temple 11-29-187703-28-1900wife of L E MARTIN
MARTIN, 11-13-191311-13-1907son of L E/Mary MARTIN
McENDREE, Alvin C 03-17-187901-03-1963FATHER
McENDREE, Mamie L 11-06-188709-21-1950MOTHER
McENDREE, Roberta 09-14-192701-10-1944
McENDREE, Ruth Rosa 06-07-191501-31-1939
McGEE, Baby 02-26-193502-27-1935 son of Marshall/Lola
McGEE, H B 01-17-190204-14-1952
McGEE, J B 05-29-191405-17-1915
McGEE, Lola Maybelle 03-27-190305-21-1982
McGEE, Marshall Lawing/b> 06-22-190308-02-1978
McGEE, Nola B 08-08-191010-18-1914
McGEE, Robert Blair 06-03-185105-26-1940
McGEE, Miss Rose10-13-188312-13-1958
McGEE, Samuel Lawing11-12-187203-16-1958
McGEE, Willie E09-14-188011-15-1969
McILHANEY, Lee Ellen09-30-192612-12-1966
McLAUGHLIN, Ida Mae Edgar07-02-1886.
McLAUGHLIN, William Steve10-02-188007-21-1961
MILLS, Alice Sheriff06-24-187301-27-1911
MILLS, Clarence "C D"09-28-190711-22-1991
MILLS, Georgie Virginia19132001
MILLS, Jesse Samuel19091965
MILLS, Lee Onia10-31-191009-20-1991
MILLS, Paula Jay19441944
MONROE, Terry Don19511966
MOORE, Infant 07-02-189807-02-1898dau of S J/S E MOORE
MOORE, Samuel James18561924
MOORE, Susie Eno date1925wife of S J MOORE
MOORE, Minnie M09-21-1890 01-24-1931 wife of Walter W
MOORE, Walter W01-23-189103-19-1963
MURRAY, J D05-24-189412-26-1899
MURRAY,Infant02-24-190205-06-1902 son of J N/G A
MYERS, Charlie Lee07-09-190701-20-1972
MYERS, Daisy08-10-188404-27-1942
MYERS, Nathaniel Louis01-01-191910-23-1998**WWII
MYERS, Orlando Louis01-12-188412-03-1953
MYERS, Woodrow Wilson06-19-191407-15-1952
NELSON, Edna03-24-189410-26-1989
NELSON, Elizabeth and Baby01-06-186208-28-1907
NELSON, Harold Lee10-06-192606-18-1979
NELSON, Horace E04-24-185910-26-1929
NELSON, James E10-31-188203-28-1949
NELSON, L G "Doc"18901956
NORTH, Edna Fern01-26-1947.
ODOM, George W18591930
ODOM, Nannie18771955
PARKER, Charles18781904
PARKER, Infant 04-29-190905-05-1909 son of G W/S M
PARKER, Sophia Maranda 01-25-188310-14-1927
PARKER, Viola 04-07-190605-14-1906
PAYNE, Lebert A "Doc" 05-21-191505-25-1949
PERTLE, Infant 03-01-190203-02-1902dau of I J/L A PERTLE
PERTLE, Mary 06-07-189311-11-1907
POOLE, Mosail 10-08-192612-03-1926
POWELL, J Henry 189810-26-1982
POWELL, Jackie R 11-11-193611-12-1936
POWELL, Mary E 18961959 wife of J Henry
POWELL, Mary L 01-01-193801-08-1938
POWELL, Vera O 01-29-193302-08-1933
PRICE, Carol Jean 19421942
RAMBO, A K 05-18-184702-26-1918
RAMBO, M L 01-07-184911-26-1901
RIVERS, Bessie 05-08-188502-11-1920
RIVERS, J R 08-12-186710-02-1932
RIVERS, Luther L05-27-191001-11-1970
RIVERS, Margie SMITH08-04-191106-10-1993
RIVERS, Robert Elder18881959
RIVERS, Robert L 04-06-188002-22-1931
ROBERTS Ollie 09-07-187201-15-1905wife of G S ROBERTS
ROBINSON, Amelia 01-25-1873 09-26-1921wife of G W ROBINSON
ROBINSON, Earl G 08-26-1906 07-22-1923 son of G W/M E A ROBINSON
ROBINSON, Ethel 01-06-1902 08-04-1979
ROBINSON, George W 11-29-186905-17-1951
ROBINSON, J M 1927 1927
ROLLINS, Charles one date04-24-1931son of Leroy/Ola ROLLINS
ROLLINS, Leroy 09-13-194609-18-1946son of Leroy/Ola ROLLINS
ROLLINS, Leroy E 11-11-190809-14-1987
ROLLINS, Ola E 08-23-191006-10-1998
ROLLINS, Roxie A 03-07-194103-23-1941 dau of Leroy/Ola ROLLINS
ROPER, T F 10-03-185910-11-1900
SANDEFER, M J 10-18-187912-11-1921
SCHELL, Letha Myldred 11-27-191006-12-1999
SCHULTZ, Mary Malinda 03-11-192503-08-1962dau of T A & Florence
SCOTT, Iola Lee 03-29-187206-01-1894 wife of F A Scott
SELLS, Willie 04-24-189511-12-1975WW1 USArmy PVT
SHERIFF, Alice Mills 06-24-187301-22-1911
SHERIFF, Baby 07-18-191407-18-1914child of T A/Florence SHERIFF
SHERIFF, Clarisa M 05-00-184810-00-1926Mother
SHERIFF, Ethel Pauline 10-12-191802-05-1996
SHERIFF, Florence 18851970 wife of T A SHERIFF
SHERIFF, Homer Clifton 04-00-190201-00-1906son of T A/Lottie
SHERIFF, J A 8-??-184712-??-1928 Father
SHERIFF, J F 08-11-186703-17-1900
SHERIFF, Joe Bob 04-20-191311-27-1990
SHERIFF, Lottie E 08-00-187304-00-1904wife of T A Sheriff
SHERIFF, Murie 18811973
SHERIFF, Samuel H 18761958
SHERIFF, T A 18741937
SHIPLETT, William Bertrand 04-19-190711-17-1908
SIMMONS, Elbert 04-11-189502-24-1904
SIMMONS, Myrl 07-06-191007-06-1910dau of George/Minnie Bell
SIMMONS, William G 19301979
SLATON, Ida E 03-01-187503-04-1939 wife of James A
SLATEN, Aron P 18741957
SLATEN, Dora M 07-11-187107-11-1905
SLATEN, Ila 18861928
SLATON, J L 18861928
SLATON, James A 06-26-187106-04-1848
SLATON, Lloyd 18981951
SLATON, Madalene 11-24-189802-07-1997wife of Loyd Slaton
SLATEN, Sam H 08-28-190001-05-1950Private Oklahoma M D WWII
SMITH, A J 05-17-185412-14-1916
SMITH, Ruby 05-16-190903-06-1974
SMITH, M F 18671906
SMITH, William F 10-17-190402-25-1991
SMITH, William Loyd 02-01-189202-11-1960
STATON, Ida E 03-01-187503-04-1939
STOLL, B L No Dates
TAPLEY, Ethel M 09-06-189805-15-1916 dau of J J/D A
TAYLOR, James 11-27-190012-15-1922BROTHER
TAYLOR, Mary L 06-27-187906-17-1911wife of W H Taylor
TAYLOR, W L 18731911
TOLAR, Deloris Dawn 02/04/193702-04-1937
TOLAR, Larry Milton 02/27/1938 03/28/1938
TOLAR, Mabel 11-27-190607-25-1999
TOLAR, Mary J18661956 wife of Matt T
TOLAR, Matt L 03-12-190503-07-1997
TOLAR, Matt T18641938
VANN, Norma Dee 03-15-193509-21-1940
WADE, George Kuykendall 06-29-191404-05-1997
WADE, Fannie 18761970
WADE, Marshall Ney1 8711963 Wed Feb 22, 1894
WALKUP, Cynthia J 18551935 MOTHER
WALKUP, Ellen 09-17-188411-08-1956
WALKUP, John J 05-14-188103-23-1947
WALKUP, Jonathan N 18601948FATHER
WEST, Infantno dateno dateson of m/m John WEST
WEST, John Elton06-03-189710-31-1975
WEST, Opal07-12-191206-11-1913dau of T R/Mamie WEST
WEST, Velma19282003
WEST, Velma Dean12-8-190410-20-1985
WILLIAMS, Albert S05-00-186801-00-1948 husband of Flora L
WILLIAMS, Esther05-190201-1925 wife of Johnie S
WILLIAMS, Flora L08-1878 08-1917 wife of Albert S Williams
WILLIAMS, Martha Nettie10-03-187302-09-1951
WILLIAMS, Robin11-190906-1910 dau of Albert S/Flora L
WILLIAMS, W C 03-09-185009-25-1895
WILSON, Adaline18361909Mother
WILSON, Rosa V18701946
WOLFF, Steven Ray19601977
WOOD, Carl A06-05-188907-11-1978
WOOD, Carrie10-10-189008-21-1985
WOOD, Ivan L10-16-191105-25-1981
WOOD, Ruby Lela01-27-190705-14-1988 wed Willis Ed 12-21-1930
WOOD, Velma 09-21-192109-21-1921 Stone, Kentucky
WOOD, Willis Edward 06-10-1906one date

* above HASSELL, Ray Dale 324th Inf 44th Div, killed in action WWII
** above MYERS, Nathaniel L Sgt U S Army WWII Purple Heart

A message on a Wooden Cross near the McGee family reads:
There is no coffin beyond this marker...Only Roots.
This marker serves as a Monument to a man who cut a wide swath and whose roots run deep in this land between the Rivers.
Cato Russell McGee, brought forth by his creator in Bethel Oklahoma, Oct 2, 1916,
reclaimed by his creator in Deville, Louisiana Feb 3, 1999.

In southeastern Harmon County. From the traffic light in Hollis, US-62 and US-30, travel east 3 miles, turn SOUTH. (Sign for Harmon County Dairy on the north side of HWY). Turn south 8 miles, pass Martin Church and LaCasa School this paved road curves, travel East two miles turn south again to tree line and Louis Sign, cemetery is west 3/10 mi into field. Louis/Bethel Cemetery is well cared for, fenced and mowed.
A post office from April 25, 1891 to April 30, 1925. Named for Louis Goemann, first postmaster. Lewis Hill School was formed from the consolidation of Bethel and Purvis Hill schools in 1939.
First list 1970 by Margress Nelson Davidson and Ruby Nelson Crabb, new gravestones added by their sister Earlene Nelson Stegall 2001. Updated August 2003 by Jeanette Perrin Coaly over 300 listings. Past caretaker and record keepers: Mrs. Mabel Tolar and currently Kirk Wade.

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