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This Russian Orthodox Church at Eklutna is the oldest building in the entire Anchorage area. According to the early journals of Russian Priest Ioann (John) Bortnovskii, the church was originally built by the Dena'ina at Knik. The walls were all trimmed logs; the floor boards, ceiling and roof boards were all whipsawed by the villagers themselves and except for nails and two windows, nothing had to be purchased during the construction of the 30' x 20' x 8½'church. 

During the winter of 1897, the Dena'ina (living at Knik) moved to Eklutna, disassembling their church and taking it with them. They built homes and reassembled the church, but found themselves spending the majority of their time back at Knik where there was a store, a post office and a few jobs. The only time they were spending at Eklutna was during the winter hunting season.

In 1908, Father Shadura (Bortnovskii's successor) convinced the Dena'ina to move the Chapel back to Knik; they even got a local Judge to agree with the plan, but nothing ever became of the idea.

In 1976-1977, Eklutna Chief Mike Alex arranged for a concrete foundation to be put under the old church and it became part of the Eklutna Village Historical Park; it faces west, near the Eklutna Spirit House Cemetery.


There are many errors in census records.  I've transcribed the information exactly as I found it on the original films.
If you find your family on these pages, make sure you double check the original microfilms for verification; they can
be found at the National Archives in Anchorage.

1920 Eklutna & Vicinity  (Name, age, birthplace, immigration date, occupation)

Hogan, Thomas 46 b. Ireland To USA 1888 / Railroad
Aho, John 29 b. Finland To USA 1906 / Railroad
Aho, Ellen 26 wife b. Finland To USA 1915
Aho, Dovwo 2 son b. Alaska
Aho, Helen 3 months  daughter  b. Alaska
Logan, Henry 45 b. Massachusetts / Railroad
Crowley, Mick 54 b. New York / Railroad
Cosh, Sam 56  b. Missouri / Railroad
Miller, Harry 54 b. Iowa / Railroad
Vassil, George 31 b. Bulgaria / Railroad
Vassil, Nellie B. 28  wife b. Washington
Vassil, Verna V. 5 months daughter b. Alaska
Furnioter, James 44 b. Greece To USA 1895 / Railroad
Eklutna, Alex 40  Alaska Native / Trapper
Eklutna, Madrona 35 wife Alaska Native
Eklutna, Maxime 10 son Alaska Native
Eklutna, Olga 9 daughter Alaska Native
Eklutna, Nicoli 7 son Alaska Native
Eklutna, Buekranda 4 daughter Alaska Native
Eklutna, Dovia 1 daughter Alaska Native
Watson, Nicoli 32  Alaska Native / Trapper
Stephan, George 19 Alaska Native / Trapper
Eklutna, John 45 Alaska Native / Trapper
Hunt, Samuel F. 57 b. Virginia / Farmer
Reder, Frank 26 b. Germany To USA 1913 / Trapper
Wasco    40  Alaska Native   (Parents from Matanuska Tribe) / Trapper
Annie 24 wife  Alaska Native  (Parents from Matanuska Tribe)
Aledina 11 daughter Alaska Native
Marka 9 son Alaska Native
Alaska 4 months daughter Alaska Native
Esey 51 Alaska Native  (Parents from Matanuska Tribe) / Trapper
Olga 45 wife Alaska Native  (Parents from Matanuska Tribe)
Billy 21 son Alaska Native
Bedri 16 son Alaska Native
Nikeeta 10 son Alaska Native
Meesta 8 daughter Alaska Native
Bolwella 6 daughter Alaska Native
Bergman, John H. 34 b. Germany To USA 1903 / Farmer
Bergman, Otto 31 b. Germany To USA 1908 / Farmer
Bergman, Antina   22 wife b. Illinois
Bergman, Flora J. 7 daughter b. Washington
Bergman, Otto 5 son b. Washington
Bergman, John C. 3 son b. Washington

 Eklutna Village is Dena'ina Athabascan (not Aleut as the census taker recorded) so I'm not sure why the census
taker recorded that these children were Aleut, although children were sent to this Eklutna
school from many villages as I understand it. Why the census taker labeled them all Aleut, I don't know.

1930 Eklutna Village School  (Name, age,birthplace, race, occupation)
Nichita, Nita 15  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Nicholi, Harry 11 Alaska native (Aleut)
Philips, Elsie 17 Alaska native (Aleut)
Pedro, Gomria 11 (female) Alaska native (Aleut)
Prance, Martha 17 Alaska native (Aleut)
Pitkaages, Edward 8 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Pitkaages, Josephine 11 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Pedro, Nick 6 Alaska native (Aleut)
Peterson, Irine 21 Alaska native (Aleut)   / Hospital cook
Pedro, Ranie 14 (female) Alaska native (Aleut)
Pedro, Lucy 15 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Rassmusen, Elise 18 Alaska native (Aleut)
Romenoff, Barbara 11 Alaska native (Aleut)
Ribaloff, Jean 17 (female) Alaska native (Aleut)
Stepan, Thomas 15  Alaska native (Aleut)
Stepan, Christiana 20 Alaska native (Aleut)
Shortridge, Earl 16 Alaska native (Aleut)
Sakloff, Fannie 12 Alaska native (Aleut)
Thomas, Marion 15  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Theodore, Olga 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Titus, Clinton 15 Alaska native (Aleut)
Trenton, Duffy 14 Alaska native (Aleut)
Usan, Ruth 8 Alaska native (Aleut)
Wells, Madaline 15 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Yacksoff, Albert 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Crabtree, Roy 6 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Glass, Fred 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Nicketa, Neil 12  Alaska native (Aleut)
Taognak, Julius 4  Alaska native (Eskimo)
Noller, Alfred 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Noller, Flora 13  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Noller, Grace 14 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Smith, Charles R. 42 b. Oregon  / Director of Eklutna School
Smith, Lois T. 36 wife b. Missouri / Teacher
Smith, Elizabeth L. 8 daughter b. Washington
Smith, Edna M. 1year 7 months daughter b. Alaska
Carlson, Fena 31 (female) Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed / Servant in Eklutna School
Woods, Viola 31 b. New York / Nurse hospital
Wooten, Ella 27 b. Maryland / Eklutna teacher
Smith, Elmer T. 57 b. Illinois / Carpenter at Eklutna School
Smith, Beatrice 51 b. Virginia / Matron at Eklutna School
??Cabd??, Martha A. 45 b. Wisconsin / Teacher at Eklutna School
Roper, Otis 27 b. Washington / Mechanic at Eklutna School
MacDonald, Roy A.  27 b. Iowa / Teacher at Eklutna School
Markan, Roy A. 27 b. Iowa / Carpenter at Eklutna School
Markan, Dorothy A. 24 wife b. Iowa / Teacher at Eklutna School
Markan, Donald W. 5 months b. Alaska
Gonser, Maud A. 35 b. Iowa / Teacher at Eklutna School
Lee, Frank F. 60 b. Michigan / Railroad laborer
Adamson, Alberta 9  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Antoni, Nick 14 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Bailey, Mike 15  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Bastell, John 11  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Bishop, Fred 14  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Bayou, Sam 14  Alaska native (Aleut)
Bayou, Nick 12 Alaska native (Aleut)
Considine, Catherine 11 Alaska native (Aleut)
Considine, John 12 Alaska native (Aleut)
Chudrocken, Jimmy 14  Alaska native (Aleut)
Chilligen, Sava 17 (male) Alaska native (Aleut)
Chichalushan, Jennie 8  Alaska native (Aleut)
Davies, Louise 16 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Davies, Helen 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Ephim, Barney 17 Alaska native (Aleut)
Ephim, Annie 17   Alaska native (Aleut)
Evens, Dick 20 Alaska native (Aleut)
Efim, Buster 17  Alaska native (Aleut)
Evens, Polly 18 Alaska native (Aleut)
Egeroff, Helen 6  Alaska native (Aleut)
Targson, Victor 13 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Galleshoff, Molly 13 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Goozmer, Molly 13 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Goozmer, Nola 8  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Hopey, Katie 13 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Henry, Margaret 14 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Hedge, Alice 7 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Hanson, Mary 14 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Hedlund, Emma 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Jager, Mack 13 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Jager, Wiliam 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Julius, Marie 15  Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Julius, Dorothy 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Johnson, Rosie 13 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Kink, Tim 8 Alaska native (Aleut)
Kalmakoff, Stephanie 7 Alaska native (Aleut)
Kroto, Alexander 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Lamont, Marjorie 17 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Longcarp, Mary 21 Alaska native (Aleut)
Lundstrom, Robert 7 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Loco, Nadia 16 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Larsen, Jack 12 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Larsen, William 13 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Modook, Simeon 6 Alaska native (Aleut)
Modook, Sassa 5 Alaska native (Aleut)
Modook, Agatha 10 Alaska native (Aleut)
Minano, Budd 11 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Morency, Louise 15 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Morency, George 14 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Murphy, Charles 15 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed
Martinson, Esnos 13 Alaska native (Aleut)  mixed


1930 Eklutna Village (Name, age, birthplace, immigration date, occupation)
Peters, George 36 b. Canada To USA 1920 / Carpenter at Eklutna School
Kline, Frank H. 45 b. Pennsylvania / Carpenter at Eklutna School
Gornova, Mike 42 b. Bulgaria To USA 1907 / Carpenter at Eklutna School
Mitchell, Nick 48 b. Yugoslavia To USA 1900 / Carpenter at Eklutna School
Barnhill, William H. 35 b. Ohio / Carpenter at Eklutna School
Roberson, Merrill 66 b. Michigan / Cook
George, William 54 b. Illinois / Laborer
Kunsisto, Charles 58 b. Finland To USA 1889 / Carpenter
Kartak, Charles G. 46 b. Minnesota / Fireman
Hybbert, Charles E. 47 b. New York / Seaman
Olson, Clarence E. 49 b. Washington / Carpenter
Verne, James 52 b. New Hampshire
Eklutna, John 58 widower  Alaska native (Aleut)   / Fur trapper
Wassill, Theodore 56 widower Alaska native (Aleut)  / Fur trapper
Wassill, Nick 26 son Alaska native (Aleut)
Wassill, Alfred 22 son Alaska native (Aleut)
Wassill, William 18 son Alaska native (Aleut)
Wassill, Harry 11 son Alaska native (Aleut)
Wassill, Nickolie 17 stepson Alaska native (Aleut)
Alex, Mike 21 Alaska native (Aleut)  / Laborer
Alex, Nellie 19 wife Alaska native (Aleut)
Alex, Herbert 2 months son Alaska native (Aleut)
Siebenthuler, John 48 b. Kansas / Fur farm
Siebenthuler, Mary 46 b. Finland
Laf, Oscar 54 b. Sweden To USA 1892 / Cook at roadhouse
MacDonald, George 70 widower b. New Jersey / Placer miner
Ezi, William 31  Alaska native (Aleut)  / Fur trapper
Ezi, Ardina 25  Alaska native (Aleut)
Ezi, James 2½ Alaska native (Aleut)
Ezi, Martin 18 step-son Alaska native (Aleut)
Ezi, Pete 23 Alaska native (Aleut)  / Fur trapper
Ezi, Ruth  21 wife Alaska native (Aleut)
Eklutna, Alex 55  Alaska native (Aleut)
Eklutna, Madrona wife  Alaska native (Aleut)
Theodore, Alfred 21 Alaska native (Aleut)
Theodore, Grandma 100 widow  Alaska native (Aleut)
Ezi, Chief 62  Alaska native (Aleut)  / Tribal Chief   Another error: The Ezi's were Dena'ina Athabascan
Ezi, Olga 54 wife  Alaska native (Aleut)
Erbacher, Jake 38 b. Germany To USA 1909 / Blacksmith
Erbacher, Ethel 38 b. Nebraska
Erbacher, Sally M. b. C alifornia
Cetkovich, John 36 b. Yugoslavia To USA 1909 / Cook at Eklutna Power Plant
Stevens, Herman 21 Alaska native (Aleut)  / Laborer at Eklutna Power Plant
Minano, Jim 70 b. Japan To USA 1890 / Cook at Eklutna Power Plant
Minano, Walter 17 son   Alaska native (Aleut) - Japanese Mix
Minano, James 19 son   Alaska native (Aleut) - Japanese Mix
Marco, George 22 b. Austria To USA 1910 / Laborer at Eklutna Power Plant
McCallum, Stanley 38  b. Canada To USA 1918 / Foreman at Eklutna Power Plant
Smith, Isaac 40 b. USA / Woodcutter
Sellers, Edward 50 b. USA / Carpenter at Eklutna Power Plant
Shaw, Joseph 31 b. England To USA 1912 / Engineer at Eklutna Power Plant
Westfall, Clarence J. 26 b. South Dakota / Laborer at Eklutna Power Plant
Ruane, Austin 49 b. Ireland To USA 1898 / Laborer at Eklutna Power Plant
Mau, Waldmar C. 29 b. Minnesota / Engineer at Eklutna Power Plant
Mau, Florence E. 30 b. Illinois
Anderson, Robert 36 b. Washington / Engineer at Eklutna Power Plant
Anderson, Rebecca 42 b. Isle of Man To USA 1927
Mack, Oggie 21  Alaska native (Aleut)   / Laborer at Eklutna School
Namur, Brun?? 45  b. Iowa / Laborer at Eklutna School.

1939  & 1940  Eklutna   BIA Census
Andola, John  age 43  Athabascan                    (this name should be ONDOLA)
Andola, Olga born 1911
Andola, Sophie born 1925
Andola, George born 1930
Andola, Elsie born 1931
Andola, Marie born 1933
Andola, Ellen born 1934
Andola, Carl born 1937
Alex, Billy born 1925 (brother-in-law)
Alex, Gronia born 1920 (sister-in-law)
Alex, Roy born 1917 (brother-in-law)
Alex, Wasilla born 1876 (father-in-law)
Note: A note was added about the above family: "John Andola lives in a cabin at Birchwood. The rest of the family lives in the Wasilla Alex cabin at Eklutna, however, John Andola financially supports both families.

Alex, Mike born 1906
Alex, Nellie born 1912
Alex, Herbert born 1929
Alex, Lois born 1930
Alex, Margaret born 1931
Alex, Katherine born 1932
Alex, Andrew born 1936
Alex, Julia born 1937
Alex, Daniel born 1940

Chilligan, Joe  No dates
Chilligan, Doris  born 1930 daughter
Chilligan, George born 1931 son
Chilligan, John born 1932  son

Ezi, Billy  born 1899
Ezi, Lucy  born 1910
Ezi, Jimmie  born 1929
Ezi, Elizabeth born 1930
Ezi, Bennie  born 1933
Ezi, William  born 1934
Ezi, Damon born 1936
Ezi, Virginia 1940

Ezi, Peter born 1904
Ezi, Ruth born 1908
Ezi, Alberta born 1933
Ezi, Peter Jr. born 1937

Oskolkoff, Steve born 1897
Oskolkoff, Elizabeth   born 1911 Wife
Oskolkoff, Steve Jr. born 1939
Stephan, Sophie  born 1927
Stephan, Leo born 1929

Wasilla, Theodore  born 1876
Wasilla, Katherine born 1919
Wasilla, Herbert born 1935
Wasilla, Harry born 1937
Wasilla, Roy  born 1939

Yakisoff, Mike born 1880
Yakisoff, Mary born 1901  (born Nicholai) (1st husband Frank Churchill)
Yakisoff, Jennie born 1923
Yakisoff, Andrew born 1925
Yakisoff, Mike born 1930
Yakisoff,  Felix born 1931
Yakisoff, Ruth born 1935
Yakisoff, Susie born 1936
Yakisoff, Annie born 1938

Be careful of errors here: The 1942 BIA census taker said that Bill Ezi was a Tlingit, however, page 293 of the Shem Pete's Alaska book says that the Ezi's were Dena'ina Athabascan's from the Niteh Village (Matanuska)*

1942 Eklutna Village   BIA Census
Ezi, Bill    born 3/12/1890   Tlingit Indian
Ezi, Lucy   born  3/3/1910  Tlingit Indian
Ezi, Jimmie  born   9/26/1929 Tlingit Indian
Ezi, Elizabeth   born  5/14/1930 Tlingit Indian
Ezi, Ben born  2/5/1933  Tlingit Indian
Ezi, William  born 6/13/1934 Tlingit Indian
Ezi, Damon  born 1/4/1936 Tlingit Indian

Alex, Eklutna  born 2/9/1876  Matanuska
Alex, Mike  born 10/3/1907  Knik
Alex, Nellie (Efim) born 9/1/1912  Anchorage  Wife
Alex, Herbert  born 9/25/1929  Eklutna
Alex, Lois  born 12/15/1930  Eklutna
Alex, Margaret  born 3/26/1931  Eklutna
Alex, Katherine  born 2/7/1932  Eklutna
Alex, Jewel  born 2/7/1936  Birchwood
Alex, Virginia  born  5/6/1938  Eklutna
Alex, Daniel  born 6/7/1939  Eklutna
Alex, Paul  born 4/27/1942  Eklutna

Ezi, William   born 3/8/1907 Matanuska
Ezi, Lucy  born 4/16/1912  Eklutna
Ezi, Jimmy  born 9/26/1929  Matanuska
Ezi, Elizabeth  born 3/14/1930  Knik
Ezi, Bennie  born 2/5/1933  Eklutna
Ezi, William  born 6/14/1924  Eklutna
Ezi, Damen  born 2/7/1936  Eklutna
Ezi, Virginia  born 11/16/1937 Eklutna
Ezi, Baby (male)  born 12/23/1939 Eklutna

Ezi, Pete  born 10/16/1902   Knik
Ezi, Ruth born 6/15/1909  Knik
Ezi, Alberta  born 9/6/1933 Knik
Ezi, Peter  born 11/5/1937  Eklutna

Yakashoff, Mike  born 7/23/1901  Knik
Yakashoff, Mary  born 7/6/1906  Knik (born Nicholai) (1st husband Frank Chuchill)
Yakashoff, Bill born 7/10/1920 Knik
Yakashoff, Jennie  born 9/22/1923  Knik
Yakashoff, Andrew  born 7/18/1925 Knik
Yakashoff, Mike  born 1/2/1930 Knik
Yakashoff, Felix  born 6/8/1931  Knik
Yakashoff, Christina born 4/7/1935 Knik
Yakashoff, Susie  born 8/16/1936 Knik
Yakashoff, Annie  born 6/21/1938 Knik
Yakashoff, Agnes born 10/9/1940  Eklutna

Askolkoff, Steve  born 12/7/1901  Knik
Askolkoff, Mary born 6/3/1903  Eklutna
Askolkoff, Sophie  born 10/14/1927  Matanuska
Askolkoff, Leo born 8/19/1929 Eklutna
Askolkoff, Steve Jr. born 6/7/1939 Anchorage
1945 Eklutna Village  BIA Census

*Note  a second location listed below ( /Chickaloon) means they lived in Eklutna but were in that other location when census was taken.
Shaginoff, John  born 1907 Knik    /Chickaloon
Shaginoff, Mary born 1900 Nelchina   /Chickaloon
Goodlataw, Paul born 1926 Chickaloon Step-son  /Palmer
Shaginoff, Bert born 1937  Sutton  son   /Chickaloon
Shaginoff, Donald born 1942 Sutton son   /Chickaloon
Shaginoff, Eugene born 1942 Chickaloon son  /Chickaloon
Shaginoff, Lloyd born 1944 Palmer son   /Chickaloon

Corey, Jack born 1900 Pennsylvania   /Chickaloon
Corey, Olga born 1908 Nelchina    /Chickaloon
Corey, Herbert born 1931 Chickaloon  step-son  /Chickaloon
Corey, Elsie born 1933 Chickaloon step-daughter  /Chickaloon
Corey, Dannie born 1938 Sutton son   /Chickaloon
Corey, Edith born 1936 Sutton daughter   /Chickaloon
Corey, May born 1943 Chickaloon   /Chickaloon
Corey, Jack born 1945 Palmer  son /?

Larsen, Jack born 1920 Talkeetna    /Buffalo Coal Mine
Larsen, Helen born 1922 Chickaloon   /Buffalo Coal Mine
Larsen, Robert  no birth date  Palmer (twin) / ?
Larsen, Ronald no birth date  Palmer (twin) / ?
Larsen, Allen    no birth date Palmer

Wade, Jack born 1923  born Washington
Wade, Kathrine born 1923 Chickaloon
Wade, Laurence born 1943 Anchorage

Cheatham, Denver       no dates  born Washington / Jonesville Coal Mine
Cheatham, Jessie born 1925 Chickaloon  (son)  /Jonesville Coal Mine

Stickman, Walter  born ??  where ??  Bachelor  Sutton   (note says nearly blind)
Stickman, Ivan born 1933 Chickaloon  son

Stephan, Rufe    no dates     /Wasilla
Stephan, Annie no dates     /Wasilla
Stephan, Doris  no dates     /Wasilla
Stephan, Jessie  no dates     /Valdez

Wasilla, Theodore born 1873   / Wasilla
Wasilla, Kate born 1921  (wife)    /Wasilla
Three un-named children

Nickolai, Frank born 1875 widower   /Chickaloon

Stephan, Pete born 1915     /Montana Creek
Stephan, Annie Stump born 1915    /Montana Creek
Stephan, un-named son      /Montana Creek

Ezi, Bill born 1905     /Montana Creek
Ezi, Lucy born 1913 wife    / Montana Creek

Roseau, Charlie   no dates    /Matanuska
Roseau, Gravia    no dates    /Matanuska
Roseau, Baby born 4/5/1944

Chilligan, Joe  no dates     Houston
Chilligan, John born 7/31/1932  Eklutna
Chilligan, George born 4/18/1931 Eklutna
Chilligan,  ___ Wife
Chilligan, ____ Child

Stephan, Nick born 1884 Knik
Stephan, Delia born 1898 Susitna
Stephan, Madrona  born 1931 Knik
Stephan, Dave born 1921 Eklutna
Stephan, Pauline born 1926 Anchorage
Stephan, Nick born 1939 /Knik
Stephan, Annie born 1941 Knik
Stephan, Paul born 1942 Knik
Stephan, Ray born 1944 Palmer

Theodore, Bailey  born 1920    Knik
Theodore, Alice born 1922
Theodore,  (three children)

Howard, Eli born 1916   /  Juneau census ??

Ezi, Olga born 1875     Matanuska     (Grandma Ezi)

Prince of Matanuska, "Bobby" born 1917   Matanuska

Toughluck, Johnny no dates    /Caswell
Toughluck, (three children)


Extracted  by Coleen Mielke

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