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Schaeffer & Fisher Family at Audrey Schaeffer & Jonathon Unger's Wedding
 on August 11, 2002.


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1 Ralph Schaeffer                          9 Marilyn (Schaeffer) Arsham
2 Daisy Schaeffer (Ralph's Wife)  10 Nathan Schaeffer
3 Eric Schaeffer (Jason's Son)      11 Sharon (Fisher) Stricker
4 Joshua Schaeffer (Jason's Son)  12 Allan Fisher
5 Lee Schaeffer (Nathan Wife)     13 Jason Schaeffer
6 Ida Fisher                                  14 Ron Arsham
7 Nina Schaeffer (Jason's Wife)
8 Bryan Arsham (Ron's Son)



Brothers Sam and Meyer Schaeffer married 
sisters Sadie and Minnie Frischman

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