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Esther Leano and Sidney Cohen


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   8/11/02 - Sidney and Esther Cohen at                      Sid (23) & Esther (19) in 1959.
                                Audrey & Jonathon Unger's wedding.                  Sidney was just drafted into the service                    .

           Esther Cohen (Leano) Age x                         Sidney Cohen Age x         
Sidney                          Sidney                        Sidney       

Sidney Graduating  JHS                      Sidney     

unknown relative, Rose Gluberman, Sylvia Smoller, Ida Tytell, Sidney, Esther, Stella Cohen
Minnie Schaeffer, Meyer Schaeffer, Sonia Smoller, Shelia Gluberman, Sadie Schaeffer
Sid and Esther's Engagement Party - 1957 

Esther and Sid

   Scott    Esther           Lauren                    Mathew          Sidney    Melanie       
Grandpa Sidney Cohen surrounded by his family at his birthday party 11/02

Esther Birthday Cake May/2003                     Esther at a Museum                                         Esther        
 Sidney holding Scott                                   Esther                       Sid