Copper River (area) Alaska Natives 1930  

CORDOVA and 1920-1930 CHENEGA
Information extracted by Coleen Mielke

Probable errors...beware...copied just as they were recorded, no corrections
 If you find errors here, contact me and I will take another
look at the original records.

Eyak Village 1900  (Native families only)
Jacob Go___key  b. 1860     born Nutchek   father b. Eyak  mother b. Nutchek

Stephan Haz___nuk, b. 1870 Tlinget Tribe b. Sitka   father b. Sitka  mother b. Kayak

Alphonse Constantine b. 1850  Eyak         parents born Eyak
Stephan Sautfa  (son) b. 1879 Eyak

Sheppard, Annie b. 1875 Eyak        father b. unknown       mother b. Eyak
Sheppard, Nellie b. 1892 Eyak daughter
Sheppard, Aimie b. 1893 Eyak daughter
Sheppard, Aggie b. 1896 Eyak daughter
Sheppard, Evans b. 1898 Eyak son

Catay, Sof____ b. 1875 Eyak         parents born Eyak

Lungquist, Gustaf b. 1864 Sweden  to USA 1881    to Alaska 1891
Sophie Tacktilfs  b. 1878 Eyak  (housekeeper)   father b. Kayak  mother b. Eyak

Marka Skookum  b. 1880  Eyak      father b. Eyak   mother b. Nutchek

Anna Cattalisk b. 1845 widow b. Eyak    father b. Alginick  mother b. Eyak
Neketa b. 1880  son-in-law b. Eyak       parents born Eyak
Nadeska b. 1888  daughter b. Eyak

Anaka b. 1870 widow  b. Kayak       parents born Eyak

Feodor CAsleg b. 1872 Eyak            parents born Eyak

Nicholi Tuskana??  b. 1872 Eyak    parents born Eyak
Katie Chutah b. 1868 wife  b. Eyak       parents born Kayak
Johnie Yotacake b. 1882 Eyak  son
Lu ___ ria  Egistaltuk b. 1896 daughter  b. Eyak
Nicholi Sugakuk b. 1846 Kayak   Tlinget Tribe   parents born Kayak   lodger
Andrew Dasbara b. 1883 Eyak  parents born Kayak   lodger
Neketa b. 1888  son  b. Eyak  parents b. Eyak

Sheridon  b. 1858 Eyak         parents b. Eyak
Stapenetta b. 1879  wife  b. Eyak       father b. Eyak     mother b. Nutchek

Sheridon b. 1860 Eyak   father b. Eyak  mother b. Nutchek
Christina Tstleen b. 1870* b. Eyak  father b. Kayak mother b. Yakutat  (* says age 25 which doesn't match 1870)
John Wataskleen b. 1896 son b. Eyak
Stephan Unack b. 1865 widower  brother b. Eyak   father b. Eyak  mother b. Nutchek

Sirgay ______tooluk b. 1872 Eyak         father b. Eyak      mother b. Nutchek
Agriphinis Tluchcoohahash  b. 1853 Eyak  wife      parents born Eyak
Neketa Caston  b. 1880  step-son b. Eyak         parents born Eyak
Nadesda b. 1889 daughter b. Eyak
Stephan Hafangahoc  b. 1882  brother b. Eyak

John Tstee______ b. 1850  Eyak          parents born Eyak
Elaine Custag b. 1865  Eyak                   parents born Eyak
Stephan b. 1882 Eyak    son
Stephan no. 2   b. 1884  son
Elaine b. 1889 daughter
Nicholi b. 1887 son
Alexander b. 1887  foster son

William S___ag___  b. 1865 Eyak         parents b. Eyak
Agriphina b. 1872  wife b. Eyak            parents b. Eyak
Anna b. 1887 daughter
William b. 1893 son
Nicholi b. 1850  lodger
Stephan b. 1865 lodger

Kina (or Kine?) b. 1860   b. Eyak           parents b. Eyak
Sophie  b. 1870  wife b. Eyak               parents b. Eyak
Alphonso b. 1891  Eyak  son
Elaine b. 1892  daughter
Constantine b. 1894  son

Sheriedon  b. 1875   b. Eyak            parents b. Eyak
Stepanetta b. 1878  b. Eyak             parents b. Eyak
Peyette b. 1848  b. Eyak  father
John Nocha b. 1879  brother
John Cotchgowa b. 1852  lodger
Stepanetta  b. 1878  lodger

Nicholi b. 1870 Eyak                             parents b. Eyak
Feodosia b. 1884  wife   b. Eyak           parents b. Eyak

Lamson, Edward b. unknown          born: unknown
Sophie   b. 1881 Eyak    housekeeper             parents born Eyak

Freeman, James b. 1855 Finland       to Alaska 1890
Mary Suc___sman  b. 1882  Eyak  housekeeper
William  b. 1898 Eyak  son              fathr b. England        mother b. Eyak

Hanson, John b. 1855 Norway      immigrated 1882       to Alaska 1896
Sophie Cottigat b. 1878  Tlinget Tribe   parents born Kayak         housekeeper

Nicholi b. 1868 Eyak              parents born  Eyak
Stephan b. 1870 widower Eyak           parents born Eyak

Eyak Village  1930     3rd Judicial District  Cordova Recorders District
(Important Note: This census taker was a terrible speller, keep that in mind when using this material)

King, Wm H. 49  b. Germany
King, Alexandria  47    Eyak Tribe  father: Russian     mother: Eyak Tribe

Chomowiski, Mrs. Chief  65 widow   b. Nutchek, Alaska    parents: born in Nutchek
Chomowiski, Theodore    19  b. Nutchek, Alaska

Anderson, May 30 widow   b. Alaska     father: Norway    mother: Alaska
Anderson, Nuwell  13         b. Eyak Tribe
Anderson, Juel 10              b. Eyak Tribe
Anderson, Wm 8       b. Eyak Tribe
Anderson, Harriett 6         b. Eyak Tribe
Anderson, Evelyn 5             b. Eyak Tribe

Jensen, Richard 40 b. Sweden       (family member wrote and said family surname should be Janson)
Jensen, Ida 31  b. Eyak         father: Denmark     mother: Eyak
Jensen, Axel 4  b. Eyak
Jensen, Marie 2    (family member wrote and said this name should be Ann Marie Janson)                       

Klaiskoff, Sam  24  b. Eyak Tribe
Klaiskoff, Alex 21 (brother) b. Eyak Tribe
Klaiskoff, Wm  19 (brother) b. Eyak Tribe

Donaldson, Jean (female)  18   b. Eyak Tribe
Donaldson, Thelma    1½ daughter  b. Eyak Tribe

Swanson, Joel 44 widower  b. Sweden
Swanson, Robert 9  son   b. Eyak Tribe

Johnson, Axel 47  b. Sweden
Johnson, Mracha 37  b. Eyak Tribe
Johnson, Andrew 11 son b. Eyak Tribe
Johnson, James 8 son b. Eyak Tribe
Johnson, Fred 5 son b. Eyak Tribe
Johnson, Knute 1 b. Eyak Tribe

Gallagher, John 47 widower  b. New York
Gallagher, Howard B. 3   son  b. Eyak Tribe

Norton, Charles 53  b. Illinois father: Ireland mother: England (family member wrote and said this family surname should be Naughton)
Norton, Ema 35  b. Eyak Tribe father: Denmark    mother: Eyak Tribe
Norton, Albert 15     b. Eyak Tribe
Norton, Ralph 13      b. Eyak Tribe
Norton, Mary 12       b. Eyak Tribe
Norton, George 10    b. Eyak Tribe
Norton, Kathryn 8    b. Eyak Tribe
Norton, Janet  6      b. Eyak Tribe
Noton, Harold 2       b. Eyak Tribe
Norton, Janee 1       b. Eyak Tribe

Soto, William 52  Japanese       b. Japan
Soto, Sophie  2?  b. Eyak Tribe
Soto, Wm  Jr. 2  b. Eyak Tribe
Soto, Mabel 1     b. Eyak Tribe
Soto, Pauline 11  adopted daughter

Gehto, _______ age unknown     parents listed as Siwash
Gehto, Mrs.        age unknwon     parents listed as Siwash
Gehto, Mary 8
Gehto, Marian 2

Zellinoff, Sam 36     b. Aleutian Islands       father: ?        mother: Kodiak
Zellinoff, Lina 28     Eyak Tribe
Zellinoff, John 6
Zellinoff, Rosie 4

Stevens, Sam      age unknown     Eyak Tribe

Barnes, Cecil 35  b. Oklahoma
Barnes, Exina 28  Eyak Tribe
Barnes, Sally 7
Barnes, Alex 5
Barnes, Julia 3
Barnes, Edward 2
Barnes, Lillian 3 months
Bridgecoff, C.   11  (ward)

Joe, Chief  59  Eyak Tribe
Joe, Anna 39 Eyak Tribe
Joe, Mary 3
Joe, Marie 8
Ivanoff, Pauline 12  (boarder)

Vaselieff, Peter 45  Eyak Tribe
Vaselieff, Alexander 20 son Eyak Tribe

Eli, Paul  45  Eyak Tribe
Eli, Lena 36 Eyak Tribe
Eli, Paul 14
Eli, Mary 12
Eli, Harry 4
Eli, Ada 1½

Totemoff, Alec 26  Eyak Tribe
Totemoff, Andrew 21 brother Eyak Tribe

Bethel, Charles 56  b. Kansas
Bethel, Jennie 36  Eyak Tribe
Bethel, Ella Z.  9
Bethel, Frank C. 6
Bethel, Dorothy K. 3

Allen, Alya r. 46 widow Eyak Tribe
Allen, Jennie 14 Eyak Tribe
Allen, Mary E. 7
Allen, Lena I. 10
Allen, Harry 13
Allen, Fred L.  24

Nackatan, John 41  Eyak Tribe
Nackatan, Lena 31 Eyak Tribe

Nawmoff, George 41 widower Eyak Tribe
Nawmoff, Alice 7 daughter
Nawmoff, Alek 5 son

Hobey?, John 49 widower Eyak Tribe
Hobey?, Mary 8 daughter
Jobke?, Lizzie 19 daughter

Kinio, Tony 29                        father: Greece       mother: Eyak Tribe

Nelson, Glucia 40 Eyak Tribe
Nelson, Anne 28  Eyak Tribe
Nelson, John 1 son

Nelson, Gus 50 Eyak Tribe
Nelson, Anna 38 Eyak Tribe
Nelson, Annie 8
Nelson, Nick 5

Dude, Willie 29  Eyak Tribe
Dude, Mary 18 wife Eyak Tribe

Stevens, Minnie 45    Eyak Tribe
Stevens, Marie 12 daughter

Stevens, Anna 45 widow  Eyak Tribe
Stevens, Mary S. 14 daughter
Stevens, Gus S. 15
Stevens, Velma 3
Stevens, Jack 8
Stevens, Frank 5
Stevens, Katy 18
Stevens, Freda 2 granddaughter
______, Alek 70 widower (boarder)

Peterson, Elsie 29  Eyak Tribe         father: Denmark        mother: Eyak Tribe

Andersen, Martin B. 62  born Norway
Andersen, Feodosia 55 wife  born Eyak Aleut
Andersen, Albert B. 20 son born Eyak Aleut
Andersen, George R. 15 son born Eyak Aleut
Andersen, Martin B. 13 son born Eyak Aleut
Andersen, Elizabeth M. 12  granddaughter born Eyak Aleut
Andersen, Dorothy  11      granddaughter born Eyak Aleut

Cloudman, Thomas 37 born Tatitlek Aleut                father: New Hampshire       mother: Tatitlek
Cloudman, Katy 36 born Tatitlek Aleut
Cloudman, Teddy 14 born Tatitlet Aleut
Cloudman, Preston 16 born Tatitlek Aleut
Cloudman, Rudy 11 born Tatitlek Aleut
Cloudman, Gladys 8 born Tatitlek Aleut
Cloudman, Harry 5 born Tatitlek Aleut
Cloudman, Harvey 3 born Tatitlek Aleut

Tiedeman, August 56 born Germany
Tiedeman, Maitrona 44 born Nuchek       parents born Nuchek
Tiedeman, Otto 22 son born Nuchek
Ghomoovitchy, Makarie 78 widow  father-in-law   born Nuchek

Anderson, Harry 40 born Connecticut           father: Denmark       mother: Connecticut
Anderson, Nellie 35 born Eyak                  father: Canada         mother: Eyak

Hancock, Austin W. 32 born England
Hancock, Sally L. 33 born Tatitlek              father: Germany       mother: Tatitlek

Neilson, Nels P. 45 Denmark
Neilson, Mary 44    born Nuchek
Tudemoff, Peter 11 born Nuchek  step-son       father born Nuchek      mother born Nuchek
Tudemoff, Agnes 4  born Nuchek  step-daughter father born Nuchek      mother born Nuchek


Sundling, Elizabeth 33 widow  Tlinget        father: Denmark    mother: Tlinget
Sundling, Fred m. 16
Sundling, Charlotte L. 6

Lawton, Frank S.  67  b. Pennsylvania      father: Ireland    mother: England
Lawton, Stan-net 50  wife     Tlinget

Hansen, William 61  b. Denmark
Hansen, Grace G. 28                    father: Maine      mother: Tlinget
Hansen, Stella 13
Hansen, Johnie 11
Hansen, May 9
Hansen, Helen 7
Hansen, Edward U. 6
Hansen, Dora I. 5
Hansen, Louise E. 4
Hansen, Roy L. 3
Hansen, Willie J. 2

Lee, Jack O. 26    b. Minnesota       father: Norway     mother: Minnesota
Lee, Annie 24                            father: Denmark    mother: Tlinget
Lee, Eugene M. 6
Lee, Mary A.
Lee, Delores M. 1

Durke, Benjamin 27  Tlinget

Johns, Frank E. 26          father: Canada   mother: Tlinget

White, Thomas Q. 59  b. Canada      parents: Ireland
White, Mike D. 19  son Tlinget
White, Thomas G. 18 son Tlinget

Sewak, M.  50 Tlinget
Sewak, Elsie 36 wife Tlinget

Johnson, Jumbo  60  Tlinget
Johnson, Mary 60 Tlinget

Alaska Natives living in Valdez, Alaska in 1930
Woods, Arthur W. 25 born Colorado             Parents Swedish
Woods, Anna t. 25 Aleut mix                        father from Germany mother Aleut
Woods, Viola May 3 Aleut mix
Woods, Arthur Jr. 1 year 7 months Aleut mix
Woods, Priscilla R. 7 months Aleut mix

Beyers, John W. 29  Aleut mix                    Father from Germany mother Aleut
Beyers, Amanda K. 32 Aleut mix                  Father from Sweden mother Aleut
Beyers, Frederick V. 6 Aleut mix
Beyers, Lillian K. 1 Aleut mix

Gregorioff, Larry 44 Aleut
Gregorioff, Nellie 36 Aleut
Gregorioff, Paul Jr. 16 Aleut
Gregorioff, Ann 13 Aleut
Gregorioff, Edward 4 years 11 months Aleut
Gregorioff, George 3 years 3 months Aleut
Gregorioff, Inez  1 year 10 months Aleut
Gregorioff, Tiny  1 month  Aleut          (possibly later named Dorothy?)

Holland, Mary 54 widow   Aleut mix
Holland, Walter 24 Aleut mix
Holland, James 23 Aleut mix
Holland, Herbert 19 Aleut mix
Holland, Lizzie 18 Aleut mix
Holland, Katie 13  Aleut mix
Holland, John 11 Aleut mix

Cherinoff, Elia   42  Aleut
Cherinoff, Martha 39 Aleut

Schultz, August 42 born New York                   parents born in Germany
Schultz, Lizzie 40  Aleut mix                            father born in Sweden mother Aleut
Schultz, William 7 months Aleut mix
Nelson, Carl 5 step-son Aleut mix
Nelson, Lillian 3 years 9 months step-daughter Aleut mix
Nelson, Mabel 2 years 5 months step-daughter Aleut mix

Ivanoff, Joe 29 Aleut
Ivanoff, Katie 23 Aleut
Levshakoff,  Nick 19  brother-in-law  Aleut
Levshakoff, Mary 7 niece  Aleut
Levshakoff, Steve 6 nephew Aleut

Chernkoff,  Koko  30  Aleut
Chernkoff, Fedora 28 Aleut
Chernkoff, Annie 2 years 3 months  Aleut
Chernkoff, Katie 2 years  3 months  Aleut

Beyer, William C.L.  70  born in Germany
Beyer, Fedora 43 Aleut
Beyer, William E. 19 Aleut mix
Beyer, Charles W. 17 Aleut mix
Beyer, Mollie O. 12 Aleut mix
Beyer, Annie 10 Aleut mix
Beyer, Frederick 6 Aleut mix
Beyer, George 3 Aleut mix

Battrine  16  Aleut mix            father from Sweden mother Aleut

Zarkoff, Makar 59  Aleut mix                father from Russia mother Aleut
Zarkoff, Mary 48 Aleut mix
Zarkoff, George 23 Aleut mix
Zarkoff, William 14 Aleut mix
Olson, Edward  11 grandson  Aleut mix        father from California mother Aleut

Jackson, William 30 born in New York parents Russian
Jackson, Maud 31 Atha-Aleut
Jackson, Katherine 10 Atha-Aleut
Jackson, Lillian 4 Atha-Aleut
Jackson, Marion 2 years 1 month  Atha-Aleut
Jackson, Violet   2 years 1 month  Atha-Aleut

Cherinoff, Steve 30 Atha-Aleut

Jackson, Olga 58 widow Atha-Aleut

Sablatkin, Nick 29 Atha-Aleut
Sablatkin, Lena 26 Atha-Aleut
Sablatkin, Alex 7 months Atha-Aleut
Sablatkin, Olga 6 Atha-Aleut

Nickolai, Jim 49 widower Atha-Aleut
Ribaloff, Julia 12 granddaughter  Atha-Aleut
Ribaloff, Sam 6 grandson Atha-Aleut

Levshakoff, Mike 34 Atha-Aleut
Levshakoff, Daria 24 Atha-Aleut
Levshakoff, Joe 12 Atha-Aleut
Levshakoff, Katie 10 Atha-Aleut
Levshakoff, Annie 7 Atha-Aleut
Levshakoff, Edward 5 Atha-Aleut
Levshakoff, Susie  15  adopted Atha-Aleut

Modoc, Frederick 27 Aleut       Prisoner
Michaelson, Jimmie 39 Aleut   Prisoner
Nozoff, Phillip 23 Aleut   Prisoner
Kirks, Simmie 16 Aleut mix   Prisoner
Nurakoff, Anton 21 Aleut   Prisoner

I found some information for a Prince William Sound village in the year 1900. The record has many, many spelling errors. The first is the spelling of the village as TATEKLUK. I believe this is actually Tatitlek, but if anyone knows differently, please let me know. Keep in mind that this recorder was a terrible speller (I've copied it just as it was written):

Olmuta (or Olmuts), Harry b. about 1900 Germany **(Henry Ohlemutz born 8/30/1864)
Olmuta (or Olmuts), Fredosia b. 1876 Alaska wife **(Fredosia Ohlemutz born 3/14/1874)
Olmuta (or Olmuts), Joe b. 6/1894 Alaska
Olmuta (or Olmuts), Fred b. 6/1896 Alaska
Olmuta (or Olmuts), Baby b. 5/1899 Alaska
**Family member contacted me and said the correct family spelling is OHLEMUTZ)

Nicolai, James b. 1812 Alaska

Missha, Toleslana  Head
Missha, Fuckla     Wife
Missha, Neca  b. 1889 son
Missha, Grouna? b. 1896 daughter
Missha, Annie b. 1885 Wife
Missha, Oka   b.  ?    Son-in-law

Macacor, Moroseff?
Macacor, Mary
Macacor, Yazold?
Macacor, Helen
Macacor, Helena
Macacor, Thiokla or Phiokla
Macacor, Mattis or Mattie
Macacor, Fredosia  age 23
Macacor, Varakia   age 12

Vassela     b. 1879  Head
Mathew     b.  ?     Brother

Neceta        Head
Mostruna      Daughter

Marka           Head
Wassela         son
Ella             word daughter crossed out and it says son

Alexander, Marka   Head
Alexander, Martha   Wife
Alexander, Wassela  son b. 1899

Marka, Old Chief    Head
Marka, Achura?      Wife
Marka, Eako          son
un-named             daughter
un-named             son

Skycol, Jacob         Head
Skycol, un-named     Wife
Skycol, Neketa        Son
Skycol, Olga           Daughter
Skycol, Evan           Son
Skycol, Songa         Daughter

Aflshaska, Plattey     Head
Vassela                 Son
Matrona                Wife
Pas????                 Daughter

Sulky, Plattany??       Chief
Sulky, Leza             Wife
Sulky, Mathruna         Daughter
Sulky, Leza              Daughter
Sulky, Anostra           Daughter

?Myleawok               Head
Moder                   Wife
Wassela                 Son
un-named               Son

Ongier                     Head
Tateana                   Wife
un-named                Daughter
un-named                Daughter

Tulina, Martha           Head
Tulina, Bob               Son

Olga                      Head
Matrona                  Daughter
un-named                Daughter
un-named                Daughter

Evan, Anusia             Head          Second Chief
Evan, Occula            Wife
Evan, Stefand           Son
un-named                 Daughter
un-named                Daughter

?Eurnchfra              Head
?Eurnchfra, Yela        Wife b. 1877

Gregory                  Head
Gregory, Helena         Daughter
Gregory, Messar         Son

Sulka                 Head
Catherina             Wife
?Ludha?               Daughter
Nastessa              Daughter
Daria                  Daughter

?Soneka               Head

Busby, William J. b. 2/1863 England  to USA 1879  to Alaska 1887     Fox Farmer
Busby, Harry  b. 8/1894 son
Busby, Richard b. 10/1898 son
Busby, Lena b. 1890 daughter
Olson, Elena   servant     Tlinget

Cloudman, Preston b. 1849 New Hampshire  to Alaska 1871  Fox Farmer
Cloudman, Melissa  Wife  Tlinget
Cloudman, Thomas  son
Cloudman, Edna     daughter

Parvell or Powell,  Head        Chief
Mollie  wife
Nicolai son
Simeon son
Evan son
Helena daughter
Saca dau
Colier  son
Walla Walla  (boarder)

Nicolai  Head
Egorka  son
Nicolai son

Curtis   Head
D______ daughter
Philip  son
Wonis  son
Nicoli son
Nastasia daughter

Autaska       Head
un-named wife
Natalia   daughter
Nicoli son
Nastassia  daughter
Nicoli (boarder)

Alexander   Head
Nastasia     Wife
Yaco         Partner
Tonia        daughter b. 11/1899

Jacobson, Philip    Head           Second Chief
Jacobson, Mollie   Wife

Alaska Natives living in Tatitlek Village, Alaska in 1930
Totemoff, Mike 22 Aleut
Totemoff, Daria 19 Aleut
Totemoff, Mary 2 Aleut
Totemoff, John 4 months Aleut
Levshikoff, Lucy 13 sister-in-law  Aleut
Gregorieff, Susie 9 sister-in-law Aleut

Totemoff, Sam 53 Aleut
Totemoff, Mary  41 Aleut
Totemoff, Phillip 17 Aleut
Totemoff, John 12 Aleut
Totemoff, Katie 9 Aleut
Totemoff, Steve 3 Aleut

Levshakoff, Willie 53 Aleut
Levshakoff, Mary 42 Aleut
Levshakoff, Fred  21 Aleut
Levshakoff, Mike 17 Aleut
Levshakoff, Mark 12 Aleut
Levshakoff, Andrew 8 Aleut
Levshakoff, Mary 3 Aleut

Levshakoff, Phillip 39 Aleut
Levshakoff, Tatiana 42 Aleut

Gromoff, Nicholas 62 Aleut
Gromoff, Lena 47 Aleut
Gromoff, Trifon 19 Aleut
Gromoff, Oklena 14 Aleut
Gromoff, Anastasia  8 Aleut

Tedishoff, Sellin (?) 39 Aleut
Tedishoff, Anastasia 14 daughter Aleut
Tedishoff, Olga 12 daughter Aleut
Tedishoff, Dorothy 6 daughter Aleut

Borodkin, Phillip 38 Aleut
Borodkin, Elizabeth 32 Aleut
Borodkin, Viola 12 Aleut
Borodkin, John 6 Aleut
Borodkin, Nick 3 Aleut

Mitvitnikoff, Tim 35 Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Theodosia 22 Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Annie 6 Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Katie 3 Aleut

Totemoff, Willie 57 Aleut
Totemoff, Oklena 54 Aleut
Totemoff, John 8 Aleut

Jackson, Peter 32 Aleut
Jackson, Bertha 16 Aleut

Levshakoff, John 29 Aleut
Levshakoff, Daria 33 Aleut
Totemoff, Steve 18 step-son Aleut
Totemoff, Willie 16 step-son Aleut

Dedishoff, Fred 51 Aleut
Dedishoff, Matrona 35 Aleut
Dedishoff, Patrick 12 son Aleut
Dedishoff, Nellie 8 daughter Aleut
Dedishoff, Annie 6 Aleut

Allen, Andrew 30 Aleut
Allen, Zinia 19 Aleut
Allen June 1 Aleut

Vlassoff, George 36 Aleut
Vlassoff, Jennie 24 Aleut
Vlassoff, Paul 7 Aleut
Vlassoff, Mary 5 Aleut
Vlassoff, Simeon Aleut
Vlassoff, Annie 1 Aleut

Levshakoff, Alexander 60 Aleut

Ivanoff, Joe 43 Aleut
Ivanoff, Katie 37 Aleut
Ivanoff, Mary 26 sister Aleut
Ivanoff, Steve 23 brother Aleut
Ivanoff, Nick 20 brother Aleut
Ivanoff, John 27 brother-in-law Aleut

Katanook, Eli 41 Tlinget

1934 Tatitlek, Alaska    (I've only extracted this single family for 1934)
Gromoff, Nick  age 66  Male  Trapper  Full Native
Gromoff, Helen age 46  Female  Full Native
Gromoff, Anastasia age 13 Female
Gromoff, Trefon  age 25  Male  fisherman Full Native
Gromoff, Theodosia age 26 Female housewife Full Native
Mitvitnikoff, Anne  age 11 Female Full Native
Mitvitnikoff, Katie  age 8 Female Full Native
Mitvitnikoff, Paul  age 4 Male  Full Native
Mitvitnikoff, Freda age 2 Female Full Native
The above people all lived in one house.

December 1937 Tatitlek, Alaska
Levshakoff, Annie age 6 daughter
Levshakoff, Mary age 11 daughter
Levshakoff, Andrew 14 son (deceased 4/6/1938)
Levshakoff, Marka 19 son
Levshakoff, Mike 23 son
Levshakoff, John age 38 Husband
Levshakoff, Darie age 42 Wife
Levshakoff, Florence born 3/26/1938  (information penciled in 1938)
Thomas, Annabel  age 3
Levshakoff, Eli age 42 single
Mesigan, Charles age 32 single
Morgan, David age 33 husband
Morgan, Minnie age 21 wife  Mixed
Sashka, Alex age 54 husband
Sashka, Akrepena age 85 wife
Sashka, Pete age 28 husband
Sashka, Violet age 26 wife
Samakin, Sylvester age 27 single
Totemoff, Sam age 67 husband
Totemoff, Marie age 52 wife
Totemoff, Steve age 11 son
Totemoff, John age 21 husband
Totemoff, Anastasia  age 16 wife
Totemoff, Mike age 4 months son
Totemoff, Willie age 63 widower
Totemoff, John age 16 son
Totemoff, Steve M. age 25 single
Totemoff, Willie M. age 23 single
Tedishoff, Fred age 48 husband
Tedishoff, Madrona age 36 wife
Tedishoff, Annie age 13 daughter
Kampkoff, Jack age 8
Vlasoff, Mrs. Elizabeth age 67 widow
Holland, Ralph age 8 grandson
Makarka, Molly age 14 granddaughter
Vlasoff, George G. age 48 husband
Vlasoff, Jennie age 38 wife
Vlasoff, Fred age 6 son
Vlasoff, Virginia age 7 months daughter
Vlasoff, Annie age 8 daughter
Vlasoff, Sam age 11 son
Vlasoff, Mary age 13 daughter
Vlasoff, Paul age 14 son
Vlasoff, George S. age 22 husband
Vlasoff, Nellie  age 16 wife
Vlasoff, Miranda P.    age ½month
Allen, Andrew age 39 Father   (note says wife was Jane Levshakoff)
Allen, Seena age 27 Mother
Allen, Leona age 1 daughter
Allen, George age 3 son
Allen, Mable age 6 daughter
Allen, June age 10 daughter
Allen, Phillip born 3/28/1938    (this entry was penciled other information)
Thomas, Alberta age 9 (no other information)
Allen, Fred age 37 single
Borodkin, Philip age 48 Husband
Borodkin, Elizabeth age 43 Wife  (Totemoff)
Borodkin, Nick age 10 son
Borodkin, John age 13 son
Gromoff, Nick  age 68 husband
Gromoff, Helen age 58 wife  (note on record says deceased 7/12/1938)
Gromoff, Trefon age 27 husband
Gromoff, Theodisa age 30 wife            (Levshakoff)
Mitvitnikoff, Freida age 4 stepdaughter
Mitvitnikoff, Paul age 7 stepson
Mitvitnikoff, Katie age 10 stepdaughter
Mitvitnikoff, Annie age 14 stepdaugher
Kampkoff, Fred age 21 husband
Kampkoff, Katie age 19 wife
Levshakoff, Willie age 52 husband
Levshakoff, Marie (Marosa) age 48 wife

January 1940  Tatitlek, Alaska
Allen, Andrew  Head of house born 11/1/1900  age  39 Aleut
Allen, Seena Wife born 10/24/1911   age 28  Aleut
Allen, June daughter born 12/24/1928 age 11 Aleut
Allen, Mabel daughter born 6/26/1931  age 8  Aleut
Allen, George son born 2/18/1934 age 5 Aleut
Allen, Leona daughter born 3/16/1936 age 3 Aleut
Allen, Philip son born 9/26/1938 age 1 Aleut
Thomas, Alberta  (ward) born 2/2/1929 age 10 Aleut
Allen, Fred (brother) born 1/1/1902 age 38  Aleut

Levshakoff, Willie Head of house born 1/14/1881  age 58  Aleut
Levshakoff, Marie Wife born 12/13/1894  age 46 Aleut
Levshakoff, Mike son born  10/17/1918  age 22 Aleut
Levshakoff, Mary daughter born 2/8/1928 age 11 Aleut
Levshakoff, Annie daughter born 2/3/1931 age 8 Aleut
Kompkoff, Mary (lodger) born 6/30/1900 age 39 Aleut
Kompkoff, Carroll (lodger) born 3/20/1926 age 13 Aleut
Kompkoff, Arthur (lodger) born 7/5/1931 age 8 Aleut
Kompkoff, Teddy (lodger) born 11/17/1934 age 5 Aleut

Kompkoff, Fred Head of house born 4/16/1917 age 22 Aleut
Kompkoff, Katie wife born 11/29/1920 age 20 Aleut

Gromoff, Trefon Head of house born 10/7/1910 age 29 Aleut
Gromoff, Theodisa wife born 10/1/1908 age 31 Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Katie stepdaughter born 9/24/1927 age 12 Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Paul stepson born 6/5/1930 age 9 Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Freida stepdaughter born 10/5/1932 age 7 Aleut

Levshakoff, John Head of house born 12/22/1900 age 39 Aleut
Levshakoff, Daria wife born 9/1/1895 age 44 Aleut
Thomas, Annabelle (ward) born 1/2/1934   age 5 Aleut
Totemoff, Steve stepson born 5/14/1913 age 27 Aleut
Totemoff, Willie stepson born 10/7/1914 age 25 Aleut

Vlasoff, George G. Head of house born 1/1/1891 age 49 Aleut
Vlasoff, Jennie wife born 1/6/1905 age 34 Aleut
Vlasoff, Paul son born 5/14/1923 age 16 Aleut
Vlasoff, Sam son born 4/15/1926 age 13 Aleut
Vlasoff, Annie daughter born 10/29/1929 age 10 Aleut
Vlasoff, Freddie son born 6/15/1931 age 8 Aleut
Vlasoff, Virginia daughter born 3/18/1937 age 2 Aleut
Vlasoff, Irene daughter born 1/12/1939 age 1 Aleut
Levshakoff, Marka son-in-law born 5/5/1917 age 22 Aleut
Levshakoff, Mary daughter born 4/14/1924 age 15 Aleut
Levshakoff, Florence granddaughter born 3/26/1938 age 1 Aleut
Levshakoff, Andrew grandson born 6/21/1939 age 7 months Aleut

Samakin, Sylvester Head of house born 12/31/1910 age 29 Aleut
Samakin, Annie wife born 9/18/1923 age 16 Aleut
Holland, Ralph nephew born 6/8/1929 age 10 Aleut
Vlasoff, Elizabeth grandmother born 1/1/1868 age 72 Aleut
Freeman, Emil (lodger) born 5/27/1900 age 39    (note says race: Tl-Fin) (Tlinget/Finland?)

Tedishoff, Fred Head of house born 3/2/1881 age 58 Aleut
Tedishoff, Madrona wife born 4/15/1892 age 47 Aleut
Tedishoff, Annie daughter born 2/15/1924 age 15 Aleut
Kompkoff, Jack (ward) born 3/21/1929 age 10 Aleut
Vlasoff, Nellie daughter born 7/8/1921 age 18 Aleut
Vlasoff, Miranda granddaughter born 1/28/1938 age 1 Aleut

Totemoff, Sam Head of house born 2/10/1876 age 63 Aleut (note says born 1878?)
Totemoff, Marie wife born 7/24/1882 age 57 Aleut
Totemoff, Steve son born 10/18/1926 age 13 Aleut

Totemoff, John S. Head of house born 1/ 4/1917 age 23 Aleut
Totemoff, Anastasia wife born 4/28/1921 age 18 Aleut
Totemoff, Mike son born 10/25/1937 age 2 Aleut

Borodkin, Philip Head of house born 1 /1/1890  age 50  Aleut
Borodkin, Elizabeth wife born 9/18/1895 age 44 Aleut
Borodkin, John son born 9/11/1924 age 15 Aleut
Borodkin, Nick son born 5/18/1927 age 12 Aleut

Gromoff, Nick  Head of house (widower) born 6/1/1868  age 71  Aleut

Levshakoff, Eli  Head of house  born 1/1/1888  age 54  Aleut

Totemoff, Willie  Head of house born 1/1/1876  age  64  Aleut
Totemoff, John W.  son  born 1/8/1922  age 18  Aleut

Gregorieff, Andrew  Head of house  born 7/4/1914 age 25 Aleut
Gregorieff, Viola  wife born 9/21/1919 age 21 Aleut
Gregorieff, Sylvia daughter born 9/30/1934   age 5 Aleut
Gregorieff, Devona daughter born 9/13/1936  age 3 Aleut

Morgan, David A.   Head of house  born 12/26/1904  age 35  Full TL  (full Tlinget?)
Morgan, Minnie  wife born 8/3/1916 age 23        Mixed TL  (mixed Tlinget?)
Morgan, David Jr. son born 3/14/1938 age 1  (note says deceased)  Mixed TL
Morgan, Jeanette daughter born 4/11/1939  age 9 months  Mixed TL

February 1944 Tatitlek, Alaska
Allen, Andrew born 11/1/1900  at Hinchinbrook   Head of house  Aleut
Allen, Seena born 10/24/1911 at Tatitlek   wife  Aleut
Allen, June  born 12/24/1928  at Tatitlek,  daughter   Aleut
Allen, Mabel born 6/26/1931  at  Shepperd Point  daughter  Aleut
Allen, George born 2/18/1934  at Tatitlek  son   Aleut
Allen, Leona born 3/16/1936  at Tatitlek, daughter   Aleut
Allen, Philip  born 9/26/1938  at Tatitlek, son  Aleut
Allen, Barbara born  12/31/1940  at Tatitlek   daughter   Aleut
Allen, Andrew Jr.  born 2/10/1943  at Tatitlek  son Aleut
Allen, Fred  born 1/1/1902  at Nuchek  (brother)  Aleut
Thomas, Alberta  born 2/2/1929  at Cordova  (ward)  Aleut  (note says Eklutna School)

Borodkin, Philip  born 1/1/1890 at Kinikalek   Head of house   Aleut
Borodkin, Elizabeth  born  9/18/1895 at Tatitlek      wife   Aleut
Borodkin, John born 9/11/1924  at Tatitlek   son  Aleut
Borodkin, Nick  born 5/18/1927  at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Borodkin, Viola  born 9/21/1919 at Tatitlek, daughter  Aleut
Gregorieff, Sylvia  born 9/30/1934 at Valdez  granddaughter  Aleut
Gregorieff, Devona  born 9/13/1936 at Ellemar  granddaughter   Aleut
Gregorieff, Donna Lee  born _____ at Ellamar  granddaughter  Aleut  (note: no date given)

Gromoff, Trefon  born 10/7/1910  at Tatitlek  Head of house  Aleut
Gromoff, Theodisa  born 10/1/1908 at Tatitlek  wife   Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Katie  born 9/24/1927  at Tatitlek  step-daughter   Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Paul  born 6/5/1930  at Tatitlek  step-son  Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Freida bron 10/5/1932  at Tatitlek   step-daughter  Aleut

Kompkoff, Fred born 4/16/1917 at Chenega   Head of house  Aleut
Kompkoff, Katie  born 11/29/1919 at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Kompkoff, Judith  born 12/6/1942 at Tatitlek  Aleut
Kompkoff, Arthur  born 7/5/1931 at Chenega   (brother)  Aleut
Kompkoff, Theadore  born 11/17/1934  at Chenega (brother)  Aleut

Levshakoff, John S.  born 12/22/1900  at Nuchek   Head of house  Aleut
Levshakoff, Dara  born 9/1/1895 at Tatitlek   wife   Aleut
Levshakoff, Annabelle  born 1/2/1934  at Cordova  daughter  Aleut
Totemoff, Steve born 5/14/1912 at Tatitlek  step-son   Aleut   (note says U.S. Army)
Totemoff, Willie  born 10/7/1914  at Tatitlek   step-son   Aleut

Levshakoff, Eli born 1/1/1988*  at Tatitlek   Head of house   Aleut  (*date obviously an error)

Levshakoff, Mike  born 10/17/1914 at Tatitlek   Head of house  Aleut
Levshakoff, Paul  born 5/23/1940 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut

Levshakoff, Willie  born 1/14/1881 at Tatitlek  Head of house  Aleut
Levshakoff, Marie bron 12/13/1893 at Chenega  wife  Aleut   (note: there is a ? next to Chenega)
Levshakoff, Annie born 2/3/1931  at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut

Makarka, Nicholas  born 7/28/1899 at Nuchek   Head of house   Aleut
Makarka, Anastasia  born 1901 at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Makarka, Molly born 7/30/1923 at Cordova   daughter   Aleut   (living in Cordova?)
Makarka, Jerry born 5/26/1942 at Cordova grandson  Aleut
Makarka, Lillian born 3/11/1928 at Cordova  daughter  Aleut   (at Cordova school)
Makarka, Hienie  born 6/7/1930 at Cordova son  Aleut  (living in Cordova?)
Makarka, Ilene born 10/28/1933 at Cordova  daughter  Aleut
Makarka, Stanley born 1/10/1935 at Cordova  son  Aleut
Cloudman, Janet  born _____ at Cordova  (ward) Aleut  (note: date not given)

Samakin, Sylvester born 12/31/1910 at Tatitlek  Head of house  Aleut
Samakin, Annie born 9/18/1923  at Simpson Bay   wife  Aleut
Samakin, Douglas born 10/10/1942 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Samakin, Rosalene born 12/19/1943 at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Holland, Ralph  born 6/8/1929 at Cordova  (nephew)  Aleut
Vlasoff, Elizabeth  born 1/1/1868 at Nuchek  (grandmother) Aleut

Tedishoff, Fred born 3/2/1881 at Tatitlek  Head of house  Aleut
Tedishoff, Madrona  born 4/15/1892 at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Clarke, Nellie  born 7/8/1921 at  Hawkins Island   daughter  Aleut
Vlasoff, Miranda born 1/28/1938 at Tatitlek  granddaughter   Aleut
Clarke, James   born ________ at Valdez  grandson  Aleut   (note: no date given)
Kompkoff, Jack born 3/21/1929 at  Chenega    (ward)  Aleut

Totemoff, John S.  born 1/4/1917 at Tatitlek  Head of house  Aleut
Totemoff, Anastasia  born 4/28/1921 at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Totemoff,  Mike  born 10/25/1937 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Totemoff, John  Jr.   born 1/1/1941 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Totemoff, Helen  born 7/18/1943 at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut

Totemoff, John W.  born 1/8/1922 at Tatitlek  Head of house  Aleut
Totemoff, Mary  born 2/8/1928 at Tatitlek   wife  Aleut
Totemoff, Claren Jane  born 1/31/1944 at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut

Totemoff, Sam born 2/10/1876 at Ellemar  Head of house  Aleut
Totemoff, Marie  born 7/24/1882 at Nuchek   wife  Aleut
Totemoff, Steve  born 10/18/1926 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut

Totemoff, Willie  born 1/1/1876 at Nuchek   Head of house  Aleut

Vlasoff, George born 1/1/1891 at Nuchek   Head of house  Aleut
Vlasoff, Jennie  born 1/6/1905 at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Vlasoff,  Paul  born 5/14/1923 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut  (note says U.S. Army)
Vlasoff, Jessie  born 2/12/1926 at Cordova   daughter-in-law   Aleut
Vlasoff, Patsy Ann born 3/1/1943 at Tatitlek  granddaughter  Aleut
Vlasoff, Annie  born 10/29/1929 at Tatitlek   daughter  Aleut
Vlasoff, Frederic born 6/15/1931 at Tatitlek son  Aleut
Vlasoff, Virginia born 3/18/1937  at Tatitlek daughter  Aleut
Vlasoff, Irene  born 1/12/1939  at Tatitlek daughter Aleut
Vlasoff, Dorene  born 7/26/1941 at Tatitlek daughter  Aleut

March 1946  Tatitlek, Alaska  (all residents listed as full Aleut except where noted)
Allen, Andrew Head of house born 11/1/1900 at Nuchek    (Mixed)
Allen, Seena (Levshakoff) wife born 10/24/1911 at Tatitlek
Allen, June daughter born 12/24/1928 at Tatitlek
Allen, Mabel daughter born 6/26/1931 at Tatitlek
Allen, George son born 2/18/1934 at Tatitlek
Allen, Leona daughter born 3/16/1936  at Tatitlek
Allen, Phillip  son  born 10/21/1938 at Tatitlek
Allen, Barbara daughter born 12/31/1940 at Tatitlek
Allen, Andrew son born 2/10/1943 at Tatitlek
Allen, Marjorie daughter born 11/22/1945 at Tatitlek
Allen, Fred  (brother) born 1/1/1902 at Nuchek (Mixed)

Borodkin, Phillip Head of house born 11/27/1889 at Kaniklek
Borodkin, Elizabeth (Totemoff) wife born 9/18/1895 at Tatitlek
Gregorieff, Viola (Borodkin) daughter born 9/8/1919 at Tatitlek
Borodkin, John  son  born 9/11/1924 at Tatitlek  (note says Army)
Borodkin, Nicholas  son born 3/10/1927  at Tatitlek
Gregorieff, Sylvia granddaughter born 9/29/1934 at Ellamar
Gregorieff, Devonna granddaughter born 9/13/1936 at Ellamar
Gregorieff, Donna Lee granddaughter born 6/29/1940 at Ellamar

Gromoff, Trefon  Head of house born 2/8/1910 at Tatitlek  (Note says: CHIEF OF VILLAGE)
Gromoff, Theodosia (Levshakoff) wife born 10/1/1908 at Tatitlek
Mitvitnikoff, Paul   stepson  born 5/5/1930  at Tatitlek
Mitvitnikoff, Frieda stepdaughter born 10/5/1932 at Tatitlek

Kompkoff, Frederick  Head of house  born 4/16/1917 at Chenega
Kompkoff, Katie (Totemoff) wife born 11/29/1919 at Tatitlek
Kompkoff, Judy daughter born 12/6/1942 at Tatitlek
Kompkoff, Lawrence son born 11/14/1944 at Tatitlek
Kompkoff, Frederick  son  born 1/11/1946  at Tatitlek

Levshakoff, Ely  Head of house  born 1/1/1886 at Tatitlek

Levshakoff, John  Head of house born 12/22/1900 at Tatitlek  (note says: 2nd husband of Daria)
Levshakoff, Daria wife born 9/1/1895 at Tatitlek
Levshakoff, Annabelle daughter born 1/2/1934 at Cordova
Levshakoff, Stephen  stepson born 5/14/1912 at Tatitlek
Levshakoff, William  stepson born 1/14/1914 at Tatitlek

Levshakoff, Mike   Head of house (widower)  born 11/24/1914 at Tatitlek
Levshakoff, Mary (Ribaloff) born 1900  died 9/1945   wife
Levshakoff, Paul  son  born 5/23/1940  at Tatitlek
Levshakoff, Carrol  stepson  born 3/20/1926 at Chenega   (note says: Merchant Marine)
Kompkoff, Arthur  stepson  born 7/5/1931 at Tatitlek      (note says: Ellamar School)

Levshakoff, William   Head of house  born 1/14/1881 at Tatitlek
Levshakoff, Annie  daughter born 2 /3/1931 at Tatitlek

Makarka, Nicholas  Head of house (widower) born 7/28/1899 at Nuchek  (Note says: wife, Anastasia died 12/9/1945)
Makarka, Lillian  daughter born 3/11/1928 Cordova
Makarka, Henry  son  born 6/7/1930  at Cordova
Makarka, Ilene  daughter born 10/28/1932  at Cordova
Makarka, Stanley  son  born 1/10/1935  at Cordova
Makarka, Jerry  (foster son) born 5/26/1942  at Cordova
Rice, Molly   daughter  born 7/30/1923 at Cordova
Rice, Geraldine   granddaughter born 12/26/1943  at Cordova
Haltness, Violet   daughter  born _______  at Cordova  (no birthdate given- living in Cordova?)

Tedishoff, Frederick   Head of house born 3/2/1881 at Tatitlek
Tedishoff, Madrona  wife  born 4/15/1892 at Tatitlek  (note says died 3/25/1946)
Cloudman, Ann  daughter   no dates given
Cloudman, Patrick  grandson  no dates given

Totemoff, John S.   Head of house  born 1/4/1917  at Tatitlek
Totemoff, Anastatia  wife  born 4/24/1920  at Tatitlek
Totemoff, Mike  son  born 10/25/1937  at Tatitlek
Totemoff, John S.  son  born 1/15/1941 at Tatitlek
Totemoff, Helen Ann  daughter born 6/18/1943  at Tatitlek
Totemoff, Marvin   son  born 1/9/1946 at Tatitlek

Totemoff, John W.   Head of house  born 4/9/1919 at Tatitlek
Totemoff, Mary (Levshakoff)  wife  born 2/8/1927 at Tatitlek
Totemoff, Claren?  daughter  born 1/31/1943 at Tatitlek
Totemoff, David  son  born 6/23/1945 at Tatitlek
Totemoff, William  (father) born 1/1/1879 at Ellamar
Totemoff, Richard John  son   born 1/31/1947 at Tatitlek

Totemoff, Sam  Head of house  born 2/10/1876  at Ellamar
Totemoff, Marie  wife  born 2/24/1882 at Ellamar
Totemoff, Steve son born 10/8/1926 at Tatitlek

Vlasoff, George   Head of house  born 5/6/1889 at Nuchek
Vlasoff, Jennie (Totemoff)  wife  born 1/6/1906  at Tatitlek
Vlasoff, Annie  daughter  born 10/28/1928  at Tatitlek
Vlasoff, Freddie  son  born 5/15/1931 at Tatitlek
Vlasoff, Virginia daughter  born 3/18/1937  at Tatitlek
Vlasoff, Irene  daughter  born 1/12/1939 at Tatitlek
Vlasoff, Dorene  daughter  born 8/26/1941 at Tatitlek  (note date 1/3/1943 is crossed out)
Vlasoff, Kenneth  son  born 3/18/1945  at Tatitlek

Vlasoff, Paul  Head of house   born 5/14/1923 at Tatitlek  (note says Army)
Vlasoff, Jessie (Makarka) born 2/12/1926 at Tatitlek  wife
Vlasoff, Patsy daughter born 3/1/1943  at Tatitlek
Vlasoff, Robert  son  born 11/24/1945  at Tatitlek

May 1952  Tatitlek, Alaska

Totemoff, Willie  born 1/1/1876 at Ellamar   Head of house  Aleut
Totemoff, Marie born 2/24/1882 at Ellamar   wife  Aleut

Gregorieff, Edward born 11/27/1923 at Ellamar   Head of house  Aleut
Gregorieff, Ann  born 9/18/1923 at Simpson Bay near Cordova    wife  Aleut
Samakin, Roseline  born 12/19/1942 at Tatitlek  stepdaughter  Aleut
Samakin, Douglas born 10/10/1941 at Tatitlek stepson Aleut
Gregorieff, Inez  born 10/12/1949 at  Tatitlek, daughter  Aleut
Gregorieff, Jewell  born 9/8/1950 at Tatitlek     daughter  Aleut

Kompkoff, Carroll  born 3/20/1926  at Chenega    Head of house  Aleut
Kompkoff, Mabel  born 6/26/1931  at Tatitlek   wife   Aleut
Kompkoff, Michael  born 12/13/1949  at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Kompkoff, Gene  born 2/25/1951  at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Kompkoff, Andrea Lee  born 5/4/1952 at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut

Totemoff, Steve  10/18/1926 at Tatitlek   Head of house  Aleut
Totemoff, Ilene  born 10/28/1932 at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Totemoff,  Donna  born 12/14/1949 at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Totemoff, Steve  born 11 /12/1950 at Tatitlek   son  Aleut
Totemoff, Jerry  born 2/1/1952  at Tatitlek  son  Aleut

Totemoff, John  born 4/9/1919 at Tatitlek  Head of house  Aleut
Totemoff, Mary  born 2/8/1927 at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Totemoff, Claren  born 1/31/1943  at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Totemoff, David  born 6/23/1945 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Totemoff, Richard  born 1/31/1947  at Tatitlek  son Aleut
Totemoff, Peter  born 6/14/1948  at Tatitlek  son Aleut

Levshikoff, John  born 12/22/1900 at Tatitlek  Head of house   Aleut
Levshikoff, Daria  born 9/1/1895  at Tatitlek   wife  Aleut
Levshikoff, Annabell  born 1/5/1934  at Cordova  daughter  Aleut
Totemoff, Willie  born 1/14/1914  at Tatitlek   (foster step-son)  Aleut

Tedishoff, Frederick  born 3 /2/1888 at Tatitlek   Head of house  Aleut
Cloudman, Ann  born 2/15/1924 at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Cloudman, Theodore  born 5/23/1915 at Orca near Cordova      (Mixed)
Cloudman, Theodore born 3/1/1943 at Cordova    son      (I’m guessing this is Ann’s son, not Fredericks son)
Vlasoff, Miranda  born 1/28/1938 at Cordova  daughter    (I’m guesing this is Ann’s daughter not Fredericks daughter)

Levshikoff, Ely born 1/1/1886 at Tatitlek    Head of house   Aleut

Levshikoff, William Ely born 1/14/1881  at Tatitlek    Head of house  Aleut

Allen, Fred  born 1/1/1902  at Nuchek     Head of house    (Mixed)

Allen, Andrew  born 11/1/1900 at Nuchek    Head of house   (Mixed)
Allen, Seena  born 10/24/1911  at Tatitlek   wife   Aleut
Allen, June 12/24/1928  at Tatitlek  daughter        (Mixed)   (note says: Living at States)
Allen, George  born 2/18/1934  at Tatitlek  son   (Mixed)
Allen, Leona born 3/16/1936  at Tatitlek  daughter  (Mixed)
Allen, Phillip  born 10/21/1938  at Tatitlek  son  (Mixed)
Allen, Barbara  born 12/31/1940  at Tatitlek  daughter  (Mixed)
Allen, Andrew    born 2/10/1943  at Tatitlek    son  (Mixed)
Allen, Marjorie  born  11/22/1945 at Tatitlek  daughter  (Mixed)
Allen, Lloyd  born 5/16/1949  at Tatitlek  son  (Mixed)

Totemoff, John  born 1/4/1917  at Tatitlek   Head of house  Aleut
Totemoff, Anastasia  born 4/24/1920  at Tatitlek   wife   Aleut
Totemoff, Mike born 10/25/1937 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Totemoff, John Jr.  born 1/15/1941 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Totemoff, Helen  born 6/18/1943 at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Totemoff, Marvin  born 1/9/1946 at Tatitlek   son  Aleut
Totemoff, Calvin  born 4/9/1947  at Tatitlek  son Aleut  (note: first name hard to read)
Totemoff, Susan  born 7/30/1948  at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Totemoff, Connie  born  6/27/1949  at Tatitlek daughter  Aleut

Makarka, Nick  born 7/28/1895 at Nuchek     Head of house   Aleut      (note: widower)
Makarka, Stanley  born 1/10/1935 at Cordova   son  Aleut  (note says: at Mt. Edgecumb)

Gromoff, Theodosia  born 10/1/1908 at Tatitlek    Wife   Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Paul born 5/5/1930 at Tatitlek   son  Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Freida  born 10/5/1932 at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Mitvitnikoff, Dorothy  born __________ at Valdez    daughter-in-law   Aleut (note no birthdate listed)
Mitvitnikoff, Paul Jr.  born 3/23/1951  at Valdez        grandson   Aleut

Katelnikoff, Steve  born 7/12/1916 at  ___nzki    Head of house  Aleut (note: surname hard to read/birthplace hard to read)
Katelnikoff, Katie  born 11/ 29/1919 at Tatitlek   wife  Aleut
Kompkoff, Judy born 12/6/1942  at Tatitlek   daughter  Aleut
Kompkoff, Lawrence  born 11/14/1944 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Kompkoff, Frederick born 1/11/1946  at Tatitlek  son Aleut
Kompkoff, Carol  born 4/6/1947  at Tatitlek  daughter Aleut
Katelnikoff,  Regina  born 1/ 7/1950  at Tatitlek  daughter Aleut
Katelnikoff, Darlene  born 5/3/1951  at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut

Vlasoff, George  born 5/6/1889 Nuchek   Head of house   Aleut
Vlasoff, Jennie  born 1/6/1906  at Tatitlek   wife   Aleut
Vlasoff, Freddie born  5/15/1931  at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Vlasoff, Virginia  born 3/18/1937  at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Vlasoff, Irene  born  1/12/1939  at Tatitlek  daughter Aleut
Vlasoff, Dorene  born  8/26/1941  at Tatitlek  daughter Aleut
Vlasoff, Kenneth  born 3/18/1945 at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Vlasoff, Myra  born 8/20/1948  at Tatitlek   daughter  Aleut

Vlasoff, Paul born 5/14/1923  at Tatitlek    Head of house  Aleut
Vlasoff, Jessie  born 2/12/1926  at Tatitlek   wife  Aleut
Vlasoff, Robert born 11/24/1945  at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Vlasoff, Patsy  born 3/1/1943  at Tatitlek   daughter  Aleut
Vlasoff, Norman  born 4/27/1947  at Tatitlek  son  Aleut

Borodkin, Phillip  born 11/27/1889 at Kiniklik     Head of house   Aleut
Borodkin, Elizabeth  born 9/18/1895  at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Borodkin, John  born 9/11/1924  at Tatitlek   son  Aleut
Gregorieff, Sylvia  born 9/29/1934  at Valdez     granddaughter   Aleut
Gregorieff, Donna Lee  born 5/29/1940  at Ellamar   granddaughter  Aleut
Vlasoff, Elizabeth  born 1/1/1868  at Nuchek    (mother-in-law)  Aleut

Totemoff, Steve born 5/11/1917  at Tatitlek    Head of house   Aleut
Totemoff, Ann  born 1/3/1931  at Tatitlek  wife  Aleut
Totemoff, Harold  born 9/12/1947  at Tatitlek  son  Aleut
Totemoff, Gail  born 10/17/1950  at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut
Totemoff, Gloria  born 1/2/1952  at Tatitlek  daughter  Aleut

Levshakoff, Mike   born 211/24/1914  at Tatitlek    Head of house  Aleut
Levshakoff, Paul born 5/23/1940  at Tatitlek    son   Aleut

Alaska Natives living in Ellamar Village, Alaska in 1930
Paulson, Elias 49 born in Norway
Paulson, Matrona 48 Aleut
Paulson, George 17 Aleut
Paulson, Helen 12 Aleut
Paulson, Evelyn 10 Aleut
Donaldson, Oscar 27 son-in-law  Aleut mix            father born in Canada mother  Aleut
Donaldson, Alex 23 son-in-law Aleut mix               father born in Canada mother Aleut
Donaldson, Carol 30 (male) Aleut mix                     father born in Canada mother Aleut
Donaldson, Annie 17 Aleut mix

Gregorieff, Alex 48 Aleut
Gregorieff, Mary 38 Aleut
Gregorieff, Sasha 13 Aleut
Gregorieff, Andrew 15 Aleut

Teiderman, Arthur 26 Aleut mix                           father German mother Aleut
Teiderman, Matrona 23 Aleut
Teiderman, August 4½ Aleut mix
Teiderman, Fred    4 ½ Aleut mix
Teiderman, Mary 3 Aleut mix
Teiderman, Jerry 1 Aleut mix

Alaska Natives living in Cordova, Alaska in 1930
Olsen, Peter 69 born in Denmark
Olsen, Tina 35      Eyak Aleut
Olsen, Carl 15   Eyak Aleut
Olsen, James 13 Eyak Aleut
Olsen, Harry 11 Eyak Aleut
Olsen, Peter 9  Eyak Aleut
Olsen, Marie 6  Eyak Aleut
Olsen, Edward 3 Eyak Aleut
Olsen, Margaret 1 Eyak Aleut

Talanoff?, Nick 33 Aleut born in Kodiak

Nickoloff, Pete 37  born in Bulgaria
Nickoloff, Mary 24  Aleut mix  father from Germany mother Aleut
Nickoloff, Virginia 6 Aleut mix
Nickoloff, James 3 Aleut mix
Nickoloff, Perry 1 Aleut mix

Thomas, Nellie 27 widow Eyak  Aleut
Thomas, Elizabeth 4  Eyak   Aleut
Thomas, David 3  Eyak Aleut

Anderson, Alex 28  Eyak Aleut
Anderson, Katie 25  Eyak Aleut
Anderson, Jack 12  Eyak Aleut
Anderson, Sam 5  Eyak Aleut
Anderson, Eddie 4  Eyak Aleut
Anderson, May 9 months Eyak Aleut

Salos, V. 52 born in the Philippines
Salos, Fedora 32  Eyak Aleut
Salos, Ben 2   Aleut mix
Salos, Tony 7 months  Aleut mix

Beyers, Fred 48 widower  born in New York
Beyers, Fred Jr. 1 year 9 months  Aleut mix   Eyak Aleut

Olson, Arnie 48 born in Norway
Olson, Julia 32  Aleut mix                    father Russian  mother Eyak Aleut
Olson, Esther 13 Aleut mix
Olson, Avunia? 11 Aleut mix
Olson Ringwald 6 Aleut mix
Olson, Alberta 4 Aleut mix

Macacka, Nick   35  Eyak Aleut
Macacka, Anna 27 Eyak Aleut
Macacka, Violet 8 Eyak Aleut
Macacka, Mary 6 Eyak Aleut
Macacka, Jessie 3½ Eyak Aleut
Macacka, Lillian 1 Eyak Aleut

Shepard, Jack 63 widower born in Pennsylvania
Shepard, Mike 22 Aleut mix
Shepard, Edna 19 Aleut mix

Foode, Thomas 66  Japanese
Foode, Elizabeth 33  Eyak Aleut
Foode, John 16 Aleut mix
Foode, George 14 Aleut mix
Foode, Matty 12 Aleut mix
Foode, Charlie 10 Aleut mix
Foode, Mabel 8 Aleut mix
Foode, Tommy 6 Aleut mix
Foode, Paddy 5 Aleut mix
Foode, Richard 2 Aleut mix
Foode, Marie  10 months  Aleut mix

Kulper, Otto 52  born in Washington                 father from Germany mother from Indiana
Kulper, Grace 36  Eyak Aleut
Kulper, Rebecca 11 Aleut mix
Kulper, Nancy 8 Aleut mix
Kulper, Ethel 7 Aleut mix
Kulper, Pauline 4 Aleut mix

Wilson, August 74   born in Sweden
Wilson, Mary 31  Eyak Aleut
Wilson, Woodrow 8 Aleut mix
Wilson, Margaret 4 Aleut mix
Wilson, Minnie 2 Aleut mix

Rice, John 44  born in Hawaii
Rice, Anna 38  Eyak Aleut
Rice, Henry 16 Aleut mix
Rice, Mike 14 Aleut mix
Rice, William 9 Aleut mix
Rice, Ben 1½ Aleut mix

Nestos, Eric 41 born in Norway
Nestos, Frieda D. 21 Aleut mix                father from Germany mother Eyak Aleut

Risstine?, Freda 18  Aleut mix                 father born in Germany mother Eyak Aleut
Wilson, Albert 24 Aleut mix                    father born in Sweden mother Eyak Aleut


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