"Disturbances in Ross-shire"

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This article was published in the 4 April, 1853 edition of "The Glagow Herald", noted as copied from the "Inverness Courier";

      Disturbances in Ross-shire. --- A series of deforcements of officers of the law have lately taken place in one of the districts of the county of Ross. The first was in the caase of distraining for poor rates. The officers despatched for the purpose were resisted by the people of the village of Ullapool, and forced to retreat. Subsequently officers were sent to apprehend the parties concerned in the deforcements, but they were also driven off and compelled to relinquish their duty. In the parish of Lochbroom similar scenes occurred on the occasion of executing some warrants for the removal on the estate of the Marquis and Marchioness of Stafford. The noble proprietors, desiring to make some new arrangement of the farms, wish to locate the people on some other part of the estate, but not to put them off the property. The people, however, resist all interference, and have twice this season deforced the officer, who went to deliver the notices of removal. On Thursday last the Sheriff-Substitute accompanied the officer with the summonses, but they were met by a body of about 100 people, who seized the officer, and his summonses being taken from him, were burned by the women present. The number of persons sought to be removed consists of sixteen families. --- Inverness Courier

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