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Welcome to the "Cobb and Cobbs" surname research website, a central meeting place for anyone researching a Cobb genealogical connection. You will find here more than just another long list of links to other websites...or just another massive collection of disjointed and uncoordinated GED files. Our goal is to place here a single, organized, consolidated, and well-documented database on each of the "Cobb and Cobbs" family lines that have immigrated to North America. We believe that an organized and centralized location for the collection of surname Cobb files will not only improve everyone's accuracy, but also significantly enhance the ease and convenience of internet research. You are encouraged to search these files for your own use. All we ask is that you share your own research data with others in return, by submitting it to the appropriate File Manager listed at the bottom of this page.

The website README file contains important and useful information. Please take a moment to look at it.

DNA Analysis

Please contact Betty Atkinson at the email address below before ordering a test.

This project has been in operation for more than a decade; and has virtually revolutionized research of the surname Cobb and its variations. There are now more than 300 DNA samples on file. The results have been astounding but we must caution all interested parties that the Cobb DNA project at Ancestry has been dropped because they stopped maintaining it. Ancestry wanted to make more money and figure they couldn't make enough with the YDNA test so they only offer the Autosomal DNA test which they call AncestryDNA. This test is NOT compatable with the YDNA (paternal) so anyone wanting to compare their DNA results with any in the project must get their test from other organizations. We suggest starting at FTDNA and there is a spreadsheet that can be used to convert the results to compare against those in the original project. Please contact Betty Atkinson at the email address below before ordering a test.

It has now been clearly shown that unless one is fortunate enough to have an unbroken chain of PRIME SOURCE DOCUMENTATION, it is not possible to be really sure of anything without a DNA analysis. A number of people who have been working their ancestry for a long period of years have been shocked to learn they were looking up the wrong tree.

DNA testing can be expensive therefore a word of caution would be appropriate here. There are several companies offering DNA tests, and several websites recommending one or another of these tests. has done a number of YDNA tests (paternal) but is now ONLY doing the autosomal test which cannot be compared to the YDNA. They have also decided not to maintain the Cobb DNA group page as in the past. This leaves Cobb researchers with a problem. We have, therefore, determined to maintain the results of previously tested Cobb males on this website.

Since Family Tree DNA is still selling the YDNA test we are recommending that Cobb males do the test through them and if desired to compare their results against the information that is now posted on this site. For privacy protection we have coded the participants results rather than posting the full name unless given permission to do so.

The DNA results are available in this website. Each established Cobb line has its own separate DNA Project Webpage. Those results that do not match any line that we have documented so far or for which there is no separate family page are grouped on a page that is called UNASSIGNED.

Anyone who has participated in the previous project but who is listed as unassigned may want to consider an autosomal DNA test. This MAY help connect with some family members from related lines who MAY have the information needed to prove your specific lineage. But be aware that the autosomal test is NOT comparable to either the maternal or paternal DNA tests.

On each separate family page this site contains there a link at the bottom so you can see that DNA Project page. There is a separate DNA Project page for unassigned Cobb families

Contact Betty at [email protected]

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Last update: Spring 2013

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#1: There is no master index of surnames or individuals. Each family line has its own index.

#2: Contact the appropriate File Manager with your questions, corrections, and additions.

#3: If you have any difficulty linking between the various files, email Website Mechanic immediately. Since there are more than 20000 separate files in this website, please be as specific as you can as to which file could not be linked to/from, the individual's name, etc.

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The Cobb Archives

Organized by state, a collection of census reports, cemetery transcriptions, military indices, marriage records, and various legal documents.


DNA Analysis proves the following Cobb families are


The Cobbs of Kent and the Descendants of Ambrose Cobbs of Virginia Click here for a Hoax Alert

File Manager Mike Cobb


Descendants of Henry Cobb of Barnstable, Massachusetts Click here for a Hoax Alert

File Manager Paul Cobb


Descendants of Thomas Cobb of Boston, Massachusetts

File Manager Paul Cobb


The Cobb Families of Isle of Wight County, Virginia

File Manager Betty Atkinson


Descendants of Morgan Cobb of County Dorset, England and New Jersey

File Manager Lyn Brudnicki


The orphan Cobb Families of Georgia and the Southeastern US

File Manager Betty Atkinson

This is a grouping of eight families who DNA analysis has established as being related.\A0 However, the common ancestor they shared is not yet identified.


Descendants of Thomas Cobb of Nova Scotia and New England

File Manager Loren Cobb


Descendants of Jasper Edward Cobb

File Manager Robert Cobb

This is the ancestral line of Ty Cobb the famous Baseball player.




(Multiple Cobb families in the same geographic area simultaneously)

The Cobbs of Madison County, Alabama

The Cobbs of Fannin County, Texas

The Cobbs of Northwest Tennessee

The Cobbs of Western Kentucky

The Cobbs of Fayette County, Tennessee

The Cobbs of Southeast Tennessee

The Cobbs of Lincoln County, North Carolina

The Kopp/Cobb family of Guilford County, North Carolina



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