1797 Lochbroom Militia List

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1797 Lochbroom Militia List


Some of the info in this file comes from partial transcription of a manuscript in the National Archives of Scotland in the Seaforth Muniments collection, GD46/6/38, to that base I am adding notes based on information from other sources, including correspondance from descendants of the people named, and also adding hypertext links to mentions of the people named in other files. Thank you to Samantha Smart of the Archives for transcribing the introductory heading fom the first page of the document and explaining the meaning of the headings at top of each Parish.

List of the Men in the Shire of Ross betwixt the Ages of nineteenth and twenty three years inclusive to be balloted as Militia Men in terms of the late Act of Parliament for raising a Militia Force in Scotland as corrected and amended by the General Court of Lieutenancy for the Shire of Ross aforesaid held in Dingwall on the 13th day of September 1797

18th Parish of Lochbroom. 78 this is the 18th Parish in List, 78 men are named

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
268 Donald Fraser in Foy
269 Hugh Fraser Son to John Fraser in Braemore

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
270 Donald Fraser there
271 Roderick Mackenzie Son to William Mackenzie Senr there
272 John Mackenzie Son to William Mackenzie Junr there
273 Donald McRae in Fascrinach
274 Alexander McLean in Garven
275 John Mackenzie Son to Thomas Mackenzie in Achlunachan
276 Farquhar Mackenzie Son to the said Thomas Mackenzie
277 Roderick MacIver Ledeneclain   there
278 John MacIvor Tailor in Ledeneclain
279 John Mackenzie Servant to Mr McRae

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
280 Murdoch Maclean Son to Duncan McLean
281 Alexander Mackay
282 John McLennan Servant to the Herdman at Strone
283 Harry Urquhart Son to the Miller
284 John Mackenzie Son to John Mackenzie in Munstadile
285 Murdoch Mackenzie Son to Kenneth Mackenzie there
286 William Mackenzie Son to Murdoch Mackenzie there
287 Alexander McIver in Loggie
288 Donald Mackay Son to John Mackay there
289 John Munro Son to Kenneth Munro in Rireach

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
290 William Mackenzie Servant to Kenneth McKenzie in Strathnashalg
291 Alexander Mackenzie Son to William Mackenzie Servant to Dundonnell
292 John Makenzie in Ballochorach
293 Kenneth Mackenzie Son to Roderick Mackenzie in Dormuck
Kenneth Cameron
Duncan Cameron
Sons to John Cameron in Balblair
296 Roderick Maclennan Sons to Alexr McLennan there
297 John Urquhart Son to Kenneth Urquhart there
298 John McLean Son to William McLean there
299 Alexr McLean Son to John McLean Smith there

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
300 John Cameron Servant to Murdoch McKenzie in Inverlael
301 John Maclean alias Bayne there
302 John McNabb Son to John McNabb there
Alexander Ross
Roderick Ross
Sons to John Ross there
305 Duncan Cameron Brother to John Cameron there
306 Donald Sobban there surname might be "Lobban"
307 Donald Ross in Ardcarnie
308 Duncan Son to John McIver there
309 Alexander McLean Son to Donald Maclean there

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
310 Alexander Mackenzie there
311 Kenneth Cameron in Ardcarnie
312 Murdoch Macdonald in Auchindrean of Coygeach
313 Thomas Mackenzie there
314 Donald Fraser in Strathcanard
315 David Fraser second Son of Widow Fraser
316 Finlay Maclean in Blisary
317 John McIver in Lochanganvich
Roderick Macleod
Kenneth Macleod
Sons to Donald McLeod in Loverkirkagg

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
320 John Stewart in Dalpollie
321 Dugald McLean there
322 Angus McLeod in Inverpollie
323 Alexander Macleod Son to Hugh Macleod
324 John McLeod in Badscallie
325 Angus Stewart there
326 Roderick Macleod in Ardmair
327 Hugh Macleod there
328 John Maclennan in Rieff was known as "an Gobha Ban", the white smith, ancestor of todays MacLennans in Coigach. One of his daughters was second of three wifes of my own gt-gt-grandfather, Donald MacDonald of Reiff
329 Murdoch Macleod there

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
330 Alexander Macleod there
331 Murdoch Maclean Son to John McLean in Aldangush likely modern Altandhu
332 Alexander Mackenzie Son to Kenneth McKenzie in Achnahaird
333 Kenneth Maclean Subtenant there
334 Roderick Macleod Tailor there
335 John Mackenzie Herdman there
Murdoch Macleod
Alexr Macleod
Sons to Rodk McLeod in Badtarbit
338 William Macdonald Son to Murdoch Macdonald in Dornie Became known as "Big William the Pioneer", much descent in Cape Breton
339 Roderick Macleod in Achiltybuie

No Name noted as
Notes from and to other sources
340 Duncan Stewart there
341 Murdoch Mackenzie there
342 Duncan Stewart Son to John Stewart there
343 Kenneth Bayne Son to Alexr Bayne in Ullapool
344 Thomas Mackenzie Merchant there A Langwell MK?
345 Roderick Down Son to Duncan Down there possibly this surname is "Dawson", a family at Ullapool from early years

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