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Moytoy Pigeon Of Tellico Moytoy 1

  • Born: 1680, Tellico Old Cherokee Nation 1
  • Christened: Cherokee Chief, 1730-1760 1
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Buried: Cherokee 1

bullet   Another name for Moytoy was Moytoy Pigeon Of Tellico.

bullet   Ancestral File Number: 318.


bullet  General Notes:

[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #2009, Date of Import: Aug 8, 1996]

Moytoy, Supreme Chief of the Cherokee 1730 -- 1760. b.d.
I got my information from several sources. From a cousin of my mother's who lives in Tulsa, OK. She gave me the information and I also got the information from another cousin I found through the Family Tree Maker Site-can't remember his first name but last is Hicks. His side is from Nancy Ward Descendants. I also got information from John P. Brown's "Old Frontiers" and some from Starr's History. I don't have any objection to you putting it on your web. I am writing a book on the history of my family and it includes the native side in detail for reference for anyone who may need it.

Suzanne [email protected]

There were two Moytoy's which has caused a lot of confusion The Moytoy you have is the son of Amatoya Moytoy and Quatsy of Tellico from the Wolf Clan. your Moytoy was also known as Moytoy pigeon of Tellico because that was where he was born. his Uncle "Old Hop" became chief at his death. Old Hop or Standing Turkey, also know as Fireking and Emperor of the Cherokees is my direct line.

Amatoya Moytoy m. Quatsy of Tellico
1. Nancy Moytoy
2. Moytoy (Pigeon of Tellico)
3. Old Hop
then there were about 5 more children all daughters but don't have their names

Second Generation:
1.1.- Nancy married White Owl Raven also know as Raven of Chote
1. Attak

Suzanne Lancaster [email protected]

bullet  Research Notes:

The way the line goes is:
Amatoya Moytoy was born abt. 1660 and died abt. 1730. He was very old when
he died. His son Moytoy then became chief at that time in 1730-1760.
Amatoya and Quatsy were married abt. 1680. "Old Hop" became chief for about
a year before he died in 1761. There was a lot of unrest during this time
and many of the war chiefs and peace chiefs were wanting to wage war on the
British and the settlers. A lot of the information about the times is in
"Old Frontiers' by John Brown and 'Starr's History of the Cherokees" by
Emmett Starr, which is the only recognized history of the Cherokees by the
Cherokee Nation.
Amatoya Moytoy married Quatsy of Tellico (Wolf Clan)
1. Nancy Moytoy born abt. 1683 married White Owl Raven. Cherokee's are a
Matriarchal Society and the children always take the mother's clan. In
Nancy's case it is Wolf Clan. Nancy and White Owl Raven had the following
1. Attakullakulla born ca. 1708 on Seivers Island, TN and died ca.
May 1777 in Nachestown, NC which is now in TN.
2. Killaneca born ca. 1712
3. Tame Doe born ca. 1716 and died ca. 1760
4. Betsy

2. Moytoy also known as the Pigeon Of Tellico was born ca. 1687 in Tellico,
TN. Unknown who his wife was
1. Oconostota (Very Famous Cherokee War Chief) born ca. 1704 died
about 1783.
2. Clogoittah born ca. 1706 was one of the members of the delegation
that went to England in 1730 to see King George II
3. Kitegista born ca. 1708 died aft. 1788
4. Tathtowe born ca. 1712 also was one of the delegates to King
George II in 1730
5. Killaque born ca. 1714
6. Skalilosken born ca. 1718
7. Ounaconoa born ca. 1722
8. Kollannah born ca. 1724
9. Oukaii-Oukah born ca. 1726
10. Amo-Scossite "Bad Water or Dreadful Water" born ca. 1728
11. Ahna-Wakie born ca. 1730

3. "Old Hop" born abt. 1690 in Chota on the Little Tennessee River died in
August of 1761 in Chota on the Little Tennessee River married Su-Gi. Also
known by the following names: Kana-gatoga "Standing Turkey" Caneecatee, Fire
1. Sookie also known as Granny Hopper

Amatoya and Quatsy also had five more daughters but there is no record of
their names in any of the books and resources I have.

Attakullakulla married Ollie daughter of Oconostota and Woman Clan (Paint
Clan is her clan).
Attakullakulla and Ollie had the following issue
1. Dragging Canoe born abt. 1734 died March 01, 1792, in Lookout Town,
2. Tah-chee born ca. 1736 died ca. 1828
3. The Badger born ca. 1738
4. Little Owl born ca. 1740
5. Turtle-At-Home born ca. 1740
6. Ollie II born ca. 1756
7. Wurtagua born abt. 1760

As you know Tame doe married Five Killer and had the following
1. Long Fellow
2. Nanye'Hi (Nancy Ward) born 1738 in Chota, City of Refuge, NC and
died in 1824 at Woman killer Ford in Polk County, TN. At her gravesite there
is a picture of her engraved in a monument placed there by the Tennessee
historical Society. If this picture is accurate she was a very pretty woman.

Betsy the child of Nancy Moytoy and White Owl Raven married Hanging Maw and
was killed in by whites in a raid. Hanging Maw is also known as: Scolacutta
and Uskwa'li-gu'ta. In 1790 following the death of "Old Tassel" hanging Maw
became the Chief for those Cherokee Towns that wanted peace. Hanging Maw
attended the march 1775 Henderson's Treaty at Sycamore Shoals he was living
in 1793 at coyatee
hanging Maw and Betsy had:

1. Willicoe Maw born ca. 1760
2. _______Maw born abt. 1765 who married John Watts, Jr., was
the first husband of Wurtagua daughter of Attakullakulla and Ollie.

There is a whole lot more info. too long to write here I will put it on a
disk and attach it to an e-mail for you

Suzanne ([email protected])
Was Old Tassel also known as Corntassel? Corntassel is a community in Monroe County, TN, near Chota where my ancestors lived. If fact, in 1982, I began a reunion held every five years for my Garren family which is Cherokee. Another of my Cherokee families from that area is the Robertson family. Some of the family of Hanging Maw and his son Willie Maw are buried in land next to Corntassel Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery where we hold the reunion. To what families are they connected and do you know anything about their descendants? They remained in Monroe County after the time of removal. I had read before that Sequoyah's mother, Wurteh, was the sister of Corntassel.
I am thrilled to see this genealogical list. Our genealogy is so difficult to do after we get beyond the early to mid 1800's.
I hope to receive a reply soon. I can be reached at either of my e mail addresses, but the yahoo address is more permanent.
Scott L. Peeler, Jr.
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>


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