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The Entire Gerschburg & Zemachov Families


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Information needed:                                                                                                       
Information about Joseph and Pearl Gerschburg's other children if they exist.
                           * Joseph's father Abel, Avsey, Beinus was linked to the tree by research in Polotsk,                
         Russia.  This information needs to be confirmed.                                         

Brother Elias and sister Rifka married sister Masha and brother Joseph.
Information needed:                                                                              
Information about the Zemachov family.                         

Information needed:                                                          
 Confirmation on Sonia's mother family names.                                    
Hia (Haya) Kushel (or Kuzhel or Kutel) name needs to be confirmed
Abram's Last name of Kushel needs to be confirmed                       
Abrams spouse's names.                                                                  
Sonia's sister's name.                                                                       
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