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The Entire Rothstein Family



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Information needed:                                                                       
Mosche Rothstein's parent's names.                                     
Rachael Menson's parent's names.                                       
Information on Rothstein relatives which live in Israel.            
Information on Rothstein relatives that did not emigrate to US
Robert Richter spouse and children's names.                         
Joan Richter spouse and children's names.                            
Edmund Rothstein's spouse and children's names.                  
Perry Bloom's spouse and children's names.                          
 Annette Robeno spouse's name.                                             
Ira Markman's spouse and children's names.                         
Bruce and Doreen Fried children's names.                             
Julie and Pearl Fried children's names.                                    
Norman and Elaine Fried children's names.                             
Paul Fried spouse and children's names.                                 
Bruce Fried spouse and children's names.