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Hia (Haya) Kushel (or Kuzhel or Kutel)


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This is a picture of Sonia Leano's Mother and Sister from 1938.
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The following was translated from Russian writing which was written on the back of the photo:
June 5, 1938, New York America, As a kind and long remembrance to my little
daughter Sonia from your mother Hia (or Haya) Kushel (or Kuzhel or Kutel) and sister.

Hia's name may be Chia Freida Zwav or 
         Hia (Haya) Kushel (or Kuzhel or Kutel).          
Hia was Elias Gerschburg's first wife in Polotsk, Russia around 1909.

Information needed:                                                                         
 Confirmation on Sonia's mother family names.                                    
 Hia (Haya) Kushel (or Kuzhel or Kutel) name needs to be confirmed.
Need Sister's name.                                                                        
Abram's Last name of Kushel needs to be confirmed                       
Abrams spouse's names.                                                                  
Sonia's sister's name.