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Indiana Families
4,078 Individuals

I have over 3,500 individuals from Indiana in this file.  Mostly they were from Orange and Crawford counties and those of one county also lived or had family in the other.  There are so many that I won't list the surnames here.   The surnames next Wabash county are those people found in Cherie's Indiana Families from Wabash.   There are many people who have Indiana as the only place so just because you don't see the surname you are looking for in a particular county, please check anyway.

Cherie's Indiana Families
Click here to see who I have from Indiana.
There are 4,078 individuals.

Orange and Crawford Surnames:
Abell, Adams, Adkins, Ahan, Allen, Allstatt, Anderson, Antony, Apple, Ash, Baker, Barnett, Barnhill, Barr, Bartlett, Bates, Baxter, Beatty, Belcher, Bland, Bledsoe, Blunk, Bolen, Bolling, Bradley, Bray, Brooks, Brown, Brubech, Buck, Buford, Bullock, Bushong, Busick, Caldwell, Callis, Carroll, Case, Chastine, Chatham, Chumley, Clements, Cloyd, Coens, Collins, Collison, Conner, Cope, Cosby, Courtney, Cox, Crawford, Crecelius, Cunningham, Curtis, Cuzzort, Davis, DeWitt, Denbo, Dillard, Dillon, Donnall, Dooley, Drake, Earls, Eastridge, Elkins, Enlow, Farnsworth, Femin, Ferguson, Fields, Figg, Fisher, Fleming, Flick, Frakes, Freeman, Fulton, Gass, Gilliatt, Gilmer, Gilmore, Glasswell,  Glenn, Golden, Goldman, Good, Gregory, Gresham, Guernsey, Hall, Hammond, Harmon, Harrison, Haskins, Hatfield, Hawhee, Hilt, Hobbs, Hobson, Hockman, Hollen, Holley, Hooten, Hopkins, Hosea, Hoskins, House, Hubbs, Huckleberry, Huffines, Hullett, Humphrey, Inman, Jackson, Kearby, Kellams, Kelly, Kendall, Keysacker, King, Kinsey, Knight, Laffoon, Lake, Land, Lankford, Lashbrook, Laswell, Lawrence, Leaswell, LEatherburry, Lee, Lemmons, Leonard, Lewis, Lindsay, Lindsey, Livingston, Love, Lowe, Lowman, Luttrell, Mahan, Main, Marlett, Martin, Mason, Mauck, Maxwell, McBurney, McCarty, McDonald, McFerrin, McIver, McMekell, McMickle, McMurry, McWilliams, Meredith, Mickler, Miller, Mills, Mode, Moon, Moore, Morgan, Morin, Morris, Murry, Myler, Nash, Neal, Newkirk, Newton, Overling, Overton, Owen, Pace, Painter, Palmer, Parks, Parsons, Patrick, Patton, Payne, Pilgram, Pinnick, Polen, Polk, Prewell, Reasoner, Redden, Renshaw, Rich, Riley, Roach, Roberts, Rogers, Root, Rose, Russel, Scott, Searbrought, Sedy, Sellers, Seybold, Silvers, Simmons, Simpson, Sinclair, Slevene, Smith, Spears, Speedy, Spencer, Stockinger, Sturgeon, Sturm, Sullivan, Sutton, Tadlock, Taylor, Teaford, Thacker, Thompson, Thurston, Tillery, Tilman, Tobbert, Tomlinson, Trusty, Tucker, Underhill, VanWinkle, Waddle, Walls, Wentz, Wilbur, Williams, Wilson, Wineteer, Winnger, Woods, Wright, Younts.

Cyndi's Indiana Page
Orange County, Indiana
Crawford County, Indiana
Perry County, Indiana
Wabash County, Indiana - Beauchamp, Carpenter, Fairbanks, Grosh, Hogmire, Keller, Stephens.

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      Remember, when asking for a complete file on your family give me the name of at least two connected individuals, i.e.. husband/wife, mother/father.  Please address the note to me in the body of the note and mention that you found your person on my database.  I am a member of several lists and don't want to overlook your request.

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