Fergusons of Ireland

Fergusons of Ireland

"Fergus (subking of a Tuatha called Dalriada) colonized a part of Scotland in 470 AD that was nearest his Tuatha in Ulster, i.e. the present Argyll and gave his new Kingdom the name Dalriada. From this little colony the Irish colonists gradually spread over Scotland until the whole of Scotland was governed by the kings of the Dalriada line. That is why the native language of Scotland is Gaelic and akin to the Irish very closely." Casserley, D., History of Ireland, Talbot Press Limited, Dublin and Cork as summarized by Beryl F.E. Moore, LDS Film 1596994.

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Ferguson of Ulster
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Distribution of FERGUSONS by Heads of House Place of Birth in 1901 census
Down 179   Sligo 16   Belgium 1
Antrim 106   Cavan 14   Clare 1
Tyrone 83   Donegal 14   Cork 1
Derry 68   Dublin 12   Gibraltar 1
Belfast 40   Monaghan 12   Kildare 1
Armagh 34   Louth 9   Meath 1
Leitrim 32   Limerick 7   Offaly 1
Mayo 31   Wexford 6   Wicklow 1
Fermanagh 30   Ireland 3      
Scotland 19   England 2      

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