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Genealogy Service

We specialise in genealogy for the Loch Broom Parish which is located on the west coast of the Highland Region in the old county of Ross and Cromarty.  The research is carried out by staff and/or volunteers who are not trained genealogists but do have extensive knowledge of the area and the people.  Charges are available on request.


OUR RESOURCES INCLUDE census records 1841-1901; Old Parish Records 1798-1855 except 1802-1810 which have not survived; Gravestone surveys of all local graveyards, also some in the adjoining parishes; Burial Registers for most of the graveyards - earliest is 1916; Some Valuation Rolls from 1869-1949; Some Ordnance Survey maps from 1875 onwards; Ordnance Survey, Original Object Name Books written circa 1903 - gives information on most of the names mentioned on the 1875 OS maps; Inland Revenue Field Books written circa 1913 which state the material houses were built with, how many rooms, and also sometimes gives a floor plan of the building concerned; Photograph archive of approx 1400 - copies available on request; Emigration correspondence - letters and photographs sent by descendants from folk who emigrated from this area to Australia, Canada, New Zealand & the US.


TO GET YOUR BEARINGS - Ullapool, with a population of approximately 1800, is the largest village in the parish.  It stands on the north shores of Loch Broom, a long seawater loch.  To the south is another seawater loch called Little Loch Broom.  To the north, south and east of Ullapool lie dozens of small crofting hamlets and isolated dwellings.


SOME PLACE NAMES NORTH OF ULLAPOOL - North-west of Ullapool lies the old Barony of Coigach where Achiltibuie is the main hamlet.  Other settlements or single dwellings include Culnacraig, Achduart, Achnacarinan, Acheninver, Achvraie, Badenscallie, Achlochan, Polglass, Achlochan, Badentarbat, Polbain, Dornie, Old Dornie, Altandhu, Blairbuie, Reiff, Achnahaird, Badnagyle, Linneraineach and Drumrunie.  Scattered off the coast are the Summer Islands with names such as Tanera Mor, Horse Island, Isle Ristol and Priest Island.


Coming nearer Ullapool lie the hamlets of Strathkanaird, Achendrean, Blughasary, Langwell, North and South Keanchulish, Glutton, Ardmair - with the Isle of Martin lying opposite, Strathan, Rhue, and finally Morefield overlooking Ullapool and Loch Broom.


SOME PLACE NAMES TO THE SOUTH OF ULLAPOOL AROUND LOCH BROOM - To the south of Ullapool, on the north side of Loch Broom and the valley of the Broom are a string of settlements:  Braes, Corry, Campbletown, Leckmelm, Ardcharnich, Inverlael, Foich, Glackour, Fasagrianach and Braemore.


Still to the south other small hamlets lie in the valley and on the other side of Loch Broom.  The river Broom flows past the settlements of Auchindrain, Garvan, Auchlunachan, Inverbroom and Croftown to empty into Loch Broom.  Further along the south coastline of Loch Broom lie the hamlets of Letters, Ardindrean, Rhiroy, Blarnalearoch, Loggie, and Althaharrie. 


SOME PLACE NAMES TO THE SOUTH OF ULLAPOOL ON EACH SIDE OF LITTLE LOCH BROOM - Continuing round the coast to the north side of Little Loch Broom other hamlets overlook the loch: Scoraig, Carnach, Rhireavach Badrallach and Kildonan.  Opposite, on the south shores of Little Loch Broom lie the hamlets of Dundonnell, Camasnagaul, Ardessie, Badbea, Badcaul, Durnamuck and Badluachrach.


CONTINUE SOUTH ON THE COAST AND INLAND - Further south, on the coast are the settlements of Mungasdale, Fisherfield and Gruinard. 

Inland are the isolated dwellings some of which are now only used by hill-walkers:  Corrie Hallie, Fain, Achneigie, Sheneval and Lochivraon.


SPELLINGS OF THESE PLACE NAMES - It must be noted that almost all of the above place names are still in use.  There are other place names, still in use, which have not been included.  There are also dozens more place names not included because the settlements have been abandoned for many years and some of the names have been forgotten.  It is hoped that in time we will be able to update our information to include all these known place names, and these largely-forgotten place names.  In time a map will be produced with the place names on it.


Please also note that the spellings of place names can vary considerably over time.  To be consistent most of the spellings above have been taken from the current Ordnance Survey maps for this area.