Painful Boat Accident in Ross-shire

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This article was published in the 30 October 1879 edition of the the Inverness Courier;

    PAINFUL BOAT ACCIDENT IN ROSS-SHIRE -- ULLAPOOL, 21st October.-- We regret to report a most painful boat accident which occured here on Tuesday last. A boat with three of a crew and Mr Thos. Mackenzie, farmer, Badintarbit, Coigach, left here late in the evening, and have not since been heard of. It is now beyond doubt that the boat was swamped and all on board lost. Where, or how, can never be fully ascertained. The boat, besides her usual ballast, had a cask of parrafin, and a barrel of coal tar aboard. The evening was not stormy, but occasional showers with strong gusts of wind prevailed, and the probability is that in the darkness a squall suddenly struck the sail, and capsized the boat. The names of the crew were -- John and Malcolm Maclean, brothers, and Murdo Shaw, all from Polbain, Coigach. John Maclean was married, and leaves a widow. Universal regret is expressed at the loss of Mr Mackenzie, who was a frank, kind-hearted, and obliging gentleman. His death has caused a great blank in the Coigach district, where he was much respected.

Thomas was "Farmer" of Achnahaird in the 1871 census at Achnahaird 71-98. By then the Tacksman system had ended; the subtenants now renting directly from the estate, but Thomas continued as the principal tenant at Achnahaird, renting over 50 acres of fine arable land, while his crofting neighbours each had less than two acres of much less arable ground, supplementing their incomes through fishing.

His death registration notes Thomas as a "Sheep Farmer", 57 years of age, his usual residence at "Badtarbit", parents as having been John McKenzie, a crofter, and Mary, maiden surname also McKenzie. Informant was his son Donald resident at Badtarbat.

Same page of the Register includes Malcolm McLean and Murdo Shaw. John and Malcolm can be seen in the 1871 census at Polbain 71-27, with Murdo Shaw in the next Household, Polbain 71-28. Murdo Shaw was a first cousin of the two MacLean brothers.

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