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  Cohen's Corner. Genealogy site with surnames of Cohen, Rosen, Gluberman, Serisky, Frischman, Schaeffer, Lechno, Gerschburg, Lombrozo, Zimmerman, Strutz, Fine, Horowitz, Rothstein

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Arsham, Cline, Fisher, Frischman, Newman, Pollock, Rosen, Schaeffer, Small, Sohmer, Smoller, Stricker, Tytell, Unger

ABryan Arsham 
Marilyn Arsham (Schaeffer)
Ron Arsham
CArnon Cline
    Eliezer Cline
    Ephraim Cline
    Hal Cline
    Michelle Cline (Schaeffer)
    Sareet Cline
    Shmuel Cline    
    Yehuda Cline
FAllan Fisher 1 picture
    Dennis Fisher
    Ida Fisher (Schaeffer) 2 pictures
    Jacob Fisher
    Leah Fisher
    Louise Fisher (Unknown)
    Morris Fisher
    Sam Fisher
    Samantha Fisher
    Terry Fisher (Unknown)
    Esther Frischman  2 pictures
     Ida Frischman
     Harry Frischman
    Grischa Frischman 2 pictures
KJustin Kanter
     Brooke Kanter (Schaeffer)
NSylvia Newman (Smoller)1 picture
    Lloyd Newman
PAndrew Pollock
    Simon Pollock
Joan Rosen (Schaeffer)
    Seth Rosen
    Daniel Rosen
    Emily Rosen
SAnne Schaeffer (Unknown)
    Beth Schaeffer (Besser)
    Daisy Schaeffer
    David Schaeffer
    Gladys Schaeffer 1 picture
    Eric Schaeffer
    Harry Schaeffer (& Helen) 2 pictures
    Harry Schaeffer
    Helen Schaeffer (Unknown) 1 picture
    Jack Schaeffer
    Jason Schaeffer 
    Joshua Schaeffer
    Larry Schaeffer 1 picture
    Lee Schaeffer (Kirschner)
    Lila Schaffer (Unknown)
    Louis Schaeffer
    Marilyn Schaeffer 3 pictures
    Mark Schaeffer
    Meyer Schaeffer
    Minnie Schaeffer (Frishman) 3 pictures

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Monte or Morris Schaeffer
    Nathan Schaeffer
    Nina Schaeffer
    Pearl Schaeffer (Don)
    Phillip Schaeffer
    Ralph Schaeffer
    Rhonda Schaeffer 1 picture
    Robert Shaeffer
    Sadie Schaeffer (Frischman)
    Sam Schaeffer
    Paula Small (Sohmer)
    Howard Small
    Charlie Sohmer
    Ida Sohmer (Schaffer)
    Jerome Sohmer 1 picture
    Brandon Smoller
    Daena Smoller
    Douglas Smoller
    Drew Smoller
    Harry Smoller
    Marcia Smoller (Unknown)
    Mason Smoller
    Max Smoller
    Michael Smoller
    Pamela Smoller (unknown)
    Racquel Smoller (unknown)
    Rebecca Smoller
    Sandra Smoller
    Sonia Smoller (Frischman)
    Stanley Smoller
    Sylvia Smoller (Dall)
    Eron Stricker
    Joshua Stricker
    Leila Stricker
    Michael Stricker
    Sharon Stricker (Fisher)
TAlison Tytell
    Barbara Tytell
    Eric Tytell
    Frances Tytell (Wilke)
    Irina Tytell (Dolinskaya)
    Ida Tytell (Smoller)
    Michael Tytell
    Sam Tytell
UAudrey Unger (Schaeffer)
     Jonathon Unger

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