Colbran Genealogy

Colbran Genealogy

Neill & Dorothy Colbran

Keith & Marion Colbran
Nulkaba N.S.W. Australia

Colbran Genealogy

From Sussex to Sydney Australia and Toronto Canada

Colbrans from Sussex to Sydney

My interest in genealogy and the Colbran family tree is recent and if you are a Colbran and on my database I trust I haven't made mistakes.
To find us you must have an interest in the Colbran name or the Colbran family tree.

Read my genealogy page for a broad outline of my branch of the family from its roots in the parishes of Buxted and Warbleton in Sussex.
I believe that most Colbrans in Australia are related, so if your name is Colbran or you are of Colbran descent  contact me and I will place you on the tree.

If you are a Colbran and you live in the central west of New South Wales be sure to read John Colbran's page  because he is more than likely your ancestor.

If you come from Sydney's south or the South Coast of New South Wales, you probably descend from William Colbran, please read his page.

If you come from Queensland, you probably descend from a Robert Colbran, either John Colbran's son or grandson, please read their page.

Should you come from Canada you probably descend from James Colbran, please read his page.

I am only a novice genealogist and I feel sure there are  mistakes in my database so I rely on you to correct me.

If you have the knowledge to correct inaccuracies in my data please  contact me because you are the person I published this page to attract.

If you have information that will extend my knowledge of our family tree please share that knowledge, I will be grateful for your assistance.

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