Jessie Lee Childrens Home Seward Alaska

Jesse Lee Children's Home
Unalaska, Alaska
Seward, Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska

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In 1895, the Superintendent of Education for the Territory of Alaska (Sheldon Jackson) sent a teacher named Agnes Soule to teach in Unalaska. Agnes found herself dealing with homeless children in the Aleut village, so she contacted her father, a Methodist Bishop and explained the situation to him. He secured funding for an orphanage through the Women's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Church. The new orphanage was called the Jesse Lee Childrens Home (named after a prominent Methodist minister on the East Coast). Agnes was the homes first superintendent.

In 1898, Agnes married Dr. Albert Warren Newhall of Massachusetts. Albert worked at the new orphanage, that first year, as a medical missionary; he became superintendent of the home in 1902.

Agnes (Soule) Newhall died in 1917 and she was buried in Unalaska. Her husband then married a teacher from the orphanage named Emma Supernaw. They worked at the Jesse Lee Children's Home until it was closed in 1924.

Jesse  Lee Childrens Home
Unalaska, Alaska

(Thomas Robinson photo)


The Spanish influenza of 1918-1919 decimated many coastal Native villages, causing overcrowding at the Unalaska Jesse Lee Children's Home. Not only were their buildings aging and in disrepair, but it was very expensive to transport children and supplies to remote Aleutian Island, so the Women's Home Missionary Society moved the Jesse Lee Home to Seward, Alaska in 1924. When that happened, Albert and Emma Newhall moved to Barrow, Alaska where Albert died in 1929.

Seward was a large deep water port that was open all year long, which made transportation of the children to the orphanage less expensive. The Jesse Lee Children's Home in Seward operated until 1964, when a massive earthquake severely damaged the Home and the children were relocated to Anchorage.


Please note......the following census was a hard to read (poor quality). I've done my best to "guess" at some of these phonetic spellings, so keep that in mind when you looking at this extraction. I'm sure there are spelling errors here:


NEWHALL, Agnes age 31 b. New York  came to Alaska 1895 Superintendent Died 1917 "Mama Newhall"

NEWHALL, Albert age 28 b. Massachusetts  came to Alaska in 1898  Medical missionary
NEWHALL, Isabelle age 11 months born Alaska
DARLING, Ella  age 30 born New York   came to Alaska in 1900      Assistant
Dekahroff, Tedosia  b. 1875
Mandragon, Maggie b. 1883
King, Annie b. 1887                    Father from England      mother from Alaska
Tittoff, Irene  b. 1886
Tittoff, Sophia  b. 1886
Niketon, Alexandra  b. 1884
Melovedoff, Maria b. 1889
Diaconoff, Maria b. 1888
Nefsuroff, Marsha b. 1888
Repin, Alexandra   b. 1886
Beutzru, Annie  b. 1894                        Father from Denmark     mother from Alaska
Reinkin, Tillie  b. 1891                          Father from Germany     mother from Alaska
Tratis, John b. 1885                             Father from Hawaii        mother from Alaska
Medoviskoff, Alexea  b. 1891
Nutbeem, Theodore b. 1895                  Father from England       mother from Alaska
Waklianoff, Gabriel b. 1892
Adlooat   b. 1883                                 Eskimo Aleut

Jesse Lee Children's Home 1910
Unalaska, Alaska

SPENCE, Frank H. Dr. age 52 born New York       Superintendent
SPENCE, Jessie S. ag 53 born Ohio  wife

Golovin, Nellie  b. 1893
Petersen, Annie b. 1895                     father from Norway    mother Aleut
Alexander, Jennie b. 1896
Netansoff, Marie b. 1893
Mobrick, Katie b. 1898
Victorsoff, Alexandra b. 1895
Levitt, Lucy b. 1896
Swanson, Annie b. 1898                     father from Norway mother Aleut
Swanson, Helen b. 1900                     father from Norway mother Aleut
Petersen, Amelia b. 1900                   father from Norway mother Aleut
Hansen, Mary b. 1896                       father from Sweden mother Aleut
Petersen, Anesia b. 1897                   father from Norway mother fAleut
Chapsnekoff, Agnes b. 1906
Lee, Hilda b. 1905                            father from Scotland mother Aleut
Hollenberg, Nellie b. 1900                father from Germany mother Aleut
Krukoff, Lena b. 1895
Bayless, William b. 1903
Swansen, Henry b. 1895                    father from Sweden mother Aleut
Nutbeem, Theodore b. 1893               father from England mother Aleut
Mobrick, John b. 1897                      father from Germany mother Aleut
Gordon, Thomas b. 1895                     father from Massachusetts mother Aleut
Sefony, David b. 1896
Chitison, Fred b. 1898
Petersen, Nicholi b. 1898                    father from Norway mother Aleut
Porter, George b. 1895                       father from Massachusetts mother Aleut
Morton, Paul b. 1899
Petersen, Enokinte? b. 1901                father from Norway mother Aleut
Petersen, George b. 1902                    father from Norway mother Aleut
Palakoff, James  b. 1902                    father from Norway mother Aleut
Oliver, Simeon b. 1902            (later became noted author and, pianist and radio personality)
Hansen,  Nicholi b. 1912                     father from Norway mother Aleut
Golovan, Peter b. 1901
Mobrick, Ben b. 1899                        father from Massachusetts mother Aleut
Sp???nikoff, Peter  b. 1902
Lee, Charley b. 1903                           father from Kentucky mother Aleut
Shaznikoff, John  b. 1904
Golvan, Stanley b. 1908
Robinson, Prasilla  b. 1867 Canada  (lodger)
Sufemaw, Emma E. b. 1881 New York (lodger)
Barnett, Harriett L. b. 1856 Vermont (lodger)

Jesse Lee Children's Home 1920
Unalaska, Alaska


NEWHALL, Albert W. Dr. age 47
NEWHALL, Chester A. 17  son
NEWHALL, EDITH M. 16 daughter
SMITH, Olive 44
GAVITT, Edith P. 28
KETCHUM, Lotta 30
MORTON, Paul 20
Oliver, Simeon 17

Lee, Charley 16
Peterson, George 17
Harris, James 13
Holstrom, Verona 10
Cain, Aleck 9
Nelson, Charlie 9
Munson, Andrew 11
Heidell, Nick 7
Benson, Bennie G. 7      (designed the Alaska State flag)
Benson, Carl 5
Nielson, Thomas 10
Rosenberg, Carl 5
Peters, Louis 12
Peterson, Andrew 5
Carpenter, Nanoona 12
Pestrikoff, William 13
Carlson, August 12
Clavic, Stephen 12
Clavic, Larsen 5
Chepitnoi, Fred 21
Petterson, Henry 18
Musnon, Martin 10
Smith, Henry 13
Marchusen, Nick 12
Nielson, George 13
Waln, Cecil 14
Waln, Lydia 12
Nutbeen, Theodore 26
Nielson, Mary 17
Lee, Hilda 15    Died 1921 - Measle epidemic buried in Unalaska age 17
Hatch, Agnes 13
Gartleman, Katie 3
Carlson, Olga 3
Agwoaluk, Otila 3
Smith, Dolly 12
Adre, Ida 12
Clavic, Lucy 8
Prokopeoff, Cesneda 14
Balmatoff, Dora 12
Pestrikoff, May 8 

While the above names were hard to read clearly, these additional
names were eEXTREMELY hard to read, so I did the best I could:

Balmatoff, Emma 10
Carlson, katie 9
Harris, Mary 9
Nielson, Caroline 5
Develin, Alice 8
Olson, Fanny 6
______ koff,_____8
Smith, ________7
Carlson, _______11
Larson, Mary 9
Holstrom, Marie___
Carlson, Alice 6
_______, Margaret 13
__________, Annie 9
Carpenter, May 11
Rosenberg, Ester 5
Anderson, Thomas 10
Anderson, ______6
Swanson, Agnes 10

Jesse Lee Childrens Home 1956


Hatten, Charles T. 38  born Illinois      parents: Illinois
Hatten, Myrtle C. 37 born Illinois       father: Ohio   mother: California
Hatten, Canterbury C. 12 born Illinois
Hatten, Myrtle Hope 7 born Washington
Hatten, Edith Ann 3 born Alaska
King, Dean 35 born Kansas                   father: New York          mother: Kansas
King, Millie L. 36 born Nebraska          father: Iowa                 mother: Iowa
King, Dorothy Jean 7 born Oklahoma
King, Milladeana 4 born Oklahoma
Stewart, Beth 29 born Illinois             father: New York         mother: Illinois
Thornton, Blanche 30 born Kansas         parents: Indiana
Gould, Anna Irene 34 born Alaska         father: Nova Scotia     mother: Alaska
Beedle, Olive B. 44    born Wisconsin     fathers birthplace unknown   mother: Alaska
Knapp, Isabelle M. 42 born New York          parents: New York
Anderson, Rose 16 born Alaska            father: Norway        mother: Aleut/Russian
Anderson, William 14 born Alaska        father: Norway       mother: Aleut/Russian
Anderson, Patricial 11 born Alaska        father: Norway        mother: Aleut/Russian
Ayak, Bessie 18 born Alaska                    parents: Eskimo
Anuck, Francis W. 15 born Alaska            parents: Eskimo
Aklooksook, Moses 13 born Alaska            parents: Eskimo
Arooruk, Kanna 11 born Alaska                    parents: Eskimo
Belamaloff, John 11 born Alaska                parents: Aleut/Russian
Bayou, Paul 9 born Alaska                        parents: Aleut/Russian
Bayou, Catherine 5 born Alaska                parents Aleut/Russian
Benson, Benjamin 17 born Alaska                father: Norway     mother: Aleut/Russian
Benson, Earl 15 born Alaska                        father: Norway   mother: Aleut Russian
Bean, Clara 16 born Alaska                        father: California  mother: Aleut/Russian
Bean, Joseph 12 born Alaska                        father: California mother: Aleut/Russian
?Bankin?, Mary 16 born Alaska                 parents: Eskimo
Blackjack, Bennet 13 born Alaska              parents: Eskimo
Blackjack, William 5 born Alaska              parents: Eskimo
Conn, Aleck 17 born Alaska                        fathers birthplace unknown     mother: Aleut
Califonsky, Paul 5 born Alaska                    fathers birthplace unknown    mother: Eskimo
Carlson, Charlie  17 born Alaska                    father: Sweden    mother: Aleut/Russian
Carlson, Alice 16 born Alaska                        father: Sweden    mother: Aleut/Russian
Carlson, Marie 15 born Alaska                        father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Carlson, John 12 born Alaska                         father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Carlson, Julia 11 born Alaska                         father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Carlson, Clara 10 born Alaska                        father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Carlson, Wylma 5 born Alaska                        father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Domiano, Nicolas 14 born Alaska                    father: Greece  mother: Eskimo
Eakin, Minnie 10 born Alaska                         parents: Eskimo
Elyak, Clarence 18 born Alaska                      parents: Eskimo
Elinglook, David 17 born Alaska                     parents: Eskimo
??Etegruk??, Eddie 16 born Alaska                parents: Eskimo
??Helgeson??, Katie 19 born Alaska                parents: Aleut/Russian
Goleez, Annie 17 born in Alaska                       parents: Aleut/Russian
Gardiner, Mattie 13 born in Alaska                  fathers birthplace unknown  mother: Aleut/Russian
Gardiner, Nick 12 born in Alaska                     fathers birthplace unknown  mother: Aleut/Russian
Harris, Mary 18 born in Alaska                       fathers birthplace unknown  mother: Aleut/Russian
Hidel, Nick        born in Alaska                        fathers birthplace unknown mother: Aleut/Russian
Halstrom, Marie 16 born in Alaska                   fathers birthplace unknown mother: Aleut/Russian
Hughs, John 15 born in Alaska                          father: England         mother: Aleut/Russian
Hughs, Mary 13 born in Alaska                         father: England         mother: Aleut/Russian
Hughs, George 12 born in Alaska                       father: England        mother: Aleut/Russian
Hughs, Helen 10 born in Alaska                         father: England        mother: Aleut/Russian
Hughs, Alice 6 born in Alaska                           father: England        mother: Aleut/Russian
Kivik, Lucy 18 born in Alaska                             parents: Eskimo
Kistensten, Helen 14 born in Alaska                    father: Norway      mother: Eskimo
Kistensten, Stephen 11 born in Alaska                 father: Norway     mother: Eskimo
Kistensten, Stanley 8 born in Alaska                   father: Norway    mother: Eskimo
Kanyak, Willis 16 born in Alaska                          parents: Eskimo
Kalmakoll, Ephram 17 born in Alaska                      parents: Aleut/Russian
Kalmakoll, ??Intkenti?? born in Alaska               parents: Aleut/Russian
Koutchen, George 8 born in Alaska                      parents: Aleut/Russian
Larson, Mary 18 born in Alaska                       father: Sweden         mother: Aleut/Russian
Lyons, Walton 17 born in Alaska                      father: England         mother: Aleut/Russian
Lyons, Mollie 16 born in Alaska                       father: England         mother: Aleut/Russian
Lyons, Lillie 10 born in Alaska                         father: England         mother: Aleut/Russian
Lange, Harriet 16 born in Alaska                     father: Germany         mother: Aleut/Russian
Lange, Charles 15 born in Alaska                      father:  Germany       mother: Aleut/Russian
Lange, John 14 born in Alaska                           father: Germany      mother: Aleut/Russian
Lange, Fred 12 born in Alaska                           father: Germany       mother: Aleut/Russian
Little, Katherine 14 born in Alaska                    father:                  mother: Aleut/Russian
Little, Lorna 15 born in Alaska                          father:                  mother: Aleut/Russian
McKeon, Helen 8 born in Alaska                         father: Washington    mother: Aleut/Russian
??McKay??, Annie 15 born in Alaska                  parents: Eskimo
??McKay??, Anecia 11 born in Alaska                 parents: Eskimo
Malanado, Victor 12 born in Alaska                    father: Mexico          mother: Aleut/Russian
Malanado, Herbert 16 born in Alaska                 father: Mexico          mother: Aleut/Russian
Nelson, Charles 19 born in Alaska                       father: Sweden        mother: Aleut/Russian
Nevzeroff, Mollie 13 born in Alaska                     parents: Eskimo      (see correction below)
Neusark, Jack 14 born in Alaska                          parents: Eskimo
Nazkoff, Irene 14 born in Alaska                         parents: Aleut/Russian
Nazkoff, Olga 14 born in Alaska                            parents: Aleut/Russian
Nyman, Ellen 13 born in Alaska                              parents: Aleut/Russian
Nyman, Ethel 9 born in Alaska                                parents: Aleut/Russian
Nyman, Nick 7 born in Alaska                                parents: Aleut/Russian
Nyman, Florence 2 years 11 months born Alaska      parents: Aleut/Russian
Alawsine, Eva 18 born in Alaska                             parents: Eskimo
Olson, Harry 13 born in Alaska                               father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Olson, George 7 born in Alaska                               father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Olson, Mary A. born in Alaska                                father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Alshoff, Nancy 11 born in Alaska                           parents: Aleut/Russian
Alshoff, Helen 9 born in Alaska                            parents: Aleut/Russian
Alshoff, Simeon 4 born in Alaska                              parents: Aleut/Russian
Paulson, Stephen 13 born in Alaska                          parents: Aleut/Russian
Pesterkoff, Fred 16 born in Alaska                         parents: Aleut/Russian
Pesinkoff, Kalina 17 born in Alaska                         parents: Aleut/Russian
Peterson, Andrew 15 born in Alaska                       father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Peterson, Sussia 16 born in Alaska                         father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Peterson, Charlie 13 born in Alaska                        father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Peterson, Mary 9 born in Alaska                           father: Sweden  mother: Aleut/Russian
Peterson, Nina 6 born in Alaska                              father: Sweden mother: Aleut/Russian
Resoff, Theresa 11 born in Alaska                           parents: Aleut/Russian
Resoff, Peter 6 born in Alaska                               parents: Aleut/Russian
Resoff, Walace 4 years 2 months born Alaska         parents: Aleut/Russian
Rosenberg, Ester 13 born in Alaska                       father:          mother: Aleut/Russian
Rosenberg, Carl 15 born in Alaska                         father:          mother: Aleut/Russian
Smith, Annie 15                                         fathers birthplace unknown     mothers: Aleut/Russian
Skinner, Helen 15 born Alaska                    father: California           mother: Aleut/Russian
Skinner, Lena 9 born Alaska                       father: California           mother: Aleut/Russian
Skinner, Beatrice 6 born Alaska                 father: California           mother: Aleut/Russian
Samuelson, Alex 6 born in Alaska                father:  Norway            mother: Aleut/Russian
Samuelson, John 4½ born in Alaska              father: Norway            mother: Aleut/Russian
Samuelson, Eugene 3 born in Alaska             father: Norway                mother: Aleut/Russian
Sanguinetti, Laura 15 born in Alaska              father: Italy               mother: Aleut/Russian
Sanguinetti, Louis 14 born in Alaska               father: Italy                mother: Aleut/Russian
Sanguinetti, Mandelon 10 born in Alaska          father: Italy             mother: Aleut/Russian
Sanguinetti, Frank 9 born in Alaska                father: Italy                 mother: Aleut/Russian
Simpson, James L. 5 born in Alaska               father:            mother: Aleut/Russian
Torganson, Laura 16 born in Alaska               father: Norway          mother: Aleut/Russian
Tutiakoff, Sarah 16 born in Alaska               parents: Aleut/Russian
Tutiakoff, Valentine 8 born in Alaska           parents: Aleut/Russian
Tutiakoff, Nikola 6 born in Alaska               parents: Aleut/Russian
Tonotetuk, Sara 8 born in Alaska                    parents: Aleut/Russian
Tonotetuk, Leza 7 born in Alaska                   parents: Aleut/Russian
Ungoylock, Albert 15 born in Alaska               parents: Eskimo
Wik, Helen 15 born in Alaska                          father: Norway  mother: Aleut/Russia
Wik, Alfred 13 born in Alaska                        father: Norway  mother: Aleut/Russia
Wik, Andy 11 born in Alaska                            father: Norway  mother: Aleut/Russia
Wik, Aleck 9 born in Alaska                            father: Norway  mother: Aleut/Russia
Williams, Ruth 11 born in Alaska                        father: Kansas  mother: Eskimo
Williams, Edward 6 born in Alaska                    father: Kansas  mother: Eskimo
Williams, Margaret 4 years 9 months Alaska      father: Kansas  mother: Eskimo
Wilson, Andrew 14 born in Alaska                   father:     mother: Aleut/Russian
Wilson, George 9 born in Alaska                      father:    mother: Aleut/Russian
Wilson, Oscar 6 born in Alaska                       father:    mother: Aleut/Russian
Wilson, William 8 born in Alaska                     parents: Aleut/Russian
Stevenson, Ellamar 3 months born in Alaska       parents: Aleut/Russian
Halverson, Anna 5  born in Alaska                    father: Norway  mother: Swedish/Russian/Aleut
Halverson, Teddy 4 years 2 months  Alaska      father: Norway  mother: Swedish/Russian/Aleut 

Note: this census taker used the following symbol:  as a place name. I'm not sure what he meant.

Note:   Mollie Nevzeroff   Eskimo  should read  Molly Nevzeroff Aleut  (information came from her daughter Georgia Eckenberg)

Jesse Lee Children's Home 1939
Seward, Alaska

(Recorded by Department of the Interior  Office of Indian Affairs)

Name                                   Born                Age            Race
Anderson, Robert                                10/25/1934            5                    Mixed/Indian
Anderson, Earnest                                1/5/1933               6   Mixed
Anderson, Frances Evangeline                4/12/1927             12        Mixed/Aleut
Anderson, Irene Esther                        5/20/1925             14                  Mixed/Aleut
Anderson, John                                    9/4/1922               17                  Mixed/Aleut
Berg, Pearl Alice                                  2/15/1931              8                   Mixed/Indian
Bowen, Freddie                                     1/2/1933               6                   Mixed
Bowen, Marie                                       4/8/1928               11                  Mixed
Bowen, Clarence                                    4/13/1931             8                    Mixed
Bowen, Norman                                     7/3/1925              14      Mixed
Californsky, Paul                                  3/24/1924             15                  Mixed/Aleut
Carlson, Wilma                                     11/19/1924             15                  Mixed/Aleut
Chebetnoy, Marguerite                         10/18/1930             9      Mixed
Chebetnoy, Pauline                                4/9/1929               10   Mixed
Chilstrom, Vesta Nedasda                     12/3/1925               14                 Mixed/Eskimo
Chilstrom, Vida                                    8/12/1930               9                  Mixed/Eskimo
Chilstrom, Vilma Emily                          10/12/1927             12                 Mixed/Eskimo
Creevden, Louis                                    10/9/1922              17                 Mixed/Indian
Deigh, Bobby                                       7/31/1933               6                 Mixed/Aleut
Deigh, Dicky                                        7/28/1932              7                 Mixed/Aleut
Delphin, Agnes                                     9/1/1931                 8                  Mixed/Aleut
Dunlap, Donald                                     12/18/1933             6        White
Elisoff, John                                        9/5/1924                15                Mixed/Aleut
Galaktionoff, Mary                              10/14/1928              11         Mixed
Grosvold, Andrew                                  8/21/1925              14        Mixed
Grosvold, Ralph                                     2/13/1927              12      Mixed
Hansen, Dora Jane                                7/8/1923                16                Mixed/Aleut
Hansen, George Howard                         8/27/1925              14            Mixed/Aleut
Hansen, Lars                                         8/12/1922               17               Mixed/Aleut
Hansen, Margaret Rose                          6/9/1928                11               Mixed/Aleut
Hill, William                                          4/23/1927              12              Mixed
Holman, Jacqueline                                2/22/1930               9               Mixed/Aleut
Holman, Jasper                                     11/22/1933              6               Mixed/Aleut
Hope, Lillian                                          7/10/1923               16             Mixed/Aleut
Hughes, Alice                                        8/12/1923                16             Mixed/Aleut
Huttie, Arthur                                      6/20/1930                9              Mixed/Aleut
Huttie, Myrtle                                       8/6/1922                 17            Mixed/Aleut
Huttie, Jack                                          5/20/1932               7             Mixed/Aleut
Huttie, Virginia                                      10/14/1928              11             Mixed/Aleut
Jensen, Cecil                                         5/6/1925                 14             Mixed/Aleut
Jensen, Eigle                                         1/4/1933                  6              Mixed/Aleut
Johnson, Allan                                        10/4/1933               6              Mixed/Aleut
Johnson, Iver                                          5/18/1935              4              Mixed/Aleut
Kraft, Carlton                                        7/27/1927              12              Mixed/Eskimo
Kraft, George                                         7/20/1930               9              Mixed/Eskimo
Kraft, Nellie                                          11/2/1931                 8              Mixed/Eskimo
Kraft, Regina Wilhelmina                         11/19/1925              14             Mixed/Eskimo
Kraft, Robert                                         1/25/1929               10             Mixed/Eskimo
Konig, Grace                                            10/12/1932              7             Mixed/Indian
Konig, Ruth                                               1/13/1930               9             Mixed Indian
Kyander, Natalia                                      8/24/1924              15            Mixed/Aleut
Laundy or Launoy, Gene                             4/15/1931               8             Mixed/Aleut
Laundy or Launoy, George                          12/11/1929             10    Mixed/Aleut
Laundy or Launoy, Kenneth                         7/21/1932               7    Mixed/Aleut
Lindstrom, Barbara                                    6/14/1929             10            Mixed/Aleut
Mullen, Marguret                                       11/29/1928           11             Mixed/Aleut
Mullen, Marie                                            8/2/1933              6              Mixed/Aleut
Mullen, Nick                                             6/25/1930             9              Mixed/Aleut
Munson, Esther*                                          11/17/1925            14             Mixed/Eskimo
Munson, Henry *                                          6/3/1927              12             Mixed/Eskimo
Munson, Oscar *                                          6/3/1927              12             Mixed/Eskimo
Munson, Tommy*                                          1/26/1923            16             Mixed/Eskimo
Nymen, Florence                                         1/16/1927            12             Mixed/Aleut
Olsen, Elizabeth                                          7/10/1922           17             Mixed/Aleut
Olsen, George                                              7/8/1922            17             Mixed/Aleut
Olsen, Mary Anne                                        1/8/1926             13             Mixed/Aleut
Oskaloff, Ella                                              11/24/1922         17             Mixed/Indian
Oskaloff, Helen                                            10/2/1920          19             Mixed/Indian
Peltzer, Nathalene                                         4/8/1923           16             Mixed/Indian
Peterson, Mary                                              6/7/1920           19             Mixed/Aleut
Peterson, Earnest                                          7/7/1932            7              Mixed/Aleut
Resoff, Wallace                                            11/16/1925          14            Mixed/Aleut
Samuelson, Alec                                             4/3/1923            16            Mixed/Aleut
Samuelson, Eugene                                          3/16/1926          13            Mixed/Aleut
Sato, Mabel                                                  1/29/1928           11            Mixed/Eskimo
Sandstrom, Beathrice Katherine                      6/29/1925          14        Mixed/Aleut
Sheward, Daisy                                              11/4/1928           11            Mixed/Eskimo
Sheward, John                                               1/29/1930           9            Mixed/Eskimo
Sheward, Lillian Julia                                     11/25/1925          15          Mixed/Eskimo
Sheward, Mable Beulah                                   11/16/1925          14          Mixed/Eskimo
Sheward, Margaret                                         9/19/1932            7          Mixed/Eskimo
Sheward, Rosie                                               6/9/1935             4           Mixed/Eskimo
Simpson, James                                              9/8/1924             15          Mixed/Indian
Skinner, Beatrice                                           5/12/1923            16          Mixed/Aleut
Steinwall, Helen May                                      9/16/1932            7           Mixed/Aleut
Steinwall, Hilda                                              7/30/1930            9           Mixed/Aleut
Steinwall, Hilya                                              9/19/1927             12         Mixed/Aleut
Steinwall, Oscar                                             3/10/1929             10         Mixed/Aleut
Tharp, Charles Arthur                                     6/16/1926             13    White
Tharp, Jeanier                                                 12/22/1934           5         White
Tutiakoff,, Nicola                                            5/22/1924            15     Full Aleut
Vanderpool, Alice Marian                                  6/29/1924            15        Mixed/Indian
Tutiakoff, Valentine                                         5/6/1921               18    Full Aleut
Vanderpool, Joseph                                           9/17/1928             11        Mixed/Indian
Vanderpool, Sophie                                            11/30/1929           10       Mixed/Aleut
Vanderpool, Nora                                               9/10/1925            14       Mixed/Aleut
Wilson, Anna June                                              6/15/1926            13      Mixed/Indian
Wilson, Oscar                                                     2/28/1924          15        Mixed/Indian 

* Tommy, Esther, Henry and Oscar Munson were children of Oscar Munson  and his wife Allie (an Athabascan).  Oscar was the U. S. Mail Carrier for the Homer Settlement in 1929, he came to America in 1903 from Sweden.


NEWTON, Harold  age 36 b. Iowa     Superintendent
NEWTON, Hazel age 34 b. Wisconsin  Assistant Superintendent
NAPP, Isabell age 50 born New York   Matron
HOWELL, Thomas ag 36 b. Missouri     Engineer
HOWELL, Arreta ag 31 b. Illinois        Matron
GRAY, Percy age 22 b. Colorado          Tractor Operator
GRAY,  Lorene age 18  b. Colorado       Waitress
DILLINGER,  Leland age 32 b. Kansas  Laundry
THARP, Byron age 40 b. Iowa              Farm Manager
THARP, Laura age 42 b. Nebraska       Matron
THARP, Charles age 13 b. New York
THARP,  Jeanier age 4 b. New York
THOLSON, Blanch age 40 b. Kansas     Nurse
SCOGER, Naomi  age36 b. Ohio           Seamstress
DUNLAP, Paul age 31 b Indiana           Farm Help
DUNLAP, Lois age 26 b. Indiana          Matron
DUNLAP, Donald age 6 b. Indiana
DUNLAP, Eloise age 3 b. Washington
BONNEY, Elizabeth age 28 b. Washington  Matron
JONES, Edna age 29 b. Kansas   Matron
Gould, Anna age 49 widow  b. Alaska         Cook

Anderson, John 16
Anderson, Irene 14
Anderson, Francis 12
Anderson, Ernest 6
Andeson, Robert 4
Bowen, Norman 13
Bowen, Marie 10
Bowen, Clarence 8
Bowen, Freddie 6
Chebtony, Paulina 10
Chebtony, Margurite 9
Creveden,  Louis 18
Carlson, Wilma 15
Californski, Paul 15
Delshan, Agnes 8
Deigh, Bobbie 6
Deigh, Dick 7
Elisoff, John 15
Grindle, Gustave 4
Grindle, Irene 3
Galaktianoff, Mary 11
Hansen, Lars 18
Hansen, Jane 16
Hansen, Howard 13
Hansen, Peggy R. 11
Haugen, Oscar 4
Hill, William 12
Hutte, Myrtle 17
Hutte, Virginia 11
Hutte, Arthur 9
Hughes, Alice 16
Holman, Jaccuiline 9
Holman, Jasper 6
Holmon, Gerry 3
Hope, Lilly 16
Huard, Adelard 2
Jensen, Cecil 13
Jensen, Eigle 6
Johnson, Allen 6
Johnson, Iver 4
Johnson, Wilma 2
Kyander, Natalia 15
Kraft, Regina 14
Kraft, Carlton 12
Kraft, Robert 10
Kraft, George 9
Kraft, Mary Ellen 8
Koing, Ruth 9
Koing, Grace 7
Lawney, George 10
Lawney, Eugene 8
Lawney, Kenneth 7
Lindstrang, Barbara 9
Hutte, Jakie 7
Mullan, Margaret 12
Mullan, Nick 9
Mullan, Marie 6
Munson, Ester, 13
Munson, Tommy 16
Munson, Henry 12
Munson, Oscar 12
Nyman, Florence 13
Oskelkoff, Helen 19
Oskelkoff, Simeon 14
Oskelkoff, Ella 17
Olson, George 17
Olson, Mary Ann 13
Peltzer, Natline 16
Peteson, Ernest 7
Reesoff, Wailey 14
Riley, Martha 21
Sandstrom, Beatrice 14
Sato, Mabel 11
Skinner, Beatrice 16
Samuelson, Alex 16
Samuelson, John 14
Samuelson, Eugene 13
Sheward, Julia 16
Sheward, Mabel B. 14
Sheward, Daisy K. 12
Sheward, John 9
Sheward, Margaret 7
Sheward, Rosie 4
Stienwall, Hilya 12
Steinwall, Hilda 9
Steinwall, Oscar 10
Steinwall, Helen 7
Tutikoff, Valentine 18
Tutikoff, Nicolai 16
Simpson, James 15
Tonolotuk, Leza 17
Vanderpool, Alice 15
Vanderpool, Nora  14
Vanderpool, Joe 11
Vanderpool, Sophie 10
Wilson, Anna J. 13
Wilson, Oscar 16
Witt, Jacueline 8
Witt, Cynthia 12


In 1970, the Jesse Lee Children's Home was merged with the Lutheran Youth Center and the Anchorage Children's Christian Home to become the Anchorage Children's Services Inc.


On the 1900 US Census for Unalaska,

there was also a school called:

Skribinsky, Michael  b. 1877 Russia           Teacher      Came to Alaska 1899
Skribinsky, Anastasia b. 1878 Russia                         Came to Alaska 1899
Skribinsky, Nina      b. 1899 California

Kosloff, Toff  b. 1885
Jakolnikoff, Alsini b. unknown
Stepanoff, Vasilie born 1886
Goroseff, Ivan born 1888
Kortutchin, Konrad born 1887
Kortisuk, Michael born 1884
Kooryl, Ivan born 1886
Mokaviak, Nicolas born 1887
Kasnikoff, Paul born 1888
Salavioff, Rufus born 1886
Avakomoff, Nicolai born 1892
Jakoboff, Kousant born 1888
Alexioff, Andrea born 1888
Awroskin, Peter born 1891
Douskin, Ivan born 1892
Ehnak, Gregory born 1893
Kostrometenoff, Peter born 1894
Adochefsky, Maximo born 1893

Jesse Lee Childrens Home Cemetery
Seward, Alaska

Adeseok, Ethel  10/21/1926 - 10/24/1926
Bilby, Christine 1914 - 1928
Bawk-Look, Mike 7/15/1923 - 4/22/1927
Bell, Stephen  5/7/1928 - 4/9/1942
Elayuk, Clarence 1911-1930
Elinglook, David  1912-1955
Goowohkoona, George Jack  7/21/1916 - 6/5/1929
Joe, Lulu  12/25/1916 - 4/11/1942
Kalmakoff, Mike  7/13/1920 - 10/5/1928
Lange, Harriet  9/26/1912 - 8/8/1932
Longcarp, Ralph  died 6/6/1942
Maldoado, Victor 7/26/1917 - 11/23/1938
Nickoli, Billy   died 1/28/1941
Nason, Blanche  11/26/1893 - 11/13/1936
Newman, Roy  3/29/1946 - 11/17/1948
Nuiseuk, Jack  1915 - 1951
Royster, Frances  1911-  1935
Samuelson, John 11/30/1925 - 11/13/1939
Saluktuna, Nettie 6/10/1910 - 3/11/1929
Walker, Frances 1924 - 1951
Winters, Nita 8/18/1914 - 8/10/1942

The following letter was written in 1920, by Albert Warren Newhall, Superintendent of the Jesse Lee Children's Home in Unalaska, Alaska. He describes the 1918-1919 Spanish Influenza outbreak known as "the big sickness" during that time. It was an extremely virulent form of influenza that people had no knowledge of or treatment for, and it spread like wildfire throughout coastal Alaska, wiping out entire villages within days.

Newhall's letter is a chilling account of the devastation in a village called Kinigin, which is the Inupiaq name for Wales, Alaska(on the Seward Peninsula, 111 miles NW of Nome, Alaska);nearly 200 people died, from the flu, the first week!! 

Years 1918 and 1919 will long be remembered as the time when the "flu" came to Alaska, although it has made a passing visit to places missed on the first round.  It came to Unalaska in the spring when one of the boats came from the States and in less than two days all the village was laid low. The doctor was among the first victims and at the Jesse Lee Home, the family of 75 were laid low, all except two boys and one girl.  In the village proper, out of a population of 300, forty five died in less than ten days, but in the home, one teacher and a girl passed away.

In the Bristol Bay region, whole villages were devastated and in one place every person had died while the ferocious dogs, having finished their ghoulish work, ran wild.  A relief vessel came to that place and the sailors had to shoot the dogs before they could enter the village, a desolate place indeed and only half gnawed bones lying about on the ground told the story.

In another settlement, whole families were found dead in the houses.  In one home a mother dead upon the bed while upon her breast a little baby that had died from starvation.  A woman went in to one house and found the mother lying on the bed, life was extinct and close beside her a little baby still living but emaciated, weak and trying to get some nourishment from its mother. Dead bodies were pulled out of houses, rolled in blankets and disposed of.

In the Eskimo village across Snake River, about all the adults died and more than 100 little children were left as orphans.  In order to protect the dead bodies from dogs, the bodies were piled up in small rooms until no more could be put in.

It was the same everywhere, the pestilence spread from place to place and at last drew near to the village of Kinigan. The flu had appeared in a village some 60 miles from Kinigan and many of the people had died. It was cold weather, bitterly cold and much snow upon the ground. The mail carrier came with his sled and dogs, left his load and made ready for the journey to the next village...the village of Kinigin.

The mail sacks were placed upon the sled and the dogs restlessly awaited the order to go. Ki-tuk and his companion Tek-tuk were used to winter storms. They did not care about the wind that blew so hard or the blizzard that might rage and cover up the path.  They both knew no fear and could trust their huskies to carry them through.  Ki-tuk and his companion laughed at the storm but before long, Ki-tuk began to feel sick.  His head began to ache and he felt dizzy.  All of his bones were aching and he was burning with heat from within even though it was cold. All of his strength was fast going and he could not sit up to guide the dogs anymore so he laid down on the mail sacks in his sled. At the next stopping place Ki-tuk was dead.

Tek-tuk was now driving the dogs faster and faster, anxious to reach the next village where a short stay would be made. His head was dizzy and his bones were aching. Chills were going up and down his backbone, he was burning up with fever and could hardly sit up to guide his load. Once Tek-tuk got to the next village, he stepped off of the sled, staggered to a house, entered it and died.

An Eskimo was found who would take the mail on to Kinigin. Since Ki-tuk was from that place, his frozen body was laid on the sled full of mail sacks and the journey was made in due time.  The people of Kinigan were all ill with the flu. Soon many were dead and among them was Wey-ak-k-new, the mother of Ad-loo-at.  While her son had been an earnest Christian for many years, she had never turned from her old superstitions, the belief in evil spirits and faith in the power of the witch doctor.  She died without a knowledge of God's love and saving grace.

All of Kinigin was ill with the flu and none were left to care for the sick.  Ad-loo-at was at Shishmareff, teaching school and helping in mission work.  He had left his wife and children well and happy. Food had been laid in for them, wood gathered, chopped and stored away for winters use.  Then came a day when he said good-bye and took the trail for his winters work at

One day a dog sled appeared in Shishmareff and a young man went hastily to the mission house where Ad-loo-at lived. The man told him that everybody was sick at Kinigin and plenty people died.  Your wife and all the children are very sick and there is no one to care for them. Friends told Ad-loo-at to stay in Shishmareff so he would not get sick, but he went back to his family.

Ad-loo-at found his village deserted, all was still as death, but his family was spared, but very ill. He worked to save them and little by little they were getting better. A baby was born but it passed away shortly. Ad-loo-at prayed to God for his loved ones and believed that all would come out for the best. He paid the price when the chills, aching bones, fever, chills and weakness came upon him.

The superintendent of schools at Nome heard of the illness in Kinigin and sent Mrs. E. W. Tashner, a Christian nurse from the Mission Hospital to help them. She went to Ad-loo-at's home and cared for his family. She bathed his fevered brow, spoke words of cheer and comfort, however he died. Ad-loo-at had done his best, he gave his life for the ones he loved.

A. W. Newhall

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