Bristol Bay, Alaska 1920 and 1930 Census Information


The following records are not in chronological order, so make sure you check the entire page.
Beware of errors, I copied the records just as I found them, without corrections.
As you will see, the census taker guessed liberally when spelling names of people and places !
Extracted by Coleen Mielke



GARSH, J. E.  b. 7/1874  born in US, parents born in Germany           Prospector
FROST, C. H.  b. 10/1876 Kansas                                                       Prospector
STIVER, HARRY b. 1866 Idaho                                                         Prospector
LAMBERT, HENRY b. 1840 Kentucky                                                 Prospector

Nelson, Peter b.1857 Sweden (immigrated 1884 came to AK 1890)        Watchman
Nelson, Alexandria  wife b. 1862 Nushegamiut Tribe
Nelson, Fimmie  son b. 1883 Nushegamiut Tribe
Nelson, Ancia  daughter b. 1888 Nushegamiut Tribe
Nelson, Peter   son  b. 1895 Alaska   father b. Sweden mother b. Alaska
Nelson, Olga  daughter b. 1894 Alaska  father b. Sweden mother b. Alaska
Nelson, Andrew  son  b. 1897 Alaska     father b. Sweden mother b. Alaska
Nelson, August   son  b. 1899 Alaska     father b. Sweden mother b. Alaska

Larson, Nels b. 1859 Denmark  (immigrated 1882  to AK 1859)              Watchman

Gimudesla   b. 1875  Togiagmiut  Tribe                                                        Fishing/hunting
Anuska   (wife) b. 1880 Togiagmiut Tribe
Casper (servant) b. 1882 Togiagmiut Tribe

Kranse, Bolanka  b. 1875 (widow)  Koskowimiut Tribe
Kranse, Andrew b. 1892  (son) Alaska          father born Germany  mother b. Alaska
Kranse, Anuska  b. 1896 (daughter) Alaska   father born Germany  mothre b. Alaska

Andrew b. 1850  KOUSKOWIMIUT  Tribe                                                                Fishing/hunting
Elina (wife) b. 1853 KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe
Stephen (son) b. 1878 KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe
Sirriga (son) b. 1890  KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe

Alexie b. 1877  KOUSKOWIMIUT  Tribe                                                                  Fishing/hunting
Anna   b.  1880 (partner)  KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe
Oxenia b. 1870 (sister-in-law) Togiagmiut Tribe

Peter b. 1831   KOUSKOWIMIUT   Tribe                                                                     Fishing/hunting
Olianva (wife) b. 1847 KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe
Olignia (daughter) b. 1880 KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe
Sophie (daughter) b. 1883 KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe
Eva (daughter) b. 1885 KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe
Vassila b. 1878 (grandson) KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe

Bavila  b. 1876  Togiagmiut   Tribe                                                                 Fishing/hunting
Malia (wife) b. 1878  Togiagmiut Tribe

Anungnuftna  b. 1854  Togiagmiut   Tribe                                                         Fishing/hunting
Joliuk b. 1859 (wife) Togiagmiut Tribe
Urudilva b. 1885 (daughter) Togiagmiut Tribe

Afinacia  b. 1844 KOUSKOWIMIUT   Tribe                                                             Fishing/hunting
Ogelifinia (wife) b. 1835 KOUSKOWIMIUT Tribe
Matfia (son) b. 1877 Nushagagmiut Tribe
Jacob (son) b. 1879  Nushagagmiut Tribe
Elia (son) b. 1880 Nushagagmiut Tribe
Eganiatiruk (son) b. 1892 Nushagagmiut Tribe

Miskia  b. 1866  Nushagagmiut     Tribe                                                   Fishing/hunting
Balago b. 1872 (wife) Nushagagmiut Tribe
Simeon b. 1885 (son) Nushagagmiut Tribe
Sevinitia b. 1889 (daughter) Nashagagmiut
Gablia b. 1892 (son) Nashagagmiut Tribe

Malia b. 1868 widow  Togiagmiut Tribe
Nastasia b. 1887 (daughter) Togiagmiut Tribe
Dijogig b. 1891 (son) Togiagmiut Tribe
Bavilla b. 1873 (brother) Aglemiut Tribe
Miska b. 1876 (brother)  Aglemiut  Tribe

Afinaska b. 1845  Aglemiut  Tribe           Fishing/hunting
Ottutia b. 1851 (wife) Aglemiut  Tribe
Martha b. 1877 (daughter) Aglemiut Tribe
Peter b. 1879 (son) Aglemiut Tribe
Martha b. 1885 (daughter) Aglemiut
Anuska b. 1888 (daughter) Aglemiut Tribe

Alex b. 1831  widower   Aglemiut Tribe     Fishing/hunting
Gustacha b. 1872  (son-in-law) Aglemiut Tribe
Bolonga b. 1878 (daughter) Aglemiut Tribe
Alexi b. 1879 (son) Aglemiut Tribe
Sania b. 1883 (daughter) Aglemiut Tribe
Gadevina b. 1894  (niece) Aglemiut Tribe
Vascilla b. 1896 (nephew) Aglemiut Tribe

Ivan b. 1851  Aglemiut Tribe                  Fishing/hunting
Mathenia b. 1859 (wife) Aglemiut  Tribe
Bavilla b. 1887 (son) Aglemiut Tribe
Elinia b. 1889 (daughter) Aglemiut Tribe
Nadia b. 1891 (daughter) Aglemiut Tribe
Simeon b. 1894 (son) Aglemiut Tribe
George b. 1877 (son-in-law) Aglemiut Tribe

Stephen b. 1869 Aglemiut Tribe            Fishing/hunting
Oleania b. 1875 (wife) Nushagak Tribe
Vascilla b. 1899 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Jacob b. 1882 (brother-in-law) Nushagak Tribe

Gritcha b. 1858 Nushagak   Tribe                                                                     Fishing/hunting
Malica b. 1863 (wife)  Nushagak Tribe
Ivan b. 1883 (son) Nushagak Tribe

Yugulu b. 1842 Widow  Nushagak Tribe
Gustcha b. 1880 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Denifim b. 1882 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Anuska b. 1884 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Varva b. 1891 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe

Simeon b. 1861 Nushagak    Tribe                                                                       Fishing/hunting
Anna b. 1865 (wife) Nushgak Tribe
Bolanga b. 1884 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Ivan b. 1888 (son) Nushagak Tribe

Jigalria b. 1869 Nushagak       Tribe                                                                  Fishing/hunting
Gatalina b. 1876 (wife) Nushagak Tribe
Mikatoe b. 1895 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Peter b. 1899 (son) Nushagak Tribe

Simpson b. 1876  Nushagak  Tribe                                                                      Fishing/hunting
Dulshusha b. 1882 (wife) Nushagak Tribe

Misha???  b. 1851 Nushagak     Tribe                                                                  Fishing/hunting
Anna b. 1855 (wife) Nushagak Tribe
Vascilla b. 1881 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Malia b. 1884 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Sophia b. 1892 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe

Gustcha b. 1875 Nushagak    Tribe                                                                          Fishing/hunting
Ivanilina?? b. 1879 (wife) Nushagak Tribe
Matlina b. 1898 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe

Frank Albert b. 1877 Nushagak    Tribe                                                                Fishing/hunting
Vassillina Albert b. 1881 (wife) Nushagak Tribe

Alexandra b. 1837     Nushagak    Tribe                                                                   Fishing/hunting
Malia b. 1841 (wife)   Nushagak Tribe
Malia b. 1871 widow  (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Ogulina b. 1877 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Gwindulera b. 1887 (grandson) Nushagak Tribe
Olia b. 1889 (granddaughter) Nushagak Tribe

Vascilla b. 1861 Nushagak Tribe                                                                  Fishing/hunting
Legalia b. 1867 (wife) Nushagak Tribe
Martha b. 1886 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Gustacha b. 1890 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Martha b. 1895 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe

Bedulga b. 1868 Nushagak Tribe                                                                 Fishing/hunting
Ivan b. 1891 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Peter b. 1894 (son) Nushagak Tribe

Maxie b. 1876  Nushagak Tribe                                                                 Fishing/hunting
Bolonga b. 1881 (wife) Nushagak Tribe

Ivan b. 1851 Nushagak Tribe                                                                    Fishing/hunting
Ottalia b. 1851 (wife) Nushagak Tribe
Martha b. 1881 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Marsha b. 1884 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Elisia b. 1887 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Ivan b. 1890 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Anuska b. 1892 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe

Hischutka b. 1855 Nushagak Tribe                                                                  Fishing/hunting
Olia b. 1858 (wife) Nushagak Tribe
Michael b. 1886 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Gabriel b. 1888 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Martha b. 1890 (daughter) Nushagak Tribe
Casina b. 1894 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Peter b. 1898 (son) Nushagak Tribe

Andrew b. 1864 widower   Nushagak Tribe                                                     Fishing/hunting
Firmia b. 1887 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Elis b. 1890 (son) Nushagak Tribe
Alexi b. 1894 (son) Nushagak Tribe

Gabriel b. 1847  Nushagak Tribe                                                                    Fishing/hunting
Anna b. 1853 (wife) Nushagak Tribe
Alchania b. 1879 (son) Nushagak Tribe

Gamerchuf??  b. 1877 Nushagak Tribe                                                          Fishing/hunting
Anuska b. 1882 (partner) Nushagak Tribe

Nuchten, Ivan b. 1848 widower Togiakmiut Tribe

Eguzik, Michael b. 1847  Togiagmiut Tribe
Eguzik, Olga b. 1859  (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe              7 children/2 living
Eguzik, Mollie b. 1889 (daughter) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Eguzik, Wasalie b. 1906 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Eguzik, Gusma b. 1895 (son)   KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Atrailnook, Andrew b. 1861 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Atrailnook, Sasa b. 1862 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                   6 children/1 alive
Atrailnook, Chilkeechuk b. 1894 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Chakiluk, Palaskie b. 1900  (boarder)   KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Chimukpuk, Andrew b. 1898 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Charonikkuk, Ignatius b. 1890 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Yshpuk, Parvela b. 1888 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Chiloopuk, Gust b. 1867  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Chiloopuk, Mollie b. 1873 (wife)  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe             5 children/2 alive
Chiloopuk, Chilkeetch b. 1900 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Chiloopuk, Michael b. 1904 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Akiuk, Ivan b. 1882 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Kawaulinuk, Elia b. 1883  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Kawaulinuk, Ssophia b. 1885 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                1 child/1 alive
Kawaulinuk, Agaliphia b. 1904 (daughter) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Cheskok, Feodor b. 1897 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Atchkeok, Gemophie  b. 1878  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Atchkeok, Marcia b. 1886 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                       1 child/1 alive
Atchkeok, Ivan b. 1909 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Euagon, Wasalie b. 1883 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Euagon, Mollie b. 1886 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                             0 children
Achdoahay, Wasalie b. 1895 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Kenauguk, Pietla b. 1879 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Kavordray, Simeon b. 1892 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Kavordray, Anna b. 1894 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                            1 child/0 living

Apachulook, Wasalie b. 1864  Aglemiut Tribe
Apachulook, Lucili b. 1867 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                                 9 children/5 living
Apachulook, Gusta b. 1893 (son) Aglemiut Tribe
Apachulook, Sasa b. 1901 (daughter) Aglemiut Tribe
Apachulook, Annaka b. 1903 (daughter) Aglemiut Tribe

Angelsok, Ivan b. 1890 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Angelsok, Mollia b. 1894 (wife) Aglemiut Tribe                                       0 children
Kaschehimlrea, Chikutch b. 1881 (boarder) Aglemiut Tribe

Isanguk, Gust b. 1886 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Isanguk, Marcia b. 1889 Aglemiut Tribe                                                 0 children

Chetok, Feodor b. 1865  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Chetok, Molly b. 1868 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                                      11 children/4 living
Chetok, Olga b. 1899 (daughter) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Chetok, Okolena b. 1902 (daughter) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Chetok, Gregory b. 1904 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Chetok, Feodor b. 1895 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Pocayuc, Oleana b. 1890 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Anutga, Simeon b. 1847  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Anutga, Anna b. 1848 (wife)    KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Anutga, Anutga b. 1891 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Dakoka, Alexia b. 1882  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Dakoka, Palenka b. 1889 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                           6 children/0 living
Dakoka, Annaka b. 1906 (adopted daughter) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Uyalook, Jacob b. 1833 (widower) (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Kuchuk, Ivan b. 1890  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Kuchuk, Marcia b. 1893 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                               1 child/0 living

Nicholson, John b. 1889 Alaska     father born Denmark      mother KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Nicholson, Sophia b. 1899  (wife)  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                        0 children

Nuzine, Anuska b. 1858 widow     KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Elookavak, Wasalisia b. 1887 widow         KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe             5 children/3 living
Elookavak, Wasalie b. 1902 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Elookavak, Olga b. 1905 (daughter) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Anagunk, Peter b. 1899 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Rose, Peter b. 1886 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Rose, Elena b. 1890 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                                 0 children
Kogiukdaklook, Simeon b. 1897 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Kanickchocuhest, Makluna b. 1866 widow KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Kanseluk, Constantine b. 1868 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Kanseluk, Annuska b. 1873 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                              2 children/0 alive

Agyau, Polaskia b. 1834 widow  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                10 children/0 alive
Kawachuk, Wasalie b. 1905 (grandson) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Gingluruk, Ivan b. 1890 (boarder) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Ingsunsyok, Feodor b. 1858 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Ingsunsyok, Sasa b. 1882 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                       0 children
Ingsunsyok, Pritla b. 1893 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Burien, Andrew b. 1849 widower  KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Burien, Fama 1890 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Burien, Elia b. 1894 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Burien, Alexia b. 1896 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Kufkankolik, Stephan b. 1861 KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe
Kufkankolik, Oleana b. 1863 (wife) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe              6 children/1 alive
Kufkankolik, Michael b. 1905 (son) KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe

Sorby,  Nels b. 1868 Norway  (immigrated 1886)
Larson, Oskar b. 1866 Sweden (immigrated 1887)
Nelson, Peter b. 1852 Sweden (immigrated 1880)
Nelson, Alexandria b. 1859 Nushagagmiut Tribe                  11 children/8 living
Nelson, Olga b. 1894 RUSHAGAGMIUT Tribe
Nelson, Peter Jr. b. 1895 Mushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, Andrew b. 1897 Nushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, August b. 1899 Nushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, John b. 1904 Nushagagmiut Tribe

Nelson, Fama b. 1882 Nushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, Makluna b. 1887 (wife)     KUSKWOGMIUT Tribe                  3 children/0 living

Sorby,  Nels b. 1868 Norway  (immigrated 1886)
Larson, Oskar b. 1866 Sweden (immigrated 1887)
Nelson, Peter b. 1852 Sweden (immigrated 1880)
Nelson, Alexandria b. 1859 Nushagagmiut Tribe                  11 children/8 living
Nelson, Olga b. 1894 Rushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, Peter Jr. b. 1895 Mushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, Andrew b. 1897 Nushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, August b. 1899 Nushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, John b. 1904 Nushagagmiut Tribe

Nelson, Fama b. 1882 Nushagagmiut Tribe
Nelson, Makluna b. 1887 (wife)     Kuskwogmiut Tribe                  3 children/0 living

Schultz, Thomas b. 1881 Pennsylvania                                           Teacher
Schultz, Kaitcha b. 1882 Alaska      father: Russian  mother: Alaskan               0 children

Padden, Patrick T. b. 1859 Wisconsin   parents born Ireland

Johnson, John b. 1865 Norway  (immigrated 1882)
Christianson, Nicholas b. 1866 Sweden (partner)  (immigrated 1886)
Devlin, Hugh  b. 1871 California  (parents born Ireland)

Craig, Edith 48  b. Iowa                Matron of orphanage
Craig, Walter S. 61  b. Oregon       Assistant to Matron

Masa, Andrew 18
Younasork, Oliana 16
Knutson, John 16   mixed
______, Philip 16                * UNDERLINED means last name unknown by census taker
Wasooki, Andrew 15
Oksaduack, Anuska 15
Aningchuk, Ocalena 15
Kenavi, Covlela 15
Engiak, William 15
_______, Polake 15
Coffee, Alexie  15
_______, Anuska 15
Newatak, Nickolia 14
Jocowan, Yelena 14
Anenkok, Massa 14
Allungkudler, Tatiana 14
Know, Simeon D. 14
Palakin, Mary 14
_______, Natia 14
Effem, Annie 14
Nickolia, Anna 14
Oksaduach, Evan 13
Akelkok, Luka 13
Yukaluk, Simeon 13
Eyelkok, Efigenia 13
Thingchick, Nickolia 13
Fin, Simeon 13
Govia, Olia 13
Eo, Peducia 13
Kline, Annie 13  mixed
_______, Evan 13
Walkoff, Oxcenia 12
Telemung, Polake 12
_______, Casey 12
Parville, Olea 12
_______, Natalia 12
_______, Nickolia 12
_______, Yeela 12
Win, Tatiana 12
_______, Henry 12
_______, Fedulea 12
Akelkok, Philip 11
Bishert, Sassa   11   mixed
Kenavi, Nickolis 11
_______, Polenka 11
_______, Eubuck 11
Aningchuk, Tatiana 11
_______, Annie Marie 10
_______, Anuska Natia 10
_______, Marie Waccelie 10
_______, Murphy 10
_______, Johnnie N. 10
_______, Robert  10
_______, Alexie N. 10
Akelkok, Elea 9
Clinden, Charles 9  mixed
Tokalinook, Pete 9
Wolkoff, Mighea 9
Bishert, Walla Walla  9  mixed
Jocowan, Matluna 9
Chunaluk, Fuekta  9
Engeak, Amaluk 9
________, Anuska Mass 9
Ponlelif, Annie 9
Eo, Charles 9
Kline, Mary 9  mixed
Kirk, James  9  mixed
______, Elena 9
Oksaduack, Massa 8
Kenavi, Olia 8
Wasooki, Tuvetuk 8
_______, Stepan 8
_______, Jonluk 8
_______, Anuska Hear 8
_______, Blind Tatiana 8
Allungkudler, Miska 8
Akelkof, Phening 7
Jocowan, Simeon 7
_______, Salla 7
_______, Fedulea 7
Palakin, Elexie 7
_______, Votutia 7
_______, Elecia  7
_______, Fefa  7
_______, Vatia 7
_______, Balonka Nicholia 7
_______, Sakala  6
_______, Wascelicia 6
_______, Wascelie Natia 6
Jocowan, Opie 5
Aningchuk, Samela 5
Effim, Sam 5
Wasooki, Marie 5
______, Nickolia Poloke 5
Eo, Wascelie 5
______, Gusukok 5
Chernicoff, Yelena 5
________, Nicholia 5
________, Mesooksie 5
Bishert, Wascelie  4   mixed
______, Jane   4
______, Charlie N. 4
______, Evan  4
______, Sassa Nadia  4
______, Jack  3
______, Dick  3
Sonada, Harry 2   mixed
Oksaduack, Pete   9 months

Undem, Arnold    29  b. Norway   orphanage carpenter
Undem, Selma     19   b. Minnesota  orphanage cook
The orphanage above plus the people below were all listed as living in CHOGGIUNG VILLAGE in 1920

Tradekauf, Simeon 37 widower   Fisherman
Tradekauf, Pete 6  son
Tradekauf, Elea 4 son
Gustavok, Mike 13 servant

Anderson, Carl   60 widower born Sweden (immigrated 1875)  Cannery laborer
Anderson, John 17 son  mixed
Anderson, Charles 16 son mixed

Eriksson, Elmer 48 born Sweden (immigrated 1894) laborer
Eriksson, Rena A. 28 born Colorado

Hogberg, Andrew 61 widower born Sweden (immigrated 1882)  Fisherman/Cannery
Hogberg, Andrew 8  son   mixed

Nielson, Lars D. 65 widower born Denmark (immigrated 1876)  Cannery watchman
Nielson, Andrew 21  son mixed
Nielson, Charles 17 son mixed
Nielson, Nels 14  son mixed
Nielson, Ella  ___ daughter mixed
Nielson, Nora 2  daughter mixed
Wascelie, Natalia  11   Foster Child

Soranson, Charles 65 widower  b. Sweden (immigrated 1879)

Thorsen, Theodore 45 widower b. Norway (immigrated 1894)
Thorsen, Olga   9   mixed
Thorsen, William 7  mixed

Malkeit, Charles 49  b. Germany  (immigrated 1890)  Cannery watchman
Malkeit, Malena 47 b. Alaska   wife
Malkeit, Annie 19  daughter  mixed
Malkeit, Charles 17 son mixed
Malkeit, August 15 son mixed
Malkeit, Emma 8 daughter mixed

Lindstrom, Marie 20 widow  (Indian)
_______, Charles 15 brother (Indian)

Lowe, John C. 49 b. Kansas     Merchant General Store

Ikiayak, Evan 40           laborer

Hoseth, August 40 widower  b. Norway  (immigrated 1904)  Cannery watchman
Hoseth, August 7  son  mixed
Hoseth, Christopher son 5 years 4 months   son mixed
Hoseth, Olga  2  daughter mixed

Babalok, Oxcenia 29 widow               servant to private family
Babalok, Wascelie 2  mixed
Nickolia, Sophia 10  foster child

Egeland, Ludwig 56 b. Norway            Cannery laborer
Egeland, Polenka 46  wife
Egeland, Emil 16  son mixed
Egeland, Louise 13 daughter mixed
Egeland, Marie 10  daughter mixed
Egeland, Elizabeth 9 daughter mixed
Egeland, Anna 5 daughter mixed

Holmes, Martin 46  b. Scotland                  Gold Mine

Johnsen, Hjalmer 48 widower b. Sweden (immigrated 1899)    Fisherman/Cannery
Johnsen, Annie 2 years 2  months  daughter  mixed

Svenholm Frank 41 widower  b. Finland  (immigrated 1898)    Fisherman/Cannery

Johnston, Burt W.  45 widower  b. Louisiana   Gold Mine
Drewo, Max  43  b. Germany  (immigrated 1899)       Gold Mine
Nelson, Ole 56  b. Norway (immigrated 1884)           Gold Mine

Johnson, William 34  b. Finland  (immigrated 1905)
Johnson, Natia 24  wife  b. Alaska
Johnson, Annie 6 daughter  mixed
Johnson, William 4 son  mixed
Johnson, Hilda 2 daughter mixed
Johnson, Carl 5 months son mixed

Johnson, Olif M. 68  b. Sweden  (immigrated 1872)         Jail guard
Johnson, Annecia 31  b. Alaska
Johnson, Mary 12  daughter mixed
Johnson, Martin 9 son mixed
Johnson, Nicholas 5 years 2 months  son mixed
Johnson, Albert  1 year 8 months  son mixed
Johnson, Peter  2 months  son mixed

Johnson, Andrew  30  mixed                                 Fisherman

Hiratsuka, Joe  37  Japanese  (immigrated 1899)  Fisherman
Hiratsuka, Massa  22  wife  b. Alaska   Indian                Basket weaver
Hiratsuka, Thomas  1½  son  mixed
________, Mary 16  b. Alaska  Sister-in-law

Roche, John 46 b. Newfoundland                  Fisherman/Cannery

Hardie, George W. 65 widower b. Wisconsin         Gold Mine

Nelson, Peter 70 widower b. Sweden (immigrated 1871)
Nelson, Peter 24 son  b. Alaska   mixed
Nelson, August 20 son b. Alaska  mixed
Nelson, John 15 son b. Alaska  mixed

Dillingham Jail 1920
Lows, W. Frank 54 b. Kentucky         Jail Warden
Alexandria 40  b. Finland                              Inmate
Maldenhaver, Augie 30 b. California               Guard
Brayowich, Samuel  31  b. Montenegro             Prisoner
Cavilila, Carl John 21 b. Alaska    Indian         Prisoner

U. S. Government Hospital
Drtena, Adolf  30   Physician
Drtena, Mary 25    Nurse
Drtena, Mary Frances 2
Drtena, Adolf 1

Olson, Bertha 18   patient
Munrow, Mabel 22 patient

Frenegak, Fred age 30 widower b. AK      parents born Russia           Cannery work
Frenegak, Wascelie age 9 (son) b. AK
Frenegak, Onacenia age 6 (daughter) b. AK

Engiak, Nackie age 21 b. AK                                      Reindeer work
Jolohon, Sarah age 25 widow (sister) b. AK
Amagushnak, Meforte age 10 (nephew) b. AK
Jolohon, Funie age 16 (niece) b. AK

Giacometti, Alexander age 22 b. AK         father b. Italy       mother b. AK    Reindeer work
Aggrekak, Alafema age 17 AK (partner)                Reindeer work

Amagushnak, Timothy age 38 widower    b.AK                                    Cannery work
Amagushnak, Evduka?? age 28 widow   b. AK
Amagushnak, Neforte age 6 (son) b. AK
Amagushnak, Polenka age 3 months (daughter) b. AK
Yaku (only one name given) age 17 (brother) b. AK

Nichelson, John age 31 widower      b. AK                       Cannery work
Toleman, Wasa age 29 widower  b. AK  (partner)            Cannery work

Amegluk, Avon age 32 b. AK                                         Cannery work
Amegluk, Massa age 27 (wife) b. AK
Amegluk, Anna age 10 (daughter) b. AK
Amegluk, Massa age 6
Amegluk, Tokelita age 1½
Anenkok, Alafema age 8 (foster child)
Avon, Agraphina age 16 (servant)

Megua, Mike age 16 b. AK                                          Reindeer work
Elesema (only one name given) age 18 (partner)  b. AK

Ota, Joseph age 41 b. Japan                                    Cannery cook
Ota, Sophia age 30 b. AK (wife)
Ota, Agraphina age 16 (daughter) b. AK

Soonada, Tom  age 30 widower  b. Japan                   Cannery cook

Johnson, August age 54 b. Finland (immigrated 1887)       Cannery watchman
Johnson, Agoffia age 16 (wife) b. AK
Johnson, Charles age 18 (son) b. AK          parents born Alaska
Johnson, Antone age 14 (son) b. AK           father b. Finland   mother b. AK
Johnson, Alexander age 10 (son) b. AK      fathre b. Finland   mother b. AK

Escosak, Nonecak age 23  b. AK                           Trappin
Chonanak, Trefon age 35 widower b. AK                Cannery work
Lakin, Bernard age 28 b. England                           Cannery work
Brown, William age 64 widower  b. Sweden             Cannery work

The following records were copied just as I found it (with no corrections)
NOTE: The 1930 census for Bristol Bay was taken by a man named Frank Warkey. All of
his census work lists the Native population (incorrectly) as Inuit (should say Yupik).

Hansen, Louis 63 widower b. Sweden  father b. Norway  mother b. Sweden
Hansen, Olaf  19 son Inuit
Hansen, Emma M. 15 Inuit
Hansen Anna P. 19  Inuit   daughter-in-law
Forrest, Earle M.  37  b. Washington
Schmidt, George 51  b. Germany         Merchant
Herman, Robert F. 63 b. Germany      laborer in store
Lowe, John C. 58 b. Missouri             Merchant
Lowe, Margurite 36  wife  b. Iowa     Postmaster
Timmerman, James F. 68  b. California       Fishing
Timmerman, Olga 44     wife       Inuit
Timmerman, Mary E.  21  daughter        Laundress
Timmerman, Charles J. 16
Powell, Alec 24   Inuit               Fishing
Powell, ?Otutia? 25   Inuit
Anulgur, Alexandria  7   boarder   Inuit
Johnson, Charles 25    Inuit              Fishing
Johnson Alexandria 20  wife  Inuit
Trowbridge, Carl R. 26 b. Idaho           Fishing
Trowbridge, Thelma F.  27  Nebraska   Teacher
Trowbridge, Croa E. 4   b. Alaska
Osterhaus, Adolf J. 65 widower  b. California         Fishing
Osterhaus, Hugo C. 20 son  Inuit
Osterhaus, Adolf J. 18 son Inuit
Osterhaus, Alma J. 14  daughter Inuit
Osterhaus, Marie V. 12  daughter  Inuit
Osterhaus, Irene A.  8 daughter  Inuit
Osterhaus, Boice R.  6  son  Inuit
Fenno, Eric D. 32 b. Arkansas            U. S. Bureau Fisheries Warden
Fenno, Elsie 31 b. Washington
Fenno, R. Dennis 8  b. Washington
Fenno, E. Neil 3 b. Washington
Trittekoff, Simeon 44   Inuit               fishing
Trittekoff, Natalia 34 wife  Inuit
Trittekoff, Peter 17  son
Trittekoff, Elia  15 son  I
Larsen, Peter K. 61 b. Norway  immigrated 1890       Fishing
Larsen, Olia 23  wife
Larsen, Patricia 2 daughter
Mulkert, Carl 57  b. Germany   immigrated 1890        fishing
Mulkert, Anuska E.  25  wife  Inuit
Mulkert, Fred W.  3
Mulkert, John P. 2
Mulkert, Katherine 11 months
Nielsen, Charles 27  Inuit           fishing
Nielsen, Emma E. 23 wife  Inuit
Nielsen, Helen E. 5  daughter
Nielsen, Charles A. 8 months son
Egelund, Palanka  55  widow   Inuit
Egelund, Emil 26 widower  son             fishing
Egelund, Annie 15 daughter
Egelund, Louisa 3  granddaughter
Peterson, Fred F. 26 b. Missouri        fishing
Peterson, Elizabeth 18  wife   Inuit
Noden, William N.   62  b. Pennsylvania       fishing
Noden, Anna    58  wife  Inuit
Noden, Walter 10  son
Withrow, Alfred W. 24 b. Washington     fishing
Withrow, Molly 18  wife   Inuit
Withrow, James H. 1 month son
Anderson, John W.  27   Inuit             fishing
Anderson, Louise A. 22  wife Inuit
Anderson, Ludwig J. 3  son
Anderson, Carl M. 65 widower  b. Sweden
Peterson, Adolf 38 b. Sweden
Peterson, Agnes 27   Northern Inuit
Peterson, Ruth 5
Peterson, Annie 2
Harloff, Henry J. 45 b. Illinois      pilot - fishing
Nekulawak, Thomas 3  stepson    Northern Inuit

1930 P. H. J. Cannery  3/4 miles S. W. of Dillingham and Beauty Creek  3 miles S. W. of Dillingham
Nelson, Peter 34  Inuit
Nelson, Anna 29  Inuit
Nelson, Alice 8  Inuit
Nelson, Peter H. 5  Inuit
Nelson, Mildred M. 3 Inuit
Nelson, Esther K. 1  Inuit

Nelson, August 30 Inuit             fishing
Nelson, Ella M. 19 Inuit
Nelson, Lars D. 2 Inuit
Nielson, Robert 17  brother-in-law
Nielson, Nora T. 11  sister-in-law

Anderson, Jan 54 widower  b. Denmark      fishing
Anderson, John 20  Inuit
Anderson, Herman 17 Inuit
Anderson, Katie 13 Inuit
Anderson, Nels 12 Inuit
Anderson, Flora 6 Inuit
Nwkung, Lucy  30 widow   Inuit   housekeeper
Nwkung, John 5  foster son

Nielsen, John S. 63  b. Norway  immigrated 1885         fishing
Nielsen, Mary 50   Inuit

Persson, Charles A. 51 b. Sweden immigrated 1897        fishing
Polson, Olaf 60 b. Sweden  immigrated 1897          fishing

Fleckenstein, Joseph B. 60 b. Iowa       Deputy Marshall
Fleckenstein, Maria A. 63  wife b. California
Carty, George 39 b. California INMATE
Hunter, Nicolai 24   Inuit        INMATE

Smith, Floyd 31 b. Oregon       Trapper
Smith, Ellen 27 b. California.......................................(maiden name Fleckenstein)
Smith, Marvin F. 2  b. Alaska
Smith, Marie  11 months  b. Alaska

Frampton, Ben F. 28 b. Pennsylvania
Nicholson, Hans P. 63 b. Denmark            Merchant
Nicholson, Foodora 41  b. Alaska
Nicholson, John W.  23  son  b. Alaska
Nicholson, Herbert B. 15 son  b. Alaska
Nicholson, Elmer J. 10 son b. Alaska
Nicholson, Elizabeth 9 daughter b. Alaska
Nicholson, Lawrence A. 4 son b. Alaska
Nikefeross, Dora 15  Inuit  servant

Johnson, Ole M. 77 b. Norway immigrated 1871          fishing
Johnson, Anesia 42  Inuit
Tenneson, Anesia  25  widow          daughter       Inuit

Johnson, John W. 42 b. Finland         immigrated 1905         fishing
Johnson, Natia 35  Inuit
Johnson, Annie 16  daughter
Johnson, William 15  son
Johnson, Hilda 14 daughter
Johnson, Viela 7 daughter
Johnson, Ellen 5 daughter
Johnson, Clara 2 daughter

Hoidahl, Marona 36 widow  Inuit
Hoidahl, Matilda 6 daughter
Hoidahl, Horman 4 son
Barnes, Harry   66 b. England       immigrated 1880           fishing
Barnes, Marie 38  Inuit
Barnes, Kate 9 daughter
Barnes, Own 7 son

Johnson, Andrew 40  Inuit             fishing
Johnson, Valvola 28  Inuit
Johnson, An____rca  8
Johnson, George 6
Johnson, John 1
Apohint, Alex  21  boarder

Olsson, Ernest L. 53 b. Sweden          immigrated 1901
Olsson, Olga 35   Inuit
Olsson, Mary 16
Olsson, Hjalmar 14
Olsson, Ellen 12
Olsson, Ernest Jr.  10
Olsson, Peter 8
Olsson, Selma 6
Olsson, August 4
Olsson, Edith 2
Olsson, John N. 1

Nelson, Andrew 32  Inuit          fishing
Nelson, Annie 24  Inuit
Nelson, Walter A. 5
Nelson, Dennis 3

Nelson, Thomas  52  Inuit            Chief Reindeer Herder
Nelson, Marfa 42 Inuit
Nelson, George 19
Nelson, Alec 17
Nelson, Madaline 10
Nelson, John 3

Wassili, Andrew 24  Inuit            fishing
Wassili, Oxenia 23 Inuit
Wassili, Katherine 1½

Oakley, Ernest D. 30  b. North Dakota            U. S. Signal Corp wireless operator
Oakley, Mildred E.     b. California

Nolson, John 25  Inuit           fishing
Nolson, Annie 22 Inuit
Nolson, Dorothy M. 4
Nolson, Mary A. 11 months
Akulka, Philip 21  male boarder   Inuit             fishing
Akulka, Elia   18  male boarder   Inuit              fishing

Gardener, Thomas F. 52 b. Scotland   immigrated 1898
Gardener, Lyida G. 21  Inuit
Gardener, John F. 2
Gardener, Grace F. 9 months
Snyder, Oscar   23  brother-in-law

Goldspring, Lawrence 56 b. New York               fishing
Anderson, Olaf 44 b. Norway               immigrated 1904         fishing

Caldwell, Horace 51   b. Tennessee            HEAD
Redman, Monta M. 49      b. Kentucky       COOK
Snow, Leona M.   21        b. Ohio               TEACHER
Dorthick, Pearlea M. 23  b. Ohio               TEACHER
Rounder, Helen R. 33  b. Kansas                TEACHER
Caldwell, Grace 37  b. Kentucky                HEAD
Alvarez, Annie 9     Inuit
Bischert, Sassa 18   Inuit
Bischert, Walla 16   Inuit
Blunka, Massa 16     Inuit
Cavalela, Jane 12    Inuit
Christianson, Alma 11   Inuit
Christianson, Camella 9  Inuit
Christianson, Caroline 12  Inuit
Fedulka, Marie 18   Inuit
Goledoff, Annie  9  Aleut
Fordioff, Mattie 13  Aleut
Gust, Massa 21 Inuit
Gust, Olia 16  Inuit
Hansen, Okelena 15 Inuit
Johnson, Annie Louise 11  Inuit
Joseph, Natalia 6 Inuit
Jorgenson, Leovuska 8 Inuit
Kyander, Duddy  5  Inuit
Nottia, Anuska 17  Inuit
Matluna, Missookskie  14  Inuit
Niklevak, Mary Ann  11   Northern Inuit
Pavela, Alena 16 Inuit
Powers, Olga 17  Inuit
Rielley, Mary  18  Northern Inuit
Rielley, Annie 10  Northern Inuit
Samlo, Matluna  18  Inuit
Socolla, Salla  15  Inuit
Tarkanof, Mary  13  Aleut
Tarkanoff, Stepanita 9  Aleut
Wilson, Annie 13  Aleut
Yateknenoff, Annie  14  Aleut
Yako, Bessie 18  Inuit
Wassily, Marie 11  Inuit
Shelley, Joseph H. 48   b. Pennsylvania    U. S. Bureau of Eucation   Mechanic
Shelley, Bernice H. 50  wife b. Pennsylvania  Boys Matron and Teacher of Sanitation
Alvarez, Alec 6  Inuit        (father Mexican)
Akalkok, Fenning 16  Inuit
Bear, Stepan 8  Aleut
Bischert, Wassily 12 Inuit
bear, Nick  14  Aleut
Blandon, Albert 13  Thlinget
Christianson, Tommy  12  Inuit
Christianson, Johnny 13  Inuit
Christianson, Charles 7   Aleut
Egebok, Edward 15  Inuit
Gregory, Timmy  3  Inuit
Gunderson, Paul  Inuit
Goldiess, Inakenty  9  Aleut
Hansen, Mike  7   Inuit
Hansen, Glen 5    Inuit
Joseph, Amlook  18  Inuit
Joseph, Fenning  16  Inuit
Joseph, Wassilly 11 Inuit
Jones, Nikoli  13  Inuit
Jorgensen, Willie 10  Inuit
Kalaza, Johnny 4   Inuit
Kolyka, Aleck 10   Inuit
Kiander, Johnny  6  Inuit
Klakluk, Peter 16  Inuit
Murphy, Johnny 21  Inuit
Nicklevok, Paul  5   Northern Inuit
Patukuk, Stepan 16  Inuit
Nottia, Wassely  15  Inuit
Pologan, Aleck 14  Inuit
Riley, Thomas 16   Northern Inuit
Rose, Constantine  9  Aleut
Sapsick, James 9  Northern Inuit
Sapsick, Valentine 11  Northern Inuit
Samlo, Ossie 12  Inuit
Simeon, Evan 12  Inuit
Socolly, Dickey  12  Inuit
Wasley, David 14  Inuit
Wallona, Jackie 11 Inuit
Wallona, Socolly 14  Inuit
Yukluk, Blunka  17  Inuit
Nicklevik, Patrick 10  Northern Inuit
McCoubrey, Arthur M. 43  b. Illinois  U. S. Bureau of Education  Teacher
McCoubrey, Frances S. 40 b. Washington  Teacher
McCoubrey, Arthur S. 13 b. Washington
McCoubrey, Marietta 11  b. Idaho
McCoubrey, Laura H. 10 b. Washington

Murphy, William  30  b. Missouri  Surgeon and physician
Marshall, Flora  44   b. Wisconsin  Cook
Moen, Mabel M. 25  b. Canada       Nurse
Levesque, mary F. 25  b. Canada     Nurse
Blandoff, Olia 21   Inuit                Studen Nurse
Setuk, Fefa 14  Inuit                     House boy
Gust, Nikolia   20    Inuit               Orderly
Alaska    9              Inuit               Patient
Skookum, Yago  25   (Tarut - Aleut)  Patient
Kiyuigiyak, Andrew 50   Inuit         Patient

1930 IGIYARACHAK        (14 Miles N. W. of Dillingham)
Smith, Charley O. 62  Northern Inuit
Smith, Mary Ann  62  Northern Inuit
Dailey, Anna M.  35   Northern Inuit
Iquwuka, Harvey 57  widower   Northern Inuit
Iquwuka, Alice 16  daughter
Iquwuka, Lucy 15  daughter
Iquwuka, Gloria 8 daughter
Iquwuka, Ida 6  daughter
Akiak, Mike 25  boarder     Northern Inuit
Bumayaserek, Price  40       Northern Inuit
Sapsook, Sam  55 widower  Northrn Inuit
Sapsook, Barney 22            Northern Inuit
Sapsook, Jsoeph 21             Northern Inuit
Ikckakus, Muksi  62  widower         Inuit
Ikckakus, Simeon 22  son                Inuit

1930 KUYAGAMUT           (20 miles West of Dillingham)
Ingamayak, Fred  75  widower   Inuit

Schroder, Herman age 57 b. Germany immigrated 1901                  Cannery work
Schroder, Sofia age 33  Inuit
Schroder, Herman age 14 Inuit

Larson, Albert age 27 Inuit                                                                Fishing
Larson, Elizabeth age 19 Inuit
Larson, Nelda age 1 year 2 months Inuit

Nelson, Charles age 37 b. Sweden immigrated 1915                            Fishing
Nelson, Natalia age 22 Inuit
Nelson, Charles T. age 3 years 3 months Inuit
Nelson, Nels C. age 1 year 2 months Inuit

Mikolie, Mike age 24 Inuit                                                                 Fishing
Mikolie, Mary age 21 Inuit
Mikolie, Simeon age 11 months Inuit
Ulak, Ephraim age 55 widower  father-in-law  Inuit

Tingalahok, Wassili age 22 Inuit                                                          Fishing
Tingalahok, Martha age 19 Inuit
Tingalahok, Kathreine newborn  Inuit

Ongunsuck, Yako age 42 Inuit                                                  Fishing
Ongunsuck, Anna age 35 (wife) Inuit
Ongunsuck, Jacob age 17 (son) Inuit
Ongunsuck, Anna age 11 (daughter) Inuit
Ongunsuck, Henry age 8 (son) Inuit
Ongunsuck, Ephanasia age 6 (daughter) Inuit
Ongunsuck, Feutulka age 8 months

Chalakuk, Wassili age 43 Inuit                                                     Fishing
Chalakuk, Anuska age 34 (wife) Inuit
Kukhilinguk, Katherine age 60 widow (mother) Inuit
Chalakuk, George age 15 (nephew) Inuit
Cheronakuk, Anna age 14 (niece) Inuit
Yag??luk, Louisa age 12 (niece) Inuit

Aghowk, Andrew age 26 Inuit                                                         Fishing
Aghowk, Anuska age 22 (wife) Inuit
Aghowk, Fred age 3 (son) Inuit
Aghowk, Blonka age 2 (son) Inuit
Ivan, Charles age 14 (nephew-in-law) Inuit

Chaikluk, Neketa age 50 Inuit
Chaikluk, Viola age 40 (wife) Inuit
Chaikluk, Neketa age 23 (son) Inuit
Chaikluk, Feutulka age 21 (son) Inuit
Chaikluk, Natalia age 16 (daughter) Inuit
Chaikluk, August age 13 (son) Inuit
Chaikluk, Wasili age 11 (son) Inuit
Chaikluk, ??Kawgweligak??  age 8 (son) Inuit
Chaikluk, Viola age 5 (daughter) Inuit
Chaikluk, Peter age 3 (son) Inuit

Henderson, Neil B. age 65 b. Utah   parents born Scotland               Cold Storage Plant Manager

Cheronskwak, Bondeli??  age 45 Inuit
Cheronskwak, Arenia??   age 35 Inuit
Cheronskwak, Ariyak age 17 (daughter) Inuit
Cheronskwak, Sofia age 15 (daughter) Inuit
Cheronskwak, Carukng??  age 14 (daughter) Inuit
Cheronskwak, Elizabeth age 5 (daughter) Inuit
Cheronskwak, Nikela age 3  Inuit

Akema, Jack age 24 Inuit
Omegwa (only name listed) age 20 Inuit

Eykkila, Andrew 64   b. Finland         immigrated 1913
Eykkila, Katie 21    Inuit
Eykkila, Andrew 1
Chikgookook, Johnny  14  Brother-in-law
Skarstrom, Sigurd 47  b. Norway
Brinkmann-Hall, Carl F. 46 b. Germany  immigrated 1914        Merchant
Brinkmann-Hall, Lubova  33   wife    Aleut
Brinkmann-Hall, Frederick C.  2  son
Brinkmann-Hall, Ernest   4 months   son
Albertson, Otto A. 41  b. Norway        immigrated 1909             Cannery watchman
Albertson, Eastema 29   wife            Inuit
Albertson, Nattie 9
Albertson, Mike 7
Albertson, Alice 3
Albertson, Alf 1
Strand, Oscar 52  b. Norway          immigrated 1903
Repin, Serge  44   Aleut          Priest Greek Catholic Church
Asnuk, Ivan 10      Inuit          Foster son
Nungran, Nicdk 33   Inuit
Nungran, Emma 18   wife  Inuit
Nungran, Clara 2
Heyano, John   52  widower    b. Japan       immigrated 1896
Heyano, Mike    10   Inuit
Heyano, Pete       7   Inuit
Backford, Constantine   42  Inuit
Backford, Helena          33  Inuit
Backford, Vera 19  daughter
Backford, Agafangel  16  son
Backford, Helena 14  daughter
Backford, Keefa 12 son
Backford, Benjamin 5  son
Backford, Annie  3  daughter
Owquituk, Marone  19 Inuit      Sister-in-law
Tyetichoff, Nickolas   40   Half brother
Stone, Paul 46  Inuit
Stone, Natalia 38 Inuit
Stone, Palenka 14  Step-daughter
Hunter, Robert 37  Inuit
Hunter, Martha 27  Inuit
Hunter, Mary 8
Hunter, Alexie 2
Simeon, Katie 18   Inuit         Sister-in-law
Popsukbuk, Alec 54 widower   Inuit

Schrammeck, Leo W.  age 42  b. Montana   father b. Bohemia  mother b. Missouri    TEACHER
Schrammeck, Hazel age 42  b. Minnsota     fathre b. Maine     mother b. Wisconsin
Schrammeck, Wallace L. age 9 b. Montana

Peterson, Christian age 44  b. Montana        father b. Montana   mother b. Minnesota   TEACHER
Peterson, Elena age 36  b. Alaska   father b. Norway  mother b. Alaska  Inuit
Peterson, Evangeline age 5 b. Alaska
Peterson, Martha age 1 year 7 months  b. Alaska

Agakawiak, Wassili age 37  Inuit                                          Fur Trader
Agakawiak, Mary age 25 Inuit
Agakawiak, Pavla              age 8 Inuit
Agakawiak, Albert age 4 Inuit
Agakawiak, Lulu age 2½ Inuit

Ongutkyak, Stefan age 55 Inuit                                            Fishing
Ongutkyak, Anuska age 50 Inuit
Atkik, Edna age 9 (niece) Inuit

Chittlek, Thomas age 28 Inuit                                            Fur trade
Chittlek, Naomi age 17  (wife) Inuit

Elikoke, Simeon age 45 Inuit                                             Fishing
Elikoke, Anesia age 35 (wife) Inuit
Elikoke, John age 12 (son) Inuit
Kowktuyagak, Pavla  age 55 widower (uncle)                           Fur trade

Bazarata, Pavla  age 27 Inuit                                           Fishing
Bazarata, Anesia age 23 Inuit (wife)
Bazarata, Peggy age 3 (daughter)

Agayetchok, Andrew age 40  Inuit                                           Fishing
Agayetchok, (no name given) age 40 (wife)  Inuit
Agayetchok, Robert age 12 (son) Inuit
Agayetchok, Louis age 8 (son) Inuit
Agayetchok, Herbert age 4 (son) Inuit

Inoyuk, Alexia  age 21  Inuit                                           Reindeer work
Inoyuk, Martha age 19 (wife) Inuit

Owikak, Mishioli??  age 40  Inuit                                     Fishing
Owikak, Anuska age 25 (wife) Inuit
Owikak, Louisa age 5  (daughter) Inuit
Owikak, Bruce age 1 year 4 months (son) Inuit
Tatchak, Simeon  age 55  widower  (uncle)                            Fishing

Kanayuli, Ivan age 45  Inuit                                                 Fishing
Kanayuli, Malia age 40  (wife)  Inuit
Kanayuli, May age 12 (daughter) Inuit
Kanayuli, Jack age 9 (son) Inuit
Kanayuli, Ben age 6 (son) Inuit
Kanayuli, Elena age 3 years 4 months (daughter) Inuit
Kanayuli, Esther age 1 year 4 months (daughter) Inuit

Paseelera, Alexie  age 25  Inuit                                               Fishing
Paseelera, Anesia  age 17 (wife) Inuit

Manotuli, Andrew age 30  Inuit                                                Fishing
Manotuli, Anuska age 31 (wife) Inuit
Manotuli, Robert age 13 (son) Inuit
Manotuli, Betty age 6 (daughter) Inuit
Manotuli, Paul age 3½ (son) Inuit

Kopik, Kalela age 27 Inuit                                                                   Fishing
Kopik, Mallea age 24 (wife) Inuit
Imayutkylinal, Petluska age 55  (father-in-law)
Nakgtak, Palenka age 55 (mother-in-law)

Maude, Ivan age 47  Inuit                                                                        Fishing
Maude, Anuska age 40 Inuit  (wife)
Maude, Andrew  age 19 (son) Inuit
Maude, Lucy age 14 (daughter) Inuit
Maude, Jennie age 3½ (daughter) Inuit
Fletcher, Elsie age 11 (step-daughter) Inuit

Kachapuk, Peter age 38 Inuit
Kachapuk, Annie age 35 (wife) Inuit
Kachapuk, Elsie age 9 (daughter) Inuit
Kachapuk, George age 5 (son) Inuit

Takpuk, Mike age 27  Inuit
Takpuk, Fannie age 23 (wife) Inuit
Takpuk, Daniel age 3 years 4 months (son) Inuit
Takpuk, Anuska age 8 months (daughter) Inuit

Topokak, Mathew age 33 Inuit
Topokak, Martha age 22 (wife) Inuit
Topikak, Maggie age 2 years 3 months (daughter) Inuit