The Very Reverend Paul Shadura 1875-1956 .


  by Coleen Mielke

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Pavel (Paul)  Alexander Shadura, born near Minsk, Russia on 1/16/1875 was the son of Aleksander J. Shadura and Palaskeva Stelman Shadura. He came to Alaska in the spring of 1900 as a Russian Orthodox reader for the village of Unga. There he met and married an Aleut girl named Matushka "Katherine" Hubley on 8/7/1901.

Katherine, born 5/2/1882 in Unga, was one of nine children born to Isaac Hubley and Tatiana Nekrasov Hubley. Her father was from Halifax, Nova Scotia and came to Alaska in 1868 with the U.S.Army (see note at bottom of page) and decided to stay. Her mother was born in Afognak.

Paul and Katherine Shadura lived in a variety of places including Unga, Unalaska, Kodiak and Kenai. In 1907, when Father Ioann Bortnovsky (who had served as the Russian Orthodox priest for the Cook Inlet area from 1895-1906) decided to go back to Russia, Shadura was ordained and took his place. He performed church services, christenings, funerals, marriages and visited remote villages (without pay) for the next 45 years. He supported his family by fishing commercially.

Paul and Katherine Shadura's Children:

1. Paul Pavlovich Shadura born 7/18/1902 in Unalaska. Attended Chemawa Indian School in Salem,
   Oregon. Died 6/26/1996 in Anchorage, Alaska. Married Fiocla P. Backoff 1913-1937
                                           Paul died at the age of 93.

2. Tatiana "Tania" Parisova Shadura born 1/14/1905 in Kodiak, died 5/ 10/2005. Married James A.      Ellison and spent most of her life in Tacoma, Washington. One child: Laura Joy Ellison.  
                                           Tania died at the age of 100

3. Madge Shadura born 8/3/1908 Kenai, died 9/4/2002 Medford, Oregon. Married Marion Ernest
   Nichols in Alaska in 1934.              Died at the age of 94.

4. Peter Paul Shadura  born 7/2/1911 in Kenai, died 11/1/2015. Married Margaret Stelzner
Died age 104.

5. Alexander Pavlovich Shadura born 8/16/1914 Kenai. died 3/5/1990 Juneau. Wife's name Elizaveta.
                                           Died at the age of 76.

6. Isaac Paul Shadura born 12/27/1918 Kenai. Died 8/5/2015 Kasilof. Wife Orpha, daughter Bonnie.
   Cook Inlet set-netter 59 years. World War II veteran.
                                           Died at the age of 98.

The Russian Orthodox Church's mission was to convert the Native population of Alaska to Orthodox Christianity. In 1907, Shadura was stationed at the Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Kenai. Besides his duties there, he traveled to the villages at Tyonek, Old Knik, New Knik, Susitna, Seldovia and Ninilchik. These seasonal visits had to be timed so that the Natives would all be back from fish camp for the winter. An entry in his journal talked about holding service in the pouring rain because the tiny chapel at new Knik (Eklutna) had no roof; he was obviously a very dedicated missionary.

The Shadura's retired and moved to Seattle, Washington in 1952. Father Paul died on 5/5/1956 and his wife Katherine died on 8/23/1957. They are both buried in the Orthodox Brotherly Cemetery of St. Nicholas in Seattle.