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Harry and Ida Frischman


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Ida Frischman

Ida and her husband Harry never left Europe.

According to a document that Ida Smoller wrote in October 1979, Harry and Ida  Frischman had 12 to 14 children  in the town of Kovel (near the polish border).  Only 5 of the children survived to adulthood, 1 brother and 4 sisters.

Margolia or Mary - Born 1879 and left Kovel on 14 May 1905, married Aaron Gluberman 
Minnie - left Kovel around 1905 with Sonia.  Lived with Mary for a while.  
Sonia -  Born December 15 1892 and left Kovel around 1905 with Minnie.  Lived with Mary for a while.  Married Max Smoller Aug 24 1942
Sadie - Left Kovel a little after Sonia and Minnie..  Married Sam Schaeffer around 1917
Hersh - died around 1900 in Kovel,  Son Grisha left Kovel for Cuba, Havana. Grisha married Sonia and had a daughter Esther.  They all migrated to the US in 1941
Other brothers and sisters all died before adulthood in Kovel..