Kenai Alaska Census Info  




If you see a question mark or a ______ blank, it means
I couldn't read the film.


My notations are in BLUE

Following information from U.S. Census Records

I didn't correct any of these spellings


KENAI 1900 

Mashikoff, Peter? born 1877 Kenaitze Tribe  (someone wrote over the top of his name/hard to read)
Mashikoff, Mary    born 1879 Kenaitze Tribe
Mashikoff, Nicholi (son) born 1/1898 Kenaitze Tribe
Mashikoff, Tekar (son) born 6/1899 Kenaitze Tribe
Mashikoff, Stephan (father) born 1800 (100 years old!!) Kenatize Tribe
Alexandra (mother-in-law) born 1832 Kenaitze Tribe
Gemoska (brother-in-law) born 1881 Kenaitze Tribe
Nadahlia (sister-in-law) born 1884
Affanana (partner) born 1876 Kenaitze Tribe
Ilya (partner) born 1878 Kenaitze Tribe

Tejana   (head of house) born 1858 Kenaitze Tribe
Eugenia (daughter) born 12/1890 Kenaitze Tribe
Aru___a (son) born 1880 Kenaitze Tribe
Barelia (son) born 3/1894 Kenaitze Tribe
Nekante (son) born 11/1898 Kenaitze Tribe

Dumka (head of house) born 1863 Kenaitze Tribe
Ab______ (wife) born 1862 Kenaitze Tribe
Stephan (son) born 9/1879 Kenaitze Tribe
Micar (son) born 9/1884 Kenaitze Tribe
Nahiah (daughter) born 3/1888 Kenaitze Tribe
Pblishica (daughter) born 9/1891      Kenaitze Tribe(hard to read...probable errors)
Garilia (daughter) born 7/1894 Kenaitze Tribe
Nekifer (son) born 11/1899 Kenaitze Tribe

?Hond, Al_________ (head of house) born 1879 Kenaitze Tribe (really hard to read this one)

Nicholia (head of house) born 1851 Kenaitze Tribe
Madrona (wife) born 1852 Kenaitze Tribe
Bedka (son) born 1878 Kenaitze Tribe
Katrina (daughter) born 1891 Kenaitze Tribe
Vasela (son) born July 1894 Kenaitze Tribe.


Only native famailies listed here.
Census was very hard to read, there are
errors here for sure.

Shadura, Paul b. 1/1875 b. Russia  Immigrated to USA 1900   Russian Priest
Shadura, Katie  b. 5/1883  (wife) b.Alaska father b. Nova Scotia   mother b. Alaska
Shadura, Paul  b. 6/1902 Alaska
Shadura, Tatania b. 1/1905 Alaska
Shadura, Pariscovia b. 8/1908 Alaska

Koloff, Walter b. 1883 Russia
Koloff, Dessia  b. 10/1892 Alaska

Pampheloff, Alex b. 3/1850 Alaska
Ryan, Barbra b. 12/1892 Alaska  (daughter)
Panshen, Paul b. 1/1894 Alaska (adopted son)

Iskolkoff, Ivan b. 9/1871 Alaska
Dorin, Alexander b. 4/1876 Alaska  (sister)
Dorin, Lizzie b. 11/1894 Alaska (niece)
Dorin, Anna b. 7/1896 Alaska (niece)
Dorin, Elias b. 7/1897 Alaska (nephew)
Dorin, Leboff b. 9/1900  Alaska (niece)
Dorin, Zoya b. 5/1902 Alaska (niece)
Dorin, Emanuel b. 3/1904 Alaska (nephew)
Dorin, Erveda b. 9/1905 Alaska (niece)
Dorin, Alexander b. 11/1909 Alaska (nephew)

Chickalucian, Theodore b. 1/1881 Alaska

Nicolai, Pete b. 5/1886 Alaska

Affanasse, Steve b. 4/1874  Alaska
Affanasse, Golyana  b. 2/1879 Alaska
Demofa, Barrie  b. 12/1900  Alaska  (adopted son)
Michegoff, Cassina b. 4/1904 Alaska (adopted daughter)

Chickalucian, Pete  b. 6/1839 Alaska
Chickalucian, Arofina b. 9/1842 Alaska
Chickalucian, Simeon b. 3/1882 Alaska
Chickalucian, McSimon b. 1/1884 Alaska
Chickalucian, Stefanetta b. 6/1896 Alaska

Evan, Alek  b. 3/1879 Alaska
Evan, Alexandra b. 2/1888 Alaska
Evan, Olga b. 9/1906 Alaska
Evan, Nicolai b. 11/1909 Alaska
Evan, Andrew b. 3/1883 Alaska  (brother)
Evan, Nero b. 11/1887 Alaska (brother)

Demidoff, Mamals  b. 9/1881 Alaska
Demidoff, Tukia b. 6/1886 Alaska
Evan, Feona b. 9/1903  Alaska (adopted daughter)
Darien, Matrona b. 3/1909 Alaska (adopted daughter)

Ephim, Stepanetta b. 9/1874 Alaska
Ephim, Steve b. 9/1896 Alaska
Ephim, Rafina b. 10/1892 Alaska

Chulian, Theodore b. 2/1870 Alaska
Chulian, Getyanna  b. 2/1876 Alaska
Annsenoff, Wasselia  b. 2/1894  Alaska (step-son)
Annsenoff, Anikenta b. 9/1896  Alaska (step-son)
Chulian, Mati____  b. 3/1902 Alaska  (son)
Chulian, Andrian b. 4/1908 Alaska (son)
Chulian, Ephim b. 1/1910 Alaska (son)

Gregola, Nicolai b. 2/1883 Alaska
Gregola, Ugenia b. 1/1889 Alaska

?Ossefole?, Anna b. 7/1849 Alaska
Minshean, Paul b. 12/  1894 Alaska
Minshean, Zarka b. 9/1898 Alaska

Shasha, Theodore b. 3/1881 Alaska
Shasha, Alexandra b. 9/1887 Alaska (wife)

Klokwa, Wassela b. 7/1859 Alaska
Klokwa, Dornia b. 1/1881 Alaska
Klokwa, Dahria b. 11/1908 Alaska

Kenikof, Pete b. 10/1876 Alaska
Kenikof, Harissonia?  b. 3/1884 Alaska (wife)
Kenikof, Dariah b. 1/1902 Alaska
Kenikof, Mecaile b. 9/1904 Alaska
Kenikof, ?Mastashio? b. 1/1909 Alaska
Kenikof, Casinea b. 3/1910 Alaska

Kanacta, Elia b. 1/1875 Alaska
Kanacta, Nadariah b. 5/1882  Alaska (wife)
Kanacta, Steve b. 9/1900 Alaska
Kanacta, Yakof b. 11/1909 Alaska

Shanghi, Nickinden b. 9/1870 Alaska
Shanghi, Annie b. 1/1888 Alaska (wife)

Wadachula, Antone b. 5/1870 Alaska
Wadachula, Anna b. 1/1856 Alaska (wife)
Wadachula, Victor b. 2/1884 Alaska (step-son)

K_____kof, Paul b. 1/1887 Alaska

Wilson, Phillip b. 5/1873
Wilson, Sophia b. 9/1883 Alaska
Wilson, Katie b. 7/1900 Alaska
Wilson, James b. 4/1903 Alaska
Wilson, Lawrence b. 5/1905 Alaska
Wilson, Marvara b. 11/1906 Alaska

Mishokoff, Robrinta b. 9.1838 Alaska   widow
Mishokoff, Pete b. 3/1889 Alaska (son)
Mishokoff, Nicolai b. 5/1891 Alaska (son)

Mishokoff, Steve b. 3/1836 Alaska
Mishokoff, Dariah b. 12/1870 Alaska (wife)
Mishokoff, Nicolai b. 4/1897 Alaska (son)
Mishokoff, Berra b. 11/1900 Alaska (daughter)
Mishokoff, Michael b. 10/1901 Alaska (son)
Mishokoff, Naketa b. 6/1904 Alaska (son)
Mishokoff, Mary b. 8/1909 Alaska (daughter)

Cheteluseon, Nicolai b. 5/1882 Alaska(this is probably Chickalusion)
Cheteluseon, Pheona b. 12/1890 Alaska
Cheteluseon, Mike b. 3/1910 Alaska

Wilson, Paul b. 6/1875 Alaska
Wilson, Cathrina b. 11/1891 Alaska
Wilson, Nadesda b. 8/1909 Alaska (daughter)

Cheteluseon, Michaelson b. 3/1892 Alaska (this is probably Chickalusion)

Danelki, Simeon b. 5/1860 Alaska
Danelki, Annie b. 1/1879 Alaska
Danelki, Nikenda b. 9/1898 Alaska (son)
Danelki, Michaelo b. 3/1903 Alaska
Danelki, Marbra b. 10/1905 Alaska
Danelki, Olga b. 12/1908 Alaska
Danelki, Garrell b. 5/1894 Alaska
Danelki, Nikafor b. 2/1896 Alaska

Nicolai, Alek b. 3/1875 Alaska

Murphy, Paul b. 1/1880 Alaska

Que, Pete b. 3/1876 Alaska
Que, Ocolena b. 5/1882 Alaska
Que, Nakinden b. 9/1901 Alaska
Que, Susanna b. 7/1903 Alaska
Que, Marke b. 5/1893 Alaska (brother)

Affanasse, Amanaki b. 3/1896 Alaska
Affanasse, CAtharina b. 12/1885 Alaska
Affanasse, Tova b. 10/1908 Alaska

Backoff, Nicolai b. 6/1878 Alaska
Backoff, Annie b. 1/1885 Alaska
Backoff, Agrifina b. 6/1850  Alaska (mother)
Backoff, Caregeno b. 9/1899 Alaska (niece)
Michekoff, Sasha b. 8/1903 Alaska (adopted son)

Teriden, Sav wa b. 1/1882 Alaska
Teriden, Alexandra b. 5/1889 Alaska
Teriden, FEdosia b. 4/1907 Alaska

Saska, Pete b. 6/1882 Alaska

Perola, Stepan b. 11/1855 Alaska
Perola, Wasella b. 8/1891 Alaska

Backoff, Pitka  b. 6/1870 Alaska
Backoff, Annie b. 9/1872 Alaska
Evanoff, Alexander b. 10/1896 Alaska (step-son)
Evanoff, Sarha b. 11/1898 Alaska (step-son)
Evanoff, Lidea  b. 4/1901 Alaska (step-daughter)

Evanoff, Antone b. 1/1864 Alaska

Petterson, Carl A. b. 8/1871 Sweden   Immigrated to USA 1896
Petterson, Matrona b. 1/1887 Alaska
Petterson, Alice L. b. 12/1904 Alaska
Petterson, Rufus O. b. 5/1906 Alaska
Petteson, Carlina A. b. 9/1907 Alaska

Evanoff, McKarr b. 1/1873 Alaska
Evanoff, Olga b. 6/1888 Alaska
Evanoff, Martha b. 6/1904 Alaska
Evanoff, David b. 9/1908 Alaska
Oskolkoff, Nicolai b. 7/1897 Alaska (brother-in-law)
Oskolkoff, Gregora b. 1/1885 Alaska (brother-in-law)
Evanoff, Evan b. 1/1869 Alaska (brother)

Thompson, Albert b. (doesn't say) Germany
Thompson, Mary b. 5/1865 Alaska
Affanasse, Cronia b. 1/1906 Alaska (step-daughter)

Marsh, Hayward C. b. 6/1871 Newfoundland
Marsh, Elizabeth b. 9/1876 Alaska
Peterson, Annie b. 12/ 1895 Alaska (step-daughter) 
Peterson, Theodora b. 3/1898 Alaska  (daughter)
Peterson, Mary b. 12/1901 Alaska (daughter)
Peterson, Geo. b. 9/1903 Alaska (son)
Peterson, Carrie b. 11/1905 Alaska (daughter)
Peterson, Walter b. 7/1908 Alaska (son)
Peterson, Robert b. 8/1909 Alaska (son)

Bogart, Eugene R. b. 1/1866 Louisiana  
Bogart, David b. 11/1904 Alaska  Aleut (son)

Marm, John b. 1860 Sweden   Immigrated to USA 1896
Marm, Jennie b. 12/1884 Alaska
Marm, Matrona b. 12/1901 Alaska
Marm, Dora b. 3/1904 Alaska
Marm, Ina b. 7/1908 Alaska

Darien, Polly b. 3/1891 Alaska

Nickanor, ?Tudibish?  b. 5/1865 Alaska
Nickanor, Madrona b. 10/1850 Alaska

Pedro, Pete b. 6/1880 Alaska
Pedro, Dania b. 1/1890 Alaska
Pedro, Martha b. 6/1908 Alaska

?Tudetish?, Pitka b. 5/1881 Alaska
?Tudetish?, Nestacha b. 5/1888 Alaska
?Tudetish?, Ephim b. 10/1909 Alaska

Skolkoff, Yakoff, b. 4/1890 Alaska

Makaroff, (no first name listed) b. 10/1839 Alaska
Makaroff, Hellen b. 1/1870 Alaska
Makaroff, Nicolai b. 10/1890 Alaska
Makaroff, Karka b. 10/1892 Alaska
Makaroff, Mary b. 1/1895 Alaska
Makaroff, Nikanor b. 9/1904 Alaska

??Panfiloff??, John b. 8/1862 Alaska
??Panfiloff??, Annie b. 9/1878 Alaska
??Panfiloff??, Alek C.  b. 11/1891 Alaska (probably Alexi)
??Panfiloff??, Hellen b. 7/1895 Alaska
Madson, Martha b. 4/1900 (adopted)

Tyoonek, Chief Pete  b. 5/1835 Alaska   (listed as Aleut)
Tyoonek, Annisa  b. 1/1889 Alaska  wife
Tyoonek, Evan b. 10/1878 Alaska son
Tyoonek, Wassela b. 10/1888 Alaska son
Tyoonek, Daliah b. 9/1896 Alaska  granddaughter
Pete, Alexander b. 6/1901 Alaska  grandson

Hunter, William J. b. 5/1853 Illinois
Hunter, ODotya b. 10/1881 Alaska
Hunter, William b. 11/1900 Alaska
Hunter, Mary b. 12/1903 Alaska
Hunter, Theodore b. 3/1906 Alaska
Hunter, Alice b. 4/1908 Alaska
Hunter, Lizzie b. 9/1909 Alaska

Edelman, Edward b. 2/1856 Finland  To USA 1873  first name should be Edvin
Edelman, Demnina b. 3/1889 Alaska  name was Nina maiden name Oskolkoff
Edelman, Nina b. 3/1897 Alaska
Edelman, Zacharias b. 9/1898 Alaska first name Carl - Zakharii was Russian Orthodox name
Edelman, Jacob b. 7/1900 Alaska Russian Orthodox name at baptism was Iakov
Edelman, Emma b. 6/1902 Alaska  Russian Orthodox name at baptism was Evgeniia
Edelman, Martha b. 2/19004 Alaska  Russian Orthodox name at baptism was Marfa
Edelman, John b. 9/1906 Alaska     Russian Orthodox name at baptism was Ioann
Edelman, Edwin b. 8/1908 Alaska    Russian Orthodox name at baptism was Ermii
Corrections in BLUE were sent to me by  Rene' C. Edelman Azzara


Pederson, George 27  b. Alaska  father: Denmak    mother: Alaska
Pederson, Louise 18    born: Alaska
Pederson, Cathrine W. 1 month   born: Alaska

Kalifornsky, Nick A . 47 widower  born Kenai  parents born Kenai
Kalifornsky, Peter 18 son         born Kenai
Kalifornsky, Fiodosia 8 daughter  born Kenai
Kalifornsky, Alex  4yr. 4 months  born Kenai
Constantine, Mary 12  step-daughter  born Kenai

Antone, Victor 53    born Knik            parents born Knik
Antone, Margaret 25  born Knik            parents born Knik
Antone, Victor 6     born Knik            parents born Knik
Danieloff, Lidia 15  sister-in-law   born Knik   parents born Knik
Antone, Annie  74 widow  Mother   born Knik

Maxim, Little A.  52    born Kenai  parents born Kenai
Maxim, Tim L. 21 son    born Kenai
Maxim, Martin L. 8 son  born Kenai
Maxim, Tatiana 30   2nd wife    born Kenai
Maxim, Lucy  5 daughter born Kenai
Murphy, Paul 55 widower   lodge born Knik  parents born Knik

Dolchok, Andrew 43   born Kenai            parents born Kenai
Dolchok, Pauline 17  wife  born Kenai
Dolchok, Nick  3 months son   born Kenai

Nickanorka, Mike 34       born Kenai
Nickanorka, Fred 29 brother  born Kenai

Ivanoff, Alex 32  (white)  born Alaska parents born Alaska
Ivanoff, Mathew 4 years 3 months  born Tyonek  

Subuloff, S???????? 25  born Alaska  father: Russia     mother: Alaska
Constantine, Cornil 17  partner  born Kenai  parents born Kenai

Standifer, Doris 27 widow born Knik parents born Knik
Standifer, William 7 born Knik  father (white) born Alaska   mother born Knik
Standifer, Robert 6  born Knik  father(white) born Alaska  mother born Knik
Standifer, Annie 4 years 11 months  born Knikfather (white) born Alaska  mother born Knik
Standifer, Frank 3 years 1 month born Knik father (white) born Alaska mother born Knik
Standifer, Elsie 2 years 4 months born Knikfather (white) born Alaska mother born Knik
Standifer, Fred 4 months born Knik father (white) born Alaska mother born Knik

Dolchok, Mike 37    born Kenai             parents born Kenai
Dolchok, Lidia 28 wife (white)  born Alaska parents born Alaska
Dolchok, Loyd 8 son   born Alaska
Dolchok, Alex 7 son   born Alaska
Dolchok, Emil 6 son   born Alaska
Dolchok, Helen 4 years 10 months  born Alaska
Dolchok, Antone 2 years 11 months born Alaska

Kalifornsky, Paul A.   43 born Kenai
Kalifornsky, Paul J. 6 son  born Kenai

Shaska, Alex 58 widower born Tyonek  parents born Tyonek
Shaska, Sophie 15 daughter   born Tyonek
Shaska, John 20 son born Tyonek

Chulin, Fred 54 widower born Kenai  parents born Kenai
Chulin, Walter 28 son  born Kenai
Chulin, Ephrem 19 son  born Kenai
Avenoff, Alford 32  step-son  born Kenai  parents born Kenai
Kakoouch, Alex E. 22  lodger  born Tyonek parents born Tyonek

Wilson, Philip 59 (white)  born Alaska  father born Scotland mother Alaska
Wilson, Sophie 43 wife  born Kenai  parents born Kenai
Wilson, James 26 son born Kenai
Wilson, Philip 17 son born Kenai
Wilson, Abraham 16 son  born Kenai
Wilson, Pauline 12 daughter born Kenai
Wilson, David 9 son  born Kenai
Wilson, Howard 6 son born Kenai
Wilson, Stanley 4 son born Kenai
Mishakoff, Pete 40  lodger born Tyonek  parents born Tyonek

Petterson, Urban R.  24  (white) born Alaska father born Sweden  mother Alaska
Petterson, Louise 20 wife born Kenai father born Scotland  mother born Kenai
Petterson, Dorothy 3 months daughter  born Kenai
Petterson, Urban 3 months son  born Kenai

Macaroff, Nick 27    born Kenai     parents born Kenai

Miller, Fionia 39    born Kenai
Miller, Lecon 18  son  born Kenai     father Illinois   mother Kenai
Miller, Ella 13 daughter  born Kenai  father Illinois   mother Kenai
Miller, George J. 11 son born Kenai   father Illinois   mother Kenai
Miller, Morris 8  born Kenai father Illinois   mother Kenai
Miller, Stella 5  born Kenai father Illinois   mother Kenai
Miller, Marion 3 years 8 months born Kenai father Illinois   mother Kenai
Miller, Gilbert 10 months    born Kenai father Illinois   mother Kenai
Mishakoff, Mary 20 sister born Kenai

Perez, Joseph M.  44 widower  born Philippines
Perez, Anastasia 16 daughter  born Kenai
Perez, Emma D. 13 daughter    born Kenai
Perez, William D. 11 son      born Kenai

Macroff, Helen 58             born Kenai parents born Kenai
Oskolkoff, Florence 15 granddaughter  born Kenai

Oskolkoff, Joseph C.  47  born Kenai  father born Russia  mother Alaska
Oskolkoff, Mary 35 wife   born Kenai
Oskolkoff, Nick 13 son    born Kenai
Oskolkoff, Julia 10 daughter born Kenai
Oskolkoff, Elizabeth 6 daughter born Kenai
Oskolkoff, Carl  3 years 11 months son born Kenai

Mamaloff, James 57 born Kenai   parents born Kenai
Mamaloff, Bertha 24 wife   born Kenai
Mamaloff, Nadia 6 wife     born Kenai
Mamaloff, Fred 3 years 5 months  son born Kenai
Mamaloff, Nick  5 months son         born Kenai

Holmstrom, Agrafena  21  born Kenaib parents born Kenai
Holmstrom, Eva 1 daughter born Kenai

Peteroff, George 51 widower born Tyonek parents born Tyonek
Peteroff, Nellie 9 daughter born Tyonek
Peteroff, George J. 7 son   born Tyonek

Sanders, Victor 48  (white) born Sweden   parents born Sweden
Sanders, Katheren 28 wife born Kenai      parents born Kenai
Sanders, Fredia 9  daughter  born Kenai
Sanders, Victor J. 5  sin    born Kenai
Sanders, Elsie 3 daughter    born Kenai

Wilson, Alexander W. 19         born Kenai  parents born Kenai
Wilson, Madrona 28 wife         born Kenai  father born Finland mother Kenai
Brown, Ida J. 9  step-daughter  born Kenai
Brown, James N. 8 step-son      born Kenai
Brown, Sarah F. 5 step-daughter born Kenai
Darian, Mary 20  lodger         born Kenai

Sacaloff, Nick 25               born Kenai parents born in Kenai
Sacaloff, Oxcinia 23 wife       born Knik  parents born Knik
Baktuit, Ephem 19 lodger        born Kenai

Backoff, Kolka 55               born Kenai
Backoff, Angrefina 90 widow  mother  born Kenai parents born Kenai
Backoff, Petka 57 brother            born Kenai
Nicolai, Edward J. 30  lodger        born Knik  parents born Knik

Mishakoff, Nick S. 33                born Kenai parents born Kenai
Mishakoff, Doris 21 wife             born Kenai parents born Kenai
Mishakoff, Leonard 1 year 1 month    born Kenai

Shaska, Alexandria 40                born Kenai parents born Kenai
Sacaloff, Nick J. lodger             born Kenai parents born Kenai

Oskolkoff, George 40                 born Kenai father born Russia mother Kenai
Oskolkoff, Stepanida 31 wife         born Tyonek parents born Tyonek
Oskolkoff, Peter 7 son
Oskolkoff, Agnetta 3 years 4 months daughter

Panchin, Stepanida 26 widow    born Kenai parents born Kenai
Panchin, Elizabeth 8 daughter  born Kenai
Panchin, Cora 6 daughter       born Kenai

Wilson, Larry 24               born Kenai   parents born Kenai
Wilson, Agrifina 24 wife       born Tyonek  parents born Tyonek

Constantine, William 29       born Kenai    parents born Kenai

Mann, John 63     (white)     born Finland  parents born Finland
Mann, Virginia 44             born Kenai    parents born Kenai
Mann, Harry 15 son            born Kenai
Mann, Reka 8 daughter         born Kenai
Mann, Allen 4 years 8 months  born Kenai

Sunrise, Alex 60              born Copper River parents born Copper River
Sunrise, Alexandria 44 wife   born Tyonek  parents born Tyonek
Sunrise, Larry 17 son         born Copper River
Sunrise, Eva 12 daughter      born Copper River
Sunrise, Archie 8 son         born Copper River
Sunrise, Ann 4 years 7 months born Copper River

Avemoff, Olga 24 widow  born Kenai  father born Copper River mother Tyonek
Avemoff, Tatiana 6 daughter  born Kenai

Paul, Mary 28 widow          born Tyonek      parents born Tyonek
Paul, Tim 9 son              born Tyonek

Padilla, Mel 30              born Philippines
Padilla, Gurnai 26 wife      born Kenai       parents born Kenai
Padilla, Marie 4 years 3 months   daughter   born Kenai
Padilla, Mel J. 11 months son                born Kenai

Palmer, George W.  75 (white)  born Pennsylvania   (merchant general store)
Palmer, Anistatia 47           born Kenai

Mishakoff, Petka 60 widow      born Kenai        parents born Kenai
Mishakoff, Kianna 21 daughter  born Kenai


Sasha, Theodore 52      born Kenai            parents born Kenai
Backoff, Ponto 19       born Alaska
Chulin, Andrew 22       born Kenai
Efin, Steve 33          born Kenai
Danieloff, Alferd S. 33 born Kenai
Kalifornsky, Cora 26    born Tyonek        parents born Tyonek


KENAI    1934  Bureau of Indian Affiars Census

Alex, John 25            Fisherman   Full Native
Alex, Florence 19       Wife   Half Native
Alex, John  3 months  Son
Bachoff, Nicholi 62   Fisherman   Full Native
Bachoff, Annie 52     Wife        Full Native
Kalifornsky, Theodosia 13         3/4 Native         Orphan
Bachoff, Pete  64    Fisherman
Bachoff, Annie  56   Wife
Bachoff, Ponte  24   Doesn't give relationship
Bachoff, Olga 17      Doesn't give relationship
Notation: Pete Bachoff not living with family - separated.
Baktuit, Ephim  26   Fisherman        Full Native
Baktuit, Ella    18  wife            Half Native
Baktuit, Marlene 1½ daughter
Baktuit, Arthur   5 months son
Notation: family living in tent
Brown, George    35  Fisherman   White
Brown, Vera    16      Wife      1/4 Native
Notation: No permanent home, living in tent on beach in summer and
in cabin across inlet in winter

Dorian, Manuel    29      Fisherman   1/8 Native
Dorian, Doris       18      Wife      1/2 Native
Dorian, Douglas  3 months  son
Dolchok, Andrew 40  Carpenter   Full Native
Dolchok, Polly 21       Wife    Full Native
Dolchok, Nick  4         Son
Dolchok, Tatiania 3    Daughter
Dolchok, Andrew  1     Son
Dolchok, John   22           Full Native   (doesn't give relationship)
Notation: Carpenter at Libby cannery.
Dolchok, Mike 33       Fisherman     Full Native President of Native Brotherhood
Dolchok, Lida  23       Wife     Half Native
Dolchok, Lloyd  13      Son
Dolchok, Alec    12      Son
Dolchok, Emil     11      Son
Dolchok, Helen    9     Daughter
Dolchok, Antone   7     Son

Egage or Leckvitch, Jason  25   Trapping/Fishing    Full Aleut
Egage or Leckvitch, Martha 20   Wife   Russian Aleut
Egage, Evon   55   Fisherman           Full Aleut
Egage, Lubovia 40   Wife               Full Aleut

Notation for this family:  All families in this village requested that
nurse visit Kaguyak and Aiaktalik Village after September 1, when the
people would have returned to the village from the canneries. 

Frostad, Ole   34      Fisherman      White
Frostad, Doris 30     Wife        1/4 Native
Whitbro, Ervin  11    son
Frostad, Lorraine   2   daughter
Anderson, Mary 19    1/4 Native   Doesn't give relationship
Notation: family has large garden.
Ivanoff, Alec 32     Laborer  Russian-Indian
Ivanoff, Lydia  20   Wife     Russian-Indian
Ivanoff, Anna  4      Daughter
Ivanoff, Mary 1       Daughter
Kalifornsky, Micky   9   3/4 Native   Doesn't give relationship
Notations says: Family just moved to present location, some distance from
village and planning on having a goat farm.  Presently have 2 goats and sell milk.

Mamaloff, Fred 60         Cannery Worker   Full Native
Mamaloff, Bertha 27      Wife              Full Native
Mamaloff, Nada   11        Daughter
Mamaloff, Fred     7        Son
Mamaloff, Nick     5        Son
Mamaloff, Robert  2        Son
Pete, Sernay  57    Full Native        Doesn't give relationship
Peteroff, Nellie    15    Full Native  Doesn't give relationship
Peteroff, George   12     Full Native  Doesn't give relationship

Holstrom, Agrafena  25     Full Native   Doesn't give relationship

Holstrom, Eva        5    (someone wrote to me and said Eva was Sam Holstrom's half sister)
Holstrom, Sam        2 months  (some wrote to me and said Sam was son of Peter Kalifornsky)
Mann, John 70             Fisherman  White
Mann, Inga 52             Wife       Half Native
Mann, Harry 19            Son
Mann, Reka  12            Daughter
Mann, Allan   9             Son
Miller, George  55        Cannery Worker    White
Miller, Feonia   45        Wife     Full Native
Miller, Lecon    22         son
Miller, George   15         son
Miller, Maurice  13         son
Miller, Marian    7          daughter
Constantine, Billy  32     Fisherman       Full Native    Doesn't give relationship
Notation: Family supported by Billy Constantine.
Mishakoff, Nick   36   Fisherman      Full Native
Mishakoff, Doris  25   Wife           Full Native
Mishakoff, Eva  4   daughter
Mishakoff, Agnes  6 months  daughter
Nickanoraka, Fred  34   Fisherman  Full Native
Nickanoraka, Maura  24  Wife   Full Native
Nickanoraka, Andrew 9         son
Unasha, John    21    Full Native        
Unasha, Simeon 56     Full  Native      

Notation:  Family lives about 3 miles up river, so did not make home call,
as present location is temporary.  John Unasha brother of Maura.

Oskolkoff, George 46    Fisherman   Half Native
Oskolkoff, Stephaneda  37   Wife Full Native
Oskolkoff, Peter 12              Son
Oskolkoff, Aggie  7              Daughter
Oskolkoff, Joe   52       Fisherman   White  Notation: Died 6/3/1943
Oskolkoff, Mary 38       Wife       Full Native
Oskolkoff, Nick  18       Son
Oskolkoff, Julia 16       Daughter
Oskolkoff, Elizabeth 11 Daughter
Oskolkoff, Carl   7        Son
Notation: Joe Oskolkoff has been blind since 1921. 
Nick Oskolkoff not at home - away fishing.

Oskolkoff, John  70     Fisherman         Russian-Indian

Notation: Lives alone, wife dead.  Three children at
Jessie Lee Home in Seward.  Reported to be in good health

Peters, Mike 29     Cannery Worker       Full Indian
Peters, Peter 20    Brother              Full Indian
Peters, Nick 19     Brother              Full Indian
Peters, Barbara 16 Sister                Full Indian
Peters, Jerry 13   Brother               Full Indian
Notation: Parents dead, Barbara Peters stays home.
Sacoloff, Nick 30     Fisherman          Full Indian
Sacoloff, Viginia 22  Wife               Full Indian
Sacoloff, Anastasia 5 daughter
Sacoloff, Bertha 2 daughter
Notation: Virginia's parents both reported as having died.
Sanders, Victor  52         Fisherman       White
Sanders, Katie   32         Wife            Half Indian
Sanders, Freda 13          Daughter
Sanders, Victor 10         Son
Sanders, Elsie    7         Daughter
Sanders, Marie  1          Daughter
Sascha, Alex  65          Fisherman      Full Indian
Sascha, Taniania   45   Wife             Full Indian
Maxim, Tim   25                          Full Indian    
Maxim, Lucy  11                          Full Indian  
Maxim, Maxim 13                          Full Indian    
Maxim, Olga   3                          Full Indian     
Sascha, Fred   60           Fisherman    Full Indian
Sascha, Alexandria 43    Wife            Full Indian
Showalter, Warder  38    Fisherman       White
Showalter, Nadia  25       Wife          Half Indian
Showalter, Warder  6      Son
Showalter, Jay        4      Son
Showalter, Hazel     2      Daughter
Showalter, Emery     8 months   Son
Sunrise, Alec  75            Carpenter    Full Indian
Sunrise, Alexandria   50  Wife            Full Indian
Sunrise, Larry   23    Son
Sunrise, Eva  16   Daughter
Sunrise, Archie  11 Son
Sunrise, Annie 7  Daughter
Wilson, Alec  24          Fisherman               Half Indian
Wilson, Madrona 32    Wife                        1/4  Indian
Brown, Jimmie 12         Step-son                 1/8 Indian
Brown, Sarah 9            Step-daughter           1/8 Indian
Notation:  Madrona's 1st husband was white.
Wilson, Paul    60   Fisherman             White
Wife died 1936                             Half Indian
Wilson, Alfred 19   Son
Wilson, Paul 14       Son
Wilson, Maggie 11   Daughter
Wilson, Pricilla  9   Daughter
Wilson, John     7   Son
Peterson, George  29     Fisherman           White  
Peterson, Louise 23                          Half Indian 
Peterson, Catherine 4
Peterson, George 1
Peterson, 6 months
Wilson, Phillip  21    Fisherman            Half Indian
Wilson, Fannie 18    Wife                   Half Indian
Wilson, Arnold   4 months    Son
Wilson, Phillip    65   Fisherman           1/4 Indian
Wilson, Sofia    50   Wife                  3/4 Indian
Wilson, Jimmie 32    Son
Wilson, Larry   29    Son
Wilson, Pauline 16    Daughter
Wilson, David   14    Son
Wilson, Howard 10   Son
Wilson, Stanley 8     Son
Notation:  Jimmie and Larry not living at home at present.
Reported to  be in good health.


KENAI  1951-1960

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Extracted by Coleen Mielke 2020