Chickaloon, Alaska  

Nay'dina'aa Na'

Athabascan Nation
(population in 2011: 270)

Information extracted  by Coleen Mielke 2005-2012


It is obvious that the census takers were
using phonetic spellings for the following census records (use your imagination) 

Larson, E. W. 35  Sweden
Schaffer, Stanton 41  Ohio

1920 US Census Chickaloon

Litroff, Dova  36   Bulgaria immigrated 1914

Andrew, John 24 Alaska
Anne 80 widow   lodger   Alaska
Walia 35 widow  Aunt     Alaska
Washa 30 widow  Aunt     Alaska
Bull, John 16   Cousin   Alaska
Bull, Mary 14   Cousin   Alaska
Bull, Alex  8   Cousin   Alaska
Bull, Stepan 7  Cousin   Alaska

Alex  18  Head of house  Alaska

Neketa 29 Head of house  Alaska
Nedalia 25 Wife          Alaska
Mollie 30 widow  sister-in-law   Alaska
John 12          brother-in-law  Alaska
Nedalia 1        sister-in-law   Alaska
Alex 6 months    son             Alaska

Nicolai  29  Head of house       Alaska

Simeon   39 widow  Head of house Alaska
Mary     12 daughter             Alaska

Wasilla  60 Head of house        Alaska
Stakmin  45 Brother              Alaska

Osborn, Charles E. 61  Missouri              General Store Merchant
Osborn, Addie      61  Missouri  wife
Sanders, Grace     19  California daughter

Olsen, Oden A. 59 Norway immigrated 1872

Nation, Green 42 Georgia
Nation, Georgie 38  wife  Colorado

Nicolai  50             born Copper Center
Walascula 40            born Copper Center
Malin 17  (daughter)    born Copper Center
Anna  16  (daughter)    born Copper Center
Olga  14  (daughter)    born Copper Center
Pete Neketa 12  (son)   born Copper Center
Hecky Nicolai 5 (son)   born Copper Center

Christopherson, Andrew 63 Texas

Larsen, Charles A. 49 Norway  immigrated 1889

Beck, William 46 Pennsylvania

McFarland, Arthur 20 Ohio

McKinnon, Henry 61    England

McKinnon, Lutalia 45  wife   Alaska

Reinhardt, Peter 65 North Carolina

Connor, John 62 Ohio

Battistone, Joseph 35 Italy immigrated 1915

Radulovach, Joseph 47  Servia  immigrated 1901

Huff, Charles 53 Missouri

Baxter, William 42 England  immigrated 1894

St. Clair, James  38 Kansas
St. Clair, Nellie 28 wife Oregon

O'Neil, Charles 25  Oregon
O'Neil, Katherine 20 Idaho

Gullafeen, George 26 New York
Gullafeen, Esther 26 Washington
Gullafeen, George 6 months Alaska

Tronstad, Sophie 29 Norway immigrated 1909
Tronstad, ______ 3 daughter  Alaska
Tronstad, Sylvia 1 daughter  Alaska

Turker, Ruth 37 widow Kentucky

Davies, John 63 widow Maine

Dark, John 53 Missouri

Lowney, William 25 Montana

Black, David 48 Canada immigrated 1891

Macy, George 53 Minnesota

Larson, Carl 35 Kansas

Quam, Henry 30 Norway immigrated 1889

Saunders, Frank 29 California

Andrew, ______ 45  Alaska

Turney, George 35 California
Turney, Hallie 30 wife Wiconsin

Spaulding, Charles 44 North Carolina
Spaulding, Angel 37 wife  France

Stevens, Willard 60 Vermont
Stevens, William 24 son Washington

Harrison, Lee 45 Minnesota

Hall, Abial 59 Maine

Perkens, William   55  California

Evand, Edward 64 Wisconsin

Dregishich, Joseph 35  Austria immigrated 1910

Frisby, John 59  Minnesota

Miller, Edward 59 Germany  immigrated 1867

Simpson, James 49 England  immigrated 1870

Martel, Joseph 43 Canada   immigrated 1916

Fink, Herbert 29 Missouri

Stojanovich,Samuel 31  Austria immigrated 1906

Tourti, John 39 Finland immigrated 1902

Wickman, Carl 39 England immigrated 1909

Prodella, Joseph 58 Uraguay immigrated 1887

Murray, Charles 54 Pennsylvania

Rohan, Thomas 50 Ireland immigrated 1906

Larsen, Marten 32 Denmark immigrated 1907

Wickersham, James C. 35 Arkansas

Tolson, Bud 50 Arkansas

1930 US Census Sutton - Jonesville - Eska

Keeley, Patrick J.  60 b. Canada To USA 1890 / Railroad carpenter

Keeley, Lillian 54 b. Ohio

Hartell, Erick 62 b. Finland To USA 1889 / Railroad laborer

McLeod, Steve 53 b. Michigan / Railroad carpenter

Walker, Louis S. 54 widower b. Missouri / Railroad steam engineer

Strand, Leif 40 b. Norway To USA 1912 / Carpenter

Phillips, Charles B. 64 b. Massachusetts / Coal mine watchman
Phillips, Mary E. 63 b. Rhode Island

Rockfeller, George 44 b. Iowa / Coal mine watchman
Rockfeller, Josephine 36 b. Washington
Rockfeller, Charles 21 b. Washington / Coal miner
Goodlataw, John 40   b. Alaska (Aleut) / Fur trapper
Goodlataw, Mary 25 b. Alaska (Aleut)
Goodlataw, Paul 3 (son) b. Alaska (Aleut)

Nicholi, Frank 55 b. Alaska (Aleut) / Fur trapper
Nicholi, Mary 53 b. Alaska (Aleut)
Nicholi, Olga 20 (daughter) b. Alaska (Aleut)
Stickman, Sava   60 b. Alaska (Aleut) / Fur trapper
Stickman, Helen 25 wife b. Alaska (Aleut)
Stickman, Louise 6 (step-daughter) b. Alaska (Aleut)
Druse, Albert 55 b. California / Fur trapper

Winkee, Ernest 60 b. Germany To USA 1890 / Placer miner

Christoferson, Andrew 75 b. Sweden To USA 1885 / Fur trapper

Galvain, John J. 45 b. USA / Fur trapper

Cammeron, Jack 35 b. Canada To USA 1905 / Placer miner



Johnson, Victor 57 Sweden
Anderson, William 74 Minnesota
Fortuna, Steve 51 Greece
Mathews, Richard 47 Ohio
Nordgren, Gusteo 62 Sweden
Nickoli, Frank 70 widower Alaska


Harrison, Lee 56  Montana
Harrison, Annie 34 Alaska (my research shows this is Annie Nickolai Wickersham)
Harrison, Angeline 13 Alaska
Harrison, Raymond 8 Alaska
Harrison, Shirley 6 Alaska
Harrison, Albert 4 Alaska
Harrison, Annabell 2 Alaska
Harrison, infant 5 months  Alaska
Wickersham, Katherine 17 Alaska  step-daughter
Wickersham, Jessie 14 Alaska step-daughter

King, Peter 31 Alaska

Goodlataw, Mary 37 widow  Alaska  (my research shows this is Mary Nickolai)
Goodlataw, Paul 13 son  Alaska
Goodlataw, Bert 2  son  Alaska

Larson, Jack E. 24 Alaska
Larson, Helen 18 Alaska        (my research shows this is Helen Wickersham)
Larson, William 23 brother Alaska


Corey, Jack J. 40 Alaska
Corey, Olga 33 Alaska          (my research shows this is Olga Nickolai)
Corey, Herbert 9 Alaska
Corey, Elsie 7 Alaska
Corey, Danny 1 Alaska

Stickman, Walter 65 widower Alaska
Stickman, Ivan 8 son Alaska
Stickman, Bessie 2 daughter Alaska
Stickman, Louise 15 step-daughter Alaska

Shaginoff, John 30 Alaska

Healy, John 40 Alaska
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**Letter dated 1/29/1945 by Dr. Hoehn, titled: Valley Native Families

1. Eli and Mrs. Howard live in Palmer and I believe they are Eskimo's. He is 29 years old and she is about 26. Mr. Howard works for the Alaska Road Commission. They are self supporting, keep a nice home and are very desirable people.

2.Mrs. Olga (Grandma) Ezi, the mother and grandmother of all of the Ezi's around here and Eklutna, lives at Matanuska. She is very old - probably about 70. I do not know very much about her.

3. Bobby Prince of Matanuska is about 28 years old and works for the railroad.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie (her name is Gravia) Roussau  live at Matanuska and he works for the railroad now and then.  She had a baby on 4/5/1944 and has been in to see me several times.

5. Johnny Toughluck living at Caswell is married to a Native woman who already had several children. The seven year old child is not able to walk or talk.

6. Joe Chilligan of Houston has two children by his first wife who are not at Eklutna.  He is married to a Stephan girl and they had a child born in the summer of 1943.

7. Mr. & Mrs. Ruf Stephan, the parents of a large family of children whom I shall refer to several times in this letter as the Stephans.  He works for the railroad in the summer time.   The only girl left at home is Doris age 14. The daughter Jessie age 6 is at the El Nathan Home in Valdez.

8. Theodore Wasilla, age 72, lives about four miles from Wasilla on the Knik Road.  His wife Katie (Stephan) Theodore is 24. They have three children.

9. Nick Stephan (Ruf's brother) lives at Knik and has a large family of children.  One of the girls, Madrona, age 12 is living with the Jack Larsen family.  I think that the rest of the children are living at Knik.  Nick is about 40 and his wife Dalia is about 35.  Nick used to work on the railroad but has not been well for about 3-4 years.

10. Mr. & Mrs. Bailey Theodore also live at Knik. They have about six children. They seem to be quite nice people and I think they take care of themselves very well.

11.Mr. & Mrs. Shaginoff and their three children live at Chickaloon. The oldest boy, Paul Goodlataw is in the Palmer hospital. John works for the A.R.C. and keeps quite a good house.

12. The Jack Corey family live on the highway near Chickaloon. Jack is a white man and makes his living hunting and trapping as well as acting as a guide. He is sort of a foster father to all the abandoned Native children in the district. I don't know how many children they have but probably there are eight or ten.  I don't know how many of these children are Jack's but I do know that the oldest two were her children before Jack married her, and I believe the next three are his own. However, I think the others are foster children - some of them Harrison or Wickersham children, the younger brothers and sisters of the Louis Harrison that you have at Eklutna.

13. Mrs. Wickersham married Mr. Harrison and she had a large number of children.  She is now deceased and the little children were taken by the Corey family and I think they are still there.  There are four Wickersham girls between the age of 25-30.  Three of them as far as I know are very nice girls and have married and are keeping good homes. One is Mrs. Jack (Helen) Larson. They have four children and live at Buffalo Coal Mine where Jack works.  Helen was in the hospital for several months.  Jack is a full Native and they keep a good home.

14. Mrs. Jack Wade, a sister, is married to a white man who works at Buffalo Coal Mine. They have one child with another due in a few months.  Their boys name is Lawrence. They keep a good home.

15. Another married Wickersham girl lives in Anchorage but I do not know her name.  I have heard that they are nice people.

16. The fourth Wickersham girl is married to a man in the Marines.  I do not recall her name at present time. She lives in Anchorage also.

17. At Sutton about 20 miles on the Glenn Highway from Palmer lives old Mr. Stickman.  He is almost totally blind and is helped by his 14 year old dwarfed son.

18. Near Jack Corey lives an old Native, Frank Nicolai, who is about 70 years old.

19. Mr. and Mrs. Pete (Annie Stump) Stephan live at Montana Creek. He is 30 years old and she is 18. They have one child, a boy age 6 months. He works for the railroad and they paid their own hospital bill.

20. Bill and Lucy Ezi live at Montana Creek. She is 32 years old and he is about 40. I believe they have 5 children.

Anchorage Times: 3/1/1921 page 5
Dr. J.B. Beeson reports the death this morning of a Native woman known as "Chickaloon Mary".  The deceased has been an inmate of the government hospital for two months. Death was due to consumption. 



researched by Coleen Mielke

(corrections are welcome!!)

NOTE:  There are several different spellings for Nickolai in the records, Nicolai, Nickoli, Nicholai, etc. etc.
I am using the spelling Nickolai here because that is how it is spelled in the Shem Pete book.

Frank Nickolai, born about 1882 in the Copper River area and his wife Mary Balasculya Stickman, born about 1880 in the Chistochina area had three daughters and two sons according to the 1920 U.S. Census for Chickaloon. In the Shem Pete's Alaska book, Frank and wife Mary are described as very hard workers, spending the summers in the Talkeetna Mountains, harvesting (meat and hides) from caribou, moose, goat and berries which they dried and stashed in various caches they built on Boulder Creek. When winter came, the Nickolai's would sled their cached food down to Chickaloon where the family lived. Frank Nickolai died in 1945 in Seward, his wife Mary Balasculya died pre-1940 in Chickaloon.

Present day Chickaloon Village Chief Gary Harrison is the great grandson of Frank and Balasculya Nickolai.


1.MARY NICKOLAI(1/9/1902--7/6/1983)  (oldest daughter of Frank and Mary Nickolai)

She married:John Goodlataw  (he died about 1936)
Paul Joseph Goodlataw born about 1926

She married (1938): John Shaginoff born 1909 Hughes Creeks (son of John Shaginoff and Mary Tyone)
Burt Shaginoff
Don Shaginoff
Jim Shaginoff
Lloyd Shaginoff

2.OLGA NICKOLAI (born 1903 died 1954)  (second daughter of Frank and Mary Nickolai)

Married Jack J. Corey 

I've been told that Olga had 2 or 3 children when she married Jack and then they had 7 children together.  On the 1940 US Census for Chickaloon, there were 3 children in the home:
Herbert Corey born about 1931   (aka Herbert Belanger, son of George Belanger)
Elsie Corey born about 1933     (aka Elsie Belanger, daughter of George Belanger)
Danny Corey born about 1939

3.ANNIE NICKOLAI(1905-1943)(born at Old Man Lake) (third daughter of Frank and Mary Nickolai)

NOTE: A letter written by Dr. Hoen, in 1945, (see above) says Annie had died before 1945.

Her first Husband: Jess Wickersham (1883-1924) (see story below)

*Katherine Mae "Katy" Wickersham 12/15/1922 -- 3/22/2009  Married Richard "Tiny" Wade

*Helen Wickersham 10/24/1921 -- 9/21/1999
     married: Jack Eric Larson 5 children: Robert and Ronald (twins) Alan, Alvin and Janet.
              Jack's First wife was Cecelia McKinley 1932-2001  (one son: Ricky) 

*Jessica Belle Wickersham 4/26/1925 -- 10/18/1966  married John Edward "Jack" Barr in Oregon

Annie's second Husband: Lee Harrison 1873-1958

*Angeline Harrison born about 1927  married _____ Stevig

*Louis Raymond Harrison  (1931-1969) married Reta Hubbard

*Shirley Harrison born about 1934 married __________ Sorenson

*Albert Harrison born about 1936  married __________

*Annabell Harrison born about 1938 married _________

Other Children  of Annie Nickolai??:
*Norman Oleson   ???
*Harold Oleson   ???

4.Niketa Pete Nickolai born about 1908   (4th child of Frank and Mary Nickolai)

5.Hecky Nickolai born about 1915         (5th child of Frank and Mary Nickolai)


The following is a summarization of an Anchorage Times newspaper article, dated 8/18/1924. It describes the death of 48 year old Jess C. Wickersham, first husband of Annie Nickolai. It tells the story of how his common-law Native wife, killed him, in self defense while at a cabin, two miles above Chickaloon, on the Chickaloon River.

"Native Wife Shoots in Self-Defense When White Husband Attacks Her" 

The article says that the woman reported that she had been originally attacked by Mr. Wickersham on July 4th. She told him at that time she would not allow him to beat her again. On August 16, Mr. Wickersham, who was drunk, started to attack the woman with a sheaf knife.  After being cut on her hands, she shot her husband with a .32 Savage automatic three times.  One shot grazed the left side of his head, the second shot entered the neck and lodged in his spine and the third shot entered his hip.  Lee Harrison contacted the Deputy Marshal, Frank Hoffman, and told him of the shooting.

A coroners jury  produced a verdict saying that Jess Wickersham had been killed by gunshot wounds at the hands of his common-law wife.  The body was taken to Chickaloon and placed on the railroad speeder car and sent to Anchorage.  The Marshall found a still at the cabin that was not in use, as well as four gallons of moonshine, both were destroyed immediately.

The newspaper article gives a brief description of Jess Wickersham.  He was reportedly well known in Anchorage and the surrounding territory and  was a veteran of the Spanish American War and had wealthy relatives in Arkansas. He was survived by his common law wife and their three children, the oldest one being 2 and the youngest being 6 months.

The Native woman was arrested and brought to Anchorage and lodged in the federal jail, along with her youngest child; she was to face a grand jury for the shooting.  Jess C. Wickersham was buried at the Anchorage Cemetery.


NOTE: I searched the Anchorage criminal files for 1924 and found NO mention of a trial, so I'm assuming that Annie was not charged with a crime.

Jess C. Wickersham's birth date (according to his WWI draft registration papers) was 10/13/1883 and his next of kin is listed as: "relatives in Yellville, Marion County, Arkansas".

The U.S. War Dept. paid for Jess Wickersham's gravestone. The application papers said that he died 8/16/1924 and was buried in Anchorage, Alaska, however, his headstone wasn't approved and shipped to Anchorage until 12/3/1931. That application said that Wickersham's military rank was "ordinary seaman" on the U.S.S. Independence of the U.S. Navy. His name is typed as: Jesse C. Wickersham, however, handwritten above the letter "C" is the word "Cammie".


After Jess Wickersham's death, Annie married Lee Harrison, born 2/14/1873 in Pine Island, Minnesota. According to the 1880 US Census for Gallatin Territory, Montana, Lee was the son of W.A. Harrison (born about 1842 in Canada and came to America in 1864) and his wife Sary (born about 1854 in New York). Thirty years later, on the 1910 US Census for Sweet Grass County, Montana, Lee Harrison is still single (age 40) and living with his father Waborn Harrison (age 73) and his mother Sarah Harrison (age 62). The Harrisons were farmers in Montana. Lee Harrison had two younger brothers: Delbert D. Harrison born 1872 in Montana and Cecil Porter Harrison born 1879 in Montana.

Lee Harrison registered for the WWI draft in 1918 in Anchorage. He gave his birth date as February 14, 1873 and his occupation as miner for the Alaska Engineering Commission. Those papers list Mr. Harrison's brother Cecil as his next of kin living in Gray Cliff, Montana.

Leland "Lee" T. Harrison is buried in the Anchorage Memorial Cemtery. His date of death is listed as 8/18/1958  and the cemetery index says his fathers name was John and his mothers name was Sary.
I'm assuming John Harrison must have been a step-father.

Children of Lee and Annie (Nicolai) Harrison
*Angeline Harrison born about 1927  married _____ Stevig

*Louis Raymond Harrison  (1931-1969) married Reta Hubbard

*Shirley Harrison born about 1934 married __________ Sorenson

*Albert Harrison born about 1936  married __________

*Annabell Harrison born about 1938 married _________

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