Sad Case of Drowning

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This article was published in the August 1874 edition of the the Gael Magazine;

  SAD CASE OF DROWNING IN LOCHBROOM. -- Two fishermen from Letters, Lochbroom, were recently drowned off Isle Martin. It appears that two boats left Ullapool together, and the night being calm, the crews tied the boats together and rowed quietly along. While lounging on the gunwale of his boat, Duncan Mackenzie, the skipper, tumbled or fell backwards, and seized hold of one of his crew, known as Kenneth Roy's son. Both fell overboard. The other men were at the oars pulling. John Mackenzie, son of the skipper, jumped overboard, but while attempting to save his father's life, nearly lost his own, and was pulled on board by his companions in an exhausted state. Both men, who retained hold of one another, sank at once, and were not seen again. The rest of the crew returned to Ullapool and reported the sad news. The deceased were both married, and have left large families.

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