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Tree - Entire Fine-Horowitz Family 

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Cohen, Fine, Strutz, Zimmerman 

CBeth Cohen (Zimmerman)
    Brian Cohen
    Carl Cohen
    Scott Cohen
FAnna Fine
Betty Horowitz
    Bonnie Horowitz (Unknown)
    David Horowitz
    Edith Horowitz (Unknown)
    Edith Horowitz (Unknown)
    Eliot Horowitz
    Irving Horowitz
    Isadore Horowitz

   Joseph Horowitz
   Joshua Horowitz
   Murray Horowitz
   Tesie Horowitz
   Thelma Horowitz (Unknown)
   Toby Horowitz (Unknown)
   Whitney Horowitz
SMorris Strutz
UHerbert (Unknown)
    Meyer (Unknown)
ZBarbara Zimmerman (Rothstein)
    Rochelle Zimmerman
    Sidney Zimmerman
    Morris Zimmerman

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