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ANDERSON, Joseph15 Oct 184213 Jan 1913
ASHLEY, James Oral4 Dec 192830 Nov 1930son of Leonard & Gertie
BELL, Mrs Emmano date01 Nov 1938
BLAKE, Bettie E09 Jun 187813 Apr 1918wife of L S
BREWER, Randell Wade21 Jul 1930 son of Everett & Velma
BRUCE, MrsMarker
CARTER, Edgar E 188722 Dec 1927
CARTER, Ernest07 Feb 190730 Jan 1925
CARTER, Georgia Ellen188522 Dec 1927
CAVENER, Mrs Clovice25 Mar 186624 Jan 1915
CHENAULT, James Orlando18681938
CLANTON, Vernon13 Jun 189228 Jul 1911son of W H and M E
CLANTON, W H27 May 183231 Aug 1906
COLE, R E18681918
COLLIER, InfantDau of Isam & Essie Mae
COLLIER, Essie Mae11 May 189122 Jan 1919 Wife of Isam
COPE, Alvin D23 Nov 192023 Nov 1920 Our Darling
COX,MarkerTwo Graves
CRISWELL,MarkerThree Graves
CRUMES, Ruby Jean19 Sep 1929Dau of Everett & Ruby
CUNNINGHAM, James C18641936
CUNNINGHAM, Mollie Patton18701962
CURREY, Mattie L18561925
CURREY, Wesley18481942
DAWSON,MarkerTwo Graves
DAWSON, David25 Feb 192330 Jan 1924
DUDLEY, Hazel Christine3 Sep 19089 Oct 1909
Dau of L E and M L
DUDLEY, L E18811965
DUDLEY, Mertie L18831965
EMERSON, Russell A10 Feb 19251 Mar 1925
EVERSON, William18441922
EVERSON, Levinia18491926
EVINS, Barbara Ellen23 Apr 1930
FELLERS, William G26 Mar 184829 Mar 1937
FORD, Oscar H189618 Sep 1930
FORD, Baby12Apr 192712 Apr 1927
FRASER, Jennie E06 Oct 187712 Mar 1907 wife of J E FRASER
GILLIAM, David C13 Jan 184415 Aug 1916Co A IAL A CAV
GILLIAM, Earl4 Feb 1926
GILLIAM, Katherine19021904
GILLIAM, Kathy E3 Sep 19498 Jan 1950
GILLIAM, L A18681945
GILLIAN, Mildred4 Jun 193015 Nov 1987
GILLIAM, Nettie E18741927
GILLIAM, Thomas19301938
GILLIAM, William L190219001970
HALL, Mattie OJul 188022 Nov 1953
HALL, Samuel A30 Apr 187214 Jan 1935
HARKINS, MrsMarker
HARKINS, InfantMarker
HARPER, MrsMarker
HELMS, William Cardwell17 Nov 19344 Jul 1938
HELMS, Mary Carolina02 Mar 184528 May 1918
HELMS, Zeph28 May 183023 Dec 1916
HOLMES, Anna12 Mar 190011 May 1911
HOLMES, Anna06 May 190222 Jun 1902 dau of W P and M B
HOLMES, Mac2 Oct 190111 May 1906
HOOPER,MarkerSix Graves
HOOPER, Eliza Sue18641951
HOOPER, Marian Francis18621936
HUGHES, Bessie17 May 191724 May 1917
JESSE, Mary26 Nov 187403 Aug 1924
JOHNSON,MarkerTwo Graves
JONES,MarkerSix Graves
JONES, I C20 May 186610 Oct 1918
JONES, Martin185619..
JONES, Phebe28 Sep 183429 Jun 1917Wife of James
JONES, Susan18541927Mother
KELLY, AnnieMarkerdau of Jon KELLY
KELLEY, Dordas Margaretta10 Dec 184620 Feb 1917Wife of Wm H
KELLEY, William H16 Sep 184615 Sep 1932 Father
KERLEY, B184724 Jun 1904
KING, Chris Junior20 Jan 192103 Jul 1998WWII USArmy Pvt
KING, Nettie27 Apr 189613 Oct 1923wife of W C KING
KING, Paul25 Nov 192204 Apr 1942
KINGERY, Aaron J08 Aug 190506 Nov 1932
KINGERY, Effie Mae2 Aug 188915 Feb 1987
KINGERY, George E10 Jun 188306 Oct 1945 Wed Effie Mae 1 Nov 1901
KNIGHT, Gladys May05 May 190304 Aug 1912dau of G C and A L
LAND,MarkerTwo Graves
LANNING, Tennie25 Sep 187107 Mar 1936Made by Esther Chester
LANNING, Will18701929Made by Esther Chester
LEESE, Mrs AveryMarker
LEESE, Mr AveryMarker
LEESE, Donald Bob30 Dec 192713 Sep 1933
LEESE, Utah Eliza4 May 191523 Feb 1921
LINDSEY, Addie18721948
LINDSEY, G R18661936
LIVINGSTON, Eliza M18881932
LIVINGSTON, John I18821945
McADAMS, Oscar M3 Sep 185511 Feb 1944
MARGRAVE, Eliza McCauley11 Oct 187531 Dec 1931Wife of S J
MCCAULEY, Mary Ann13 Feb 184428 Feb 1912
MCCAULEY, Willie24 Aug 183418 Aug 1903
MEEK, Edgar Ferrian20 Apr 192802 Mar 1929
MILLER, David03 Feb 190426 Mar 1904
MILLER, Mrs Hattie19 Dec 187726 Mar 1904FIRST GRAVE
MILLER, Joseph S15 Nov 186910 Dec 1953 Husband
MITCHELL, Mae Bell Price2 Nov 190621 Dec 1983
MOORE, Gladys19091934
MOORE, Joe18921957
MOORE, MrMarker
MOYERS, Flora Belle12 Aug 188218 Jan 1914
OFFORD,StoneNo DatesA Glorious Resurrection
OWEN, Lizzie19 Oct 186919 Jul 1916
OWEN, Prucille14 Dec 18455 Aug 1904
OWEN, W L9 Mar 185023 Jul 1928
OWEN, Mrs W L11 Dec 185329 Sep 1929
PALMER,unmarkedTwo Graves
PATTON, John E18721929
PAYNE, OtisMarker18 Mar 1934
PAYNE, PaulineMarker
PILGRIM, John J18501910
POOL, Hazel Christine03 Aug ....09 Oct 1909
PRICE,MarkerFour Graves
PRICE, Bessie AltaAug 17, 1925Aug 17, 1925Infant of C Harvey & Alta
PRICE, C L03 Sep 188004 Jun 1942
PRICE, Harvey JrOct 18, 1926Apr 26, 1932Son of C Harvey & Alta
PRICE, Jeffie3 Feb 188215 Oct 1962
PRICE, William AustinNov 20, 1929Apr 19, 1931Son of C Harvey & Alta
PULLAM, MrMarker
PULLAM, MrsMarker
READY, ChildrenunmarkedTwo Graves
READY, Mrs. HenryMarkerNov 1920
READY, WillisMarker1834
REEVES,MarkerFive Graves
REEVES, BabyMarker04 Sep 1924
REEVES, BabyMarker20 Sep 1926
REEVES, James L18861931
RICHARDSON, Charlie LMarker5 Jun 1921Pvt142 I no 36 Div NM
RICHARDSON, Emma5 Feb 18611 Jan 1925
RICHARDSON, R E20 Sep 185721 Aug 1933
RICHESON, J B08 Nov 188917 Mar 1947
RICHESON, Jacob R08 Sep 185825 Apr 1946
RICHESON, Mattie M3 Mar 18734 Dec 1950
RIVERS, Mary Louisa Owen10 Feb 190812 Mar 1925
RODRIGUEZ, Mrs E J9 Sep 186l6 Feb 1942
ROPER, Ernest Otto22 Dec 190616 Sep 1907Son of J W and Sarah
ROPER, Etta Myrtle19 Jan 18928 May 1911
ROPER, Eva Pearl Turner10 Nov 188912 May 1910
ROPER, Sarah E29 Sep 186526 Jan 1907
ROSS,no datemarker broken
ROSS, Ben F18431927
ROSS, Eliza18471929
ROSS, Irby Fay14 Dec 19107 May 1911
SCHELL, Joseph F18 Apr 18897 Aug 1918
SCHELL, Leonard E10 Feb 188112 Jan 1941
SCHELL, Bridget31 Mar 186219 Nov 1942
SCHELL, Joseph13 Oct 185621 May 1925
SHERWOOD,MarkersTwo Graves
SHOOK, H T26 Jun 1854 02 May 1921
SHOOK, R C17 Apr 186112 Jan 1932
SKINNER,MarkerThree Graves
SKINNER, Carolyn SueMarker
SKINNER, Chenaultno datebroken stone
SKINNER, Frederick A15 Oct 184813 Oct 1924
SKINNER, N C22 Oct 19052 Jun 1906dau of W F and V E
SKINNER, Virginia A13 Oct 18724 Jul 1944
SKINNER, William F20 Nov 186128 Nov 1935
SPRADLIN, Carolyn Sue19401942
SULLIVAN, John C20 Mar 189715 Jan 1914son of J M and C V
TACKETT, John J18811955
TACKETT, Lucindy C18 Dec 184918 Sep 1926
THOMPSON, Ella Marie21 Nov 1929 19 Nov 1936
THOMPSON,Willie Guy26 Aug 188123 Oct 1959
THOMPSON, Matilda Moss 24 Aug 188607 Oct 1932
TRUSSLER, Charley M18801941
TRUSSLER, Eva15 Aug 190712 Aug 1910Dau of Mr & Mrs Chas
TRUSSLER, Jennie18821969
TURNER, Eva Pearl10 Nov 188912 May 1910
WARD, BabyMarkerchild of G J WARD
WARD, Bob W18751951Father
WARD, Lorena Mae19021946
WARD, Moranda Bell18801926Mother
WATERS, MrMarker
WATERS, MrsMarker
WATERS, James Harvey19001924
WEBB, Floyd R10 Aug 19176 Mar 1920
WEST, MrMarker
WEST, MrsMarker

ADDITION:Altus Times, Sunday, November 16, 1941, pg 3, Column A

Pilcher Rites to be Held Sunday in Eldorado Church

Last rites are to be held at 2:00 Sunday at First Baptist Church in Eldorado for D S Pilcher, farmer, who died at 11:26 am Friday at his home. The service will be conducted by Reverend Whitlock and burial will be made at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery.

Pilcher died following an illness of the past eight months. He was born February 20, 1887 in Georgia. He married Miss Lottie Hughes and the couple moved from Georgia to Eldorado 15 years ago.

Survivors include his wife, Mrs D S Pilcher, one son, Clifford Pilcher; 4 daughters, Mrs. Edith Yates, Eldorado, Mrs Lida Doris, Hollis, Mrs Blanche Wells, Plainview, Texas and Miss Ruby Pilcher, Eldorado; 4 grandchildren; two brothers, Norman and Albert of Georgia; 4 sisters, Mrs Rachel Neal, Sherman, Texas, Mrs Suzie Monroe, Georgia, Mrs Bertha Grizzle, Georgia and Mrs Louie Tatum, Georgia.

Tims-Peterson Funeral Directors, have charge of the rites.

Microfilm, Altus Public Library, Altus, OK copied Monday, Feb 2, 2004

From Gould, Harmon County, Oklahoma travel South on Hwy 5 for 10 miles on HWY 5. Pass a Gas Station on the East and Brick homes on Right and Left before turning East onto dirt road for 2 miles. Cemetery on North East Corner.
near PURVIS in southeastern Harmon County, 8 miles northwest of Eldorado. A post office from April 9, 1892 to Febaruary 14, 1903. No longer in existence.
MARKERS-cement blocks with names were sponsored by the Purvis Hill Club for a club project. Twelve Markers printed UNKNOWN. The Cemetery is fenced, mowed and neatly kept. Some of the MARKERS are used for footers when new monuments were added.
This Listing compiled by Jeanette Perrin Coaly,
three visits in July, 2001, additions and corrections are welcomed.

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