Reiff, Camusglassellan, & Faochag

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Notes for Reiff, Camusglassellan, & Faochag

The notes in these file are based primarily on my transcriptions of the 19th century censuses for Reiff. The photocopys of the microfilms are quite fuzzy in places, but I have compared unclear listings to later censuses where the details were more clear. My fourth cousin, Donald MacLeod in New Zealand (CONTACT INFO), has also looked over the films, and suggested corrections. There are still parts to fuzzy for us to agree on an interpretation of the handwriting, and we would welcome anyone else to take out their magnifying glass, and join in!

The enumerator each census except 1841 gave the Households a number. I have arbitrarily numbered the 1841 Households from 1 to 22 in the order they were enumerated.

To identify the Households in these files I have developed a system (with help from Donald MacLeod) of first the community name, then the last two digits of the census year, a hyphen, and then the Household number; the fifth Household in Reiff in the 1841 census would be Reiff 41-5.

Donald has pointed out that the numbering system has a flaw, similar to the Y2K bug, whereby 1851 census data could be mistaken for 1951 once that data is added in 2051! (There was no 1941 census) Oh well, I'll deal with that then...

Good background and advice from others with Reiff ancestors who have studied the same records has also been received and found its way into the notes. (see CONTACT INFO). But there are doubtless errors and ommissions yet. So please, send me your submissions to, and I will add it if new, or correct my mistakes, sigh.

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