Sea Monster

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This article was published in the 19 October, 1906 edition of the "Colonist" newspaper of New Zealand;


      An extraordinary sea monster has been observed on several occasions of late it appears in Lochbroom (Scotland). The account runs:

"It would appear to have taken up its abode in the deep caverns and unfathomed caves of the Summer Isles. Three fishermen from Coigeach reported its presence, and two Excise officials saw it. It rose about 800 yards from them, and came at them at a speed of sixty miles an hour. A rifle shot struck it, and the monster, which was estimated to be 90 feet long, dived. It was next reported under different conditions. A yacht of 100 tons, while navigating its way into Ullapool, came full tilt against it. The yacht was raised several feet out of the water, and the contact was so severe that the keel was examined. The local fishermen are much alarmed." The men who have thus far caught sight of this monster have all been too scared to give any lucid description of the serpent. Maybe it is the same creature which the chief and third officers ot the steamer St. Andrea, of the Phoenix Line. saw some little time ago whilst their vessel was off Land's End, outward bound for New York. They swore affidavits on their arrival in America to the effect that whilst, standing on deck with a wealthy gentleman named Peter Hopley they distinctly saw a sea serpent of enormous size near their ship; that "about 18ft of its body was reared out of the water, that its jaws were armed with great finlike teeth, and that its body would probably be about 5ft in circumference."

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